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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

(Sire: Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim for Anacan, Imp USA/ Dam: Chancos Charmani at Anacan, Imp Swe)
Date of Birth: 6th April 2011
Hip Score: 6 (4:2)
CDC of the UK Championship attained 20th January 2017
Canine Good Citizen Bronze Award attained 2nd December 2017

Anacan Talia My Treasure
Astor after winning Best Bitch BUBA champ show 2018

''Astor' was sold as a puppy to some friends who had been waiting a long time for one. Simon put a lot of effort into training Astor and did a wonderful job. We tried to encourage him to show her, and he did take her to one show where the judge liked her very much and thought she would do well with some better handling (Simon had never shown a dog before), but neither Simon nor his wife had the time nor interest in pursuing showing. But as fate would have it, when Astor was 4 years old Simon and Manuela relocated to Cyprus to take care of Simon's dad who had had a heart attack and Astor came back to us. I was over the moon as I had wanted to keep an Ami daughter, but was unable to at the time Astor's litter was born. As soon as we could we took Astor to a show - her first since her debut outing with Simon. It was not long before, with very limited showing, Astor was winning regularly which came to a climax when she won Best of Breed at Crufts 2017 with our Caiser winning Best Dog and Best of Opposite Sex to her. In addition, despite missing two shows with classes for the breed in 2017, Astor won Top Canaan Dog 2017!

Astor in group Crufts 2017
Astor in the Group ring at Crufts 2017

Astor is a great favourite with everyone who meets her as she is quite outgoing for a Canaan Dog and, due to the work Simon had put into her as a puppy, she is very obedient as well. She earned her Canine Good Citizen Bronze Award at the British Utility Breeds Association championship show in December 2017 without any practice on either her or Richard's part (Richard handles her for me). At the Nordic Open Show 2018 'Astor' won Reserve Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show, which was quite a thrill.

RBIS Nordic 2018
Astor after winning Reserve Best in Show to a much younger Husky, Nordic Open Show 2018

But that wasn't the end of Astor's winning ways. in 2019 Astor was once again Top Canaan Dog and in March 2020 she was once again Best of Breed at Crufts! Astor has done the breed proud and is a good example of how well they age and how healthy they are. If she never won another thing we couldn't be more proud of her as she won our hearts a long time ago.

Crufts 2020  Best of Breed
Astor winning Best of Breed at Crufts 2020

For Astor's pedigree click here

Last Updated on the 21st June 2020

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