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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2004
(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited)

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Submitted 28th December 2004

Many apologies for the lack of breed notes these past several weeks, but there has been a good reason. Richard and I and the dogs moved to Lincolnshire on the 30th November and have taken over a boarding kennel and cattery. Richard is still keeping his job near Heathrow and comes up on his shift off. It has been hectic, stressful and we've had our share of problems. Additionally my computer was not hooked up for the first two weeks I was here so I was basically 'incommunicado'.

It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of Mrs Connie Higgins on the 18th December. We received the news of Connie's death from her husband, Stan, on the afternoon of her passing. In speaking to him this evening we were informed that her funeral will be held on Wednesday, 5th January. Many of my readers are already aware that Connie was the driving force in getting the Canaan Dog recognised by TKC. She worked hard to promote the breed until septicaemia put her into a wheelchair, but her interest in the Canaan Dog never waivered and she always looked forward to watching the breed at Crufts. Connie also served as President of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom for several years, and attended each committee meeting, until she felt her age and infirmities prevented her from doing the job in the way she felt it should be carried out. Connie will be greatly missed by many of us.

Mike Cannon was kind enough to send me the results of the BUBA championship show. There were 12 Canaan entered under Mrs June Freeman, but most unfortunately only two exhibitors with a total of 3 entries were present - Mike and his 'Cain' (Babrees Rumour Has It) and Lorna Hastings with her 'Storm', 'Star' and 'Simi'. (We had 4 dogs entered, but were unable to attend due to our move.) BD & BOB was Ger Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, RBD was Babrees Rumour Has It, BB was Lorianna Lucky Star and BP was Lorianna Desert Storm.

Congratulations are in order to Lorna as 'Star' is 2004 Top Canaan Dog, making it the third year in a row for Lorna to win this with one of her dogs. I am delighted that all of her Canaans have been either bred by Anacan or linebred on Anacan lines, and all have my 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) in their pedigrees. Thank you Lorna for campaigning them so well. The 2002 & 2003 winner was Lorna's Digger daughter, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna, who is the 2004 Top Brood Bitch. 2004 Top Canaan 'Star' is out of 'Amber' and by my Gvir Me Shaar Hagai At Anacan. ('Gvir' is the 2004 Top Stud Dog -- a bittersweet honour as 'Gvir' ran away on 13th September 2001 while staying with Lorna and was never found.) Lorna's 'Simi' was sired by my Digger son, Anacan Masterpiece out of Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye's Babrees Bat Benyas At Nizzana whose dam, Anacan Divine Brown For Babrees, is a litter sister to my 'Ziggy'. And finally Lorna's 'Storm' was inbred on 'Digger' as his sire is a Digger son, Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline, and his dam is Digger's daughter, 'Amber'. The 2004 Top Puppy is Digger's granddaughter, our Anacan Dressed For Success (Anacan Masterpiece ex Anacan Simply Irresistible, who is a Ziggy daughter). Both the breed and I are very fortunate that Richard's wild-born bitch 'Bobby' (Minto's Libyan Jewel) produced such an influential dog as 'Digger' who put his stamp on all of his offspring.

I received the Update on the KC/BSAVA Scientific Committee Purebred Dog Health Survey. Surveys were sent out to 35 Canaan Dog owners with 15 returns, giving a response rate of 43%. I look forward to reading the results of the survey.

This is the first year ever that I did not send out Christmas cards and I feel very bad about that. So may I take this opportunity to wish all of you the very best of health, happiness, peace and success in the New Year!

Submitted 17/11/04

Richard and I thought we would have been moved by now, but as I write this we still have not exchanged contracts due to some foot-dragging on the part of the solicitor for the purchaser of our house. We were told this evening that we would be exchanging contracts tomorrow morning and completing on the 3rd December -- a month after we had hoped to do so. We're just praying that everything goes smoothly and that there are no more delays. On top of all the rest of the upheaval, the new moving date will mean we will miss the BUBA show for the first time ever since I've lived over here. So I apologise publicly to Mrs Freeman that my four entries will be absent, but for legitimate cause.

Shortly after submitting my last set of breed notes I had an email from Maria Selin in Sweden letting me know that she and husband, David, have decided to keep 'Chanco' for a while, as they have sold several of their other dogs. If 'Chanco' still remains unhappy, they have an offer of a lovely home for him with their kennel girl's father. Maria also sent me some photos of their new litter of Canaan Dogs, some of which are not yet spoken for.

I extend our best wishes for a full recovery to Andrew Goldspink (husband of CDC committee member, Christine).  Andrew suffered a heart attack a few months ago and is still recuperating.  It was a major fright for both Andrew and Christine, who lost her mother only last year. As Andrew was driving at the time of his heart attack, it doesn't bear thinking of what could have happened.  Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

'Discover Dogs' at Earl's Court was a big success, with over 2,000 more spectators over last year's attendance coming through the gate. Richard and I set up the booth on the Friday night, but as he was due to work all weekend, Richard could not actually attend DD -- a major disappointment for him. However, club member, Elizabeth de Boisgelin, and my friend, Mel, manageress of Silverdale Kennels (which has acted as the rescue kennel for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom for the past 10 years, and where we board our dogs when we go away) came along to help me out on Saturday. Both ladies were most helpful and friendly ambassadors for the breed, as were 'Ziggy' and 'Tara', who did a wonderful job of representing the breed, allowing loads of children and adults to stroke and cuddle and photograph them. Patrick and Barbara Gold, with 'Simba' and 'Athtar' did the honours on Sunday and were just as busy. Both dogs were big hits with the public. I came along on Sunday afternoon to give the Golds a bit of relief, but was also able to have a wander and a sit down in the main ring to enjoy the various demonstrations of obedience, heelwork to music and flyball. I was most impressed with the way TKC demonstrated safety around dogs to the youngsters by re-enacting different dilemma's that kids find themselves in, i.e. what do you do when your ball goes into your dog-owning neighbours yard? It really is a great event, and in my opinion, the best thing TKC does to educate the public. I can't applaud it enough. It is also has been a tremendous tool in raising the profile of our breed. There was a lot of serious interest, and as in the past, we had several families come back to us again and again while making the rounds, and I believe one or two of them are future Canaan Dog owners.

Alan Gersman (USA) wrote that his 'Lada L' recently got her last few points to earn her MACH and a trip around the ring in front of a standing/cheering crowd. After earning 750 MACH points and over 20 Double Que's (double qualifying), 'Lada L.' became THE FIRST Canaan Dog  (and probably the only Canaan Dog for years to come) with a MACH (Master Agility Champion) title!!!!  The MACH points demonstrate speed and the Double Que's show consistency. Alan has had tremendous success with his Canaans in the agility ring: 'Isabel' - 18th overall 2001 AKC Nationals; #1 Canaan Dog 1999-2002; MACH 'Lada L'. - AKC 2003 # 1 Canaan Dog, and 'Minnie' (Canaan Dog In-training USA 2007 World Team). Bravo!! Someday I hope to have the time, patience and follow-through to do train one of my Canaans for a working event such as obedience, agility or heelwork to music. My hats off to those who can and do.

Submitted 10th November 2004

Barbara Gold and I were delighted that our 'Remy' (Anacan Masterpiece) received an invitation to the Eukanuba Invitational Show, to be held in Tampa, Florida on the 15th and 16th January 2005. The AKC extended this invitation to all the 2004 Crufts BOB winners and I believe 'Remy' is the first UK Canaan Dog to ever be invited.

Jill Terry emailed me with her happy news that at the Huntingdonshire Canine Society open show on 6th November judge, Mr Malcolm Smith, awarded Babrees Talismanic, owned by Jill and husband, Ian, Best AVNSC Puppy. Well done!

The 6th November was also the date of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's breed seminar, which Richard and I present on behalf of the club. We had an enjoyable day because the delegates showed sincere interest, asked good questions, and interacted well, all of which is most conducive to the learning process. Within three days of the seminar, we have already had three of the delegates return their judge's test and application for the judge's list, with accompanying letters expressing how interesting they found the seminar and how much they enjoyed it. Special mention was given to Barbara and Patrick Gold's hospitality and culinary skills. Knowing that you have been successful in educating individuals about the Canaan Dog, and additionally have also given them an appreciation for the breed, makes the many hours of preparation that go into putting together the PowerPoint show, sorting out video clips, and preparing the handouts and hospitality worth the effort.

I had an email from Maria in Sweden asking if I knew of anyone who would be interested in a 3-year old, male Canaan Dog. Apparently 'Chanco' (Babrees Crystal Storm) is very afraid of other dogs, and Maria believes it comes from his fights with the Rottweiler in his first home. Maria had taken him to help out, but as she has a number of other dogs, she feels 'Chanco' would be happier in a home where he would be the only dog and given lots of attention. If any of my readers would be interested in re-homing 'Chanco' (hopefully for the last time), please get in touch with me and I will put you in touch with Maria.

Submitted 28/10/04

I recently received my copy of the newest Canaan Dog book called "Canaan Dog Champions, 1997-2003" (Camino Books, USA). It lists AKC champions and top producers, but also has photos of titled Canaans from other countries. As we cannot attain a title on a Canaan Dog in the UK, they allowed photos of top-winning UK Canaans, top stud dogs and top brood bitches, so our dogs are represented. There are also a number of articles that were contributed by Canaan breeders and owners, including Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai) and Pardo Yigal (noted animal photographer) of Israel. In his article, Pardo tells of how he acquired a black puppy bitch from a Bedouin tribe he knows. The very young puppy was an only survivor out of a litter of four. They sold her to them because, he said, “most Canaan Dogs are yellow and very rarely will you see a black Canaan in the wild. For the Bedouins it was a problem. For me it was a fortunate surprise.” 'Salima', as Pardo named her, is a beautiful dog, and the fact that the Bedouins did not want her because of her colour will hopefully benefit the breed in the future when Pardo breeds from her. The book is a 'must have' for those who collect what little is written about the breed, but is definitely geared towards breeders rather than pet owners. I was also disappointed with the actual format, a soft-cover spiral bound book, and feel it was quite pricey (US $ 59.10 with airmail postage), but I am still happy that I purchased it.

Lorna Hastings emailed me to tell me she has returned from her recent visit to the US to attend the Canaan Dog Club of America's National Specialty Show, held on Thursday 21st October in Leesburg, Virginia. She said that, at one of the 3 shows following the specialty, her 'Blaze' (Lorianna Sirius Star) attained his AKC championship and that he also earned his herding title - CDCA HC. 'Blaze' remains in the US with co-owner, Cheryl Hennings, until sometime next year.

The full results of the CDCA National Specialty follow:
Conformation, classes judged by Mr Steven D Gladstone:

BOB - CH JEALOU'S GOT MILK O'MADRIVER (dog), Carol O'Bryan & Cynthia Grupp
BOS - CH RIVERROC THREE SUNRISES LYCEUM (bitch), Renee Donaher Kent & Evan
Jackowitz Kent
Winners Dog - CHERRYSH WINGS OF AN ANGEL, Cheryl Hennings & Susan Hein
Winners Bitch - MAZEL TOV LILA BAT BARAK, Alan Gantt & Aviva Oskow
Awards of Merit:
CH MAZEL TOV LEVI (dog), Kristina Bliss
CH HADAR HA'ARETZ HAPPY PAWS (bitch), Bryna Comsky & Julie Collins
MAZEL TOV MYSTERY GIRL (bitch), Allan & Diane Gantt
Best Veteran Dog - Ch. Mad River Tahoe Zephyr, Robin Renteria
Best Veteran Bitch/ Best Veteran - Ch. Hadar Ha'Aretz Happy Paws, Bryna Comsky & Julie Collins
Best Stud Dog - CH Ha'aretz Pei Mishacam, Bryna Comsky
Best Brood Bitch - CH DaySpring Beraiah Ha'Aretz, Christina Miller
Best Bred By Exhibitor - MADRIVER Samara Desert Star Dawn, Denise, Pamela & Cynthia Grupp
Best Puppy - CHERRYSH Wings of An Angel, Cheryl Hennings & Susan Hein

PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES, classes judged by Myrna Shiboleth
Best in Puppy Sweepstakes - Cherrysh Wings of An Angel, Cheryl Hennings & Susan Hein
BOS in Puppy Sweepstakes - Cherrysh Sing Hallelujah, Cheryl Hennings
Best in Senior Sweeps - PLEASANT Hill Billy Bob, Donna Dodson
BOS in Senior Sweeps - Ch. Arayl's Rivi's Rumor, Denise Gordon

Best in Veterans Sweeps - DAYSPRING Amos Anatoly Annette Israel
BOS Sex in Veterans Sweeps - Ch. Cherrysh My Charming Delilah, Jerry Hennings

OBEDIENCE, judged by Dr William G Wisecup
High in Obedience Trial - Fuligin Ged Tycho CDX AX AXJ, Jennie Larkin & John Relph, 'Tycho' scored 190 in the Open Class B.
Also receiving a qualifying score from the Novice Class B was Ch. Arayl's Magic Springtime, Norma Bennett Wolf & Tomas Woolf, with a score of 172.

Submitted 14th October 2004

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom 4th Annual Open Show, 10th October 2004

The club was quite fortunate in finding its new show venue, Bradfield Village Hall, nr Reading, Berkshire, when our friends in the Greenland Dog Club introduced it to us at the fun day they held there last year. This lovely venue not only has a good-sized hall and kitchen at our disposal, but it also has ample parking and a huge grassy area that enabled us to hold the show outdoors on what was a breezy, but pleasant day.

The judge, Mrs Zena Wallace, is a long-time friend of the breed and the former Chairperson of the Canaan Dog Club. She attracted an entry of 24 Canaans for 33 entries. Club members, Chris and Jan Quantrill, were kind enough to offer to steward for the show and did a great job of it. Our wonderful catering team of Barbara and Patrick Gold and Kate Poxon treated our judge and stewards to a delicious lunch and also kindly produced coffees, teas and lovely cakes for the exhibitors. The club show boasts a beautiful trophy table, and, as per usual, our raffle table offered some splendid prizes.

We were pleased to have, amongst other spectators, a Kennel Club Field Representative who said to the Show Secretary, Norma Barnes, that he was impressed with the pleasant atmosphere around the show ring and the number of obviously new exhibitors --- a feather in the club's cap! This is because we stress to our members that exhibiting a Canaan should not be just about winning, especially at the present time when our numbers are few. Exhibiting should be done for the promotion of the breed as well as just for the fun of it! Because of the fun they had on the day, two of the first-time exhibitors said they will continue showing their Canaans. Good news that!

The full judging results are as follows:

BEST PUPPY DOG: Lorianna Desert Storm, Ms L Hastings
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Lorianna Desert Storm, Ms L Hastings

Veteran Dog/Bitch (4 entries, abs 1)

3rd ANACAN SIMBA, Mr P & Mrs B A Gold

Puppy Dog/Bitch (4 entries, abs 0)


Junior Dog/Bitch (3 entries, abs 1)

1st Lorianna Desert Storm, Ms L Hastings
2nd Babrees Rumour Has It, Mr & Mrs M E Cannon

Beginners Dog/Bitch (3 entries, abs 0)

1st Lorianna Ever Reddy, Mrs S Combes

Breeders Dog/Bitch (1 entry, abs 0)


Post Graduate Dog (2 entries, abs 0)

2nd ANACAN ATHTAR, Mr P & Mrs B A Gold

Limit Dog (3 entries, abs 0)

1st ANACAN MASTERPIECE, Mrs E M Minto & Mrs B A Gold
3rd ANACAN ATHTAR, Mr P & Mrs B A Gold

Open Dog (4 entries, abs 1)

2nd ANACAN SIMBA, Mr P & Mrs B A Gold
3rd ANACAN ATHTAR, Mr P & Mrs B A Gold

Post Graduate Bitch (2 entries, abs 0)

Limit Bitch (3 entries, abs 0)

3rd TALITHER BAT ME BABREES, Mr I Kaye & Miss A Byrne

Open Bitch (4 entries, abs 1)

1st LORIANNA LUCKY STAR, Miss L Hastings
3rd TALITHER BAT ME BABREES, Mr I Kaye & Miss A Byrne

Progeny (3 entries, abs 0)

2nd ANACAN MASTERPIECE, Mrs E M Minto & Mrs B A Gold

Mrs Wallace was very good with the youngsters and less-experienced dogs and handlers, which can mean a lot to a dog's future show career. She commented after the show that she felt the breed has really come on over the years and that she felt that there was very good type exhibited. It is interesting to note here that the BIS and RBD are father and son, and that all the winning dogs have in their pedigree at least once The Lion of Judah At Anacan.

Lorna Hastings informed me that she is off to the USA again in another week, this time to attend the Canaan Dog Club of America's National Specialty. She promised me a full report upon her return.

Submitted 7th October 2004

Richard and I, along with friends, Patrick and Barbara Gold, have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Tunisia, which I had arranged as a surprise for Richard's 50th birthday. We also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and the Golds' their 8th anniversary, all on the same day! I had arranged the holiday back in February and managed to keep it a surprise from Richard. He didn't know where he was going until we got to the airport. Some of my readers know that Richard lived and worked in Tunisia for 3 years. It was while working there that he obtained our 'Bobby' (Minto's Libyan Jewel) from some Bedouins who had travelled from Jordan through Tunisia and onwards, so it is a place special to both of our hearts.

We based ourselves in the beautiful resort of Hammamet and went on several excursions to other parts of the country -- some arranged by the travel company and some on our own. There is a new (18-month old) wildlife park, Friguia Park, in a place called Bouficha, which was built by the son of one of the hoteliers. He is working in conjunction with a French wildlife conservation group but financed the park on his own as he could not obtain government support when looking to build it. Friguia is becoming very popular, which is good news for the native African animals being cared for there. We were thrilled to get a chance to see and photograph some African wild dogs in the park. The pack was sleeping when we got around to them, all piled in a big heap, so they were difficult to see from the walkway, which is elevated above their enclosure, as well as those of some big cats. Richard asked one of the zookeepers, who kept running in and out of the cheetah enclosure photographing them for visitors with their cameras, if he could possibly awaken the dogs so we could get a better look at them. He happily obliged by whistling and running back and forth. All of a sudden the dogs sprang to life and then a female, followed by over a dozen pups, emerged from her den. It was lovely sight. Barbara and I also took the opportunity to take a camel ride while there. Take my word for it, it is not the most comfortable way to travel and camels are not the friendliest of creatures. I don't envy anyone dependent on one for mode of transportation.

While walking and travelling around, we always kept our eyes peeled for any dogs we might see. We saw very few in total, and those were mostly mixed breeds, though we did see a Shar Pei, a Rottweiler, a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd in various places. However, Richard did spot two dogs standing by the side of the road that looked to be Canaans. One was white with black patches, very like the American type of Canaan, and the other was cream-coloured. They were standing side-by-side, ears erect and tails over their backs. Unfortunately we did not get any photos as we were travelling in a coach at the time. As the area they were seen in also had a Bedouin encampment relatively nearby, there is every possibility that the dogs had travelled with them and were Canaans.

Upon our return we had the good news that the sale of our house is going through and, hopefully by the middle of next month, Richard and I will be moved and the owners of a boarding kennel and cattery in Lincolnshire. So as you can imagine, things are a bit hectic.

Next week I will have a report on the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's single-breed Open Show being held this Sunday, 10th October.

Submitted 23rd September 2004

Stan Higgins sent an email to let me know that he is now in a wheelchair, suffered a relapse of cellulitis and has been in hospital for the last few weeks with another problem. Despite all this, his indomitable good spirits and sense of humour were evident in his correspondence. Stan reports that his wife, Connie, has not been that well either and has experienced some difficulty in breathing. Fortunately, their son, Nigel, looks after them both and is a tremendous help. I am sure you join me in wishing both Stan and Connie a speedy recovery. If you wish to send a card to Stan, address them to: Mr Stanley Higgins, Oak Ward, Aconbury East, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Charles Hastings Way, Worcester WR5 1DD, or you can email Stan and Connie at s.n.higgins@ntlworld.com

I was not able to go to Darlington, as I was puppy sitting my 'Lottie's' new litter of 5 girls. However Richard kindly drove up and showed the dogs for me. Long-time Canaan judge, Mr Keith Nathan, presided over the ring. Best Veteran was my 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan), who is nearly 11 years old now. BD, BOB & BP went to Lorna Hastings' new puppy, Lorianna Desert Storm, a 'Digger' grandson on both sides of his pedigree. RBD was Lorna's 'Simi'; BB went to Ian & Jill Terry's Babrees Desert Song ('Sandy') and RBB went to my Anacan Simply Irresistible (“Tara”). Well done to all!

Lorna Hastings' 'Blaze' (Lorianna Sirius Star) is in co-ownership with Cheryl Hennings while he resides in the USA. Cheryl reports that on the 12th September 'Blaze' won BD & BOS at one of the American shows, putting him on the road to his American championship.

Julia Close is eagerly anticipating her trip to Egypt at the beginning of October. I've asked her to keep an eye out as wild Canaan Dogs can sometimes be found around the pyramids. I remember Rita Trainen (an Israeli judge) telling us when I visited Israel back in '93, that she had just come back from Egypt and had seen some Canaans while there. I'll look forward to hearing from Julia upon her return.

I had an email from a veterinarian who was presented with a Canaan Dog in his practice, the first he's ever seen, and was interested in learning more about the breed. I think it is very admirable that he has taken the initiative to find out more about a breed he knows nothing about, and would welcome other vets to do the same thing.

Brenda Williams, secretary of the Nordic Show, has asked me to remind Canaan owners that entries close on 16th October 2004. Our judge this year is Mr Peter Radley, who is on the club's judges' list. The Nordic was the first show to give classes for our breed and so it is only right that we continue to give them support. If you have not received a schedule and would like one, contact Mrs B A Williams.

Submitted 8th September 2004

Lorna Hastings has rung to let me know that she took two of her Canaans to the Luxembourg International Show on at the weekend. She was thrilled when her Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna ('Simi') acquired his Luxembourg championship and his FCI International championship titles. 'Simi' was bred by Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne and is by Anacan Masterpiece out of Babrees Bat Benyas At Nizzana. BOB was awarded to her Lorianna Lucky Star, who is currently in the lead for overall Top Canaan Dog in the UK. 'Star' is by Gvir Me Shaar Hagai At Anacan out of Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna.

I had a phone call from Martin Moulding, owner of Anacan White Knight ('Manny'). Martin, who competes in obedience trials with his Border Collie, 'Morgan', is in the process of training young 'Manny' for the obedience ring. As I mentioned in this column a few weeks ago, 'Manny' had his photo and a small write-up appear in 'Dog Training Weekly' back in June. Martin told me that this article has sparked a great deal of interest in the Canaan Dog by other obedience competitors and 'Manny' now attracts attention in the obedience circle. Martin is very impressed with 'Manny's'' intelligence, but we do tell people that the Canaan Dog is a very intelligent breed. Perhaps if 'Manny' does well when he starts competing next year, we will start seeing more Canaan Dogs in the obedience ring. One can only hope!

I had an email from Mike Cannon with two beautiful family photos attached. He wrote: “I am attaching the photos that have made Cain (Babrees Rumour Has It) an official part of the family.  It took us over a year to do it but, with him being in our family photo, he is officially part of the family.” How lovely. The most important function our dogs can have is being part of the family, something we should never forget. Thanks for sharing Mike!

I've been corresponding with a young Israeli who has a Canaan Dog bitch sired by a dog named 'Pere', a white and black patched wild-born dog that Myrna Shiboleth took from the desert. I was surprised to see from his photo that 'Pere' has tipped (or semi-pricked) ears, considered a fault in the breed. I did not think, from what has been written, that the Israelis would use a tipped-ear dog in their breeding programme. It must be they feel that the need for new genes overrides the negating of using a dog with what is after all only a cosmetic fault.

Florida is still feeling the effects of hurricane Charley, and it is not only the humans that are having a hard time of it. Fortunately, from what I have heard it appears that the Floridian Canaan owners are all safe and sound. However, there was a posting on our Canaan chat list telling us that the Tri-City Humane Society in Boca Raton still has no services (phones, electricity, etc). They have 350+ dogs, amongst which are puppies that need oxygen and nebulizer treatments, and dogs that are dying. Their vaccines and medications are going bad because they have no refrigeration with the electricity off. I am sure they are one of many humane societies in the same predicament. One can only count their blessings when they hear of tragedies. Fortunately there are still a large number of good-hearted and generous people willing to help out when tragedy strikes. Are you one of them?

Submitted 26/08/04

Mr Terry Thorn presided over the Canaan Dog ring at the Welsh KC show. Lorna Hasting's 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna) was awarded BD & BOB and her 'Star' (Lorianna Lucky Star) was BB & BOS. RBD Anacan Ziggy, owned by Richard and me; RBB was Ziggy's daughter, my Anacan Simply Irresistible ('Tara') and BP was Tara's daughter, my Anacan Dressed For Success ('Monkey').

Several weeks ago I wrote in these notes about a case of diagnosed PRA in the USA, and then later wrote that there was apparently a misdiagnosis, even though the dog was checked and diagnosed with PRA two years in a row. I today, received the following explanation from the dog's owner, Cheryl Hennings. Cheryl, who resides in the state of Iowa, told me that as she was attending the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America's national specialty, which was being held in central New York, she made an appointment with a veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr Riis, at Cornell University. Cheryl said, “He examined the dog's eyes and determined that it was not PRA because one eye was much worse than the other.  He said that the one thing they know for sure about PRA is that it is systematical in both eyes.  They did an ERG on his eyes and determined the dog is completely blind in the left eye.  He has target-like lesions on his eyes similar to the multi-focal scars found on Border Collies and other hard working breeds like sled dogs and sight hounds.  According to Dr. Riis, these lesions can be caused by the body receiving heavy doses of bacteria.  The immune system responds and causes a scar on the eye.  By the way, all the Border Collies noted with these scars were males.”

  “According to the article written by another vet at Cornell, these scars can sometimes progress to deterioration of the retina which is what has happened to Ezra (the dog concerned).    Dr. Riis gave Ezra a clear CERF exam and I have sent it in to get him a number.”

I would appreciate hearing from any Border Collie owners who might have more knowledge of this condition, as it is the first I have heard of it. As I used to go to Dr Riis for all my dogs' eye exams when I lived in New York, I will also try and contact him for a more detailed explanation.

Submitted 19th August 2004

I know you will wish to join me in extending our sympathies to Pat Phillips who lost her mother after a long illness. Coming to terms with the loss of a parent is always difficult. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Rob McLeod whose father is very unwell.

Bournemouth has always been one of my favourite shows because of its setting in the beautiful New Forest. I just love seeing the ponies walking around. Fortunately for the Canaan Dog exhibitors, the rain held off for their judging as the dogs are always much happier being judged outdoors. Our judge, Mr Barry Tookey, had an excellent approach with the dogs and thoroughly enjoyed his assignment. BD & BOS was Lorna Hastings' “Simi” (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna); RBD was Anacan Masterpiece (“Remy”), co-owned by Barbara Gold and myself; BB & BOB was my “Tara” (Anacan Simply Irresistible); RBB was Anacan Touch of Class (“Leah”), co-owned by David & Julia Close and handled by Julia; and BP was my Anacan Dressed For Success (“Monkey”) handled by Richard.

It was lovely to have a number of spectators ringside. The ring steward commented on how nice it was to hear applause for the winners. Sure beats the days when we were always last in the ring with nary a spectator in sight! New Canaan owners, Claire Coombes, along with her dad, were amongst those outside the ring looking in. Claire is looking forward to the time when her puppy, “Red”, is old enough to get into the ring. (Sorry I don't know his registered name, but he is a Lorianna puppy.) It was also nice to see Gina Pointing (Mornavega), former Secretary and now President of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. If it were not for Gina, there probably would not even be a Canaan Dog Club today as she was highly instrumental in keeping it all together in the early days. Gina was kind enough to bring along some photos of some of the “old” Canaan Dogs. Some of these photos will be featured in the upcoming Canaan Dog Breed Reference Book, due out before the end of the year.

Good news on the personal front as I've been offered a job with BUPA after the longest interview I've ever had. I will be starting work the 18th October. This works out perfectly as I have a litter due the beginning of September and it is a bit awkward to ask for a day off to whelp a litter when you've just started a new job. (But you must keep your priorities straight!)

A committee set up by the American Canaan Dog Club, the CDCA, has been working on a revision to their breed standard for the last year. I had sent several of their committee members the UK club's proposed revisions to the KC Interim Standard and have had some feedback on their progress. At the moment it seems they are having difficulties with the definition of “square”, as though their present standard describes the Canaan as a square dog, the way of measuring the dog as described in the present AKC standard actually results in a rectangular shape. It will be interesting to hear how they resolve this issue.

Judging schedules for the CDC of the UK Single-Breed Open Show on the 10th October were sent out a few weeks ago. If you have not receive one and would like one, please contact the Show Secretary, Mrs Norma Barnes, 'Rufcharm', Church Farm, Church Path, Lower Halstow, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7PN. Spectators are welcome.

Submitted 5th August 2004

I was made redundant the 1st July and with all that is on my mind it seems that I forgot to report on the South Wales Kennel Association show, so please accept my apologies. Mr Martin Freeman awarded BOB to Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Lucky Star, who literally had to run from the breed ring to the group, which was already in progress. BD & BOS went to Anacan Ziggy, owned by Richard & I, and BP was awarded to David & Julia Close's Anacan Touch of Class ('Leah'), who was beautifully handled by Julia. Out in the car park I had the opportunity to meet up with Martin Moulding and his 'Manny' (Anacan White Knight), who was not entered for competition. I've not seen “Manny” since he went to his new home, and it was a lovely reunion. Martin, who competes in obedience trials with his Border Collie, 'Morgan' is in the process of training 'Manny' (now 9 months old) for obedience and is very pleased with how he is coming along. He showed me a photo of him and 'Manny' which was accompanied by a little write-up on the breed in the 25th June edition of “Dog Training Weekly”, which is great promo for the breed. It also turns out that a friend of the Close's in another breed knows both Martin and 'Manny' as she attends the same training class. Small world.

Rob McLeod informed me that Wealdstone & Northolt CS gave breed classes for the first time on the 1st August judged by Lorna Hastings -- her first time judging Canaans. BOB was awarded to Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline, owned by Rob & Jan McLeod, who then went on to win Group 4 under Mrs Wendy Coates (Myojo). Congratulations!!

May I take a moment to remind show secretaries that if your club is kind enough to schedule classes for our breed for the first time, please send a schedule to the secretary of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom (which happens to be me) so I can let the membership know about it.

The Utility Breeds of Wales open show will be held this year at Welshpool on 19th September. There will be 3 breed classes judged by Mr E Razario (Tireses). Entries close 21st August and schedules are available from the Show Secretary, or from Rob McLeod.

Submitted 29th July 2004

We wish to extend our condolences to Patrick and Barbara Gold on their recent loss of their mixed-breed bitch, 'Naiad', who was 16 ½ years old. Their two Canaan Dogs, 'Simba' and 'Athtar', were very devoted to her and in return, she thoroughly ruled over them. She will be truly missed.

  Also would like to let Pat & Steve Phillips know that our thoughts and prayers are with them as they have been caring for Pat's critically ill mum for several months now. It is a difficult time for them, as anyone who has been a carer will understand. I think it is helpful to let them know that we are thinking of them, and perhaps a card or phone call would not go amiss.

  Lorna Hastings reported that East of England AVNSC Utility, judged by Mr Bob Gregory, was made up entirely of Canaan Dogs, as is often the case these days. BD & BOB was Lorna's Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, BB was her Lorianna Lucky Star, RBD was Ian & Jill Terry's Babrees Benjamin D'Israeli and RBB was their Babrees Desert Song.

Submitted 21st July 2004

I received some good news for the breed. A friend of mine who attended the recent Israel Canaan Dog Club of America (ICDCA) Specialty show reported that apparently 'Ezzie' (CH CHF Ezra Taft Benson) does not have PRA after all!  After having been diagnosed with PRA two years running, he has now been diagnosed at Cornell with an affliction common to dogs who work hard for a living, mainly Border Collies and Australian Cattle Dogs, among other breeds.  Feeding raw may also cause the appearance of lesions.  My friend could not remember the name of this affliction, but it isn't hereditary, and its affects are similar to those of cataracts, she believes.  I will publish further details when the dog's owner makes them known to me, but I wanted to get this news out as quickly as possible.

Lorna ('have lead, will travel') Hastings flew over to Locke, New York with her Canaan, 'Blaze' (Lorianna Sirius Star) to exhibit at the ICDCA Specialty, which is held under the auspices of the United Kennel Club (UKC) on the 16th July. Lorna was kind enough to send me the results upon her return.

There were 25 dogs entered and the judge, Barbara Brookes made the following awards:

Best Male: Lorianna Sirius Star (co-owned by Lorna Hastings & Cheryl Hennings) from the Junior Class. 

Reserve Best Male: Judy & Michael Lawrence's Mo'Fet Ben-Tar'But

Best Female & Best of Winners: Cathi & Aviva Oskow's Mazel Tov Yomi Bat Barak.

Reserve Best Female: Caren Curtiss's Cherrysh My Midnight Special

Champion Class Winner, BOB & BISS: Tracey Kopea's TK's Nassi Shiloh

There were four other UKC Shows during the weekend during which two Canaans finished their UKC Championships: Lee Boyd's Cherrysh Fire And Rain and Cheryl Hennings' Cherrysh Worship The Sun; one Canaan finished his Grand Championship: Ch Cherrysh's Coat Of Many Colours - Breeder/Owner Jerry Hennings, and Lorna's 'Blaze won two 'majors', gaining enough points to be two thirds towards his UKC Champion title. Lorna said 'Blaze' is remaining in the US for a while to hopefully attain his US titles and to be used at stud. He is staying with Cheryl & Jerry Hennings, who, along with Lorna, got their start in Canaans from me.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its annual Fun Day on the 18th July at St Leonard's Church Hall in Watlington. The weather was iffy, but cooperated in the end resulting in a very pleasant day. The theme for this year's fancy dress was 'cartoon characters' judged by Jane Bateman. My 'Digger' once again allowed me to embarrass him by dressing him up as Marge Simpson, which won him first place. Four families of potential Canaan owners had accepted my invitation to attend, giving them an opportunity to talk to everyone about their experiences in being Canaan owners. They were quite taken with the breed and the people who own them and the Club has already gained two new members as a result. We had a great barbeque, with catering by Patrick & Barbara Gold and a go at some agility with equipment provided by Anne Barclay. It was a lovely, relaxing, fun day.

Submitted 15th July 2004

  Mike Cannon sent me the results of the Peterborough & District Canine Society Open Show and in AVNSC Utility his Canaan, 'Cain' (Babrees Rumour Has It) was Reserve BAVNSC. Well done!

  It rained on and off on our 3-hour journey to Paignton & District championship show, so we, along with everyone else, were pleased that we had no rain during the show, unlike last year when it poured. Mr Robert Dore (who is on the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's Judge's List) was judging the breed for the first time and had a very nice entry of 13 dogs. Jill Terry debuted her two new import bitches (one from France and one from Finland) just out of puppy and still settling in. BD & BOB was Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy'), co-owned by Barbara Gold and myself. As it was my birthday, this win made for a delightful birthday gift. RBD went to Lorna Hastings' Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna ('Simi') with BB & BOS going to her Lorianna Lucky Star ('Star'). BP & RBB was awarded to my Anacan Dressed For Success ('Monkey') handled by Richard.

  In a discussion on the breed, which I am having with a new Canaan owner, the person commented that they felt that the CDC of the UK should have gotten the 'blessing' of the country of origin before submitting a change to the standard with regard to coat colours. To this I reply that there was no need to do so as TKC Interim Standard is not the one used by the country of origin and it is not the country of origin's standard that the Club is looking to revise. Nor is the proposed revision one that has was written in 5 minutes.  It was developed over a period of 10 years of discussion over various committees. Saying that, when the CDC of the UK was preparing to host the First International Working Party in May 2000, an invitation to attend was sent to the Israel KC, as it was hoped that perhaps a item of discussion could be a universal Canaan Dog standard.  The IKC declined to get involved and gave the invitation to Myrna Shiboleth, the main breeder there and she was unable to attend.  So the country of origin had its opportunity to be involved.

  Connie Higgins, who was responsible for getting the breed recognised in the UK, was kind enough to, some years ago, give to me the correspondence which she had with Dr Menzel, the breed's 'founder'. In a letter to Mrs Higgins dated 22nd January 1969 Dr Menzel wrote the following: “All colours are found with Canaan Dogs, with the exception of shepherd-dog-like grey and of brindled. These colours are rejected by us if we find them somewhere, because we are of the opinion that they result from impure descent. Above all we prefer black-white Canaanites since they appear to be more typical; numerous yellow Canaanites are still loitering about as stray dogs, they are therefore in low esteem, and it would still be very difficult to carry them through with our public at this time.” Dr Menzel did not say she rejected black and tan or tri-colour dogs, only grey and brindle (neither colour of which I've ever seen unless you count as grey, as Myrna Shiboleth suggests in her book, those dogs with “black, white and sometimes brown hairs in the coat that gives a grey impression from a distance.”) I feel this letter of Dr Menzel's, amongst other documents, backs the proposed changes to the standard regarding coat colour. The changes are not promoting breeding for any particular colour, but allow for a good Canaan Dog to be any colour.

  Lorna Hastings is off to the US to attend the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America's specialty show in Locke, New York on the 16th July. The ICDCA shows are under the auspices of the UKC, rather than the AKC, and judging is along FCI lines. I look forward to a report upon her return.

Submitted 7th July 2004

In reply to Mr & Mrs Terry's remark made in DW 1st July, it is commendable that the Terrys had their Canaans eye-tested prior to the club's eye clinic (as did one other individual), but at the time of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's referenced eye clinic there were, and still are, other Canaan Dog owners who have not and do not eye test their dogs. Furthermore, as I have a background in another breed in which PRA is a problem, I realise that there are Canaan owners who have had their dog's eye tested once, but do not realise that this is something that, as recommended to me by a veterinary ophthalmologist years ago, should be done annually until the dog is 8 years of age, as some forms of PRA are late onset. Interestingly, there have been no requests from the membership to repeat the eye clinic.

The CDC of the UK has tried a number of times to get members mobilised with regard to working for the health and welfare of he breed. The International Canaan Dog Working Party organised in 1998 with the main purpose of sharing health information, met with resistance from some influential people abroad. It was interesting to see that after the meeting, others attempted to put in place the proposals made at that meeting, taking credit for the same. At its 2003 AGM the CDC of the UK appointed an official Health Coordinator, but unfortunately nothing came of that appointment, even though I for one had sent suggestions to her. Fortunately the Club now has two new joint Health Coordinators, David & Julia Close, and they are already galvanised for action and will soon be sending out a health survey to the membership if they have not already done so.

It is easy to criticise, but where are the offers of help? Insults, false allegations and divisive actions are non-productive, injurious to the breed and childish. If one has to stoop to these kinds of tactics, then perhaps their arguments have nothing of substance to back them.

Congratulations once again to Lorna Hastings on her 'Simi's' BAVNSC win at Windsor under Peter Jolley.

I had an email from Sue Craigie (Imbali Rhodesian Ridgebacks) saying, “I was interested to read in your breed notes that you have had problems with judges misinterpreting the breed standard regarding "aloof with strangers". I have Ridgebacks and we too have this exact phrase in our breed standard but we seem to be fighting a losing battle as some all-rounders think that RRs should stand in the ring displaying a head full of wrinkles and in order to do this they carry a squeaky toy in their pocket!!!!!!!  Yes, some RRs do look towards the judge with ears forward taking an interest in the noise but others give the judges "one of those looks" as if to say, "get lost".  The latter dogs are the ones aloof with strangers and we too are finding that forward-going, exuberant dogs are winning above the correct aloof ones.” It's sad, but not surprising, to learn that the Canaan Dog isn't the only breed being penalised in this manner. Why is it that judges will use the standard to fault your dog (usually on some aesthetic quality such as tail carriage or colour rather than on structure or movement), but completely ignore the standard when what is written isn't to their liking? In my opinion it is quite arrogant to do so especially when they are not even owners of said breeds.

To my knowledge TKC regulations requiring dogs to be benched at all times except when being judged or when being prepared for exhibition and/or being exercised for a period of not exceeding 30 minutes is still in effect, but at times you wouldn't know it.

Submitted 23rd June 2004

Lorna Hastings informs me that at the Newmarket Show judge Jane Lilley awarded BOB to Lorna's 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna) and RBOB to Pam O'Loughlin's 'Dezi' (Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta).  I also heard from Inna Blayvas (Israel) and she was delighted to report that her 'Rick' (Arie Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) came home from Barcelona with the Euro Winner title. This also qualifies him for Crufts, but unfortunately since Israel isn't rabies-free, it is impossible for Inna and 'Rick' to attend which is a shame. Congratulations to all the winners.

Richard and I didn't attend the Newmarket show for the first time in a number of years for two reasons: one being the fact that it fell on Father's Day and we were taking Richard's dad out for a meal. The other was that before I knew the date for Newmarket, I had already hired St Leonard's Church Hall in Watlington for the 19th June to use as a venue for a celebration of my 20th year in Canaan Dogs. It was in June 1984 that my first Canaan Dog became part of my life. To mark the occasion I invited all of my puppy buyers to thank them for providing such wonderful homes for my Canaans thus enabling me to continue with my efforts to preserve and promote the Canaan Dog. Of course many could not attend, particularly those living abroad, but photos sent to me by their owners gave representation to a number of the absent 'grand-dogs'. It was wonderful hearing from people I haven't heard from for some time, as well as getting to see many of the dogs. As with all good parties there was music, loads of food, and a few games and prizes. I had put together a book of all the 'family trees' and 'family portraits' were taken. People enjoyed conversations centering on their Canaans and how they were related, as well as sharing stories about their dogs and feeding and training tips. It was how all dog gatherings should be -- relaxed atmosphere, friendly, great fun and most of all -- all about the dogs. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

However much I loathe going over old ground, I feel compelled to approach the subject of temperament again as recently we have a spate of judges who seem to be misinterpreting the standard. The current interim standard states quite clearly “aloof with strangers” (which according to my dictionary means 'distant, unfriendly, remote, unapproachable'). This in no way can or should be interpreted as 'forward, happy, waggy-tailed.' The fact that judges seem to have so much trouble interpreting this phrase, among others, is what prompted the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom to reassess the wording of the standard and apply to TKC to have it changed --- not to change the breed, but to enable judges to better understand the breed. The Club did not undertake this change lightly. It came about after several years of discussion, two postal votes of the membership (one done 6 years ago at which time TKC was not prepared to accept a revision) and an SGM held on the 16th November 2003. On all 3 occasions the membership overwhelmingly voted for the changes, whereas the present interim standard has never been voted on by the membership nor in fact passed by the Committee.

For a more in-depth explanation of the current and proposed revision of the breed standard one should attend a CDC of the UK breed seminar, the next of which will be held on the 6th November at Baginton Village Hall. For more information you can contact either Barbara Gold or myself.

Submitted 17th June 2004

I still have a few months before I go away on holiday, which is too bad because I think I could use a holiday right now. I don't know how else to explain my complete lapse of memory when I wrote about the Thames Valley open show in my 4th June breed notes. I said, “Though four exhibitors had entered Thames Valley Open Show for an entry of 10 dogs, only Lorna Hastings and myself were there on the day.” Well I received an email from my “grand dog”, Anacan Touch of Class ('Leah), owned by Dave & Julia Close correcting me. She wrote: “My humans have just read me your breed notes for June 4th and I have to say I am disappointed. At the Thames Valley open show do you remember the other Canaan in the ring with Monkey, well that was me? And the two humans you spent all day chatting to, well that was them! I do hope you will be more alert in the future or I may have to take over doing the breed notes.” The chastisement is deserved and I do apologise for having such a 'senior moment'.

I had some exciting news from Lorna Hastings upon her return from the German show she went to last weekend. Her 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna) is now the 1st UK owned and bred Canaan Dog to achieve the title of German champion! Congratulations are in order for Lorna, as well as 'Simi's' breeders, Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye. 'Simi' is out of their first-ever litter sired by my Anacan Masterpiece out of Babrees Bat Benyas at Nizzana (who is a daughter of Anacan Divine Brown For Babrees). Lorna's bitch, Lorianna Lucky Star (Gvir me Shaar Hagai At Anacan/Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna) picked up her second CACIB at the same show and then went on to win BOB, handled by Lorna's 7-year old son, Alexander. Lorna took her into the Group ring and 'Star' made the final cut of 8. What an exciting weekend both for Lorna and the breed.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's annual Fun Day will be held this year at St Leonard's Church Hall in Watlington, Oxon on Sunday 18th July 2004. As usual there will be a number of games and prizes for both dogs and humans. The theme for the ever-popular dogs' fancy dress competition is 'cartoon characters'. This year there will be a barbecue held with the event at the price of £3/adult and £2/child. Bring your own meat, burgers, sausages, wine, etc. Salads, puddings, tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided. The event kicks off at 1:00 pm Even if you don't own a Canaan, you are welcome to come and participate.

Submitted 9th June 2004

For years the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom has encouraged Canaan owners to check their dogs' eyes to prevent any problems creeping into the breed. At the first club open show 11th November 2001, Prof Bedford was invited to hold an eye-testing clinic for all interested parties. However, the take-up was so poor that the club had to subsidise his travelling expenses. As the saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Our 'cloud' is that there has been a reported case of PRA in the USA. The 'silver lining' is that the people who didn't support eye testing back in 2001 are now pushing for it. I guess better late than never.

It was a bit frustrating to fight our way to the Southern Counties show through rush hour traffic only to find that the order of judging had been changed and we were not first in the ring as we had been led to believe. As it turned out, Richard and I could have left the house two hours later than we did and missed all the traffic. Fortunately we had lovely weather so we were able to sit ringside in the sunshine. As a matter of fact, Richard and I caught a bit too much sun as we watched the judging and enjoyed chatting with some fellow exhibitors in other breeds. I must add that the Newbury showground is such a lovely venue I wish other championship shows would use it.

We finally got into the ring almost 4 hours after our arrival, and though an AVNSC Utility class the judge, Johan Juslin, had, for all intents and purposes, a Canaan Dog breed class as only one of the schnauzers entered was there. Lorna Hastings had another good day as Mr Juslin awarded BD and BOB to her 'Blaze' (Lorianna Sirius Star). And Richard and I were very pleased when our 7-month old baby, Anacan Dressed For Success ('Monkey') was awarded BP and BB.

Lorna told me she was off to Germany the following weekend in the hopes of finishing both her 'Simi's' and 'Star's' German championships. We wish her success. It is very pleasing that UK Canaans are able to successfully compete with other Canaans under the FCI standard and FCI method of judging, putting to rest the claim made by some that we are trying to change the breed in this country. We are breeding Canaans in the UK that can compete with the best of them and there is no way we would want to change that!

Submitted 25th May 2004

Though four exhibitors had entered Thames Valley Open Show for an entry of 10 dogs, only Lorna Hastings and myself were there on the day to exhibit under the breed judge, Ms Juliette Cunliffe. BOB was Lorna's 'Blaze' (Lorianna Sirius Star), BOS was her 'Star' (Lorianna Lucky Star), and BP was my (really Richard's) 'Monkey' (Anacan Dressed For Success). 'Blaze' went on to win a Group 4 and 'Monkey' walked away with Puppy Group 3. All in all a very successful day for Canaan Dogs.

Lorna rung me the next day to say she had been back up to the same venue that day for Wembley & District Open Show where 'Blaze' did a repeat performance of the previous day, taking Best AVNSC under judge, Barry Tookey and then going on to win a Group 4. Well done!

I had a very interesting email from Maria Nilsson-Selin and David Selin (Sweden) who run the Swedish Kynolog School where they educate dog psychologists, dog trainers and dog health keepers. The education activity is run by an organisation called HUNDutbildningsgruppen, which includes the internationally known dog psychologist Anders Hallgren. Maria & David own several primitive breeds, including two Canaans - one of which they got from me. They wrote that they are doing a collection of genetic material from the Canaan Dog, for a scientific examination together with Peter Savolainen (Ph.D.) of The Royal Institute of Technology. The questions they will try to get an answer to are: How much genetic diversity is there in the Canaan Dog? Has there been any hybridisation of the breed in prehistoric times? And is the breed free from a mix of other breeds? This will help us to get a better picture of the Canaan Dog's part in the origin of the domestic dog. Of course the genetic diversity of the breed has a big importance for all future breeding, as does the knowledge of any possible mix of other breeds.

If you would like to participate, contact Maria & David at hundutbildningsgruppen@swipnet.se and they will send you material and instructions, about how the tests will be done (hair sample and saliva tests). The first thing they will ask for is a copy of your dog's pedigree. Everybody that participates will be kept informed about the results, but they will first inform the representative of the breed, in Israel. Should be a very interesting study, the results of which TKC should also be interested in.

Submitted 20th May 2004

It was quite disappointing to make the trip all the way from London to Scotland only to discover that we had been given a replacement judge who is not on the club's judges' list. The scheduled judge, Pat Parkes rang me on the Monday to ask me to give her apologies to the exhibitors in my breed notes. Apparently she and husband, Ron, started out from Kent in their motor home at 5:30 am on the Wednesday before the show started. Suddenly their engine stopped pulling on the M40. They phoned the AA at Warwick services and were taken back to Kent as they had blown a head gasket. To add insult to injury, Pat & Ron immediately loaded up their Volvo and started out for Scotland once again the next morning (Thursday, 13th May) and then, as they reached the Penrith area on the M6, they had a blow-out on the front tyre. Their car scraped the central reservation barrier, making it unusable, but fortunately no on was injured. Once again the AA took them home and they were unable to get another vehicle for the trip. This was the first time that either Ron or Pat have missed and engagement either for judging or stewarding.

Judging Canaan Dogs for her first time in Pat's place was Mrs M Mulholland who awarded BD & BOB to Lorna Hastings' Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna; RBD to Lorna's Lorianna Sirius Star; BB & BOS to my Anacan Simply Irresistible; RBB to Lorna's Lorianna Lucky Star and BP to my Anacan Dressed For Success.

As I had to run to the Tibetan Spaniel ring immediately after the judging, it was left to Richard to have our BOS card signed. He got into a discussion with both the judge and the ring steward with regard to Canaan Dog character and temperament. It is very difficult to make judges (and stewards) understand that the Canaan Dog, as per the breed standard, is wary of strangers. While it should be trained to allow the judge to examine it, it should not be penalised for not "looking happy" when doing so or for not wagging its tail in the show ring. This fact can be verified in the Israel Kennel Club's judging guidelines if you don't want to take our word for it.

Richard and I were taken aback when an Keeshond exhibitor who was benched near us at SKC made the statement that it was a Canaan Dog who savaged a Keeshond at Leeds, and then again at Windsor last year. Even though he was told that the incidents involved a different breed and that Canaans are not given classes at Leeds or Windsor, so would not be benched near the Keeshonds at these shows, the exhibitor continued to insist that it was a Canaan Dog who committed the crime. If anyone else has heard this story, I can assure you that no Canaan Dog was involved in any such act. As a matter of fact, the breed that was involved in the attack was involved in a fight outside the breed ring at The National, resulting in one of the combatants suffering a broken leg.

Submitted 12th May 2004

It was Pam O'Loughlin's day at The National where her 'Dezi' (Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta) went BD & BOB under judge, Bryn Cadogan. Lorna Hasting's 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna) was awarded RBD and her Lorianna Lucky Star ('Star') was BOS. My 'Tara' (Anacan Simply Irresistible) went RBB and her daughter, Anacan Dressed For Success ('Monkey') was BP. 'Tara' and 'Monkey' were the only entry in the Brace class, but they earned their first place as they moved very well together, and as 'Monkey' is almost a spitting image of her mum, they made looked a lovely brace.

The day after The National Lorna Hastings and her six-year old son, Alexander, were off to the Europasieger Show in Germany. Though she had the only entries there, Lorna's trip was worth the effort as little Alexander handled her bitch, 'Star' to BOB to win over his mum with 'Simi'.  Alexander was over the moon, and deservedly so. Both 'Star' and 'Simi' won the respective CACIB's, CACs, VDHCh & Europasieger 2004 titles. 

The deadline for returning questionnaires for the KC/BSAVA Scientific Committee Health Survey has been extended until the end of May. If you've not yet returned your completed form, I urge you to do so. Though our breed is a very healthy one, it is important that Canaan Dog owners take a long-term view and do what we can do now to keep it a healthy breed. Every form returned adds to the value of the information that our breed will get back from the survey.  Information on healthy dogs is just as important as information on those that have suffered illness.  If forms have been accidentally lost or destroyed, you can obtain a duplicate from me (see contact details below) or from the Health & Info Dept at the KC.

Submitted 29th April 2004

WELKS does not offer us classes for our breed, but Mr Ernie Patterson still had 8 Canaan Dogs entered under him in AVNSC Utility. The weather couldn't have been nicer and it was a great pleasure to be able to sit ringside in the sunshine. Richard's new 6-month old puppy, “Monkey” (aka Anacan Dressed For Success) made her ring debut. Though she only came 4th in PB, we were pleased with the confidence she showed (and she didn't even drool on the long car ride to the show!). David & Julia Close were also pleased when their 9-month old “Leah” (Anacan Touch of Class) qualified for Crufts at her first championship show by placing 2nd in PB, expertly shown by Julia. The highest placing for a Canaan on the day went to Lorna Hastings' “Blaze” (Lorianna Sirius Star) who was awarded RBD.

Julia Close went into hospital the Monday after WELKS for some scheduled surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery. We want to see both her and “Leah” back in the ring soon.

I was alarmed to hear from the owner of the concerned dog in the US that he was diagnosed with PRA. Unfortunately, he had been used for breeding 4 times before the diagnosis and the owners of the bitches concerned have been notified. Both the sire and dam of the dog are Israeli imports. The sire has been heavily used both before and after being sent to the US about 4 years ago. His name appears in the pedigrees of a great many dogs on the continent and in a number in the UK. The litter brother of the bitch who produced the PRA-positive dog has also been very heavily used and his name also appears in a great many pedigrees on the continent. Though we do not yet know whether or not he is a carrier, it is a great worry as many of the dogs on the continent have both him and the known carrier in their pedigrees.

No other cases of PRA have as yet been found, but this is something all Canaan owners need to be aware of. Though some of us already eye-test our dogs as matter of course, I would encourage all Canaan owners to check their dogs' eyes annually.

Submitted 31st March 2004

Gravesend & Medway Town Canine Society has been giving us breed classes for quite some time, so Richard and I always support it. It was Mrs Pearl Chadwick's first time to judge the breed, so we entered 3 of our Canaans to ensure she had a good entry. Though 9 Canaans were entered, we were very disappointed when we had the only ones to show up on the day. Mrs Chadwick had an excellent approach with our dogs and was thorough, but gentle. She awarded BOB to our 'Remy' (Anacan Masterpiece) with RBOB going to our Anacan Ziggy. I really don't relish winning BOB with one of my dogs through lack of competition. However, this show is not judged on the group system, and we at least had the satisfaction of being judged against the top dogs on the day with 'Remy' being considered worthy of being short listed in the BIS ring by judge, Mr Bob Cross.

The following day I had an email from Lorna Hastings letting me know that she had gone to the Retford Canine Society Show, held on the same day as Gravesend & Medway, and that her 'Simi' (Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna - a 'Remy' son) had won Group One and Best In Show! Unfortunately she didn't fill me in on the names of the judges responsible for this exciting news. 'Simi' is the third Canaan Dog in the UK to win an all-breed open show BIS. The first was Anacan The Israelite At Dunline, owned by Rob & Jan McLeod, in February 2001 and the second was our Anacan Ziggy in June 2001. So 'Simi's' win makes a hat trick for the breed. Well done!

I know it is only April, but diaries get filled up quite quickly. So put Sunday the 18th July in your diary now, as that is the date for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's annual Fun Day. This year it will be held at St Leonard's Church Hall in Watlington, Oxon and the organisers, Patrick & Barbara Gold, are planning to have some new games to mix in with the old favourites, the usual outstanding raffle table, the always entertaining fancy dress competition and, for the first time, a barbecue as well. I can almost smell those hot dogs on the grill!

Submitted 24th March 2004

I had an email from Jan McLeod, who judged Canaans at the recent BUBA open show, which I was unable to attend. Jan informed me that she had 8 dogs for a total of 9 entries, with one absent. Jan said. “All the exhibits coped well with the distraction of a fire exit door next to the ring continually banging throughout the judging, and are to be congratulated. The ringside attracted more than a few all breed judges to see our dogs assessed.” BOB was Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta (“Dezi”) and BOS was Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Lucky Star. Jan went on to report that “Dezi” was short listed in the BIS ring by judge, Liz Dunhill. I'm sure Pam was over the moon.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its AGM on the 21st March. As we are not yet a CC breed, each year the club awards trophies based on its own point system, a system devised several years ago to encourage people to show their Canaans and to support those shows that offer classes for the breed. The Shebaba Trophy, donated by Mrs Connie Higgins, is awarded to the dog or bitch that attains the most points. The Tiron Trophy, donated by Mrs Mary MacPhail, is awarded to the dog or bitch with the second highest amount of points, and the Golda Trophy, donated by Mrs Gina Pointing, is awarded to the Junior Dog or Bitch less than 24 months of age who has attained the most points. Winners for the 2003 show year were as follows: the Shebaba Trophy – Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna, owned by Lorna Hastings; the Tiron Trophy – Anacan Ziggy, owned by Richard & Ellen Minto; the Golda Trophy – Lorianna Sirius Star, owned by Lorna Hastings. Certificates of Appreciation are also awarded to any member's Canaan Dog who has promoted the breed in any way – in the show ring, at Discover Dogs, by attaining a KC Canine Good Citizen's Award, and hopefully in the not-too-distant future, to any dog shown in performance events. The club tries to make the point that ALL Canaan Dogs are important.

When I met Mr Douma's Fr Ch Swing Du Granit Noir at Crufts this year I said to several people that he looked a lot like the dog I had imported to the US from England, Spring Lad. When I checked on “Swing's” pedigree I found that Spring Lad was his grandsire on his sire's side. I also discovered that his grand dam was an offspring of my Gvir me Shaar Hagai at Anacan and my Briel's Hatikvah (Briel was my kennel affix in the US). It's amazing how one can recognise the background of a dog when one has been in the breed for a considerable amount of time.

This years Canaan Dog single breed open show will be held on Sunday, 10th October at Bradfield Village Hall. Schedules will be sent out at the appropriate time to all those who attended last year's show. If you would like a schedule sent to you, you can send me your details, or contact the Show Secretary, Mrs Norma Barnes, Church Farm, Lower Halstow, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7PN.

The next Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom Breed seminar, once again given by Richard & I, will be held on Saturday, 6th November 2004 at Baginton Village Hall. Only seminars held by the CDC count towards the judges' list criteria. To book a place please contact Mrs Barbara Gold, evenings, on 02476 741137. Anyone interested in the breed is welcome to attend. It is not restricted to potential judges.

Submitted 5th February 2004

It wasn't that many years ago that the Canaan Dog had the lowest number of entries of any breed at Crufts. The first year I went to Crufts (1995) the breed was shown in AVNSC. Then in 1996, the breed was given classes. It was in 1998 that Richard and I had to enter 7 of our Canaans in order not to lose our classes at Crufts as it was announced that if we didn't have at least 10 entries, they were going to take our classes away from us. (We ended up with 11 entries that year.) This year there are 25 Canaan Dogs entered, leaving 15 breeds with lower entries than Canaans, and 1 with the same number, putting Canaans at joint 17th place from the bottom. It has been an uphill struggle, but the breed is growing slowly and well.

Submitted 14th January 2004

I was saddened to read the ad in last week's DW announcing the inaugural meeting of a new Canaan Dog breed club. With such a small number of dogs and owners, remembering that some people will not join any club for any reason, how could the people who are looking to form this schism justify their behaviour? Surely it does not take a genius to realise that forming a second club will not benefit either club, and certainly will not benefit the breed. The shame of it is that there are only a few people who are not willing to work within the very democratic framework of the KC recognised breed club, The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom.

In a democracy, one must be willing to go along with the majority vote and not stamp off like a spoiled child when one does not get their own way; and in this case, start their own club. Maybe the sentiment of these people is “If you can't be a big fish in a small pond, start your own puddle.”

I cannot here go into the politics of this situation, as, in truth, only the club members should be privy to such information. But I will say that the membership of the CDC of the UK is regularly asked to share any concerns – a notice appears in every newsletter inviting them to send any concerns to the chairman for the attention of the committee -- and only the same 4 people, out of a membership of 98, ever complain. I would like to assure my readership that despite what you may have read or will read elsewhere, the CDC of the UK is a healthy, happy organisation, which will continue to work to the mission statement found in its constitution, “TO PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE CANAAN DOG IN THE UNITED KINGDOM AND SAFEGUARD THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THIS UNIQUE BREED.”

Submitted 7th January 2004

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you and your 4-legged friends all enjoyed the holidays.

I'm going to start by giving you a round-up of 2003. The overall Top Canaan Dog 2003 was Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna, owned by Lorna Hastings. This is the second year in a row that “Amber” garnered this honour and the 9th year running in which the top Canaan Dog has been an Anacan Canaan, I am proud to say. Runner-up and top male for 2003 was my Anacan Ziggy. Top Stud Dog 2003 was my “Digger” (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) – his second year running. This is all the more notable as “Digger” has only been used to sire 3 litters in his lifetime and the litter he sired out of our Anacan Whole Lotta Class made her Top Brood Bitch last year. Top Brood Bitch 2003 was Jill & Ian Terry's Layla me Shaar Hagai (Imp). Congratulations to all concerned!

It was interesting to read in Simon Parsons' column a few weeks ago that the all-breeds top stud dog and brood bitch were the result of half-brother, half-sister breedings. Before I started breeding dogs I took a canine reproduction course and read everything I could on the subject and became convinced that line-breeding was the way to go. I think the above-mentioned results further help to prove this idea.

The Canaan Dog Club of the UK is still feeling the benefits of the breed seminar it held last November as it has resulted in 7 people who attended the seminar joining the club, with an 8th application just received. There have also been 5 applications for their judges' list from attendees. This is what you call a result.

Entries for Crufts have closed and I, for one, look forward to seeing how many foreign Canaan Dog entries it will draw this year. As mentioned before, several Americans had contacted me for information on how to get their Pet Passports, and, of course, I imagine that there may also be several European Canaans entered. I think this year's Crufts will be most interesting.

When talking to people about the breed, I explain that most of the Canaan fanciers in the UK don't want to see the breed changed to conform to the generic show dog because we like them just the way that they are. One of the few natural dogs left, they retain a high degree of innate intelligence and survival instinct. To illustrate this I will tell an anecdote about our semi-wild born “Bobby” (Minto's Libyan Jewel). While he was still living in Tunisia and “Bobby” was around 4 months of age, Richard was walking one day and saw two young boys literally using a little puppy as a football. Richard took the badly bruised puppy away from the boys and took it home. The boys' father came to the door a little while later to demand the puppy back, but Richard refused to hand it over, explaining what he had seen the boys doing, and the man went away. “Bobby” immediately took the little one 'under her wing', so to speak, and tried to mother it. The next morning when Richard was getting ready to take his daily walk on the beach with “Bobby”, he saw her carry the puppy out to the garden and proceed to dig a hole and bury the puppy. Richard ran over and scolded “Bobby”, who he thought had done this to the puppy out of jealousy, and then dug the puppy out of the hole and put her back into the house. A few minutes later he saw “Bobby” once again come out of the house carrying the puppy. This time he ran into the house and grabbed his camera and got a couple of photos of her doing so before he again rescued the puppy. Four years later, while in Israel for the first international Canaan Dog show Richard mentioned this incident to Myrna Shiboleth, the primary Canaan Dog breeder there, in front of several of us. Myrna told him that it was quite common for wild Canaans to bury their young, or injured pups for safekeeping when they were going out hunting. The puppies were perfectly all right and the mother would dig it out upon her return. So at 4-months of age “Bobby” was demonstrating a strong maternal instinct and was trying to protect the injured pup and not get rid of it as Richard had thought. It's amazing when you think about it.

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