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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
(Sire: Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven/ Dam: Anacan Glory Bound)
13th April 2006 - 5th October 2015
Hip Score: 13 (7:6)
Test for Degenerative Myelopathy - 'normal' (not affected, not a carrier)

CDC of the UK Championship attained 13th March 2011

Anacan Glory Bea
Bea at the 2010 CDC of the UK Club Show

'Bea' was very much her mother's daughter in looks and movement, but slightly improved by the qualities of her sire -- exactly what you hope for when you breed. She was so much like mum in looks that she and her mother won the Brace Class at the 2008 Canaan Dog Club of the UK show under judge, Rodney Oldham. 'Bea' was extemely loving and her favourite thing was cuddling up next to me on the settee, head in my lap.

Her first litter by our Hayyim -- 4 girls and 2 boys (one of which was our Anacan Issachar), was born on the 26th November 2009 (Thanksgiving Day!) and motherhood seemed to settle her. Though showing proper concern, she was not been in the least upset about people looking at, or even touching her puppies. Her second litter by Hayyim arrived on 21st October 2011 - 1 boy, Anacan Son of Glory, who went to Hayyim's breeder, Bryna Comsky, in the USA, and 5 girls - one of which is our Misha and another our Phoebe. Her third and last litter by Hayyim - 3 girls and 2 boys - arrived on 19th May 2013. Again the quality was high and we can only hope that one or two of their owners might decide to try showing them, but as we keep in touch, I know they are all happy with Bea's children.

As a breeder, I am very happy that the planned breedings between 'Bea' and our import, 'Hayyim', produced three beautiful litters of very high quality Canaans to be proud of. I believe that they will be an asset to the breed and that is our aim with every breeding we do.

Around the end of August/beginning of September Bea came in from being outside playing with Izzy and Keffy, as usual, and she was holding up her right front leg and whimpering. I couldn't feel that anything was broken so I put her into her crate and by the next day she was walking normally again. However the day after that she was holding up that front leg again. This happened a couple of times and we decided we'd better to her to our vet. He was convinced it was just soft tissue damage and sent her home with a painkiller. After a week Bea was no better so Richard took her back to the vet who was still convinced it was soft tissue damage and gave us a different pain killer. Again this had no effect and Bea actually became worse, going off her food. Richard took her back a third time and our vet said he would send us to a referral vet. Richard took Bea to the referral vet the morning of October 5th and the vet said he would take an x-ray and a biopsy of a small lump he found. The vet rung Richard very soon after Richard had left Bea with him and told him that Bea had bone cancer. We decided to have her euthanised while she was still under the anesthetic given to her to take the x -ray.

Bea was such a good girl and so very affectionate. She also did wonderful things for us. She was Top Puppy 2007 and Best Bitch at Crufts 2011. Even more exciting she was Top Brood Bitch 2012, 2014 & should be again 2015. She gave us our wonderful Izzy and Phoebe and Misha and their litter mates are bringing joy to other families. I didn't know that morning that I would never see Bea again and I didn't get to say a proper goodbye, so this is my goodbye to a wonderful friend. I'm so happy you are out of pain now Bea. Love you.

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