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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2002
(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited)

Submitted 11th December 2002

I forgot to mention in my last set of notes that the Pesani family were very happy to inform me that on the 20th November their 6-1/2 month old 'Izzi' (Anacan Little Bit) was awarded her KC Bronze Good Citizenship award. What makes this all the better is that 'Izzi' is the Pesanis' first dog. I told them to “do what I say and not as I do” as I'm the first to admit that my own dogs don't get all the socialisation they should. By following my instructions the Pesanis been very successful in the way they are raising their little Canaan. But I had no doubt that they would be successful when Martin & Sandra brought 4 well-behaved and happy children to my house to look at the puppies. I felt that if they could raise such nice children, they would have no problem with a Canaan. The Pesanis are hoping to try agility with 'Izzi' when she is old enough.

We were very happy that Richard's mum was released from the hospital last Thursday. It was beginning to look as if she wouldn't be home for Christmas. Though far from well, she has improved and we hope she will be able to enjoy the holidays. Our 'Bobby' is still hanging in there, but I don't know for how much longer. She will go through a few days when she will eat well and want to go for walks and then a few when she will eat nothing and will just lie on her bed. It is difficult to know when the time is right to let go of an old friend and I suppose, selfishly, we would like to have her with us for Christmas. We can only hope.

I had some sad news from the US. Lorraine Stephens, former secretary of The Canaan Dog Club of America, just lost her 'Shawnee' to a brain aneurism. 'Shawnee' was out of my breeding back in the States and would have been 13 years old on the 24th December. Her sire was the 4-time national specialty winner, CCA Ch Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel and her mother, CCA Ch Geva's Jessie of Briel, came to me from Lorraine. I showed 'Shawnee', a beautiful brown and white patched bitch, to a Best Puppy in Specialty win for Lorraine in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1990, but due to Lorraine's mother's ill health, followed almost immediately by that of her husband (who she lost to cancer), 'Shawnee' was never shown any further. However she provided Lorraine with many years of love and companionship, which is the most important thing. Lorraine will miss her very much.

I have had a request from Mary MacPhail to go through my explanation of the breed standard once again. As mentioned here once before the current KC interim standard is not the one voted on and approved by the club membership. TKC standard has several inaccuracies and also places where not enough detail is given. So my explanation will amplify on the TKC standard and I will start my series in the New Year. So be sure you renew you subscription to Dog World in order not to miss out.

Submitted 3rd December 2002

The end of the year is looming ahead of us and I cannot believe how quickly this year has sped by. BUBA is the last championship show of the year that gives classes for our breed and, as such, is usually well attended. This year was no exception. Our judge, Mr Peter Jolley, had 19 dogs for 22 entries. Mr Jolley found his BB and BOB in Hastings' Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. “Amber” has finished the year as the Dog World/Pedigree Overall Top Canaan Dog. Congratulations!! BD and BOS was Richard and my Anacan Ziggy, who has finished 2002 as the Top male Canaan and second in points to “Amber”. Res BD was Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline and Res BB was the McLeod's Anacan Milk and Honey At Dunline. Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta was BP.

The occasion was marred by a spectacular display of bad sportsmanship by one of the exhibitors who ran out of the ring after being awarded second in her class, saying she was going to withdraw. She came back into the ring only after being told by the steward that they would have no choice but to report her if she did not go back in. This same person subsequently did not bring her other dog into the next class, even though he was there—caged in front of my benching area. This person, and one other exhibitor, seems to have “withdrawal symptoms” (pun intended) as they have now on several occasions “withdrawn” their other exhibits from subsequent classes when their first dog did not win its class. My understanding of the KC rules is that you cannot withdraw a dog that is present on the showground unless you have a veterinary certificate or have gone to the show secretary and asked to be withdrawn. If you are unhappy with the judging, don't show under that judge again. Otherwise, “you pay your fee and you take your chances.” It saddens me to see this type of behaviour in the Canaan ring. We have a wonderful breed and it doesn't deserve to be thrown into disrepute by this type of display and one can only hope it doesn't happen again as we don't wish to see so much hard work undone.

In the last 8 years we have gone from having only 2 or 3 Canaans being shown on a regular basis to getting entries of up to 28. We worked hard to get classes at Crufts, with Richard and I entering 7 Canaans in 1997, the year TKC threatened to take away our classes if we didn't have 10 entries. (We ended up with 11 entries that year.) With hard work and lots of pleading we now have a total number of 8 championship show which put on classes for us, as do a large number of open shows. We have had a booth at Discover Dogs for the past 7 years because of Richard Minto's 'badgering' TKC (in the nicest possible way, of course). There are now several people who have, or will, breed their Canaans, and not just Richard and I as in the early years. Our club membership has grown from 25 to 98 members. The breed in the UK has developed a type and the judges are looking at the Canaan Dog in a different light. The breed has gone from strength-to-strength and it is my biggest wish to see it continue to do so, even long after I am gone.

On a sadder note, Richard's mum has been seriously ill in hospital for more than 3 weeks now. We are hoping she will be able to come home for Christmas. We also have had the heartache of our 13-year old 'Bobby' (Minto's Libyan Jewel) being diagnosed with cancer. She has a large, inoperable lump on her neck just below her right ear. Eating is very difficult for her and she has become very thin and weak. We were certain we were going to lose her two weeks ago when she didn't eat anything for two days and could barely lift her head. Richard actually phoned our vet to make arrangements to have “Bobby” euthanised, but our vet had the day off and Richard did not want anyone else to do it. I suggested he try to get 'Bobby' to eat some chicken soup (what we New Yorkers call “Jewish penicillin”). He was able to get some down her and by that evening she was standing, though shaky. She continued to improve each day and we were so happy. Then all of a sudden she had a relapse and wouldn't eat. Again we thought, this is it; and again she made a comeback. We don't know how long we will have 'Bobby' with us, and the emotional roller coaster ride she is giving us is taking its toll, but we are very grateful for each day she is still here with us.

Submitted 26th November 2002

The Nordic Show has been offering classes for Canaan Dogs for many years. The Claywall Shield, donated by Zena Wallace for BOB Canaan at the Nordic, had its first entry engraved in 1992 when Kensix Schleshee From Blackforest (“Brand”) won it. So it was a shame that Reading Open Show decided to offer us classes that conflicted with the Nordic Show. I understand that they did receive some entries, but have not had any reports as to who was there nor any results.

This year's judge at Nordic was charter member of The Canaan Dog Club, Mrs Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA, a one-time Canaan owner and a McTimoney chiropractic practitioner. Helen drew a very good entry of 18 Canaans, with only 3 absent. She had an excellent approach with the dogs, avoiding direct eye contact upon initial approach, and with her chiropractic skills, you could not hope to hide any structural fault from her skilful hands. I am proud to say that Helen found her BOB in Richard & my Anacan Ziggy. BP was awarded to Anacan Wizard, owned by Mrs Pat Phillips. Helen, along with Norma & Brian Barnes, Alison Byrne and Ann Barclay, stayed until the end to cheer Ziggy on in the BIS ring where he made the final cut of 6 under judge Mike Stockman. While waiting we watched the many AV and Stakes classes. Moira Yates, Jill Terry and Pam O'Loughlin all had their puppies in A.V. Puppy and Pam was delighted when her Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta N.A.F. won Reserve under Mr Stockman.

While waiting for BIS Helen discussed the breed with us and said that some of the Canaans she had gone over that day had short upper arms, and some also had a too-long second thigh, resulting in hackney movement. They did not have the effortless, flowing movement that is correct for the breed, and for which Canaans are noted. This is an observation I have mentioned both here in my breed notes and in the breed seminars that I teach. It was good to have someone else supporting the statements that I have made as faults cannot be corrected until they are acknowledged. Correct movement and structure are extremely important, and are almost the essence of the breed.

Upon receipt of my Crufts schedule I was surprised, to say the least, to find that they are offering 8 classes for Canaan Dogs as the scheduled judge is not on the club's judges' list. Upon previous enquiry as to how this person could be given this assignment without being on the judges' list, we were informed by TKC that they were cutting the Canaan classes to 3 in order that this person could judge us. Now they have given her 8 classes! Apparently the JWP rules apply only to some.

Lorna Hastings has informed me that her 'Simi' has added some movie work to his show career. He has done a bit part in an upcoming major BBC production and there is a possibility that he will be doing some more filming. I, for one, will look forward to 'Simi's' television debut. Years ago Myrna Shiboleth, in Israel, had some of her Canaans cast in a movie called “The Beast”, for which they had to have their coats dyed grey. It was, she said, difficult to film second and third takes when there were explosions or other frightening scenes involved as the dogs did not want to return to the place where they had just been frightened. Can't say that I blame them.

Speaking of Myrna Shiboleth, she has sent me an email containing photos of the newest dogs she has acquired… three new pups from the Bedouin, from Tel Arad..two males and one female, about five weeks old.  So far they are doing great.  The female is with Yossi Romano, and the two males are at Shaar Hagai with Myrna. It will be interesting to see if the new dogs she has acquired over the last few months breed true. If so, it will be a blessing for the Canaan Dog genepool.

Submitted 17th November 2002

Last weekend Richard & I attended a reunion of my mother's family in Mayo, Ireland. We got to meet up with a number of relatives I know, many from England, as well as a number I never knew I had. Surprisingly, most of them knew of my involvement in dogs. The Irish are known to “party hearty”, and my family is no exception. We had a great time, but were quite tired when we returned home on Tuesday. However I managed to finish our final arrangements for Discover Dogs -- printing handouts and laminating some new photos. This is the first time in 7 years Richard had to miss helping out at Discover Dogs because of his work shift falling on the weekend. However he went with me on Friday evening to set up the breed booth and I then took the tube up to Earl's Court on Saturday morning. Lorna Hastings came to help with 'Simi' and 'Amber' taking the limelight. Later in the day Alison Byrne and her 'Livvi' and 'Tali' joined us. Sunday the booth was manned by Patrick & Barbara Gold and Doug Bateman with 'Simba', 'Athtar' and 'Sheba' taking centre stage. We had loads of people stopping to admire the dogs and ask good questions. It is gratifying to hear people say “I am thinking about getting a dog next year and am here to learn more about the breeds I'm interested in.” Once again TKC can take a bow for a well-run and successful event.

Lorna has informed me that the Kent Super Dog competition will be taking place on Friday 21st February 2003 at the Winter Gardens in Margate. Each year the monies raised go to a nominated charity and the one chosen for the upcoming event is Dogs For The Disabled. Any one who is interested in a good night out in addition to supporting a good cause, please contact Lorna Hastings for further details of the event on 01233 756565. Lorna was delighted that her 'Amber' (Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna) qualified for the Kent Super Dog show by winning BIS at The Canaan Dog Club open show this month.

On 3rd November at East Kent Canine Society at Maidstone Canaan judge, Mrs Tina Cake (Fastrax) awarded BOB to Lorna's Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna and RBOB to her Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna. 'Amber' then went on to win group 3 under Mr Alec MacKenzie. Mr MacKenzie had stepped in for Bob Gregory who was scheduled as the principle judge, as well as the Utility Group judge. It seems that, unfortunately, Bob had fallen down some concrete stairs and broken his arm and was therefore unable to fulfil his appointment. I sure everyone who knows Bob wishes him a speedy and complete recovery.

As you may have gathered by now Lorna is a bit of a show 'addict' and is rarely found at home. While I was in Ireland, Lorna was in Paris for the European show and she was good enough to give me the results. The Canaan Dog judge was Mme Jacqueline Senecat had she made her awards as follows:

BOB, CACIB & European Winner 2002 - Gideon (dog), owned by Olivier Broutin (France)
RCACIB - Velikaya's Lahatutan (dog), owned by Isabella Zirri (Italy)
Junior European Winner 2002 - Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna (dog), owned by Lorna Hastings
BOS, CACIB & European Winner 2002 - Velikaya's Shenef, owned by Isabella Zirri
CAC - Sufat Hol Me Shaar Hagai (bitch) - owned by Laurence Aries (France)
RCAC - Velikaya's Pizmon (bitch) - owned by Isabella Zirri

The judge did not award the bitch RCACIB, nor the dog CAC or RCAC.

Submitted 4th November 2002

The excitement of The Canaan Dog Club open show is over and a full report will appear in this paper. Well done to all who supported the event. As a wise friend said, “It's not the winning, but the taking part that counts.”

Some news from other parts of the Canaan world -- Catherine Vogt (Switzerland) wrote to let me know that Marlies Germanier's Velikayas Syrah achieved her Swiss Championship at the show in Lausanne. At the same show, “Syrah's” daughter, “Amira” was best youngster. As Catherine owns “Amira's” sire, Anacan Tikvah, she is a very proud “grandma”. From Israel, Inna Blayvas writes that last weekend her “Rick” (Arie Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) was shown in Tbilsi (Georgia) where he won his 5th CACIB and finished his International Championship, his Georgian Championship and then went on to win the group! How excellent is that!

It is wonderful to hear of Canaan successes around the world, as it wasn't very many years ago that they were not taken seriously in the show ring. And as a result of the raising of the breed's profile there is now a steady stream of enquiries from people who wish to learn more about the breed. While the breed is not for everyone, and we don't portray it to be, we are happy that more people are becoming of aware of Canaans and can admire them for what they are, a unique and natural breed.

Submitted 28th October 2002

I have a correction to make as to the number of entries at The Canaan Dog Club's upcoming open show. I had stated that there were 28 entries. In fact, there are 28 dogs entered for a total of 56 entries. Well done! I look forward to reporting the results.

Avi Marshak (Israel) was kind enough to email to me a report on his judging of the Canaans at Darlington Championship Show. Avi is the most experienced Canaan judge we have had go over our dogs in the UK to-date. His report follows:

The Canaan Dog in Darlington Championship Show 2002
By Avi Marshak, FCI International All Breeds Dog Judge

I had the pleasure to judge the native breed of my country, Israel. To tell the truth I was surprised to find out that 24 dogs were entered in this show. In my country we get smaller entries.

It was a challenge to judge again this breed outside Israel. So far I have judged this breed in the following countries: Finland, Italy England and the USA.

More than 10 years ago I saw the breed in the UK, unofficially *, and I can say that the quality was improved. To start with I may say that the type was correct. In general most of the dogs were square and several bitches were a little longer in bodies and this is according to the standard. The substance was medium, not too heavy and not too elegant but somewhere in between, and I was pleased to see it. Last time the dogs and the bitches were long bodied heavy and coarse without any elegance. Heads were correct with blunt shape appearing broader due to low set ears. Backs could be straighter. In several cases I saw swayed backs.

The temperament of the Canaan is very complicated especially for the non-specialist judges. I had to withhold on three dogs who were a little shy. However, in general the temperament was solid.

My BOB was a bitch from the Post Graduate Bitch:

(Babrees Benjamin D`Israeli x Layla Me Shaar Hagai)
Breeder: Mr I & Mrs. J Terry.
Owner: Mr D & Mrs. H Braddock.

A square bitch, well balanced and correct proportions with correct bones and substance, correct head appearing broader to low set ears, straight top line, medium angulations, correct coat and colour could have more drive in motion.

The Res.Best Bitch came from the Open Bitch:

(The Lion of Judah at Anacan x Momaavega The chosen One of Anacan)
Breeder: Mrs E M Minto
Owner: Miss Lorna Hastings

A very elegant bitch. I would like to see more body on her. A little long in body. Correct top line, medium angulations, correct coat and colour and she moved like a dream.

The Best Dog came from the Open Class:

(Gvir Me Shaar Hagai at Anacan x Minto`s Libyan Jewel)
Breeder: Mrs E M Minto
Owner: Mr Richard & Mrs Ellen M Minto

A very impressive male, very masculine, well-balanced, correct substance, correct proportions, strong masculine head, medium angulations, correct topline. Could have better colour. Very fluent movement with strong top line.

The Res. Best Dog was:

(The Lion of Judah at Anacan x Kibutzer Kween in Kofyn)
Breeder: Mrs. E M Minto
Owner: Mrs. E Minto & Mrs Barbara Gold.

A very elegant male with corrects proportion, good mover.

The Best Veteran was:


(Sivan Me Shaar Hagai x Minto`s Libyan Jewel)

Breeder: Mr Richard Minto

Owner: Mrs Ellen Minto

Almost 9 years old male with good condition and correct proportion.

If we look at the names of the winners we can see that the kennel Anacan dominated the ring with excellent quality.

I would like to thank the exhibitors who supported the show and came to show under me and showed a great sportsmanship.

* Avi did a character assessment for The Canaan Dog Club 10 years ago, but none of the dogs he saw then are still around.

The Canaan Dog Club will be producing their second handbook on time for distribution at their AGM 2nd March 2003. A leaflet went to all club members asking them to submit their Canaan's photo and details by 15th November if they wish to be included. As the handbook is a historical document, I would encourage all Canaan owners who belong to the CDC to get this information in quickly so they too can be a part of the breed history in the UK.
Submitted 22nd October 2002

I've just had the results of the Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc. National Specialty Show held in California this past weekend.  The conformation judge was Dr Ruby Hertz, who made the following awards:

- Winners Dog: Mazel Tov Levi. owner Kristina Bliss
- Res Winners Dog: Mad River Revolution, owners Leal & Cynthia Grupp
- Winners Bitch: Mazel Tov Mystery Girl, owners Diane & Allan Gantt
- Reserve Winners Bitch: Jealou Wild Child, owners Carol O'Bryan & Katherine O'Bryan
- Veteran Dog: CH Catalina's Felix to the Max, owners Leal & Cynthia Grupp
- Veteran Bitch: CH Pleasant Hill XXIV Karat Gold, owner Donna L Dodson
- Best of Breed: CH Catalina's Felix to the Max
- Best of Winners: Mazel Tov Levi (making him a new champion)
- Best of Opposite Sex: CH Mad River Ain't Misbehavin, owners Sandra Sailer & Cynthia Grupp
- Stud Dog: CH Cherrysh Asherah, owners Marcos Nunez & Teresa Zimmerman
- Best Junior Handler: Noelle Renteria with Babrees Crystal Gale

Mrs Isabella Zirri judged sweepstakes classes and Best in Sweeps was Mad River Revolution with BOS to Best in Sweeps going to Babrees Crystal Gale, owned by Noelle & Robin Renteria. Best Veteran in Sweeps was CH Catalina's Felix to the Max and BOS to Best Veteran in Sweeps was CH Pleasant Hill XXIV Karat Gold.  Congratulations to all the winners!

I can remember the excitement of travelling across the country to the national specialties, which, when I lived in New York, was my only opportunity to see so many Canaans gathered at one place. The Canaan Dog Club's single breed open show takes place at Tysoe Village Hall on Saturday, 2nd November.  The Club show is the closest we have to a national specialty in this country. I understand that the Show Secretary, Mrs Norma Barnes, has received 28 entries, which is quite good for what is only the CDC's second effort.  I know I am looking forward to seeing some of the new puppies at their first show and enjoying the camaraderie of others who love the breed and are happy to help the Club in its promotion of the Canaan Dog. The honour of judging the Club show this year has been given to Mr Doug Kitchener, who has been on the CDC's judges' list for a number of years. Watch this space for the results.  I understand that there will be a cake in celebration of the CDC's 10th anniversary, and the Ways & Means table will have some unusual Canaan memorabilia for sale.  Everything gets underway at 11:30 am for anyone interested in attending.

Christine Hughes rung us to let Richard & I know that her husband, Tony, had to be taken to intensive care on Sunday and we would like to send him our best wishes for a full recovery.  Christine was recently chosen by the Committee of The Canaan Dog Club to fill the vacancy left by Mary MacPhail's resignation.  Mary felt it was time to step down and allow someone else who could be more active take her place, though she will continue to take an interest and help where she can.  Mary, a charter member of the CDC, always had much to offer and the Club was lucky to be able to fill her vacancy with someone who also has much to offer.  Christine Hughes has given help and support to the breed long before she ever became a member of the Club.  She is the Secretary of the Utility Breeds Association of Wales, is on the club' s judges' list and awards CC's in other breeds and, along with Tony, is often seen stewarding at championship shows.  Christine has a lot of experience to offer the CDC and it is fortunate she was able to accept the position on the Committee.
Submitted 15th October 2002

I have some show results, courtesy of Lorna Hastings. At City of Bristol Canine Society there was only Lorna and the McLeod's entered. Lorna's 'Simi' was BOB and her 'Amber' was RBOB. Lorna also had good results at Beckenham Canine Association open show where her 'Simi' was awarded RBAV Utility under judge, Mrs Judith Robin-Smith. In a chat with Lorna after the judging Mrs Robin-Smith complemented the CDC on the presentation of their breed seminar, which she had attended last year, stating how much she had enjoyed it.

I have reported more than once the agility successes in the USA of the team of Alan Gersman and his Canaan U-CD Briel's Isabel P Tiger Pooh, CD, AAD, OAC, OJC, OGC, MX, MSJ, (˝ way towards her MACH). In August, “Isabel”, now 11 years old, was named AKC's “Top Agility Dog for 2001” for the Canaan Dog breed. This was the second year in a row for the “Top Dog” award and “Isabel's” third year in a row qualifying for the AKC Agility National, which will take place in November 1st-3rd in Texas. As “Isabel's” co-breeder, I am very chuffed, to say the least, as this is quite a feather in the cap for the breed. Alan has also been having excellent success with his second Canaan bitch “Lada L” who at a recent agility trial placed 1st in the EX “B” (20”) Standard run beating out 3 Border Collies on their way to the AKC Nationals, a 4th who the day before got his MACH3 and a fifth who has a MACH, just to elaborate on some of the competition. Well done!!!

What some of you may find interesting is that Alan's “Isabel” is a very typical Canaan Dog, and not a particularly outgoing one as one might surmise. She and Alan learned how to compete in agility together and it is his strong bond with her, along with the realisation that training methods must be tailored to your dog and not vice versa, that has made them a successful team. But Alan was also willing to put in the work and the time. Success is not an overnight achievement, as some might wish. It takes time. I believe for Alan it took about 4 years before the successes started coming.

It is my personal feeling that to be a successful owner, exhibitor, breeder, or competitor of any sort with a Canaan, you must have patience and not expect instant success. If you have unrealistic expectations, you will only end up making your Canaan feel pressured, resulting in a poor performance. Those Canaans who do not go through a very definite fear period are few and far between. It is no good “blaming” anyone for the dog's behaviour at this time…certainly not the judge. Granted, a proper approach to the dog that is going through this stage, as explained and demonstrated by us at the Canaan Dog breed seminars Richard & I give for the CDC, does help, just as an incorrect approach will make matters worse. But the judge's approach is not the cause of the dog's behaviour, but just a trigger for it. It is a psychological growth stage, not unlike those a human child can go through. I can remember my cousin as a baby being deathly afraid of flies! Yet he grew up to become a real outdoors man, by choice living in a heavily wooded area of the state of Washington. Canaans, too, outgrow their fear stage given time, encouragement and proper socialisation. It is, in my opinion, nothing to seriously worry about. People who have known my “Ziggy” from when he was a young dog can vouch for that. And “Isabel's” successes at age 11 demonstrate the long-lived success one can experience if you are willing to be patience and put in the work necessary.
Submitted 30th September 2002

I just found out that Christine Goldspink's mother passed away on the 20th July. Christine, the owner of Sheleq Harishon at Danehaven, said her mother had been very ill for some time, but it is always difficult to lose a parent no matter what the circumstances. Our heartfelt condolences are sent to Christine and her family.

Christine Owen had an excellent entry of 10 Canaan Dogs for 11 entries at the recent Utility Breeds Association of Wales show. Though she has followed the breed for the past 6 years, this was the first time Christine had the opportunity to judge Canaans. As Richard & I are on the show committee, we could not exhibit which gave us a good opportunity to watch. It was pleasing to see Christine use the techniques she learned at one of our breed seminars and the dogs responded well to her. Her choice of Best of Breed, and winner of the Claywall Shield (donated by Zena Wallace) was Lorna Hastings' Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna with BOS going to Lorna's Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna. Well done all.

Speaking of the Claywall Shield, Zena Wallace, former Chairman of The Canaan Dog Club, has always been generous with donations for the breed. She had also donated a Claywall Shield to the Nordic open show, a show always supported by the CDC. The shield was first won in 1992 by Mary MacPhail's “Brand” (Kensix Shleshee From Blackforest) and is currently in my possession for the time, having been won last year by my “Ziggy”. After 10 years, there is a lot of history on that shield.

I've had an email from Myrna Shiboleth (Israel) telling me that she had been contacted by a production company that is preparing a film for National Geograpic prime time telly on the origins of the dog. The photographer spent three days with Myrna—two in the desert and one day at her kennels, Shaar Hagai. They visited some Bedouins from whom Myrna obtained a semi-wild Canaan last year. One of Myrna's bitches was in season at the time, so she brought her along and the Bedouins were able to capture and tie up a young dog to whom Myrna then bred her bitch. The Bedouin are willing to let Myrna take this dog and she has also asked them to try and capture a wild red and white dog she saw while there. Myrna also took two male puppies from one camp where she saw both the mother and father and the Bedouins there also said they would try and help her get more, though they think she's crazy. So there are now lots of potential new bloodlines for the breed in the future. We'll see how the breeding Myrna has done turns out.

Some more sad news from the USA. I heard today from Cheryl Hennings that on Saturday she had to put to sleep her AKC, ICDCA CH Cherrysh Gideon's Topaz VC CGC due to haemorrhaging caused by an auto-immune poly arthritis. “Topaz”, co-bred by me, was the first Canaan to achieve an AKC championship. She was the number 2 Canaan Dog in 1997, defeating 96 Canaans in four months. But most of all, she was a very much loved family member who will be sorely missed.
Submitted 16th September 2002

At City of Birmingham Mr Bryn Cadogan presided over the AV Utility NSC ring and he awarded BD & BAV Utility NSC to Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline ('Jake'). RBD was Lorna Hastings' 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna), and RBB went to Lorna's Lorianna Lucky Star ('Star'). At Richmond AVNSC Gundog/Utility was judged by Mrs Liz Stannard. She had 46 entries out of which there were two Canaans. Lorna Hastings' 'Star' won 1st in Limit Bitch and then went on to win BB and BOS. What an excellent result! It is heartening to hear that Canaan Dogs are doing so well in the AVNSC classes.

Israeli judge, Mr Avi Marshak had an excellent entry of 24 Canaan Dogs at Darlington. Avi has judged Canaans throughout Europe, the US and, of course, Israel, but this was his first time judging the breed in the UK. Mr Marshak found his BB & BOB in David & Hazel Braddock's bitch 'Tanya' (Babrees The Milky Way). BD & BOS went to Richard & my Anacan Ziggy and Res BD went to Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy'), who I co-own with Barbara Gold. Res BB was Lorna Hasting's Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. As Darlington gave us a Veteran class, we dragged our 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) off of his settee and out of retirement to make sure they had a veteran entry—a first for Canaans at a championship show I believe. 'Digger' came home with a Best Veteran rosette and jumped back up on the settee, where he feels he now belongs. Richard & I and Lorna stayed to cheer 'Tanya' on in the group ring and even though she wasn't placed the Braddocks were thrilled as David only started showing just over a year ago.

I got to chat with Mr Marshak later in the day and was very pleased to hear that he thought the UK Canaans were very good - among the best in the world – and he has promised to send me a write up on the dogs. In conversation with some other judges Mr Marshak commented that wariness is not the same as fearfulness and it was agreed that the Canaan is truly a specialists' dog – for those judges who have an understanding of the Canaan temperament. There are still a number of judges who criticise the breed for being wary. However, they cannot have a proper understanding of the meaning of wariness. Wary means distrustful; it does not mean fearful. You should teach your children to be wary of strangers as they can't be sure that a stranger will not harm them. At the same time, you don't want your children to go around acting frightened, you want them to be cautious. Because of the Canaans strong survival drive they, too, are distrustful of strangers. Youngsters will go through a real fear period, but, unless they are not properly socialised or have a bad experience in the ring, they will outgrow this in time and become wary and aloof with strangers – not fearful. A Canaan that is too outgoing is not exhibiting typical Canaan temperament. Let me emphasise again, we don't want Canaan Dogs that are fearful, but they should be wary and aloof—and there is a difference.

Darlington is one of the championship shows that, over the last two years, has decided to give classes to the Canaan Dog. In their case we were given classes at their all-breed Millennium show, and they have kept them on. In the cases of Scottish KC, Welsh KC and Paignton, classes were either requested by an individual or individuals without reference to the breed club or committee. Though the breed does want classes, some of these shows, like Scottish KC, are really too far away for the core of exhibitors we have at this time. It doesn't really do the breed any good to offer us classes if we cannot give a good entry. Nor are we being consulted as to which, or how many, classes they should have on offer. Again, it does no good to have, let's say puppy classes when there are no puppies around. I would encourage show committees to contact the committee of The Canaan Dog Club before putting on classes so it, in turn, can contact the exhibitors and see if they will support them.

The Canaan Dog Club's second single-breed Open Show will take place on Saturday, 2nd November at Tysoe Village Hall. Our judge will be Mr Doug Kitchener. I understand that the judging schedules will soon be in the post to all Canaan Dog owners that the club has knowledge of. If you don't receive a schedule and would like one kindly contact Mr Brian Barnes, Church Farm, Lower Halstow, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7EA.
Submitted 10th September 2002

Each month I get a number of emails and telephone calls from people seeking to find out whether or not the Canaan Dog would be the right breed for them. I always encourage them to attend Discover Dogs if at all possible, as it gives people the opportunity to not only view the breeds they are interested in, but also gives them a chance to interact with the dogs and compare them to other breeds on their list of potentials.

There are a number of frequently asked questions for which I prepared a handout and which also can be viewed on the Canaan Dog Club website, http://www.canaandogclub.co.uk
Submitted 3rd September 2002

Lorna Hastings kindly sent me the following report on Langtone & District Canine Society Open Show in Cwmbran, which just started giving classes for our breed this past spring. Judging the two scheduled classes was Mr Brian Daws. Three exhibitors entered giving a total of 7 dogs for 7 entries with two absentees. Winner of the Open D/B class and BOB was Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline, with RBOB going to Lorna's “Simi” (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna).

The Canaan Dog Club breed seminar scheduled for October has been postponed. Instead the CDC will hold two seminars next year—one in the south in April and one in the midlands in November. Dates and venues will be announced in the next few weeks.

It is hard to believe that it has been almost one year since my “Gvir”, who would now be 11 years old, went missing from Lorna Hastings' farm. Even though he was wearing a collar and ID tag and was microchipped, we never had any report of him being found. The difficult thing is not knowing “Gvir's” fate and I can only assume that he is no longer alive.

“Gvir” first came to me from Israel at 6 months of age while I still lived in New York. When I settled here, he had to do 6 months in quarantine, which almost destroyed him both mentally and physically. It took 3 years to get “Gvir” back into good health and though shown very sparingly, he was BD & BOS at Crufts in 2000. “Gvir” leaves a great heritage behind as he was the sire of our BIS winning Anacan Ziggy; the sire of the first Bermudian champion, Anacan Cause To Celebrate; and the sire of Jill Terry's foundation bitch, Anacan Divine Brown For Babrees – all three from the same litter. “Gvir” is the grandsire of the first AKC champion, Cherrysh Gideon's Topaz; and can be found in the pedigree of many other fine Canaans. Thank you “Gvir” and rest well, wherever you are.
Submitted 26th August 2002

I was asked to share the following information. The Nordic Open Show, which is hosted by the Finnish Spitz Club for all Spitz Breeds, will be held on Saturday 23rd November 2002 at The Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Nr Coventry. This year's Canaan Dog judge will be Mrs Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA, who is a charter member of The Canaan Dog Club. Schedules will be sent to last year's exhibitors, but if you need one contact Brenda Williams Tel. 01279 812463, e-mail: Williams@rustins.freeserve.co.uk.

I had an email from Sandra & Martin Pesani and family who have one of my puppies, Anacan Little Bit (call name 'Izzi'). Sandra told me that The Kennel Club has introduced a new level for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme called 'The Puppy Foundation Assessment and it's aim “is to provide a means of socialising puppies and to lay down a foundation for education and training.” They were delighted to tell me that 'Izzi' has passed her assessment and received her first rosette and certificate. Sandra said that 'Izzi' (who is just 4 months old today, the 26th August) certainly gained a lot of confidence during the course. I am very proud of the Pesani family, as this is the first dog they have ever owned. They did put in a lot of time researching breeds and, happily, they “do as I say and not as I do” and have been faithful in taking 'Izzi' to puppy socialisation classes as soon as her vaccination course was completed. Well done!

I heard from Pat Phillips last night that she and Steve took our new import, 'Topi' (Fin & Est CH Kirifix King of Hearts For Anacan), who just arrived in this country two weeks ago, to the Eastwood Open Show. 'Topi' is still adjusting to his new country, and language and surroundings and we want to gently ease him into the show ring here. AVNSC was judged by Mrs S Varley who awarded 'Topi' Best AVNSC and then went on to short-list him in the group! 'Topi' was handled to his win by Steve.

I had a very interesting email from a woman named Penny Foster who lives in Wales and recently got a Canaan puppy from Jill Terry. Penny told me about her childhood summer holidays in the Jordanian desert, about 30 k from Amman. She told me about the pye dogs she saw ('pye dog' is how the feral dogs are referred to in the Middle East and the breed hadn't yet been given the name 'Canaan Dog' at the time Penny is referring to) and related how a pye dog puppy attached itself to her family. She figures it must have been about 12 weeks old as she was small and her ears were still floppy. As Penny's parents had a dachshund, they didn't want the pye dog hanging around so they took it to the desert and dumped her there. Penny was angry at her parents and worried about the puppy, but she needn't have been as two days later the puppy showed up at the their house.

Penny went on to say that these pye-dogs were all over the Middle East in packs, fending for themselves, scruffy and undernourished, but not marauding and not vicious. They were mostly sandy coloured and she remembers the tails curling up over their backs and their strong running legs. She said they travelled with the nomadic tribes in Persia (Bakhtiari near Kermanshah where her family lived just after the War, and up near the Azerbaijan border when they lived in Tabriz). Penny also saw them in the 1970s/80s in Iran hanging around the countryside north of Teheran as well. She noted that the pedigree Canaans are quite a bit bigger than the feral pyes. I would venture to say that nutrition certainly plays a large part in this, but that there are also some Canaans which are too big for the 'medium-size' called for in the standard.

Some people will argue that only dogs found in Israel are true Canaans, but I find it hard to believe that dogs will respect political boundaries and refuse to cross over them when following the Bedouins or searching for food. The first Canaan Dog registered in this country, Saffra Shebaba, came from Damascus and was proclaimed a true Canaan by none other than Dr Menzel, the breed's “founder”.

If any of my other readers has some stories about their experiences with 'pye dogs' or Canaans in the Middle East, please share them with us.
Submitted 19th August 2002

It's catch up time. I know some of these go back awhile and I wish to thank Lorna Hastings for providing me with many of these show results.

At Border Union AVNSC (Working, Pastoral, Utility, Toy) was judged by Mrs E Anne Macdonald who awarded Lorna's 'Simi' (Nizanna Hadad for Lorianna) 1st PD/B and BPNSC. 'Simi' was short listed in the final 8 of the Friskies Beta / Dog World Special Puppy Stakes by judge Dennis Coxall.

   AVNSC (Terrier, Toy, Utility) at Blackpool Champ Show was judged by Martin Freeman, who awarded 'Simi' 1st Junior BD & BAVNSC and Lorna's 'Amber' (Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna) 1st Open Bitch BB & BOS.

  I went dog less to the Windsor Champ Show as I was meeting up with some friends from back home (New York) that I haven't seen for quite some time. It is fun (but weird) to just watch the judging for a change. I did make a point to watch AVNSC (Utility, Gundog). Mr Dagmar Kenis-Pordham made Lorna's day by awarding her 'Simi ' 1st Junior Dog, her 'Star' (Lorianna Lucky Star) 2nd PGB and her 'Amber, 1st Open Bitch. At the same show Jill Terry's Babrees Crystal Hurricane was 1st PD and Pam O'Loughlin's Tzel Schacmac Among Caolita was 1st LD.

  East of England Champ Show AVNSC Utility was also judged by Martin Freeman who once again gave 'Simi' 1st JD BD & BAVNSC Utility and 'Amber' 1st OB BB & BOS.

  At the Kingston Canine Society Open Show AVNSC Utility judge, Yvonne Rawley, awarded Lorna's 'Simi' - 1st JD & BAVNSC Utility. 

   AVNSC (Toy, Terrier & Utility) was judged by Steve Hall at Leeds Champ Show where Jill Terry's Babrees Crystal Hurricane was 1st PD and Lorna's 'Amber' was awarded 1st Open Bitch & RBB (AVNSC).

At the same show in the Petplan Junior Stakes Class - Dog, judged by Mrs E Anne Macdonald, 'Simi' was 2nd in a class of 42 entries with 18 absentees.

Our judge at Bournemouth was Mr David Close who chose Lorna's 'Amber' for his BB & BOB; her 'Star' for RBB; our Anacan Ziggy for BD & BOS and 'Simi' for RBD.

I was judging my other breed, Tibetan Spaniels, at Worthing & District open show while 'Simi' once again flew the flag for Canaans. It was sweltering but 'Simi' didn't let down and judge, Alan Brown gave him 1st GD/B, BAVNSC Utility and later, 4th in the Utility Group. You can see from these results that Lorna's 'Simi' is proving that judges are not prejudiced against black Canaans.

The heat was on (literally) at Welsh KC where Ron Parkes officiated over the Canaan Dog ring. BD & BOB went to Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan The Israelite At Dunline ('Abraham') and BB & BOS went to Lorna's 'Amber'. RBD was Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy'), owned by Barbara Gold and myself and RBB was my Anacan Sheindela ('Shandy'). A point of interest-- my 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) is the sire of all four winning Canaans. Not only that but 'Abraham' & 'Remy' are littermates and 'Amber' & 'Shandy' are littermates (different litter). How's that for consistency!

Submitted 6th August 2002

Lorna Hastings has certainly been doing her bit to keep up the Canaan Dog profile in the AVNSC classes. At Leeds judge, Mr S Hall awarded Lorna's Anacan Forever Amber with Lorianna 1st in the OB class and then ResBB in AVNSC. Jill Terry made what is becoming a rare appearance in the show ring at Leeds where her Babrees Crystal Hurricane was 1st in PD.

As I write this I am eagerly awaiting the arrival from Finland this afternoon of our new Canaan Dog, Fin & Est CH Kirifix King of Hearts for Anacan (“Topi”). “Topi” is a son of the dog Richard and I sent to Finland just over 4 years ago, Fin CH Anacan Diplomat At Kirifix. I have admired “Topi” from the first photo of him that was sent to me and never thought I would be given the chance to own him. As we are pretty maxed out space-wise, “Topi” will be living with his co-owner, Steve Philips and his wife, Pat. Steve will also be handling “Topi” in the show ring. Steve & Pat have just moved to a lovely new home with beautiful views, loads of space and no neighbours! We wish them much happiness and will look forward to reporting on how they and “Topi” adjusts to each other and their new home.
Submitted 30th July 2002

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Mary MacPhail's “Brand” (Kensix Shleshee From Blackforest). Born in quarantine 29th May 1986, “Brand” was a stalwart fixture in Mary's life. He was an intelligent, loyal and devoted companion who, in his younger days, was a registered PAT dog, passed TKC Good Citizen Test, The Canaan Dog Club character assessment and a herding instinct test. In the show ring “Brand” lived in the shadow of his more well-known brother, “Fiver” (Kensix Khameshee), though, in this writer's opinion, was every bit as good a Canaan. Mary had is hips scored (7:8), eyes certificated normal and even had his heart tested (murmur free), but unfortunately “Brand” was never to sire a litter and there was just no one breeding at the time he should have been used. By the time someone was interested in using him, he had already been castrated.

Even 16 years somehow doesn't seem a long enough life for such a wonderful dog. We send your our since sympathies Mary. Be comforted in knowing that “Brand” is now in a better place with his brother, “Fiver”.
Submitted 23rd July 2002

I had a phone call from a very elated Phillipa Pearce who told me that her “Seren” (Babrees The Cosmic Cracker) was Best AVNSC Utility at Oswestry & District Kennel Assoc Open Shown under judge, Mrs P Noujaim. “Seren” then went on to win the Open Stakes under judge Mr Terry Munroe, who also awarded “Seren” a 4th BIS! We join in Phillipa's elation and congratulate her achievement. It is very rewarding to see Canaan Dogs really starting to gain the recognition in the show ring they so richly deserve in the past two years.

I heard from Inna Blayvas (Israel) that she had a nightmare return home from the World Show. After checking in for her flight and going through the passport check, the flight was cancelled due to security problems. She, along with the other passengers, spent a few hours in the airport when the airline finally offered to bus the passengers to a hotel and put them up for the night. The only problem was that the hotel they were using wouldn't accept dogs. So the airline personnel suggested that Inna leave her Canaan, “Rick”, in his crate at the airport for the night. This was not an acceptable suggestion, and Inna told them so in some colourful words. The airline finally found another hotel for Inna and “Rick”, but she had to make her own way there and she found out that the taxis in Amsterdam were not to happy about taking a dog either. Fortunately the next day she got a flight back home on an Israeli airline and the security personnel on that airline recognised “Rick” as a Canaan Dog. He even brought over a few of the Dutch security people to show them a “real Israeli dog”. What we dog people go through to get to a show!
Submitted 15th July 2002

I found out today that DW has been having problems with their email and thus the reason that the last few columns I have submitted have never been published. I will be resending them, but they will by now be a bit out-of-date.

The World Winner Dog Show in Amsterdam was quite an experience (as was the getting there by tour coach). The RAI was a huge venue….far larger than the NEC. However, because the entries were far lower than Crufts and spread over a larger area, the World Show didn't have the “buzz” that Crufts does. It was horrifying to see people allow their dogs to mess anywhere they wanted to without bothering to clean up after them. When this was pointed out to one offender she replied that there were people being paid to clean up so why should she. I must say that the show committee did a tremendous job of cleaning up at the end of the day. It was also interesting to see the amount of double-handling going on and to hear spectators actually booing judges' decisions. In one breed where all of the judge's decisions were unpopular he asked for a security escort out of the ring! I can't imagine that ever happening at Crufts.

It was disappointing to learn on the day of judging that a Hungarian judge, Mr Miklos, had replaced the Canaan Dog's scheduled judge, Mrs Menashe, who is the former president of the Israel KC. As the replacement judge's name was in the catalogue one would have thought that the exhibitors could have been notified of the replacement before the day. Jill Terry and Pam O'Loughlin flew in just for the day and joined Mel Vincent and Malcolm Presland at ringside to support the Italian breeder, Isabella Zirri. Barbara and Patrick Gold gave support to the home team consisting of Lorna Hastings “Amber” and “Simi” and my “Remy” (co-owned with Barbara) and “Lyndsay”. WW, CAC & CACIB went to Isabella's dog, Ch Velikaya's Lahatutan and her bitch, Ch Velikaya's Shenef went home with the WW, CAC, CACIB & BOB. I feel the British contingent did the UK proud with all of our dogs being given a rating of “excellent”. Lorna Hastings' Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna won RCAC & RCACIB and her young dog; Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna went home with JWW-2002 and RCAC. My Anacan Masterpiece took 2nd in Open Dog to Isabella's dog Velikaya's Sha'ashu'a (who also won the RCACIB). I am pleased to report that my Anacan Glory Bound also went home with the JWW-2002 title. Interestingly it stated in the show catalogue that first place wins qualified the dogs for Crufts 2004, so three UK dogs are now qualified for that year.

It was unfortunate that Paignton decided to give our breed classes for the first time this year since it clashed with the World Show resulting in a small entry for judge, Mrs June Freeman. If the show committee had checked with The Canaan Dog Club committee before putting on the classes, they could have been advised to wait until next year. Rob & Jan McLeod were there to fly the flag for the breed exhibiting three of their Canaans to Mrs Freeman. BD & BOB was awarded to Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline (“Jacob's 2nd BOB) with RBD going to Anacan The Israelite At Dunline. BB & BOS was Anacan Milk and Honey At Dunline (also her 2nd).

This past weekend was quite a hectic one for us, especially coming so close on the heels of returning from Amsterdam. Richard & I exhibited at the SWKA show and were very grateful for the sunshine. This is one of our favourite venues as they give such good-sized benching and rings to our Canaans. Mr Les Aspin officiated over our ring. Les judged one of the Canaan Dog Club's first Rare Breed Matches 8 years ago when I had just arrived in this country and had not yet begun exhibiting here. I believe there were only two Canaans entered at that particular show, Richard Cleare's “Sam” and Gina Pointing's “Golda”. At SWKA Mr Aspin had 8 Canaans to judge. As Rob McLeod has been co-opted onto the committee of the SWKA that made 3 less Canaans that could have been entered, but he and Jan were at ringside to cheer us on. Mr Aspin awarded BOB to our Anacan Ziggy, with BOS going to Lorna Hasting's Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. RBD was awarded to Lorna's Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna and RBB went to my Anacan Glory Bound. It was great to have the Austwick family in attendance showing their young male, Anacan Hot Stuff who, at 15 months, is still going through his fear period, though moving beautifully for young handler, Jennifer. Mr Aspin was wonderful with “Cody” (as he is called) not pushing him. “Cody” was entered in 3 classes and by the third time round Mr Aspin was able to go over him. This kind of understanding by a judge can make all the difference as to how quickly a Canaan will come round to tolerating, if not enjoying, the show ring (not to mention a family new to showing). Thank you for that Les!

The Canaan Dog Club Fun Day was held on the following day on the grounds of the Peacock Inn in the village of Tysoe. Once again we were blessed with brilliant sunshine. The theme for this year's fancy dress was Harry Potter and there were more entries than usual. The judge, Mrs Jennie Earle (Earlesdacs), couldn't make up her mind and ended up giving joint first place to several entries. It was lovely to see some new Canaan puppy owners there, the Baker and Pesani families, as well as the owner of a Canaan look-alike, Isobel Jones. We also got to meet Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye's new baby boy (and future junior handler), Jacob Matthew. As it also happened to be my birthday, Barbara surprised me with a beautiful homemade birthday cake in the shape of a big “E”, enough to share with everyone and still have leftovers. Thanks to the effort put in by Patrick and Barbara Gold, with the help of Meg Harris, in organising the event, everyone had a wonderful time.

There have been some comments made recently about the size of The Canaan Dog Club's judges' list. It took some time before the criteria for the list met KC approval, and the list has been growing ever since with only one application ever rejected. The criteria for the list is very realistic and the numbers of dogs required to be judged before moving up the list are very reasonable. I feel it is fair comment that in the rarer breeds, even more than in the more popular ones, that the people who apply for inclusion on the Canaan Dog judges' list should have a real interest in the breed and not just in advancing themselves up the judging ladder. Judges putting up the flashy, showy dogs rather than the ones that are standard-correct, often because they don't really know the standard, have ruined many breeds and we do not want this to happen to the Canaan Dog, which is now considered an endangered species in its homeland.
Submitted 25th June 2002

BOB at Newmarket & District open show was Pam O'Loughlin's “Tzel”, who then went on to win a Utility Group 3 under Mr Ralph Holmes. BP was Lorna Hastings' “Simi”. Congratulations to both winners!

While at Newmarket an acquaintance in another breed said she had read somewhere that I was thinking of going out of Canaans. I don't know who wrote that or where she read it, but I can assure my readers that I am not planning to “go out of Canaans” in the near or distant future. I have worked very long and very hard for the breed helping pave the way for others and their dogs. The breed received AKC championship status two years after I arrived on these shores, so I missed out on being able to ever have an American championship on my dogs. I am not going to miss out on having an English championship, however long that may take.

As I am writing this I am also in the throes of preparation for the World Show in Amsterdam. Richard and I will be taking two of our Canaans, “Remy” and “Lyndsay”, and Lorna Hastings will also help fly the flag for the UK with two of her dogs, “Amber” and “Simi”. Barbara and Patrick Gold are coming along to give us much needed moral support. I am looking forward to finally meeting Inna Blayvas of Jerusalem, who has been an email friend of mine for a few years now and who will be exhibiting her “Rick”. A full report on our experiences will be sure to follow in future notes.

For some reason we have had the number of our classes cut at a few shows this year. There has also been mentioned the 3 entries per class average. KC show regulations, 3.45, section F, paragraph 7, Permission to hold Shows says, “…Where General Canine Society Open Shows are poorly supported (with under 3 entries per class average) the Society may lose the corresponding show licence for the following year.” Note it says 3 entries per class average (i.e. over the entire show, not in each breed) and that it refers only to Open Shows. I could not find a similar rule with regard to championship shows. This rule seems to be misunderstood, purposely or not, by a number of show committees and exhibitors as well.

Canaans have been given mixed-sex classes at several shows this year, including Scotland. There seems to be confusion as to making the awards in mixed-sex classes. According to TKC Year Book, Part III, F (1) 3.51, 7 b it says, “Where a breed is separately classified a Best of Breed must be declared. Where separate classes are provided for each sex of a breed a Best of each Sex must be declared from those exhibits which have received an award.” The way I interpret this is that if the classes are mixed-sex, then only a BOB should be declared. Sometimes, as at Newmarket, this is the case. Yet at other times, such as in Scotland, BD, BB and BOS have also been declared. I would think that this was incorrect. I would welcome any of my readers who are well versed with this rule to kindly let me, and my readers, know if my interpretation is correct. The way I look at it, these rules should not be open to interpretation but should be very black and white so as not to cause confusion or ill feelings.

I read on the Canaan chat list on the internet today that Ethan Miller, 6 year old son of Chris and Allan Miller, handled his parents' Canaan, Ch. Dayspring Beriah Ha'artz, CD, CDCA-HC, CGC to the BOB spot at the Clemson K.C. show in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. This was his first time in the show ring. He beat his mother, Chris Miller and his grandfather, Mike Houchard. Well done to Ethan and his well-trained Canaan!
Submitted 10th June 2002

Lorna Hastings rang to tell me that on the 8th June at Whitstable & District Open Show 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad At Lorianna) won Best AVNSC Utility and then a Utility Group 4 under Mr David Matthews. Well done once again!

As I have mentioned more than once, the Canaan Dog was designed by nature for survival, and thus survival is their strongest drive. The work they are most commonly bred for, however, is guarding. I daresay that home guardian is the primary function of most Canaan Dogs in Israel, and most of you know that the Israeli military use the Canaan Dog. Though most of the Canaan Dogs in the US, Europe and the UK are primarily pets (though I know of one who guards geese here in the UK), there have been many stories of Canaans guarding their owners without any training.

Going back a few years now, before he met me and while working night shifts, Richard was walking our “Bobby” (Minto's Libyan Jewel) in a local park near midnight, as he often did. “Bobby” ran around the park off leash and Richard did not always know exactly where she was as she darted in and out of the bushes in the dark. One night, while “Bobby” was somewhere out of sight, a man approached Richard and asked him the time. Suddenly “Bobby” appeared out of nowhere and stood between the man and Richard growling—something she never did. Richard apologised to the man and, while holding onto “Bobby”, told him he had better leave. A few days later Richard related the story to a policeman friend of his named John. John asked Richard what the man looked like and then went on to describe him before Richard could answer. He then told Richard that he had been very lucky as this man had been assaulting men in the park and the police were trying to catch him. Somehow “Bobby” sensed that this man was dangerous and had appeared just in time to protect Richard.

Several years ago a dog I sold to a family in New York became their “hero” while still a youngster of only 7 months of age. It was the 4th of July—a national holiday in the US. Suddenly around 4 am “Zeke” started barking and nothing the family did could make him stop. Finally he calmed down and the family went back to bed. Later that morning the family found out that every one of their neighbours had been burglarised, except them. “Zeke” had frightened off the burglar when he raised the alarm.

Recently on the Canaan chat list on the Internet a friend of mine in the US, named Karin, related this story. Alongside her house is the path young kids use as a short cut. Several times over the course of the last few weeks, Karin heard voices, which sent her two Canaans (primarily her male, “Zepp”) into alert/bark mode. A few times, “Zepp's” loud bark had awakened her young sons. With her husband working nights and having to try and get the boys back to sleep alone, Karin found the situation getting quite annoying. So one night recently when it happened again, she was quite determined that she was going to find the culprits who were setting off the dogs. It was about 11:00 pm when she went out the front door, much to “Zepp's” annoyance. He was not happy at this point, making quite the fuss. Karin walked around to the back of her house, behind their privacy fence when who shows up next to her? “Zepp”! Apparently he can open the front storm door. He just calmly trotted alongside Karin while her other Canaan, “Linn”, sat ever so patiently waiting for them at the front. Karin said that after getting snuggled back into bed she thought about how foolish she was to have gone out, but also how lucky she is to be an "owner" of this wonderful and loyal dog who was not going to let her go out and face the “danger” alone.

So whether the danger is real or imagined, the Canaan Dog will guard its family. We have all heard the expression that your nervousness will travel down the lead. This is never truer than when a Canaan is on the end of that lead. So do try to leave your nervousness outside the show ring or you may find your dog guarding you!
Submitted 28th May 2002

Our best wishes and congratulations are sent to Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye who welcomed their second son into their lives on the 26th May! Mum and son are doing well and we look forward to meeting the little one soon.

Bath had only one exhibitor with three entries. I believe this is the lowest entry at a championship show giving us breed classes in 6 years. Our judges' list is available to anyone who requests it and is also on our club website. To ensure good entries (we had 20 at the same show 2 years ago) we encourage show secretaries to use our judges' list. I was in the ring with my Tibetan Spaniel at the time Canaans were being judged, so Richard went ringside for me to watch the outcome. Judge, Mrs Jill Terry awarded BD & BOB to Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline (“Jacob”), BB & BOS to their Anacan Milk and Honey At Dunline (“Debra”) and Res BD to their Anacan the Israelite At Dunline (“Abraham”). This was “Jacob's” first championship show BOB in what should be the first of many more!

I heard from Riikka Turunen (Finland) today. She told me that this past weekend she was at Joensuu's INT Show and is very happy to report that “Topi” (Kirifix King of Hearts) was Best Male 1, BOS and winner of the CACIB. The judge was Janiki Steinbok from Israel. The dog I sent to Riikka just over 3 years ago, Anacan Diplomat At Kirifix, sired “Topi” so I find this news very pleasing. At the same show Riikka's breeder's group was BOB and got HP. Well done!

The amount of interest in the breed is continuously increasing as are the number of emails I receive requesting more information—some due to hits on my personal website, and some from reading these very breed notes. It's nice to know that someone reads them!
Submitted 14th May 2002

Apologies for the lack of notes the past couple of weeks but I have suffered a bad bout of the flu for a week and am just starting to get back to normal. I am sorry to report that several of the Canaan Dog Club members have been far more unwell than I. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Connie Higgins, the person who got the breed recognised in the UK, as she has suffered a severe bout of angina. Stan Higgins is also recovering from a bad gash in the leg, a result of being kicked by a horse who had broken through the fence of his garden. Stan tried to get the uninvited guest to leave and ended up being kicked twice. Another charter member of the CDC, Megan Harris, has also been suffering with angina and arthritis and we hope that time will see her well again. Our concern and best wishes are also sent to Alison Byrne, who is in hospital with complications as she awaits the birth of her second child. Hopefully I will have some happy news by the way of a birth announcement for my next set of notes.

On to some happier news. Jan McLeod has informed me that on the 6th May Langstone & D.C.S. Open Show gave Canaan Dog breed classes for the first time. Judge, Miss Pippa Moore, awarded BOB to the McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline (“Jacob”) who went on to be short-listed for BIS by judge, Mr Stephen Hollings. I understand that on the same day there was an open show in Kent. Unfortunately I don't have all the details, but Lorna Hastings' “Simi” (Nizzana Hadad for Lorriana) took Best AVNSC. “Simi's” winning continued at Birmingham National where judge, Mr A Wight, awarded him BD, BP and BOB at only 11 months of age! Lorna had a truly wonderful day at the National as her other two dogs also had a successful day. Anacan Forever Amber With Lorriana was awarded BB & BOS and her Lorriana Lucky Star was Res BB. Res BD went to Pam O'Loughlin's Tzel Schacmac Among Caolita.
Submitted 23rd April 2002

Richard and I have just returned from a much-needed week's holiday in Mallorca and are trying to catch up on things. A correction to my last breed notes and an apology to David & Hazel Braddock as it was their “Tanya” (Babrees Milky way) who first received the Bronze Award for the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme last year….something I should have remembered.

I received a note from Jill Terry informing me that on 1st April at Suffolk Kennel Association, Makiwer Black Knight for Tokra (“Jack”), owned in partnership between Jill, Pam O'Loughlin and Michelle Powell, won 1st PG, BP and RBOB under Mrs J Coram and went on to win PG1 under Mr M Lewis. Then on the 6th April at Kings Lynn and District CS, Pam's “Tzel” won 1st Open, BOB and G4 under Mr C Carberry. Congratulations!

Congratulations of another kind are in order as I heard from Myrna Shiboleth in Israel that she is over the moon with the birth of her second grandson. Riikka Turunen (Finland) is equally delighted over the birth of her new son on the 13th April. Hopefully both boys will grow up to be junior handlers!
Submitted 9th April 2002

I'm a bit late but I am very happy to extend congratulations to Michael and Judith Austwick who reported to me that in February their “Cody” (Anacan Hot Stuff) passed the Bronze Award for the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme. I believe that “Cody” is the first Canaan to earn this award, and I would love to see many more follow in his paw prints. The Austwicks have started training “Cody” for his silver award and I hope to report his success to you in the not too distant future.

As the show season is now really getting under way, I feel it is appropriate to remind judges what they should be looking for when judging a Canaan Dog. The Canaan is a medium-sized dog of the pariah dog type (think of Dingo, New Guinea Singing Dog, etc) The Canaan should also look as if it has the potential for survival in the desert. It is the author's opinion, as a breeder of 18 years, that this last phrase should be the one against which all faults are weighted. Therefore a structural fault, such as straight shoulders or overangulation for example, should far outweigh an aesthetic fault, such as colour.

In writing a description of the breed for a dog magazine's standards issue back in 1987, at the request of the Canaan Dog Club of America, I coined the phrase “athletic grace” in reference to the Canaan. One should think of a Canaan of being like a track star…lean, muscular, fit and graceful. I cringe whenever a judge says a Canaan is too thin, as I've never seen a Canaan in this country that is too thin. I have, however, seen a number (some of which have been my own) that are far too heavy and in need of a diet.

The breed standard calls for balance and moderation in all things. Dogs of excessive substance, angulation, or height certainly do not exhibit “athletic grace”, nor would this be of any advantage as far as survival in the desert is concerned. Yet I have seen judges put up dogs that, due to being too tall or having too much substance, look far more like an Eskimo Dog than a Canaan. (No offence intended to the Eskimo Dogs.) It is also important that dogs look masculine without being coarse, and bitches look feminine without being too fine. As the standard allows for a variation in height, substance should be in balance with the dog's overall proportions.

A Canaan should exhibit effortless and free movement, yet I have seen judges put up dogs with hackney front movement because “it looks nice.” I have been to two excellent KC conformation and movement seminars and feel they went a long way to teaching one how to understand correct movement. It is a shame that the attendees are issued a certificate of attendance without being tested. There are still too many judges that do not seem to understand what the lecturers have tried to get across to them as evidenced by the movement they sometimes put up. Even a Canaan of the poorest type should still exhibit correct movement if they are correctly put together. Richard and I are planning our next breed seminar for Saturday 19th October. The venue is TBA. If you are interested in attending, kindly contact me for further details.

I understand that Paignton will be giving Canaan classes for the first time this year. I don't know what brought about that decision, but unfortunately it conflicts with the World Show, at which Richard and I and Lorna Hastings will be exhibiting and flying the flag for British Canaans. Hopefully, despite our absence, they will still get a good entry.

News from abroad….Arie Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (“Rick”), owned, bred and handled by Inna Blayvas (Israel) has become the first Canaan to win a Cyprus championship. Inna and I have been “pen pals” via the Internet for a few years now and we are hoping to finally meet in Amsterdam at the World Show. And from Alan Gersman (USA), his “Lada L.” went 4 for 4 in Berryville, Virginia AKC Agility Trial and became the second Canaan Dog to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals in Houston, Texas this coming fall (the first being his “Isabel”. How I yearn for the day I can report on Canaan agility dogs in this country.
Submitted 18th March 2002)

Crufts is done and dusted for another year. We had the highest entry of Canaan Dogs to-date, 22, the culmination of a lot of hard work over the years. We were once again given a judge not on our list, Mr O Staunskjaer from Denmark, but at least we were judged at a reasonable hour for a change. Mr Staunskajaer's choice of Lorna Hastings' Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna for BOB was a very popular one judging by the loud cheers and clapping from ringside, not the least was coming from me. BOS went to Mrs I Zirri's It/Int Ch Velikaya's Lahatutan. ResBD was Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan The Israelite At Dunline and Res BB was Lorna's Lorianna Lucky Star, her “Amber's” daughter. My Anacan Glory Bound (“Lyndsay”) was BP.

I must make a correction to Jackie Kitchener's report on “Amber”. “Amber” was not returned to me due to an unsuccessful sale. Her first owners, who are dear friends of mine, gave her a wonderful loving home and, as novices, had some success with her show ring, including ResBB at Crufts '99. However when their daughter was born she was ill for several months and the doctor diagnosed allergies. He insisted that they get rid of their dogs (they also had a collie crossbreed) or he would not treat their baby. “Amber” was returned to me at 3 years of age with many a tear shed and to this day her original owners keep track of how she is doing. Also, “Amber” was not on display at the Discover Dogs booth when Lorna found out about her as she was in season and could not come to Crufts that year. Lorna had met us at DD at Earl's Court the previous November. When she visited the booth again at Crufts, another club member mentioned to her that their was a Canaan that needed re-homing as we were not in a position to keep “Amber” ourselves at the time. We interviewed Lorna and then she came, along with her other dogs, to meet “Amber”. It was decided that she could have “Amber” on a trial basis and it proved to be a good match. The rest, as they say, is history.

I had some wonderful new from Alan Gersman (Virginia, USA), who as you many know has been extremely successful in agility with Isabel, the Canaan bitch he got from me some years ago. He wrote that “on the 9th March, in a class of 31 dogs, Briel's Isabel P Tiger Pooh and Max's Lada L placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Excellent Standard run at the AKC Agility Trial in Charlotte, NC. On Sunday Briel's Isabel qualified in both the Excellent Standard and Jumper runs for her 3rd double Q in her last four Trial days!!!” By the way, “Isabel” is 10-years old. BRAVO!!

Due to work commitments I couldn't attend the BUBA open show, but Richard, who is on the committee, came back with a full report. Pam O'Loughlin's Tzel Schacmac Among Caoilta took BOB under judge, Jane Heritage and then went on to win a Group 3 under Mrs Jane Lilley. It's always nice to hear that a Canaan Dog has had a group placing. Well done.
Submitted 5th March 2002

February was quite a busy month for me. On the 15th we competed in the Kent Super Dog competition with our “Ziggy”. We sat at a table with 10 of our friends who came to cheer us on. Amongst them were Ron & Pat Parkes, at whose show “Ziggy” qualified to attend, so we thought it fitting that they be there. A Doberman named “Smitty” won the round against “Ziggy”, but we still had a good time as we had a lovely meal and a few laughs, which is what is should be all about.

Next was the Canaan Dog Club AGM held on the 17th at which the club's own trophies are awarded. The club's instituted its own point system for wins at any show back in 1996 to try to encourage members to get out and show their dogs. The Shebaba Trophy is awarded to the Canaan who has accumulated the most points, The Tiron Trophy for the dog who has accumulated the second most points and The Golda Trophy for the junior up to 24 months of age with the most points. This year's winner of both the Shebaba Trophy and the Golda Trophy was Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan The Israelite at Dunline, with the Tiron Trophy going to Lorna Hasting's Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. Congratulations to the winners!!

The club's judges' list is updated yearly at the committee meeting following the AGM. The Secretary will be sending it out to the various show secretaries as soon as the list is approved by TKC. The list is also posted on the club website, www.canaandogclub.co.uk. Show secretaries, please be advised that the club will do it's utmost to get you a supported entry if you use judges that are on the club's judges' list.

Last week I received my copy of the AKC Canaan Dog breed video. It was very professionally done and gave me an opportunity to see some of the dogs I have read about. As many of you know, the American standard is slightly different to that of the FCI and ours. One of the major differences is in how the Americans measure their dogs resulting in a rectangular, rather than a square-shaped dog. In general, the American Canaans are smaller and finer-boned with a narrower skull and carry less coat than either the Israeli and European dogs or ours. However, there were a few dogs in the video that I felt would be able to compete well in any country. My only complaint is that I wish the video were a bit longer. (Can't get enough of those Canaans!)

I was unable to make the City of Bristol Open Show, which was held on the 16th February, as my schedule wouldn't allow it. However, Lorna Hastings sent me a report. Judge, Mrs V Dyer, awarded BOB, along with a lovely tankard donated by Rob & Jan McLeod, to Lorna's Anacan Forever Amber with Lorianna. BP went to her Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna (“Simi”). New Canaan owners, and novice exhibitors, Judith & Michael Austwick missed the puppy class with their “Cody” (Anacan Hot Stuff) because they were too busy watching the rest of the show. However they got to the ring on time to go into the Graduate class, which they had fortunately also entered, and were rewarded with a 2nd in a class of 3, so they went home happy---and a bit wiser about being to the ring on time.
Submitted 12th February 2002

Lorna Hastings' black puppy, Nizzana Hadad for Lorriana ("Simi"), won Puppy Group 2 at the Uxbridge Open Show on the 6th January. He and his kennel mates, “Amber” and “Star”, are certainly doing their part to promote the breed and I understand all three of them qualified for Crufts at Manchester. Well done!

The new AKC Canaan Dog breed standard video has just been released and I am eagerly awaiting to receive my copy. Even though the breed standard and type differ quite a bit from the Canaans elsewhere, it will still be interesting to see the various dogs with an eye towards possible future breeding material.

Marlise Germanier and Beat Mosimann write that they are eagerly awaiting their Velikaya's Syrah first litter due towards the end of this month. Father-to-be is Catherine & Kurt Vogt's Anacan Tikvah. This will be the first litter of Canaans to be whelped in Switzerland so it is a bit of history in the making. I will let you know how it turns out.

I heard from Myrna Shiboleth that Avi Goldberg, the president of the Israel Kennel Club and a long time owner and promoter of the Canaans, will be in England from the 22nd to the 26th of March on personal business. He will have free time on March 25th, and Richard has offered, on behalf of The Canaan Dog Club, to show Avi around and to introduce him to as many of our Canaan dog owners as possible. Richard and I met Avi for the first time in November 1993 when in Israel for the first international Canaan Dog Show and then ran into him again at the World Show in Milan. Avi was kind enough to take a group of us sightseeing all over the northern part of Israel when we were there, so we are more than happy to be able to reciprocate. He is quite the character, so it should be fun seeing him again.
Submitted 5th February 2002

We have had a bit of excitement in the Minto household as our Anacan Ziggy is entered in the Kent Super Dog contest on the 15th February at The Winter Gardens and our “Digger” (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) has once again been invited to the Contest of Champions, to be held at the Heathrow Park Hotel on the 6th April. We are fortunate enough to have a number of friends who will help us make up a table at each competition and cheer the Canaans on. These events should be good fun with the money going to deserving charities.

Jan McLeod dropped me a line to tell me that at Newton Abbot & South Devon CS her Nizzana Astarte At Dunline went Best NSC Utility Puppy under Mr Paul England. Jan said Mr England demonstrated a very understanding approach to the breed.

The Crufts entries have been published and once again the Canaan Dog has seen an increase with 22 dogs entered for 23 entries. In 1995 the breed was shown in AVNSC. In 1996 we had breed classes given back to us and there were only 7 entries, which was a good entry at the time. At the present rate of growth, TKC should be increasing the number of classes they give us.

Jill Terry has written to the CDC that while consulting with Malcolm Willis with regard to a problem she has encountered he has expressed his willingness to help the breed out if we wish to start an open health registry. This was one of the goals set by the International Canaan Dog Working Party at its first meeting in May 1999, which Jill attended. In the US there has been an open health registry for years called the Institute for Genetic Disease Control (G.D.C.), by whom I had my Canaan Dogs' hips scored. Unfortunately the two Canaan Dog clubs there would not take advantage of the G.D.C.'s offer of acting as a health registry for any club which approached it, choosing to set up health registries of their own. Having an independent third party act as a health registry would have been a far better choice, as there is less likelihood of the information being used in an unscrupulous manner than when the information is held by an individual. The G.D.C. makes the information it holds open only to those people who contribute to their database, which I believe is only fair and would be my choice as to how a health registry is run here. I will keep you informed of any developments in this area as they happen.

On the lighter side, I'd like to close with another story about Canaan intelligence from Judy Ardine (USA).

“Vicki was a REAL escape artist! THE Master (or Mistress) of escape. There were many days she was illegally loose on her own and she roamed a pretty wide range of "our neighbourhood" as she darn well pleased.

We first built a six-foot chain link run for the days we needed her kennelled. She promptly dug out. We cemented the run. She promptly climbed and popped over. My husband hot-wired the three sides of the run and we happily sat back to watch her get "bit". She climbed and when she reached the top she got "bit". We LOVED it. She only got "bit" the once though. She spent the rest of the day with her head on her paws in her coop sulking and looking and thinking. Bright and early the next day she was on her rear legs, stretching and staring at the top of the pen, all three sides, then the gate. Within a couple of hours she popped over the top of the gate and happily came up to the house to flaunt her escape, when we came out the door she thumbed her nose at us and took off down the road to visit her "friends". While she was gone my husband rigged up a hot wire across the gate as well. THAT kept her in the pen.

There was the day before the completely hot-wired pen that Animal Control chanced upon her during one of her "excursions". How she knew it was Animal Control was beyond me! Vicki was very un-Canaan Dog-like in her enjoyment and liking for people, ALL people, strangers and friends alike. I happened to look out the window in time to see Vicki coming down the road, look over her shoulder, and all of a sudden slink down into the ditch in front of our house. Then the Animal Control truck came into view. I could see Vicki slip into the water in the ditch. As Animal Control got closer and pulled to the side of the road, stop and get out of the truck I watched Vicki go completely under water. A little further down the ditch, amongst the cattails I could see just her head come up out of the water. There she stayed, only her head out of water, until Animal Control got back in the truck and left. She immediately climbed up out of the ditch and trotted up to the house, obviously quite pleased with herself and quite willing to come in and muddy up the house for me in her enthusiasm to brag about her recent exploit.”

If you have any stories to share send them to me.
Submitted 29th January 2002

(I had Judy's permission to publish this story, but it never was published.)

I though a change of pace would be fun. Judy Ardine, Michigan, USA, started out in Canaan Dogs many years ago, and had one of the first big kennels in the USA. She has been amusing us on our internet Canaan chat list with some trips down memory lane and has given me permission to reprint some of her stories here. The following illustrates beautifully the Canaan Dog's intelligence and survival instincts.

“Every evening about 10PM the kennel would have a real howl-fest which lasted about 10 minutes. We always called them the "Anvil Chorus". B'didah bat Canaan also had her very own vocabulary…much like a Basenji's chortle and also yodel. Whether you were greeted with a chortle or a yodel depended on who you were with the yodel reserved for her very favourites. Also, obviously this was in the days of yore before so many telephone solicitors, I was "geared" to answering the phone on or by the second ring due to hubby working second shift for so many years. "Didi" caught on to that and if for some reason I was busy and didn't get to the phone by the second ring she would take it off the "hook" and give just one "chirp" then come looking for me.

Oh, I almost forgot: the kennel would also alert us to any suspicious actions around the area - a field mouse in the bushes across the road in the tree farm, a horse rolling in the pasture on the east 10 acres ... that type of important event that warranted our attention. No one EVER pulled in our driveway at ANY hour of the day or night that the kennel and housedogs didn't forewarn us - except once.

I was home alone on a bright sunny day; don't even remember what I was doing except that I was in the upstairs level. Quiet, peaceful ... then all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I nearly had a heart attack!!! The doorbell with no advance warning from the kennel or the housedogs??? What's worse I peeked out the window and there was a Sheriff's car in the driveway!!! Talk about a heart stopping moment or two!!!

Turns out the Officer was at the house to investigate a complaint about our dogs barking! That in itself was a shocker. In the THIRTY years we've lived here it is the ONLY complaint we've ever had filed! I told the officer I was quite flabbergasted, as we had no new neighbours, had had the same neighbours for I forget how many years at that time and none had every uttered a word of complaint to us. As it turns out, we did have a new "neighbour" unbeknownst to us. The people who had bought the tree farm across the road from us were staying there overnight in a popup camper.

The Officer was so impressed with how quiet the dogs were, ABSOLUTELY NO BARKING when he pulled in, got out of the car, came to the door, rang the bell..... he admitted to me that the complaint was from the new tree farm owners across the road staying in the pop up camper.

We knew they were over there often, at least during the day, as they had two Golden Retrievers they let run loose. Often the two dogs, one older and one younger, would come loping down the road, up our driveway, out to the kennel where they would play "Indians circling the wagon train", racing round and round the kennel until our dogs were really whooping it up. Then, satisfied with the mischief they had caused they would head out back to the woods to chase deer. I told the officer that and no sooner were the words out of my mouth then up the driveway came the older dog. Sure enough he went right out back to the kennel and got the kennel dogs just a whooping it up but good!!! Not far behind him came the young dog to help out with spreading the "word"! How is that for luck??? Never happen again in a million years! The Sheriff went over to the new "neighbours" and had a good talk w/them - about letting their dogs run loose AND as it turns out without either having a dog license!

I wasn't fibbing about their dogs running deer. My husband had been out back on our place getting ready to cut down some dead trees when the two Goldens put a deer virtually right over his head! The deer didn't see him until the last minute and he dived aside just as the deer leapt into the air twisting in the other direction! Scared the devil out of both hubby and the deer! The dogs did stop when he yelled at them and headed back home with tails adroop from the scolding.

They've been our neighbours now some 15 years or so and they are good neighbours. She has horses too and we often take our horses over to the tree farm to go riding w/her. So all turned out well considering the less than auspicious beginning!”

Hope this brought a smile to your face. It did to mine!
Submitted 22nd January 2002

I had a note from Jan McLeod letting me know that her 'Abraham' (Anacan The Israelite At Dunline) won Best AVNSC and then a Group 4 under Mrs Isabelle Dyke at the Welsh Kennel Club on the 13th January. This is the kind of news I like receiving. Well done!

I had a few phone calls enquiring about the Canaan Dog over the last two weeks. One caller asked about the health of the breed as he had seen a list of possible health problems in a recent column written by someone else and he was concerned. I assured him that the Canaan is a very healthy breed, relatively free of genetic health problems. Having been personally involved for 17 years exhibiting and breeding another breed with numerous serious health problems, I have been most conscious of genetic health problems. Working for a vet at the time gave me easy access to veterinary literature and reference books; I was able to attend breeders' seminars held at Cornell University (our big vet school in New York); and I got to know some of the top vets both at Cornell and in upstate New York. Unless at least 20% of a breed is afflicted with a particular health problem, it is not considered a 'breed problem'. As numerically small as our breed is, if 20% of them were afflicted with any particular problem, it would soon be known. Hopefully, judicious breeding over the coming years will help the Canaan to remain a healthy, long-lived dog.

One of my other callers enquired whether or not the Canaan Dog is a good choice for a first-time dog owner. I replied in the affirmative as Richard and I have found over the years that first-time dog owners are often the more successful Canaan owners. The reason for this is the first-time owner is far more likely to ask questions and actually listen to and apply the answers than the 'experienced dog owner'. The 'experienced owner' is far more loathe to acknowledge they need help and to believe us when we tell them that the Canaan Dog is different to the other breeds they may have owned.

Westminster is the closest thing the Americans have to Crufts (in prestige only, not in size). Show entries for this event are opened only to champions with the top five dogs or bitches in each breed/or variety, based on the number of dogs defeated in breed competition only at AKC shows held from January 1, 2001 - October 31, 2001 inclusive invited to enter. This year Canaan Dogs (which are in the Herding Group in America) will be shown on the 12th February. The following Canaans have been invited: CH Mad River Walk On The Wild Side, owned by Cynthia Grupp & Sandra Sailer; CH Pleasant Hill What's The Buzz, owned by Donna L Dodson & Trudi Kimm; CH Hadar Ha'aretz Happy Paws, owned by Bryna Comsky; CH Jealou's Ebony Max O'Madriver, owned by Carrie Chase, Cynthia Grupp & Carol O'Bryan, and CH Mad River Ain't Misbehavin, owned by Cynthia Grupp, Leal Grupp & Sandra Sailer. Good luck to all!

Entries for Crufts have closed and it will be interesting to see what kind of entry we have this year.
Submitted 8th January 2002

As Richard works night shift and goes to many a show right after coming home from doing a 12-hour shift, with no sleep, I usually give Richard a break from dog shows after LKA right on up until Crufts. Luckily a couple of people are still out there showing their Canaans while we're resting. Lorna Hastings wrote me that on Sunday 16th December she took her “girls” to the Kensington Canine Society Open where the Canaan judge should have been Mrs Maria Winsor-Ginala from Greece. However she never arrived and Mr Trevor Simmons was appointed to judge her breeds after completing the judging of his own breeds. Lorna reports that Mr Simmons turned out to be a Canaan-friendly judge. He awarded her Lorianna Lucky Star a first in JD/B with 2nd going to newcomer, Anacan Dreamweaver owned by Elisabeth de Boisgelin and Alan Hebden. Lorna's Anacan Forever Amber was first in OD/B. Excitingly “Amber” then went on to win a Group 4 under Mrs P Valentine.

This was not the end to Lorna's good fortune. At the Uxbridge open show on the 6th January Lorna's new black boy, “Simi” (Nizzana Hadad for Lorriana), by Anacan Masterpiece out of Babrees Bat Benyas at Nizzana, made his ring debut and won a Puppy Group 2 under judge, Mr Butcher! What an amazing start to his show career! Can you tell I'm a proud grandparent?

Myrna Shiboleth (Israel) reported that she has 3 litters sired by the Bedouin dog, which she acquired in April 2001. The oldest litter is 5 weeks old and the other two are 3-1/2 weeks old. I guess you can say she is experiencing a pup-ulation explosion! (Pun intended—sorry) As these are the first litters sired by this dog, it will be interesting to see how they turn out as we are always in need of good new genes in the breed. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a good result.
Submitted 1st January 2002

In a recent article on the Canaan Dog the author spoke of the undesirable grey coat colouring and said it was “a slate grey”. According to “The Israel Canaan Dog” by Israeli breeder, Myrna Shiboleth, “Grey is a naturally occurring colour in the Canaan, sometimes a solid pewter grey and sometimes grey shadings on an other-coloured dog…..True grey, however, is undesirable, as is the mixture of black, white, and sometimes brown hairs in the coat that gives a grey impression from a distance.” (Italics mine.) I have never seen a “true grey” coat, but have seen a number of coats with the mix of colours appearing grey from a distance. A black import I had in the States had a grey undercoat that showed through her guard hairs. I must admit that I didn't like it but I have often said that I personally would not fault an undesirable coat colour anywhere as much as I would a structural fault and/or poor or incorrect movement. I may be on my own, but in my opinion, the breed is too numerically small to throw out dogs of excellent type and structure for something like coat colour.

In another recent article the author suggested that if upon approach by the judge the Canaan pulls back, the judge should step back and allow the handler time to re-stack the dog. I have found that if the judge allows the dog to sit, goes over it, and then steps back to allow the handler to re-stack the dog, in 90% of the cases the dog will then stand. It is the initial approach of a stranger that a Canaan, especially the youngsters, objects to.

I understand that Jill Terry has a litter of 6 puppies born in December. Mazel Tov! This is the first of several litters planned by various breeders for this year, so it looks like the Canaan Dog will be experiencing a bit of a population explosion in the UK in 2002.

One of the nicest things about Christmas, at least for me, is hearing from friends and acquaintances you haven't heard from, probably since last Christmas. I was delighted to hear from Tomek Janowicz (Poland) who has one of my Canaans (“Norris”) who was the first Canaan Dog in Poland. It had been over 18 months since we last heard from Tomek, so you do worry a little. Tomek reports that “Norris” is well and happy and still gets along with his Am Staff bitch, “Nikita”. He promised to send photos in the next month or so and I will look forward to that. We also, today (New Year's), heard from Isak Korn (Denmark) who has a black brother of our “Remy” who he calls “Leib”. Again, we hadn't heard from Isak for several months and were sorry to hear the reason was that he has been very ill in hospital. However, he also reports that “Leib” is a cherished member of the family and commented on his wonderful behaviour. Isak has a 20-year old son and “Leib” will charge around the garden with Daniel and then come into the house and allow Daniel to use him as a pillow while he watches telly. Isak said “Leib” seems to know that he isn't well and is as quiet and gentle around him as he is boisterous with Daniel. Canaans have an almost uncanny ability to respond to their owner's moods and feelings as they still have the ability to read your body language. When Isak is feeling a bit better he will write me with more “Leib” stories.

The Canaan Dog Club will be holding its AGM on Sunday, 17th February 2002 at Tysoe Village Hall commencing 11:00 am. Notices have been sent to all members.

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