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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2006
(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited.
If things are repeated in more than one column, it is usually because it was edited out of the original column by the dog paper.)

Submitted 6th December 2006

BUBA is the last show of the year that offers classes for Canaan Dogs. This year's judge, breed specialist Mr Rob McLeod (Dunline) attracted a record Canaan entry for the show of 18. Happily for us, Richard and I were able to get a kennel sitter so we could attend. To me, the show could have used a bit more organisation of detail. Upon arrival it was unclear as to which hall one should go to as there were no boards at the entrance telling people in which hall the breeds were benched and shown. The hall my Tibetan Spaniels were in was jam packed and difficult to get into. Fortunately for the Canaan Dogs, they were shown in the main ring and had plenty of room. However, the tannoys were placed right up against the rings and when in use, upset several of the dogs. Mr McLeod's choice for BD and BOB was Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta (“Dezi”), who was in lovely condition and showing beautifully. RBD went to our Anacan Ziggy. BB was awarded to David and Julia Close's Anacan Touch of Class (“Leah”), who was also BB at this year's club show. Leah's win made her sire, our Anacan Masterpiece, the Top Stud Dog 2006 and her dam, our Anacan Whole Lotta Class, Top Brood Bitch 2006. RBB was my puppy, Anacan Glory Bea, who was making her ring debut. BP was awarded to Hastings' and Rogerson's dog, Lorianna Light My Fire, who was also BP at this year's club show.

Novice Canaan exhibitor, Julie Nicholls, reported that at a knock-out match at her ringcraft class her “Tiras” (Anacan Future Legend) came first in an entry of 13 dogs. Well done!

Bryna Comsky (USA) was kind enough to report on the Canaan Dog judging at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show, to which the top 25 dogs in each breed are invited. There were three Canaan entries present. BOB was Ch Mad River Ladies First, breeder/owner: Cynthia Grupp, handled by Andy Linton. BOS went to Ch Desert Star Running Miles, owned by Rosette Davila & Charley Sargent and handled by Clint Livingston.

Submitted 30th November 2006

There is a correction to what was listed as the Canaan Dog leader in the Top Stud Dog competition. There is, at the moment, a tie for Top Stud Dog -- The Lion of Judah At Anacan (“Digger”) and his son, Anacan Masterpiece (“Remy”), are tied with 12 points each. The dog that was listed as leader, Bel, Lux  & Ger Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, has only 8 points. BUBA could possibly change the results, but as it stands, Simon Parsons told me “Digger” has the edge on the tiebreak (his progeny have won 3 BOB and 1 BOS, while Remy's have won 1 BOB and 3 BOS).

Ken Bartlett judged Canaan Dogs at Nordic. He had 6 entries, with 3 absentees. BOB was awarded to Ian Kaye & Alison Byrnes' Nizzana Ganymede.

Submitted 22nd November 2006

I would have loved to been able to attend the World Show in Poznan as I've only exhibited at two in the past (Milan and Amsterdam). It would have been interesting to compare the venue and organisation with those two, as well as Crufts. Of course, I would have loved to see the Canaan Dogs and compare them to what is in this country, as well as having the opportunity of talking Canaans with the exhibitors - always such great fun. The results of the Canaan Dog judging are as follow: CAC, CACIB, WORLD WINNER, BOB - Ugo du Granit Noir. Breeder: Olivier Broutin, Owner: Helene Perin (France). CAC, CACIB, WORLD WINNER, BOS - Lili me Shaar Hagai. Breeder: Myrna Shiboleth, Owner: Laurence Aries (France). JUNIOR WORLD WINNER - Zik me Shaar Hagai, Breeder/Owner: Myrna Shiboleth (Israel). JUNIOR WORLD WINNER - Alisha de Solemel, Breeder: Laurence Aries, Owner: Patrice Magdelain (France). Hearty congratulations to all!

It's hard to believe, but the year is quickly drawing to a close. BUBA is the last championship show of the year that offers classes for Canaan Dogs, and supporting those classes is the main reason Richard and I go. But it also offers us a chance to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year not only to other Canaan Dog people, but also to those we have come to know and look forward to seeing in other utility breeds. This show has a lovely holiday atmosphere and the exchanging of Christmas cards, as well as looking for some nice prezzies (for oneself as well as for friends) has become tradition for us, and many others. If you happen to be there and see me walking around, be sure to say hello and share with me any comments, news or subjects you would like to see in this column.

Submitted 15th November 2006

On the 9th November, Richard and I had to make the decision to release our Jasmine (Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan) from this life. She was age 15 years, 3 months of age. Our Jasmine made an important contribution to the foundation of our Anacan lines. Top Canaan Dog in 1995, Jasmine took time out of the show ring in 1996 when she produced her one and only litter with our Digger (The Lion of Judah at Anacan). From this litter came our wonderful producer, Anacan Sheindela, and the top-winning show dog, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. Jasmine was BOS at Crufts both in 1995 and again in 1999, opposite Digger. She was always a stellar exhibit at Discover Dogs, where over the years her wonderful personality attracted many visitors to our booth and sparked interest in the breed. We are grateful to her breeder, Gina Pointing, for entrusting Jasmine to us. She was a wonderful ambassador for the breed and will be very missed.

Once again, this past weekend Canaan Dogs were represented at Discover Dogs, Earl's Court. Richard went down on Friday to set up the booth and he and our Tara were there bright and early Saturday morning to greet the crowds. Christine Goldspink came by to lend a hand during the morning and Anne Barclay and Alison Byrne with Alison's Tali and Spencer took the stand in the afternoon, assisted by Elisabeth de Boisgelin. It was very nice for the spectators to be able to see Canaans of different colouring (white with red patches, black with white trim and sand respectively). Richard and Tara were back on Sunday morning, this time assisted by Chris and Jan Quantrill. Patrick and Barbara Gold and their Simba, Athtar and Rosie did the afternoon duties, assisted by Norma Barnes. Richard said it was very busy both days and our breed attracted several people who were seriously interested in the possibility of adding a Canaan Dog to their lives. The booth also had a visit from Karla Hopson, the young lady who was the winner of the 'Colour a Canaan Dog' contest held by the breed club last year. Her father remarked how much Karla treasures the Canaan mug she won, telling Richard that no one else was allowed to user “her” mug. The only complaint I heard was that, once again, the noise from the events ring made it difficult to hold a conversation with the visitors and certainly an added stress to the dogs on show. Perhaps the organisers would take heed and make an effort to lower the sound levels emanating from this ring at future events.

Submitted 1st November 2006

New Canaan Dog owner, Julie Nicholls, proudly related to me that the ring craft class which she attends with her 6-month old Tiras (Anacan Future Legend) held a rally with a guest judge and Tiras won best puppy! Julie said Tiras is very confident at his classes as he has been going for a while and seems to consider it part of his territory. I think that it also has helped Tiras that he lives with Julie's partner's very outgoing Alsatian/Rottweiler cross bitch as Canaans will often pick up on the behaviour of the dogs that they live with. Christine Goldspink (Powley) has also discovered this, as her Canaans live and play with her Duck Tollers, which are a very outgoing breed, and her Canaans have benefited by it.

Julie also had a not so very nice experience at an open show in Lowestoft the week previous where she met two women in a toy breed who told her that they had met a man at the Manchester show and had remarked to him how aggressive the Canaans were. One of the women told Julie that the man said he was the secretary of the breed association and that he said the dogs were specially bred to be aggressive and were supposed to be like that. Julie and her partner, Simon, both tried telling the woman that she must have misunderstood and then proceeded to tell her a bit about Canaans. The woman said the Canaans at Manchester had attacked another exhibitor's dog, which was saved only when she 'threw' it into the ring to avoid the Canaan's jaws. She said she was considering writing to the Kennel Club about it because the last thing that was needed right now was another dangerous dog breed. However, she did remark at how passive Tiras was and said that she was convinced he was not a Canaan when she saw him in the ring due to his laid back nature and had to look him up in the catalogue to check. This story angers me greatly. For some reason, there are a few people who, for all the years I've been showing the breed in this country, seem to take great pleasure in slagging off the Canaan Dog whenever they have the opportunity. The above story is not true. I was at Manchester and IF the incident described happened, it did not involve a Canaan Dog. I can also assure you that there never been a male secretary of the breed club. There have only been two, and I am the current one. Canaans have NEVER been “specially bred to be aggressive”, nor is that something that any owner/breeder/exhibitor would want in the breed. Are there dog aggressive Canaan Dogs? Of course there are, just as there are dog aggressive dogs in most breeds, including the toy ones. However, while these dogs may not be able to be allowed to run loose with other dogs, there is no excuse to not train them, whether pet or show dog, to behave and be under control when on lead. Dogs get enough bad press without people within the fancy adding fuel to the fire, especially when the stories aren't true. Perhaps these ladies should remember the old saying -- “If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.”

We had a chance to chat with Terry Medlow, who judged the Canaan Dog Club Open Show, a week after the event. Though not a Canaan Dog owner, Mr Medlow has had a long-time interest in the breed and is, in fact, a charter member of the club. I was pleased to hear that he felt that the breed has improved tremendously since the early days, with more uniformity in type. This bodes well for the future of the breed in the UK as these strides have been made with only a limited amount of breeding going on due to the limited number of appropriate homes for the breed. Well done to all involved!

Genevieve Landis (Canada) shared the sad news of the passing of her 'Jake' (Hadar Haaretz Northern Snow), who recently passed away from complications due to lymphosarcoma. 'Jake' was the first Canaan Dog to get a Canadian Kennel Club championship. He sired two litters out of which came both AKC and UKC Champions, dogs who earned herding certificates and obedience titles, and a son that was the first ever to earn rally and herding titles on both sides of the Canada-US border. Descendants from those litters have continued to earn championships and otherwise distinguish themselves. Most of all, 'Jake' was a beloved family member and will be sorely missed. We extend our sympathy to Genny and her family on their loss.

Submitted 10th October 2006

On Sunday the 8th October 2006, the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 6th annual open show at Bradfield Village Hall. Once again, the club was blessed with beautiful weather, enabling it to hold the show outdoors, which suits a Canaan Dog far better than an indoor venue. Due to the generosity of a number of members, the Club's trophy table would make those of a lot bigger clubs pale by comparison.

  The judge this year, Mr Terry Medlow (Inishfendra), though not a Canaan Dog owner, has been a member of the Canaan Dog Club since its inauguration in 1992, and so has been around Canaans for a long time.  The club had its largest entry to-date -- 30 dogs -- with 7 absentees. Richard and I were thrilled when Mr Medlow choose our 10-1/2 year old Anacan Ziggy for Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best In Show.  This was the second time that Ziggy has won the club show, having won the first one in 2001. It was also lovely when BB was awarded to Ziggy's granddaughter, Anacan Touch of Class, owned by David and Julia Close.

The full results were as follow:

  Class 1 Veteran (5 entries, 2 absentees)
1st: ANACAN ZIGGY, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Richard & Ellen Minto, sire: Gvir Me Shaar Hagai at Anacan, dam: Minto's Libyan Jewel (wild born)
2nd: ANACAN FOREVER AMBER WITH LORIANNA, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Lorna Hastings, sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan, dam: Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan
3rd: ANACAN ATHTAR AT AMICITIA, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Patrick & Barbara Gold, sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan, dam: Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn

  Class 2 Puppy (4 entries - all littermates so I won't repeat the breeder, sire and dam)
1st: LORIANNA LIGHT MY FIRE, breeder: Lorna Hastings, owner: James Rogerson & Lorna Hastings, sire: Bel, Lux & Ger Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, dam: Lorianna Lucky Star
2nd: LORIANNA KING OF THE ROAD, owner: Mr & Mrs Savage
3rd: LORIANNA I WILL SURVIVE, owner: Sue Coombes and Lorna Hastings
4th: LORIANNA ENDLESS LOVE, owner: Sharmilla Chowdhury

  Class 3 Junior (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st: MELECH ADAM ME SHAAR HAGAI FOR LORIANNA, breeder: Myrna Shiboleth, owner: Lorna Hastings, sire: FCI Ints Is Ch Shbar Me Shaar Hagai, dam: Domino 2nd: ANACAN SHOSHANNAH FOR AMICITIA, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Patrick & Barbara Gold, sire: Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven, dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible

  Class 4 Beginners (2 entries, 1 absentee)
1st: LORIANNA ENDLESS LOVE, breeder: Lorna Hastings, owner: Sharmilla Chowdhury, sire: Bel, Lux & Ger Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, dam: Lorianna Lucky Star

  Class 5 Breeders (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st: Am Ch LORIANNA SIRIUS STAR, breeder/owner: Lorna Hastings, sire: Bel, Lux & Ger Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, dam: Lorianna Lucky Star
2nd: ANACAN GLORY BOUND, breeder/owner: Ellen Minto, sire: Anacan Ziggy, dam: Anacan Sheindela   Class 6 Post Graduate Dog (3 entries, 1 absentee) 1st: LORIANNA EVER REDDY, breeder: Lorna Hastings, owner: Sue Coombes, sire: Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline, dam: Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna 2nd: ANACAN NICK NACK, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Monica Mills, sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan, dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class

  Class 7 Limit Dog (3 entries, 2 absentees)
1st: ANACAN NICK NACK (details as above)

  Class 8 Open Dog (3 entries, 1 absentee) 1st: Bel, Lux  & Ger Ch NIZZANA HADAD FOR LORIANNA, breeder: Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye, sire: Anacan Masterpiece, dam: Babrees Bat Benyas at Nizzana
2nd: ANACAN MASTERPIECE, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Richard & Ellen Minto, sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan, dam: Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn

  Class 9 Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st: ANACAN DRESSED FOR SUCCESS, breeder/owner: Ellen Minto, sire: Anacan Masterpiece, dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible
2nd: ANACAN SHEER ELEGANCE, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Christine Powley & Ellen Minto, sire: Anacan Masterpiece, dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class
3rd: ANACAN KEFIRA, breeder/owner: Ellen Minto, sire: Anacan Masterpiece, dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class

  Class 10 Limit Bitch (3 entries)
1st: ANACAN WHOLE LOTTA CLASS, breeder/owner: Ellen Minto, sire: Anacan Ziggy, dam: Anacan Sheindela
2nd: LORIANNA CALL ME MADAM, breeder/owner: Lorna Hastings, sire: Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline, dam: Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna
3rd: ANACAN SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, breeder/owner: Ellen Minto, sire: Anacan Ziggy, dam: Anacan Sheindela

  Class 11 Open Bitch (5 entries, 2 absentees)
1st: ANACAN TOUCH OF CLASS, breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: David & Julia Close, sire: Anacan Masterpiece, dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class
2nd: ANACAN SHEINDELA, breeder/owner: Ellen Minto, sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan, dam: Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan
3rd: Am Ch CHERRYSH CROWN OF VICTORY FOR LORIANNA, breeder: Cheryl Hennings, sire: Am Ch Lahat Me Shaar Hagai, dam: Cherrysh My Spring Lily

  Class 12 Progeny (4 entries)
1st: Bel, Lux  & Ger Ch NIZZANA HADAD FOR LORIANNA, owner: Lorna Hastings
2nd: ANACAN ZIGGY, owner: Richard & Ellen Minto
3rd: ANACAN MASTERPIECE, owner: Richard & Ellen Minto

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: LORIANNA LIGHT MY FIRE, owner: James Rogerson & Lorna Hastings

Ziggy on the move - Photo by David Batchelor

The litter of puppies that I had this year missed being able to enter the show by 5 days. Combined with the new puppy owners entered at this year's show, there should be a number of new dogs and exhibitors out in the ring next year, which should make 2007 an exciting one for the breed.

Congratulations to Michelle Harrington and Larry Myers whose13-month-old girl Ha'Aretz Gimel Northern Confidence (“Cybelle”), a beautiful, sleek black bitch with white trim, bred by Bryna Comsky, finished her Canadian Kennel Club championship this Thanksgiving weekend. “Cybelle”, enjoyed her spotlight in the Canadian show ring and became the first Canaan bitch to earn a CKC conformation title.  She has received multiple group placements, including another 4th this weekend to finish her title in style. Best wishes from all of us for Cybelle's continued success.

Submitted 4th October 2006

Bryna Comsky (Ha'Aretz Canaan Dogs), from whom I got my first, multi-specialty winning Canaan Dog, Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel, back in 1984, was kind enough to send me the results of the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America's Thirteenth Annual National Specialty Show and Parade of Titleholders held on Friday, September 29, 2006 in Perry, Georgia.  Bryna wrote that there was a pre-entry of 53 for the show, which was licensed by the United Kennel Club, with some dogs entered in more than one class.  Competition rules are similar to, but not the same as, AKC regulations.  The specialty judge was Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai) from Israel, who also judged Junior Showmanship.  As an added bonus, an FCI-style evaluation was dictated by the specialty judge.  The evaluations and accompanying photos will be published in due course by the ICDCA.  Obedience was offered at the ICDCA fun match and judged by Marlene Keay Stachowiak from Georgia. There were six pre-entries in the Parade of Title Holders.

    Two special trophies stood above the other beautiful prizes and rosettes.  They were the Lahatut me Shaar Hagai Challenge Trophy for Best of Breed and The Prof. Rudolphina Menzel Perpetual Trophies for Best Male and Best Female. These Perpetual Trophies will be kept in safekeeping by a person appointed by the ICDCA Board.    Best Male this year was Blessed-Be Aryon, a Senior dog (less than 3 years) owned by Carole Grider & Laura Lashley.  Reserve Best Male was from the Junior Dogs, (1 year to less than 2 years), Bless-ed Be Cherrysh Patriot, owned by Cheryl Hennings & Laura Lashley. Best Female and Best of Winners was Cherrysh Crown of Jewels, who has already won her AKC Championship title. She is bred and owned by Cheryl Hennings.  Reserve Best Female was Blessed-Be My Neshama, owned by Michael Banister and Melvin S. Larsen. "Champion of Champions" was Mazel Tov Yomi Bat Barak bred and owned by Cathi and Craig Oskow. Reserve was won by U-CH Aljan's Keeper of the Night owned by Caren T. Curtiss.  Lee Boyd won Best of Breed and Group I on Friday and Saturday with her U-GRCH Cherrysh Fire and Rain. Congratulations to all the winners and to the show committee who worked so hard to ensure that it was a success.

  Just a quick reminder that the closing date for advertisement copy for the DOG WORLD ANNUAL is October 16th. This year's Annual will be entirely in colour, and colour rates are lower than last year at £350 full page; £215 half page; £125 quarter page; £60 eighth page -- great value for a great publication!

  I received the following poem in an email and would like to share it with you.

  “A friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift
A friend is someone we treasure
For our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives
With beauty, joy, and grace
And makes the world we live in
A better and happier place.
There is a miracle called friendship that dwells in the heart.
You do not know how it happens or when it gets its start.
But you know the special lift it always brings.
Your realise that friendship is God's most precious gift!”

  If you have a friend you haven't contacted for awhile, NOW is a good time to do so. Remember, in order to have friends, be a friend.


Submitted 28th September 2006

This past week has not been the best as far as the bad publicity dogs have received due to two separate incidents of children being attacked, and in one case killed, by Rottweilers. Immediately the anti-dog brigade hop onto their bandwagon and try to get the Dangerous Dogs Act changed to ban more breeds. Years ago, when I was still living in the US and sat on the Board (i.e. committee) of the Canaan Dog Club of America, the AKC made the decision to split the Working Group, which had become very large, into Working and Herding. They asked the concerned breed clubs which group they felt was the more appropriate one for their breed. As the dangerous dogs laws were just coming into their own, it was felt by the CCA that it would be safest for the Canaan Dog if it were put into the Herding Group and not lumped in with those breeds known to be guard dogs, and therefore most likely to be targeted by the new laws.

Fortunately, the Canaan Dog is an excellent alarm dog, barking when anyone or anything encroaches on its territory, but it is not a natural attack dog. Its innate wariness, for which some people criticise the breed, checks any inclination to attack. And in spite of its wariness (read as 'nervousness' by some), the Canaan Dog is not a fear biter either. As a matter of fact, the veterinarians I have used over the years have all said that our dogs were their favourite patients, as they had no fear of being bitten when handling them, even when the dog was in pain. One time Richard took a couple of our dogs in for their vaccinations and the vet had a young girl in the room on work experience. She had been told to stand in the corner and watch, but not to touch any of the animals. When Richard put our dog on the table, the vet told the girl that this breed was the exception and she could come over and handle the dog, as he had no fear that the girl would be injured.

Breeders who care about their breed, and the dog world in general, have a major responsibility to place their puppies in appropriate homes, and not just sell them to whomever can afford one. No breed is appropriate for everyone, and some people should not own any breed. No matter how much you love your breed and how great you think it is, if you have to 'convince' a buyer that this is the case, it is not the breed for them. Be responsible or someday, in the not too distant future, we'll find that dog breeding and dog ownership could become a thing of the past.

Submitted 20th September 2006

I had hoped to get to Darlington this year, but it was not meant to be, as we could not get a kennel sitter. However, Richard, the dear, took the dogs for me. (Anyone who knows Richard knows how much he hates going into the ring and only does so to help me out.) The Canaan Dog judge, Mr Roy Metcalfe, attracted 12 entries and had 4 absentees. Mr Metcalfe awarded BD & BOB to Rob and Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline ('Jacob'). RBD & BV was Anacan Ziggy, owned by Richard and I. BB went to Anacan Sheer Elegance ('Ellie'), co-owned by Christine Powley (Goldspink) and myself and handled by Christine. RBB was my Anacan Simply Irresistible ('Tara') and BP was Puppy Dog Lorianna Light My Fire (sorry I don't know his call name) co-owned by James Rogerson and Lorna Hastings and handled by James. Interestingly the BD & BB are half-brother and sister, both having the same dam, Anacan Whole Lotta Class. Richard said 'Jacob' looked very good in the group ring, moving out well and showing beautifully. Well done all!

Lorna Hastings had some good news to share. Two weekends ago she went to the Luxembourg International Show and 'Blaze' (AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star) gained his Luxembourg Champion Title and the CACIB (which is a qualification towards his International Ch title).  Lorna has been an international representative for the UK Canaan Dogs, being the only UK exhibitor with the time, money and interest to attend the foreign shows, and she and her dogs have done very well, picking up a number of foreign titles. Congratulations!

We also have some sad news to share. Richard's dad, Peter Minto, lost his 'Jake' (Jacob Ben Aiden), a litter brother to our 'Digger', to cancer several weeks ago at 12-1/2 years of age. Dad finds the house very empty without the canine friend who gave him so much companionship, especially after Richard's mum passed away.

Isabella Zirri (Velikaya Kennels, Italy) has also suffered a tragedy in that a 3-month old litter of fully vaccinated puppies she bred has contracted parvo and she has lost 3 of them within a few hours of the symptoms manifesting themselves. She is frantically trying to save the rest and some American Canaan owners have suggested a new parvo therapy using Tamiflu, which I believe is a drug used for avian flu. This is a nightmare scenario for any breeder and we can only hope and pray that Isabella can get hold of some Tamiflu and suffers no more losses.

Norma Barnes told me that the Canaan Dog Club of the UK cookbook is coming together and that she has receive a number of interesting, and delicious-sounding, recipes. I'll let you know when it is ready, as well as the cost as it could be a nice Christmas stocking stuffer for some of your friends.

Submitted 13th September 2006

I hope you are all enjoying our Indian summer. It's a lovely change in the weather, but all this change has been playing havoc with my dogs' coats as they have all been on the moult again and giving my hoover, and my back, a real workout.

Mrs Brenda Banbury had only 4 entries with 3 absentees for AVNCS - Utility at the City of Birmingham Championship Show. However, she did have a quality exhibit to go over -- a lovely Canaan Dog bitch - Patrick and Barbara Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, to whom Mrs Banbury awarded BB & BOB. 'Rosie' was RBB at Crufts this year at only 10-months of age. She is still a youngster and needs to grow in confidence, as does her handler, but she has superb type with excellent conformation and movement, so has much potential. Thanks for flying the flag for the breed 'Rosie'!

I heard from Norma Barnes, Show Secretary for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom, that there are 30 entries for the Club's upcoming single-breed open show on the 8th October. This is their largest entry to-date, which should please the judge, Mr Terry Medlow (lnishfendra) no end. This will offer a good opportunity for those of you interested in meeting some Canaan Dogs, as we do not often get anywhere near this many in one place at one time. If you would like to come along, please feel free to contact either myself, or Norma Barnes, for details. Norma can be contacted on 01795 843442 or by email at kentkeesrufcharm@fsmail.net.

Brenda Williams has sent me schedules for The Nordic Open Show on the 25th November 2006. The Nordic was the first club to offer our breed classes, so Canaan exhibitors have always tried to support it. Judging Canaans for the first time, this year's judge is Mr Ken Bartlett (Dwilencia). Entries close 20th October (postmark). I have a limited supply of schedules for Canaan owners, or you can obtain one by contacting the Show Secretary/Manager: Mrs B. A. Williams, 5 Alsa Leys, Elsenham, Nr. Bishop's Stortford, Herts CM22 6JS, Tel: 01279 812463.

I heard on a chat list that I am on that a Canaan Dog in the U.S. called 'Dakota' is being trained to become a K-9 police dog, a first for that country. Other than in its homeland of Israel, I've not heard of Canaans being used as army or police dogs, though I believe they have tremendous potential for these jobs. I hope I will be able to follow-up on 'Dakota's' progress so I can let you know how successful she is in her new role.

Submitted 30th August 2006

There were only 4 Canaan Dogs entered at Welsh KC this year with one absentee, which must have been a disappointment for the judge, Mr Denis Coxall. However, though there was not the quantity, he did have quality in his entries. Congratulations to Rob & Jan McLeod whose Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline ('Jacob') to whom Mr Coxall awarded BD & BOB. RBD was Lorna Hasting's AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star ('Blaze') with BB going to her Lorianna Call Me Madam ('Maddie') who, incidentally, was sired by 'Jacob'. I understand that in the group under judge, Mr Jim Outterside, 'Jacob' gave a creditable performance representing the breed. Good boy 'Jacob'! Someday a Canaan Dog will be placed in the group at a championship show, and perhaps it will be this boy.

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. It's hard to believe how quickly this year is flying by. I received my schedule for BUBA yesterday which means winter is not far away. Rob McLeod, who is on the Canaan Dog Club's B (Breed Specialist) list will be the Canaan Dog judge for BUBA this year.

In the most recent “Canaan Dog News”, there was a letter from a future Canaan Dog owner in which she questioned with regard to the Canaan Dog temperament “…it seems to me that one of the biggest questions breeders should consider is whether this high alertness/wariness is something which should be preserved in the breed or whether, in order that the breed can successfully fit in as a human companion in the 21st century, extreme wariness is a trait that should not be perpetuated in the breed.” I'm sorry, but statements like this make me see red. It is, in my opinion, making a statement like this is no different than marrying someone with some behaviours you don't like thinking you can change them to be acceptable to you. Why not get a breed with the temperament you want instead of trying to change a breed that has, again in my opinion, a perfect temperament for the 21st century and onward! You teach your children to be wary of strangers, why should your dog go up to everyone. There are a lot of dog haters out there.

I've heard this statement before, in the US; only at that time it was” breeding Canaans for the 20th century household”. In their efforts to do so, the American breeders did not eliminate wariness in the breed, but they did change the appearance to a dog that is not acceptable under breed standards other than that of the AKC. Some judges are also guilty of trying to get us to change the breed temperament because they refuse to learn the proper way to approach the breed and I believe that they are embarrassed when the dogs do not react well to them. It is so much easier to judge a dog that loves everyone.

The Canaan Dog is mistrustful of strange people and strange situations, which is a survival instinct. With proper socialisation and age, the Canaan Dog becomes more confident not only in himself, but also in his/her owner as pack leader. They trust you won't put them into a dangerous situation. That does not mean that they will lose their wariness, but it does mean their reactivity is moderated. Anyone who knew my “Ziggy” as a young dog would tell you that you could not find a more nervous dog, but in time he became a confident, successful show dog. Yet he still retains his wariness. “Ziggy” is the first to greet any visitors, expectantly looking for strokes and admiration, and he stands like a rock in the ring, but there are times when a situation, or a strange noise will elicit a look of apprehension from him. Is he unfit as a human companion in the 21st century? On the contrary, “Ziggy” is a super companion -- loving and still playful.

I've been running a small boarding kennel for almost two years now. The majority of our boarders are purebreds and I can tell you that there are a number of breeds whose temperament is far less acceptable to me than that of my Canaan Dogs. Some dogs are so over-exuberant as to be a real nuisance -- constantly jumping up on you and slobbering all over you. Some are not only shy, but are also fear biters. And then you get the destructive ones, and the aggressive ones. Most of my boarders are quite loveable and I enjoy having them, but what I am pointing out is that what is an unacceptable temperament to one person is just wonderful to another. If the temperament of the Canaan Dog is unacceptable to you, please look for another breed and don't try and change what, to me, is a unique, intriguing, wonderful dog just the way it is. I was talking to Martin Moulding, who is a builder by trade, and he told me that he is currently working for a woman who breeds Utonagans. The Utonagan has been selectively bred to look as close to the Canadian Timber Wolf as possible, but with an “exemplary temperament”. The breed started out as a cross between the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd Dog, which was thought would best achieve the results required.  The breeders managed to get a dog, which looks very much like a wolf, and very much like the wolf-dogs that are becoming popular, but without the need for a Dangerous Animals Licence. Well Martin takes his Canaan Dog, “Manny” (Anacan White Knight), to work with him and when the woman saw “Manny” (who is white) she was very taken with him and wanted to know all about the breed. She has a 6-month old Utonagan bitch that is also white and she and “Manny” got along like a house on fire. When Martin returned the next day, he brought along his Canaan Dog books and various literature about the breed. The woman has become so interested in the Canaan Dog, particularly in the fact that they are still found in the wild, that she said she would put a link to the Canaan Dog Club website from her website and that she, and several other Utonagan breeders, will be going to the Canaan Dog Club show to meet more of the breed. It is always interesting to hear how some Canaans promote the breed better than any human can!

Submitted 16th August 2006

I received some sad news from Doris Cannon, who with husband, Michael, and their two daughters, returned to the USA last November. Michael's father just passed on the 24th July after a long battle with cancer. Michael is in the US Air Force and was recently posted to the island of Diego Garcia, but was able to go on emergency leave see his father in Washington State when the doctors told the family that the end was near. Though Michael did have to return to work before his father's death, it was comforting that he did get to see his dad once more before he passed away. Our sympathies and prayers are with Michael and his family at this sad time.

On a happier note, the weather was kind for the Bournemouth show (while we had torrential rain here around Skegness on the day). Ron Parkes had 7 Canaans entered under him with one absentee. He awarded BD & BOB to Lorna Hastings' AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star (re-imp) TAF, who I believe is now in the lead for Top Dog. RBB went to Sue Coombes' Lorianna Ever Reddy; BB was Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam and RBB was Anacan Sheer Elegance co-owned by Christine (Goldspink) Powley and Ellen Minto. Congratulations to all!

Many people do not realise just what a rare breed the Canaan Dog really is. Perhaps if they did, they would be less likely to be so critical and realise what a good job the breeders are doing. There are approximately only 2500 domesticated Canaan Dogs in the world! Today I was talking to my friend, Maria Nilsson Selin, who breeds Canaan Dogs in Sweden and the conversation came around to this subject. Maria, like I, feels that the breed is still too small numerically for breeders to be eliminating Canaan Dogs from the breeding pool on one fault, such as coat colour or coat type, particularly if they have a lot to offer the breed in other areas, such as breed type, conformation and temperament. We realise that probably most breeders do not agree with us, but we feel that they are being shortsighted as they may eventually find that they have bred themselves into a corner. I know from my years of breeding experience in other breeds that the top show dog in a litter does not necessarily go on to be the best producer, while one of its less impressive, but basically sound, littermates goes on to become a top producer. Breeding is an ongoing project where one builds upon previous generations, judiciously incorporating certain dogs into your breeding programme to add a certain attribute, or perhaps to help to correct a fault -- always working towards the ideal you have formed in your mind. That is the challenge! That is the joy! And while I am not saying you should breed from every Canaan, with so few dogs (and even fewer that are not somehow related), I don't believe we can afford to eliminate dogs on faults that are only aesthetic.

Submitted 10th August 2006

As I write this (10th August) my 'Jasmine' (Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan) is celebrating her 15th birthday. As my readers know, we thought we were going to lose her back in December 2005 when we believed she had a stroke, but today 'Jasmine' is happy and well. So this birthday is an extra special one. Bred by Gina Pointing, 'Jasmine' came to live with us when she was 3 years old. She had a very good show career and then, with the help of our 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) produced our Anacan Sheindela ('Shandy'), who went on to produce some excellent Canaans for Anacan, and 'Shandy's' sister, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna who had a brilliant show career and was the foundation bitch for Lorianna kennels. At one Discover Dog at Earl's Court, 'Jasmine' won the hearts of Patrick and Barbara Gold, who adopted her son, 'Simba', and have since welcomed two more Canaan Dogs into their family. Thank you Gina for allowing us to have 'Jasmine' and thank you 'Jasmine' for all you have done for the breed. Happy birthday old girl!

Congratulations are in order for Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta who won Best In Match at the British Canaan Dog Society's annual rally the other day for the second year running.

Lorna Hastings has been globe trotting again. She attended the European Canaan Dog Meeting in Italy hosted by the Club Italiano Canaan Dog and organised by Isabella Zirri (Velikaya's Kennel). Lorna said that there were a number of participants of Canaan Dog owners from around Europe, and that Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai, Israel) gave a very interesting breed seminar. Isabella then invited people back to her kennels to allow people to meet her Canaans. I understand it was a very interesting and enjoyable weekend. I know Lorna recently flew to the US, I believe for the Israel Canaan Dog Club's specialty, and, hopefully she'll be sending us a report on it.

I'd like to welcome David and Bridget Batchelor and their children to the wonderful circle of Canaan Dog owners. After tragically losing their last dog at a young age to a rare condition, David started to investigate other dog breeds and came across the Canaan Dog. He did his research and he and Bridge decided it was the right breed for them. The Batchelor family are now the proud owners of Anacan Time To Reflect ('Cohen') and we hope they have a long and happy relationship. Incidentally, David is an artist and in addition to his drawings, makes absolutely beautiful stained glass. Hopefully we will soon be seeing some new Canaan Dog memorabilia in both mediums.

Submitted 2nd August 2006

Norma Barnes is looking for recipes, both human and canine for a recipe booklet she is putting together as a fundraiser for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. You don't have to be a member, or even have to own a Canaan Dog, in order to contribute your favourite palate ticklers, or to purchase a booklet when they are ready in October. Suggested categories are: Barbeque Bakes, Doggie Delights, National Niceties, Vegetarian Variations, Children's Choice, Festive Favourites, Sweet Selection, Weight Watching Winners. You can email your recipes to: kentkeesrufcharm@fsmail.net, or post to Norma Barnes, Church Farm, Church Path, Lower Halstow, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7PN. Please include the following information: category, title of recipe, number of servings, ingredients, preparation, cooking method/timings/temp, presentation and storage, submitted by.

Submitted 19th July 2006

I am now suffering terribly from dog show withdrawal, and cannot wait until our circumstances permit me to start showing again. For now I am grateful to my various friends for keeping me up-to-date with what is happening in the show ring. This time thanks goes to Julia Close for giving me the results of the Canaan Dog judging at Paignton on the 14th July (which was also my birthday). There were 9 Canaan Dogs entered under judge, Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews with 5 absentees, leaving 2 dogs and 2 bitches being exhibited. This must have been very disappointing for Mrs Thorn-Andrews. BD & BOB was Lorna Hastings' AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star (re-imp) TAF. RBD went to Mrs Sue Coombes Lorianna Ever Reddy. BB was Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye's Talither Bat Me Babrees, and RBB was Anacan Sheer Elegance, owned by Christine (Goldspink) Powley and Ellen Minto.

I was sorry to learn that both Dave and Julia Close have not been well, with unrelated problems, and I wish them a speedy recovery.

I had a nice telephone call from Pat Goddard (Smooth Collies) who read in my breed notes of 14th July about the proposed new 'designer dog', the SiberCaan. She related a cute story that makes the point well of the potential disasters of such crossbreeding. It seems a beautiful Miss World was introduced to a famous scientist at one of the functions she attended in her role as Miss World. This man was brilliant, but to put it politely, was far from good looking. Miss World said to the scientist, “We should have a baby together. It would be a wonderful baby with my looks and your brains.” “Ah”, said the scientist, “but what if it has my looks and your brains?” When you crossbreed, you don't know which traits of the parents will appear. Thank you for the story Pat. It is nice to know that some people are reading my breed notes.

There is, however, just as much danger in inbreeding, or intensive line breeding as there is in crossbreeding. If you inbreed on any line, in any breed, you may come up with some problems you never expected. That is why it is illegal to marry your first cousin. One must use commonsense and informed breeding practices; learning as much as one can about all the dogs in the line, not just the one you are breeding to. If done at all, inbreeding and line breeding should be undertaken only by the most experienced breeders who are ready to accept the consequences, be they good or bad.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's single-breed open show will this year be held on Sunday, 8th October and the judge will be Mr Terry Medlow (lnishfendra), a long-time supporter of the breed. Schedules are out and can be obtained from the Show Secretary, Mrs Norma Barnes, 'Rufcharm', Church Farm, Church Path, Lower Halstow, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7PN, Tel: 01795 843442. Entries close the 8th September. The Club's annual Fun Day will follow the show. This year's theme for the fancy dress is 'zoo animals' (the dogs to be in fancy dress, not the owners). Even if you don't have a Canaan Dog you might like to come along and take part in the fun.

Submitted 12th July 2006

I had some sad news from Christine Goldspink -- Ilan and Anne Schonewald's 'Aiden' (Sivan Me Shaar Hagai) passed away in his sleep this past Sunday, 9th July, at 16 years of age. 'Aiden' was born on the 8th April 1990 in Israel, where he gained 2 cc's and sired a litter for Myrna Shiboleth before coming to England with Ilan and Anne. 'Aiden' was a very prepotent sire, stamping his mark on all his offspring, of which the best known in the UK is The Lion of Judah At Anacan ('Digger'). The breed is fortunate that his legacy lives on, most recently through his son, Christine's Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven. We extend our sympathies to Ilan, Anne and their children, all of whom will miss 'Aiden' terribly.

The Israel Canaan Dog Club of America Sept 29, ICDCA will be holding their specialty on September 29, 2006 in Perry, Georgia, which is one of the US's lovely southern states, so the weather should be good if any of you venture over.

Lorna Hastings wrote that her 'Blaze' (Am Ch Lorianna Sirius Star) was awarded BOB at Peterborough & District CS Open Show at the weekend under judge, David Robbins. 'Blaze' then went on to win the Utility group under Sarah Hatrell. Congratulations!

At the SWKA Championship Show judge, Mrs Jane Heritage had 9 Canaan Dogs exhibited under her. BD & BOB was awarded to Lorna Hastings' Am Ch Lorianna Sirius Star TAF Re-imp; RBD went to Ian & Jill Terry's Babrees In Black and White. BB was Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam; RBB was Ian & Jill's Babrees Voodoo Vixen and BP was awarded to Ian Kaye & Alison Byrnes' Nizzana Ganymede.

Julie Nicholls' loss of her beloved 16-year-old crossbreed rescue sent her in search of another dog which led her to the Canaan Dog. Julie is now the proud owner of Anacan Future.

Submitted 5th July 2006

I apologise for lack of breed notes last week, but my computer crashed after the internal fan stopped working in all the heat we had.

There has been a bit of a hoopla on the American Canaan Dog chat list I subscribe to as one of the participants discovered a website of a woman who is going to be introducing a 'new breed' whose name she has registered with the patent office as 'SiberCaan'. Yes, you guessed it -- it is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Canaan Dog. The woman, who imported a Canaan Dog bitch from Israel, not disclosing her intent of crossbreeding to the Canaan's breeder, claims she will produce a dog with the best traits of both breeds. What insane nonsense! Anyone with half a brain knows if you crossbreed you have no way of knowing which traits any of the puppies will have. With Canaans being a numerically small breed, we don't need our breed involved in the designer dog craze, designed to make money for the so-called breeders. The US Canaan fanciers are trying to come up with the best plan to educate the public as to why they shouldn't buy one of these crosses when they become available, and the Israeli breeder is trying her best to buy back her bitch to prevent the cross from happening. Those of my readers with other breeds, beware. All breeds are potentially victims of this type of fraudulent purchase, which is why breeders need to work together, and not at loggerheads; keeping each other informed of any enquiries that raise some warning flags in their minds. I hope that in this case, the Canaan Dog's breeder is able to buy her back and she has my sincere sympathy, as I know how upset I would be if I were in her shoes.

Christine Goldspink informed me that her new Canaan puppy, Anacan Maid For Glory, has been given the new call name of 'Summer' by her daugther Kim. A very suitable name I must say.

As I write this, one of my Canaan Dogs, 'Beulah' (Kibitzer Kween In Kofyn) is celebrating her 12th birthday. 'Beulah', bred by Lez Mozley and Jan Smith, has had quite a show career, with 3 Crufts' BOBs to her credit. Though she had only one litter, sired by my 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan), that litter produced the first Canaan Dog in the UK to win a open show BIS, Anacan The Israelite At Dunline, and a Crufts BOB winner, my Anacan Masterpiece. 'Beulah' is in good health and doesn't look her age… something every girl likes to hear!

I had some sad news from David & Christine Franklin in Bermuda. They just lost their Hila Me Shaar Hagai who was 3 months shy of her 15th birthday. I can remember when I imported 'Hila' and her half-brother, 'Gvir', from Israel to the USA when they were 6 months old. The cargo handlers at Kennedy Airport thought they were wolves. They were wonderful dogs, but I couldn't take both 'Gvir' and 'Hila' with me when I came to this country, so I put 'Hila' into co-ownership with Jerry Hennings. She produced two litters of 9 for Jerry and I, the first litter producing the first AKC champion, Cherrysh Gideon's Topaz. She then went to the Franklins in Bermuda where she produced another litter of 9 by Bermuda Ch Anacan Cause to Celebrate. She was a much-loved member of the Franklin family and I know she had a happy life with them.

There will be a European Canaan Dog Meeting hosted by the Club Italiano Canaan Dog in Rufina (Firenze) Italy on the 21st - 23rd July 2006. The events scheduled are a dog evaluation by Mrs Mryna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai), a temperament test, a breed seminar and demonstrations of agility and obedience. For information and reservations contact Isabella Zirri – via del Palagio in Colognole 24 – 50068 Rufina (Firenze) ;Tel: 055.8319827 – Cell: 340.3859889; E-mail: velikayas@iol.it

Submitted 21st June 2006

Rob McLeod writes that after a long absence from the ring "Bram" (Anacan The Israelite At Dunline) made his return at Border Union Ch Show where he gained RBD in AV Rare Breeds Pastoral/Working/Utility/Toy under judge, Peter Radley in a decent-sized entry. Well done and welcome back “Bram”! You've been missed.

At Newmarket & District Canine Society judge, Juliette Cunliffe, had 6 Canaan Dogs entered under her. She awarded BOB to Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Desert Storm and BP & RBOB to Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye's “Spencer” (Nizzana Ganymede). “Storm” then went on to raise the breed profile by winning a Group 3 for Lorna. Congratulations!

We've had some more new members of the Canaan Dog owners' family. Sandra and Stephen Putnam, daughter, Sarah and baby, Eddie took home their new family member, “Benjy” (Anacan As One Does) this past weekend. “Benjy” wasn't too thrilled with the long car ride from Lincolnshire to Kent, but after getting carsick a few times, relaxed and slept the rest of the way. He has settled in well in his new home, though the cats are not yet too sure of “Benjy”. However, they are tolerating his presence and in time they should be best of friends. It is surprising how well Canaans get along with cats they are raised with. Back in the USA I had 5 cats, all rescues, a few of which would jump into the area where I let my Canaan run, and they got along famously. But strange cats always remained fair game.

Alan Gersman's (USA) newest agility Canaan Dog, Minnie Pooh, earned her AXJ title in Pittsburgh 2 weeks ago, and, hopefully, an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba Agility Championship in December. I remember when Alan started out in agility just over 9 years ago with his first Canaan Dog, “Isabel”, both learning as they went along. He has done so much to raise the breed profile across the pond with the outstanding performances his dogs have turned in. Long may he continue!

Submitted 13th June 2006

I'm pleased to report that the Canaan Dog owners' fraternity has gained some new members recently. The Cooke family - Martin, Sharon, Daniel and Ashleigh - have recently made 'Malachi' (Anacan Born To Be Bold) the newest member of their household. 'Malachi' seems to have settled in rapidly and Sharon said that they were happily surprised, as was I, when 'Malachi' slept through his first night, and each night thereafter, without whining or crying. Christine Goldspink (Powley) decided she had to add another Canaan to her household and has adopted 'Grace' (Anacan Maid For Glory), who was sired by Christine's Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven.

In America, the Canaan Dog is in the Herding Group and a number of owners have had their Canaan's herding instinct tested. A herding trial was held in conjunction with the recent Canaan Dog Club of America's National Specialty and Denise Gordon (Desert Star) kindly provided the results, which follow.

The CDCA herding instinct test was held on Monday, May 22 at Glenrose Farm in Jamul, California. The evaluator was the farm owner, Laura Noll, who is an AKC/AHBA judge. There were 14 Canaans tested and 10 passed, which is a 71.4% pass rate (the range is 40-80% based on previous annual tests). This is one of the highest among the non-Border Collie herding breeds! Of the 10 that passed, 1 earned the CDCA title of Herding Certified Excellent (HCX) where the dog must pass 3 separate instinct tests, 8 earned the CDCA title of Herding Certified (HC) and 1 earned the second of the 3 qualifying scores towards the HCX (see the list below). 

HERDING CERTIFIED EXCELLENT (HCX) - (now Champion) Desert Star Running Miles, CGC, CDCA-HCX ("Miles"), owned by Rosette Davila-Sargent

2nd QUALIFYING SCORE FOR HCX - CH. Riverroc Three Sunrises Lyceum, CDCA-HC (2) ("Marley"), owned by Renee and Evan Kent

  • HaTikva Cherrysh Taavi Dream, CDCA-HC ("Taavi"), owned by Risa Baumind
  • CH. Tahoe Cando To Darn Hot, CDCA-HC ("Ella Fitz"), owned by Sally Armstrong-Barnhardt
  • Harei Selah Keisha of Sundowner, CDCA-HC ("Keisha"), owned by Cathy Dunn & Victor & Wendy Sanchez
  • CH. Jealou's Got Milk O'Madriver, CDCA-HC ("Emmitt"), owned by Carol O'Bryan, Cynthia Grupp & Sally Armstrong
  • D&J Ha'Aretz Vertigo At River Rock, CDCA-HC ("Vala"), owned by Christina Miller
  • Jealou's Oso De A Noche, CDCA-HC  ("Bear"), owned by Nancy & Edward Quesada
  • Desert Star Angel Of My Dreams, CDCA-HC ("Angel"), owned by Denise Gordon
  • Desert Star's Midnight Comet, CDCA-HC ("Comet"), owned by Denise Gordon
It would be great if some of the UK Canaan Dogs had a chance to attend a herding instinct trial. Perhaps someone reading this could let me know of any that would be open to our breed. Thank you.

It's hard to believe, but my Anacan Sheindela ('Shandy') just turned 10 years of age on the 1st June and my Anacan Ziggy celebrated his 10th birthday on the 9th June. 'Shandy' was out of the first litter of Canaan Dogs I bred after coming to England 12 years ago. Time really does fly!

Sorry for the short notice, but I just received a flyer advertising an agility training day for beginners to be held on the 25th June 2006 at Heronsdale Farm, Egerton Forstal, Kent open to Canaan owners and non-Canaan owners alike. Lorna Hastings is the trainer and a donation of £20 is requested. All monies raised will go to the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's general fund. For more details, contact Lorna.

Submitted 1st June 2006

Barbara Gold reported that the weather was kind to the Canaan exhibitors at the Bath Championship Show as the rain stopped and the sun came out when it was time for them to go into the ring. The judge, Mrs Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA, is a one-time Canaan Dog owner, so had a very good approach with the dogs. She drew 12 entries with 4 absentees. BD & BOB was awarded to Jan & Rob McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline with RBD going to Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Desert Storm. Barbara & Patrick Gold were delighted when their Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia was awarded BB, BOS & BP. RBB went to Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam. Well done all!

Submitted 23rd May 2006

At the Scottish Kennel Club, Mr S Hall had an entry of 9 Canaan Dogs with 4 absentees. Thank you to Christine Goldspink for the results. BD & BOB was Lorna Hastings' AM CH Lorianna Sirius Star. BB was Anacan Sheer Elegance owned by Christine Powley (Goldspink) & Ellen Minto, and BP was a dog, Nizzana Ganymede owned by Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne.

Some exciting news from Canada this time…Michelle and Larry Harrington's Ha'Aretz Gimel Northern Confidence, aka 'Cybelle', has become the first Canaan Dog in Canada to take a Group placement, Group 4, under judge Mrs Phyllis Wolfish. Congratulations!

The Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc. held their annual National Specialty in sunny San Diego, California on the 19th May. Mr Robert Stein judged conformation classes and Mrs Jill Terry (UK) judged Sweepstakes classes. The results were as follow:

BOB - CH. Rosendogs He Who Must Be Named (Harry), owned and bred by Judy Rosenthal and Amanda Pough.  Handled by Kitty Burke

BOS - CH. RiverRoc Three Sunrises Lyceum (Marley), owned by Renee & Evan Kent, Bred By Christina Miller & Merry Carol Houchard

Winners Dog & Best Of Winners - Desert Star Running Miles (Miles), owned by Rosette Davila-Sargent, Bred by Denise Gordon, Cynthia Grupp, Pamela Roseman

Winners Bitch - D&H Ha'Aretz Vertigo at River Rock (Vala), owned by Christina Miller, Bred by Robin Davison and Donna Davison

RD & Best Bred By Exhibitor - Mazel Tov Hatikvah (Tikvah), owned by Catherine Oskow & Iza Benz,  Bred by Catherine & Craig Oskow

RB - Pleasant Hill Cairo (Cairo), owned by Scott Maxwell, Bred By Donna Dodson, handled by Noelle Renteria

Awad Of Merit - CH Cherrysh Crown of Jewels (Jewel), owned and bred by Cheryl Hennings

Award Of Merit - CH Ebony Max O' Mad River (Ethan), owned and bred by Carol O'Bryan

Best in Sweeps - CH Cherrysh Crown of Jewels (Jewel), owned and bred by Cheryl Hennings

BOS in Sweeps - Blessed Be Cherrysh Patriot (Patriot) owned by Cheryl Hennings and Laura Lashley, bred by Laura & Sydni Lashley

Best Veteran in Sweeps - CH Ebony Max O' Mad River (Ethan), owned and bred by Carol O'Bryan

BOS Veteran in Sweeps - CH Mad River Anya De Jealou (Anya), owned by Carol O'Bryan, bred by Cynthia & Leal Grupp.

Submitted 17th May 2006

I had a very nice email from Linda Reynolds with regards to the column I wrote about my nearly 15-year old Canaan Dog, Jasmine. Linda wrote, “I was reading through the breed notes and was very interested to read your story regarding Jasmine. I am pleased that she is doing so well and I thought you might be interested to know that she was exhibiting classic symptoms not of a stroke but of vestibular syndrome. This is often mistaken for a stroke and sadly many owners have their dogs euthanised. Vestibular syndrome although very alarming for both the dog and owner is self limiting and most dogs make a complete recovery, although some are left with a slight head tilt or balance problem. If a dog has had this it is more likely to get it again. It is nearly always older dogs and is often referred to as 'old dog syndrome'. For the dog it is like being spun continually on a roundabout, which explains why they can't eat or stand properly. This is also why you get the continual eye flickering because for them the world is spinning around. It is thought to be caused by a problem with the balancing mechanism of the inner ear. Anyway I thought you might be interested. The more people made aware of it the less likely dogs will be euthanised when with a few days extra care they will make a good recovery.” Thank you for the information Linda. Like you, I hope it will help other owners whose dogs exhibit these symptoms.

Mr David Killilea had 12 Canaans entered under him at The National, but unfortunately half the entries were absent, including my 4. My apologies to Mr Killilea, but personal circumstances did not permit my attendance. BD and BOB were awarded to Lorna Hastings Ger Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, with RBD going to her AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star (re-imp) TAF. BB was Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam and RBB went to David and Julia Close's Anacan Touch Of Class. BP was Patrick and Barbara Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia. Congratulations to all. Wish I could have been there.

Submitted 11th May 2006

I spoke to Kim Morton last night and she is due to start her chemo soon, but is in very good spirits. She celebrated a birthday on the 28th April and, as a gift, some people from work treated her to a Take That concert. She had a brilliant night out and it really picked up her spirits. I also spoke to Sarah Hemstock last night and she gave me the good news that her grandmother, Mrs Forster, is now home from hospital and is doing well. That's the kind of news I enjoy reporting.

Pam O'Loughlin's 'Dezi' (Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta) beautifully represented the breed at the Samoyed Club's Spitzical on the 15th April, and I understand he got through to the second round. Well done to Pam and her lovely Canaan! I understand it was a very nice event in a good venue and that everyone had a great fun.

I read a disturbing post on the Internet. In Los Angeles, California the war on dogs and their owners has reached a new level of insanity. Mayor Michael Antonovich and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has passed a new piece of anti-dog legislation requiring compulsory neutering and microchipping of all dogs, or their owners go to jail. The legislation will jail those who refuse to subject their puppies to surgery by 4 months of age! All dogs, even senior canines, must be neutered to keep their owners out of jail. The only exemptions are people who do serious work with dogs, law enforcement dogs, service dogs for the disabled and competition dogs. This law flies in the face of evidence that early neutering can cause serious problems both in the behaviour and health of dogs. Enforcement of this law starts on the 2nd June. Seattle-based American Canine Foundation is filing a federal lawsuit in response to this draconian law, which violates both the California and US Constitutions.

You might think something like this could never happen here, but anti-dog feeling is growing. Richard and I have been fighting a noise abatement order placed on our kennel over a year ago based on the complaint of one neighbour who moved next to an existing boarding kennel. Logic would dictate that if one chooses to move next-door to a kennel, you would expect and accept some barking. The law disagrees. Whether you own a number of dogs or just one dog, you are not safe. All it takes is a complaint from one person and your life can be turned upside down. Dog owners can no longer bury their head in the sand and pretend that what is happening to people like me would never happen to them. It is time we band together to fight anti-dog legislation or before we know it, man may have his best friend taken from him forever.

Canaan Dogs will be featured in the July issue of YOUR DOG magazine, with a write-up by Andrew Brace, so you might want to pick up a copy.

Submitted 3rd May 2006

An addendum to last week's breed notes regarding a BIS won by Cindy Grupp's bitch, AKC Ch Mad River Ladies First ('Lizzie'); Cindy also co-owned the first Canaan Dog to win a BIS at an AKC show, AKC Ch Jealou's Got Milk O' Madriver ('Emmitt') who won at the Rochester MN KC show on September 18, 2005. 'Emmitt' was bred and owned by Carol O'Bryan and co-owned by Cynthia Grupp and Sally J Armstrong-Barnhardt. Professional handler, Andy Linton, handles both 'Lizzie' and 'Emmitt'. Two times lucky!

Thought you might enjoy this story about one of my Canaan Dogs. The Dog Who Refuses To Give Up - 'Jasmine' (Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan), born 10th August 1991, came to live with Richard, 'Digger', 'Bobby' and I when she was 3 years old. Her breeder, Gina Pointing, was forced to part with her when she moved into a flat and I thought she would be a good future 'bride' for 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan). It took 'Jasmine' about a week to settle in, which is an exceptionally short time for a Canaan. She was then truly part of the family.

'Jasmine' did her bit to promote the breed by her success in the show ring (she was Top Canaan Dog in 1995), and later through the success of her and 'Digger's' daughters from her only litter -- Anacan Sheindela and Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna -- both of them in the show ring and the whelping box. But with time, age began to catch up with 'Jas'. On Saturday the 3rd December 2005 I went out to do the afternoon walks (we walk our boarders three times a day), and when I came back into the house it was apparent that 'Jasmine' had had a stroke while I was out. She was unable to stand, her head was tilted to one side and her eyes were darting back and forth. We carried her outside and held her up so she could toilet, but she could not eat and had difficulty drinking. We had a committee meeting schedule for Sunday, but during the night 'Jasmine' had gotten worse, and I believe she may have had another stroke. Understandably we didn't attend the meeting, as we were sure we would have to ring the vet and take her to him to have her put down. All day we agonized, but as 'Jasmine' did not seem to be in any pain, we couldn't bring ourselves to make that decision. I got a bit of tinned food into her and we continued to carry her out to toilet.

Monday came and 'Jasmine' seemed just a bit better -- or was it our imagination. No, she struggled to stand. Though her legs would just buckle under her we found if we supported her with a towel around her middle, she could walk. Slowly over the week she continued to improve, though she still had a head tilt and would fall over if any of the other dogs ran past her. But over the next week she continued to improve until you would never have guessed that she had been near death's door just a short time ago.

'Jasmine's' appetite continued to improve, and with it her strength. All was well. Then in January Richard was working on a blockage in our septic system and he had some of the dogs outside with him, 'Jasmine' amongst them. While he was out there a customer pulled up and Richard ushered all the dogs inside and put the lid back over the septic tank access. When the customer left, Richard heard a funny noise and he realised that the noise was coming from the septic tank.

Unbeknownst to Richard, 'Jasmine' had not gone into the house with the other dogs, and when she stepped on the lid of the septic tank, which he not been placed flush over it, she had fallen in. Richard fished her out of the septic tank and quickly put her into the tub and bathed and dried the poor, chilled dog. 'Jasmine' was now back to square one, unable to walk without support, not eating. Once again we thought we would lose her, but again, only a week later, she was back to old self, happily trotting down to the field for her afternoon walk and gaining strength every day.

'Jasmine' is still with us and we feel pretty confident that her chances of celebrating her 15th birthday in August are pretty good as the old girl just refuses to give up.

Submitted 25th April 2006

Richard and I had a message from Sarah Hemstock letting us know that she rushed back from her work in Tuvalu after receiving a phone call telling her that her grandmother had fallen and fractured her pelvis. Mrs Forster will be 95 this coming July, so one can realise the seriousness of the accident. I spoke to Sarah this evening to find out how Mrs Forster was doing and was told that she is on the mend and should, hopefully be home in 5 weeks or so! Sarah and her grandmother came to a barbeque we had here last July and I couldn't then believe how well she was at 94. She is an amazing lady and we wish her a speedy recovery. If you would like to send her a get well card, you can send it to her home address: 56 Cherry Avenue, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts NG17 8HH.

Long-time breed supporter, Meg Harris, celebrated her 80th birthday on the 22nd April. Meg told me it was one of the best birthdays she ever had. She was inundated with cards, received a lovely bouquet of flowers from her friends in the Canaan Dog Club of the UK, and had a wonderful dinner made for her by a friend. We wish Meg many more such lovely days.

I had some wonderful news from the US. Congratulations are in order for Cindy Grupp and her AKC Ch Mad River Ladies First ('Lizzie') who went BIS under Dr Robert Brown at the Palouse Hill Dog Fanciers Show in Lewiston, Idaho this month. Cindy is, understandably, over-the-moon, and all Canaan Dog fanciers should take pride in her accomplishment.

Submitted 10th April 2006

Barbara Gold, our BUBA rep, kindly sent me the results of the BUBA open show. There were 10 Canaans entered under Christine Owen with five absentees. BOB was Lorna Hastings bitch, Lorianna Call Me Madam; RBOB was Sue Coombes' dog, Lorianna Ever Reddy and BP was Alison Byrne's new homebred dog, Nizzana Ganymede.

I am writing this only a few days before Good Friday, my Lyndsay's expected whelping date for her first litter. The fact that I whelped my first litter of dogs 29 years ago doesn't matter because I still feel a mixture of excitement and nerves with every litter I whelp. But the hardest part comes 8 weeks later when the puppies start to go off to their new homes. I remember when I was awaiting my first litter of Canaan Dogs that I had several conversations with Mrs Terry Bagley (Terramara) in Alberta, Canada to better prepare myself, as Terry had been breeding Canaans for a number of years by then. Retired from the Air Force, Terry was running a boarding kennel and was a shrewd businesswoman. She told me that she always expected to get one puppy back from each litter because no matter how well you tried to screen your potential buyers, there was always one who just would not be able to live with or accept the Canaan Dog's character even though you explained it to them and gave them written handouts with the same information. It is like someone who marries a person with a character trait they hate, but think that they will soon change that instead of looking for someone who doesn't have that trait. She also told me that the minute a buyer rung her to complain of some 'problem' with their puppy she took it back because, she said, it always ended up that they returned it in the long run and the sooner you got it back, the better the chance that they hadn't yet ruined the dog. I always remembered what she said, and it turned out to be true, at least for the most part. Richard and I do our best to evaluate potential buyers and have guided people to other breeds when we felt that the Canaan really wasn't the dog for them, and I think they have respected us for that. You cannot use 'hard sell' with Canaan puppies, not if you really care for the breed. As a result, suitable homes for Canaan Dogs are far scarcer than they are for most other breeds. This means a responsible breeder cannot breed as often as they would like, which in turn impacts on our numbers, as well as the number of people breeding -- a 'Catch 22' which stands in the way of the breed's progress. Right now more Canaans are exported from the UK than should be if we want the breed to grow, but that is because there are not enough suitable people here willing to take up the Canaan challenge. This is the dilemma we have, and there is no easy answer.

No matter what your religious beliefs are, or whether you hold any at all, the Easter/Passover season comes with the promise of spring and rebirth. My wish for each of you is that the promise takes hold in your heart and brings you joy.

Submitted 6th April 2006

I have some sad news this week. We had a phone call from Ann Hutchinson letting us know that she has lost her Nigerian pariah dog, Caspar, at 18 years of age. Ann and husband, David, lived in Nigeria for a time in the early 1970s where they acquired their first Nigerian pariah, Jaspar, a very Canaan-looking dog, who ignited their interest in the Canaan Dog after returning to the UK and which resulted in them joining the newly formed Canaan Dog Club. When Jaspar was drawing near the end of his life they had a friend in Nigeria send them another Nigerian pariah, whom they named Caspar Caspar was eventually joined by a Canaan Dog lady, named 'Siri', which they acquired from me. Ann and David are very devoted to their dogs and are feeling the loss of Caspar, as they say is Siri. Only another dog lover can understand the void left in one's life when they lose a beloved dog.

In addition to this, David has recently had some very serious surgery as a result of being exposed to asbestos many years ago. He has been seriously ill and the surgery was done at a hospital that specialises in this type of treatment. Cards of sympathy for the loss of their dog and get well wishes for David can be sent to: Ann & David Hutchinson, The Cottage, Floral Loke, Somerleyton, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 5QA. I am sure they would be appreciated.

Some more sad news…a new Canaan Dog owner, Kim Morton, has just had surgery this past Monday for breast cancer that recurred after a 12-year remission. The surgery went well and Kim is in good spirits and hopefully will be home on Friday. She will have a long road of recovery ahead of her, and again I am sure good wishes would be gratefully received. If you'd like to send a card to Kim, please send them to: Mrs Kim Morton, 1, Foxpark View, Tibshelf, Derbyshire DE55 5QJ.

Some happy news from the USA. Alan Gersman, who recently lost his top agility Canaan Dog, Lada L, has started his youngster, Minnie, and at the end of March Minnie earned her first EX 'A' STD leg competing with 31 other EX 'A' dogs (non-Canaans I might add) and placing second overall. Well done! Alan and his Canaans have done so much to raise the profile of the breed in the US with their fabulous performances in agility trials.

I understand that Chris Owen has a very respectable entry of 10 Canaans for 11 entries at the upcoming BUBA open show. I look forward to receiving the results.

Submitted 23rd March 2006

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its AGM and elections on 19th March. There was no contest for any of the positions of officers or committee, so the following people were elected: Chairman - Mr Richard Minto; Vice-Chairman - Mr Patrick Gold; Corresponding Secretary - Mrs Ellen Minto; Hon Treasurer - Miss Anne Barclay; Recording Secretary - Mrs Barbara Gold; Committee Members - Mrs Norma Barnes, Miss Alison Byrne, Mrs Christine Goldspink, Miss Lorna Hastings, Mr Martin Moulding and Mr Chris Quantrill. The Hon. Patron is Miss Karina LeMare and the President is Mrs Gina Pointing.

The Club's 2006 Judges' List is now available and it will automatically be sent to the secretaries of those championship shows that currently offer classes for the breed. Any other show secretary who would like a list sent to them, please contact me.

Submitted 15th March 2006

Canaan Dogs were shown at Crufts on the Saturday. Predictions of rain had Richard and I worrying about keeping the dogs clean on the long walk from the car park to the NEC halls. Shuttle buses are fine if you have one dog, but multiple entries with the trolley and cages that entails means walking. We were pleasantly surprised that the weather held out both for the walks to and from the car park and our Canaans arrived as clean as they left the house. Another nice surprise was that the breed was benched right next to the ring, for the first time, which again made life a lot easier for those of us with multiple entries. This year's judge was Miss Mary Deats (Aradet), and she attracted an entry of 17 with 3 absentees. One of the absentees was my Anacan Glory Bound, who stayed at home because she is, hopefully, pregnant. Pleasingly, there were quite a few spectators ringside, amongst them some foreign visitors. This included my Bermudan friends' dentist who, he said, was under strict orders to video the judging. After due deliberation Miss Deats awarded BD & BOB to Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta. This was the 3rd time 'Dezi' has won BOB at Crufts, and the second year running. He has now equalled my 'Beulah's' (Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn) record of doing the hat trick at Crufts. Well done to Pam and to 'Dezi's' breeders, Ian & Jill Terry. BVD & RBD was Richard & my Anacan Ziggy, who will be 10 years old in June. BB & BOS was Anacan Sheer Elegance owned by Christine (Goldspink) Powley & Ellen Minto, and RBB & BP was 9-month old Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'), owned by Barbara Gold. Both of these bitches are 'Ziggy' granddaughters.

There was quite a bit of interest in the breed, at the benches and ringside, as well as at the breed booth in Discover Dogs. This was the first year that Richard Minto, the Discover Dogs co-ordinator for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom, was unable to help man the booth -- to his great disappointment. But there was no shortage of excellent help. Patrick & Barbara Gold set the booth up on Wednesday night. Patrick and his Canaan 'Simba', along with Patrick Moulding and his 'Manny' were there bright and early on Thursday morning to face the public and answer their queries, with Julie Riches lending a hand. Martin & 'Manny' were back on the Friday, this time assisted by Anne Barclay and Alison Byrne and Alison's 'Tali' and 'Spencer', with Julie Riches and Ceri Collen-Boot giving back-up. On the show day Patrick Gold was back, this time with 'Simba' and 'Athtar' representing the breed. Doug Bateman, Elisabeth de Boisgelin and Kim Morton also lent a hand answering questions. On Sunday Barbara & Patrick Gold and Doug Bateman were back in the booth, this time with 'Simba', 'Athtar' and 'Rosie' flying the flag for the breed. On all the days everyone, including the dogs, seemed to enjoy themselves and did the breed proud.

Submitted 6th March 2006

I read a story in this past Sunday's paper about a woman in America who had two children and was expecting her third when she was accused of benefit fraud. The entire family was DNA-tested by benefits agency officials and although the tests showed that the woman's partner was the children's father, the woman was told that there was no way she was the mother. On the evidence the court agreed she was not the mother and prosecutors called for her children to be taken away. Hospital records of the births were disregarded as fakes as the DNA evidence was 'indisputable'. Faced with the loss of her children, the woman agreed to have her third child, who was due to be born within weeks, DNA-tested within minutes of him being born in the presence of official witnesses. The DNA test on the newborn child declared that the woman was not the mother of the baby that they had just seen her deliver. It was later established that the woman carried two separate sets of DNA - the dominant one that showed up when she was DNA-tested and a second set that appeared only in some internal organs, but which was the one she passed on to her children. The article stated that the incidence of such cases - known as 'chimeras' - could be as high as one in seven in the UK population. Of course, this now brings into question the 'infallibility' of DNA testing.

What has the above story to do with dogs? While all the technological advances being made in the area of DNA and genetics testing are a wonderful 'aid' to dog breeders (and humans as well), nothing is infallible. Every week there is a story in the paper of 'such and such' research proving 'such and such', and then the following week another study is published which calls in question the finding of the first. Science has benefited mankind and the dog world in myriad ways, but most of the 'great dogs' were bred by knowledgeable breeders with a 'good eye' -- something I think you are born with or not. Nothing replaces a long tenure in your chosen breed; seeing and getting your hands on as many dogs in that breed as is possible; studying lines and discussing them with the breeders of those lines. Those who have been 'in a breed' for years most likely have seen the dogs in a pedigree, and possibly their littermates as well -- often a better predictor of what you will get when you breed the individual dog. In my twenty-one years in Canaan Dogs I have seen, and gone over, quite a few Canaan Dogs both here, in the USA, Israel and Europe. However, because it is a numerically small breed, if you cannot travel abroad, a Canaan breeder would be disadvantaged in this area and would need to rely on what they are told. Running a proper breeding programme and keeping a large number of dogs becoming prohibitive with costs rising along with anti-dog legislation. Not many of us can live where we have enough room (and non-problem neighbours) for test-matings and keeping generations of dogs, as did the leading kennels of old.

It is very important that we breeders keep the health, intelligence, and unique character of the Canaan Dog intact, and we should judiciously use what 'aids' are available to us in order to do so. But remember that they are just 'aids' and do not replace breed knowledge, a willingness to constantly learn, and dialogue with other breeders.

I had an email from Doris Cannon telling me that she and Mike and their two girls are now in their new house in Abilene, Texas and are settling in. They've been contacted by other Canaan Dog owners in Texas and hope to be meeting up with some of them in the future.

Next week I will have a full report on the Canaan judging at Crufts.

Submitted 1st March 2006

For those of you who, like me, were surprised to see our Cruft's breed judge, Miss Mary Deats, listed as Canaan Dog judge for the SKC championship show in May, please be advised that this is not the case. Miss Deats copied me and another breed note writer in on an email she sent to the SKC in which she said in part, “Regarding the listing of my name as the judge of Canaan dogs in the current schedule: I did NOT accept to judge Canaan dogs for SKC May 2006, and as soon as I received the invitation last year, I immediately returned the form to you declining the invite, citing the fact that I am the judge for the breed at CRUFTS in a few weeks time!” Miss Deats received an apology from SKC with a promise to make necessary arrangements with the press to publicise the change of judge.

The hip scores have recently been received for Anacan Sheer Elegance (Anacan Masterpiece ex Anacan Whole Lotta Class), who is co-owned by Christine Goldspink and myself, and we're happy to report that 'Ellie' received a score of 4:4.

Considering that the Canaan Dog is a relatively new breed in the sense of being domestically bred (it has existed in the wild for centuries, and still does), this writer feels that it is a shame that the standard both here and abroad excludes certain colours and coat types when the gene pool worldwide is relatively small and quality not always high. Rather than worrying about trying to please judges and kennel clubs with Canaans that all look the same, whether good or not, I feel (and this is my personal opinion) that the breeders worldwide should be looking to preserve those qualities which attracted us to the breed in the first place. To eliminate from one's breeding programme a dog with excellent attributes because of coat colour, or because of a long coat or even a tipped ear, is being short-sighted to my way of thinking.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Queen of the Orchid At Mornavega ('Golda') was out of a longhaired dam, Kensix Shenee. 'Golda', herself, had a very good show career and went on to produce for her owner, Gina Pointing, my 'Jasmine' (Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan). 'Jasmine' had an excellent show career and in turn produced Anacan Sheindela and Anacan Forever Amber -- both excellent producers with 'Amber' having an outstanding show career. This whole line would never have existed if 'Shenee' had not been used because of her long coat. Anacan Divine Brown for Babrees has tipped ears, yet she went on to produce some excellent puppies, three of whom, Babrees Bethea Batyam, Babrees Benjamin D'Israeli, and Babrees Bat Benyas, have gone on themselves to produce some excellent puppies, the last one mentioned producing Int. German, Lux, Belgium Ch Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna ShCM. My Anacan Whole Lotta Class is an 'undesirable colour' but has excellent type, conformation and movement and has produced excellent puppies of 'desirable colour', who in turn are becoming excellent producers and show dogs. These are just a few examples of Canaans with what I call an 'aesthetic fault', which had they not been used for breeding, would have resulted in the loss of a number of very good, even excellent, Canaans for the breed. Thank God their owners were not shortsighted.

Though in recent years the Israeli breeder has managed to get a few dogs from the Bedouin, introducing new (and unknown) bloodlines, we will not be able to get dogs from the wild forever. Also, I for one would not want to lose some of the old bloodlines that have produced some excellent dogs in the past. I know that to some that this view is controversial, bordering on heresy as it doesn't come from the Israelis, but from reading the writings of the breed's founder, Dr Rudolphina Menzel, I feel she would be in agreement with me if she were alive today.

Submitted 16th February 2006

The show must go on, and despite New York City being covered with 22” of snow, the 130th Westminster KC show went on. Canaan Dogs are in the Herding Group in the USA, and judging for the breed was held on Tuesday, 14th February. An all-champion show for a number of years now with a maximum of 2500 dogs allowed, the Westminster KC invites the top 5 of each breed, with entries open on a first-come to all others. One of the lucky ones whose entry made it was Lorna Hastings' AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star (“Blaze”), who flew back to the US with Lorna to attend. BOB was "Harry" - Ch. Rosendogs He Who Must be Named.  “Harry” is owned by Judy M. Rosenthal and Amanda Pough and was guided to BOB by handler Kitty Burke. Cheryl Hennings' "Jewel" - Ch. Cherrysh Crown of Jewels, was BOS, handled by Cheryl, and an Award of Merit was given to "Emmitt" - Ch. Jealou Got Milk O'Mad River. “Emmitt” is owned by Carol O'Bryan, Cynthia Grupp and Sally Armstrong-Barnhart and was handled by Andy Linton. Video streaming of the breed judging can be seen on the club's website www.westminsterkennelclub.org. Just follow the links for the Herding Group and then click on Canaan Dogs.

  There are 17 Canaan Dogs entered on Miss Mary Deats for Crufts 2006 show, which is a respectable entry considering the average entry at the shows last year. But it is a shame that overall breed entries have fallen in the last couple of years. If the trend continues, it may be awhile before we reach, or exceed the highest Crufts' entry we had of 25 dogs in 2004 under Mr Bob Gregory, which is a real shame for the breed.

Submitted 8th February 2006

As mentioned in my previous notes Lorna Hastings brought home from the USA her AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star just on time for the Manchester Championship show after his year and a bit stay with Cheryl Hennings in the state of Iowa. Lorna is now taking him back to New York for the Westminster KC show in a few days time of my writing these notes. “Blaze” may soon have as many stamps on his passport as Lorna does! Good luck at the Garden “Blaze”, as we Americans say, as the event takes place at Madison Square Garden.

I've heard snatches of conversation ringside, as one does, with regard to Canaan Dog size and have heard the word 'weedy' (“Light bone structure, lacking substance” - Glossary of Canine Terms) bandied about, and I believe this word is being misused and misunderstood. As I have stated here in prior notes, the Canaan Dog is not supposed to be a large breed. In “Observations On The Pariah Dog” (The Book of the Dog, 1948, Ivor Nicholson & Watson Ltd.), Dr Menzel, the breed's 'founder', describes the five types into which she divides the pariah dogs, of which the Canaan is one. She says “Type II, Heavy medium Type (Dingo-like)..is the equivalent of a lighter form of Type I (Heavy extreme type - sheepdog-like)…..fluctuate in appearance between the type of the Dingo and the Arctic sledge-dogs (Eskimo-dogs, Samoyed, etc.) -- in fact in pictures it is difficult to distinguish them from the latter.” (p. 973 ¶ 2) On the same page, ¶ 3 she goes on to describe “Type III, Light medium Type, comprises those dogs most easily compared with a medium-coated collie, and varying in type between the collie and the Arctic sledge-dog. The appellation “collie-like” seems applicable to these dogs, who represent the aristocratic form of Type II. They are mostly square in build, with the belly “tucked up” under the loins; they have a nobler neck than Type II, often a typical mane, and (even when short-haired) a more or less bushy tail, carried, as with preceding types, curled across the back when in a state of excitement.” On p 988 ¶ 1, section (1) she states “…at the present time about 130 specimens of Type III (Collie-like), are entered in the Stud-book and known as the “Canaan-dog”.” So according to the breed's founder, the Canaan Dog should be a “Light medium Type” and not large or heavy-boned.

In Myrna Shiboleth's book, The Israel Canaan Dog, she states on p. 10 ¶ 3 “The Canaan is a medium-sized dog, rather elegant in build in relation to his size (italics mine). He should never be a heavy or massive animal, but neither should he be overly fine in bone. He must always give an impression of strength, balance and capability. The comparative lightness is an adaptation to his way of life -- a smaller, lighter animal requires less food and water, is more agile in escaping danger, and can find hiding places more easily. As a rule, desert animals tend to be smaller than forest animals.”

The standard allows for Canaans, both male and female, to stand between 50-60 cms (20-24 ins) and weigh between 18-25 kgs (40-55 lbs). Balance is the key word and males must look masculine and bitches must look feminine -- which should be true of all breeds. So when judging a Canaan Dog, please bear the above descriptions in mind. Large Canaans with too much substance are neither typical nor desirable, but as with all faults, the overall dog should be evaluated and this judged as just one fault.

I had a phone call, followed by an email with a photo, from Battersea Dogs and Cats home as they had a black and white dog found in a London park that they thought might be a Canaan. As the breed is so few in number, as are the breeders, we are still able to keep track of our dogs, and a look at the photo told me it is more probably an Akita X. I probably get at least a dozen emails every year from people, mostly in the USA, who have rescued a dog from a home and are convinced it is a Canaan Dog. It is because our breed is natural in type and build that so many crosses come out looking similar. Nature keeps trying to tell us what a dog should look like.

The 2006 Canaan Dog Club of America National Specialty will be held on May 19 in San Diego California. The CDCA website (cdca.org) has the host hotel information and the schedule of events. As I've never been to California, I would love to attend and use the Specialty is a springboard for a tour of the area, but I doubt it will happen this year. However some of my readers may wish to add the Specialty to their diary, especially if they already have plans to visit California this year. You are almost guaranteed sunshine!

We are finally back online, as of two days ago, so you can, once again, email your news and views to me.

Submitted 24th January 2006

Manchester Championship Show kindly offered Canaan Dog classes for the first time this year and our judge, Mrs Pat Noujaim, drew a very respectable entry of 12 dogs, with 2 absentees. Mrs Noujaim chose Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Call Me Madam ('Maddie') for her BB & BOB with RBB going to my youngster, Anacan Kefira ('Keffy'). BD & BOS was my Anacan Masterpiece and RBD was Lorna's Lorianna Desert Storm ('Storm'). BP was Barbara and Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'). It was also the ring debut for 'Rosie's' litter sister, Anacan Akilah ('Naomi'), as well as for her owner and new exhibitor, Kim Morton. This was the first show Kim had ever been to and she has not had the benefit of any ringcraft classes. She ventured into the ring with just a short tutelage from me and did a very respectable job. With a bit more experience, Kim and 'Naomi' will be making their mark in the show ring.

After the judging Lorna told me that she had just returned from the US and had brought home with her new bitch, Cherrysh Crown of Victory ('Tory'), bred and co-owned with Cheryl Hennings. She has also brought back her AKC Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, who she exhibited at the Manchester show on the day. Lorna has also purchased a new red sable male puppy from Myrna Shiboleth (Israel). He is staying in the USA with Cheryl Hennings for the next six months. It is important for the breed in the UK that those who can afford to do so bring in new lines to help us expand our gene pool, so I was pleased to hear of Lorna's new acquisitions. With so few of us, we must all work together for the good of the breed.

Lorna also had some sad news from the USA. While she was there Alan Gersman's Lada L. escaped from his hotel room while there for an agility trial and ran and into the road and was killed by a car. Lada was the AKC's Top Agility Canaan Dog 2005 and 2004 and had some incredible performances to her credit. Alan is, understandably in shock after losing not just a great performance dog so tragically and so prematurely, but also a beloved member of his family. On behalf of all on this side of the pond I wish to extend our deep sympathies to Alan for the breed's sad loss.

Richard and I are still without a landline and Internet access, so to let me, Ellen Minto, know your news or comments, phone me and your call will be diverted to our mobile at no extra cost to you.

Submitted 10th January 2006

I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays. Ours were slightly marred when we went to use the phone on Christmas morning only to find that both our private and business lines were dead. BT sent an engineer on Boxing Day and our neighbours refused him access to the pole, which is just inside their front gate. The BT man was able to hook the cable and discovered that it had been cut. BT sent three more people the same week, working up to the area manager, all of which were refused access by our lovely neighbours (yes, the same ones who have been harassing us since the first week we moved in). BT is going to lay a new underground cable for us, but it will be the end of this month at the very earliest before it is done. In the meantime they have diverted all our phone calls to our mobile at no extra cost to the caller or us, but of course any outgoing calls are at mobile rates. I also do not have Internet access or use of my fax machine for the moment, so I will do my best to get my breed notes into the post on a timely basis. In the meantime, if you have any news or comments you can ring me.

A ringside observer raised a question at BUBA, which I think I should comment on here. I have noticed that there are several Canaan Dogs being shown who are too heavy weight-wise. The first time Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai, Israel) came to visit Richard and I ten years ago now, she commented then that the English show dogs are “too fat”. The Canaan Dog should be a medium-sized (not large) dog, square in appearance and athletic in build. I liken them to a runner, i.e. lean and muscular. They should show athletic grace. There are some dogs being shown in too bulky a condition and this is undesirable. I, myself, have been guilty in the past of showing some fat Canaans, but I have made a concerted effort to slim and tone my dogs, as well as myself. I have succeeded with the dogs, but am still working on myself.

Bryna Comsky (Ha'Aretz Canaans, USA) sent me the following report on a breed seminar held in Boston on the 10th December. “The Bayside Cluster of Dog Shows in Boston, Massachusetts, offered an opportunity to people who love Canaan Dogs to educate judges about the breed during their show weekend in December, 2005. Though difficult weather conditions depleted our numbers, dogs, handlers and presenters gave an expansive and informative overview to the students.

  The weather spirits kept me from the breed presentation, and thanks to the planning and efforts of its participants, the program went on smoothly. The presence of both styles in the breed helped to convince the students that Canaans could be judged under any one breed standard be it written in the U.S., Canada, the UK, or FCI countries. That was an underlying purpose of the program.  Although not done formally, the students could evaluate, judge and place the four dogs present according to their own interpretations of the AKC breed standard. In their packets was also a comparison of six Canaan Dog breed standards, in the form of a spreadsheet and including the original, for reference.  Conformation judging in the breed ring followed the seminar. 

  We thank Jerry Halberstadt for bringing his beloved "Karen" to the seminar and breed ring to provide the contrast in styles.  By the end of the third day of showing, they were performing like troopers, and took home the Winners Bitch ribbon.

  Renee and Evan Kent brought Marley and her two young Renegade puppies to the event and were on hand to help field questions.  Marianne Kumamoto and her family came with their Leo, a huge litter brother of the famous Harry, and Judy Rosenthal of Rosendog fame brought Heidi, the *new* Veteran Bitch, who was shown by Amanda Pough to BOS following the seminar.  Vladimir and Tanya Norvikov came later with their Barbara.  Chris Miller flew up from Georgia with her CH Samwise, topping off the crowd of Canaans led by CH Harry who pulled a Group 3 under Judge Ms. Gloria Kerr over the weekend.

    Chris' PowerPoint program, brimming with photos, welcomed the students. Larry Myers, side-lined by his dogs' bouts with kennel cough, sent two PowerPoint programs on the Versatile Canaan Dog and an amplification of the current AKC breed standard through comparisons with the original Menzels' Temporary Breed Standard. He included an outline of the presentation and a CD containing much of this information among the handouts. Special gratitude is due to both Chris Miller for offering her technical abilities and to Amanda Pough for her narrating and question-fielding techniques that kept the program in motion.  Judy Rosenthal was the efficient and necessary "sergeant-at-arms." It was a great turnout and great job for the benefit of the breed!”

When Richard and I put on the breed seminars for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom, we compare TKC Interim Standard to the revised standard proposed by the Club, the FCI standard and Dr Menzel's original standard. One thing I have learned since coming to live in England is that words mean different things to different people. When I came here I thought I spoke English, but as Richard keeps telling me, I speak American and not English. Words have different meanings in the UK than they do in the USA, some of which can be quite funny, such as the American name for a bum bag. However, I have also found that when I say things, people don't always hear what I am trying to say, sometimes with disastrous results. I just had one of my customers tell me that his wife had become quite annoyed with their American neighbour when the neighbour said to her “we must have lunch!” His wife took this to mean that the neighbour was commanding her to have lunch when in reality the neighbour meant she would like to have lunch with her. Thus comparing breed standards written in different countries can be quite enlightening. They are all basically saying the same thing, but using different words to say it. Once that is understood it should be true that a standard correct Canaan Dog should be able to be successfully shown in any country.

I look forward to hearing from more of you this year.


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Last updated on the 3rd April 2007