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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2013

(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited.

Submitted 12th December 2013

BUBA is the last championship show of the year that holds classes for Canaan Dogs. This year's judge was a long-time friend of the breed, Mrs Christine Hughes. She drew an entry of 8 Canaans with 3 absentees. BD & BOB was my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA). Hayyim has been undefeated all year and Richard and I are grateful to his breeder, Bryna Comsky, for sending him to us. He is a real joy. The other 2 dogs entered were unfortunately both absent so there was no RBD. BB & BOS was my Anacan Happy Anni, a Hayyim daughter. RBB was awarded to Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, owned by Lorna Hastings, Alison Byrne, Ivan Kaye and Anne Barclay. Well done all.

With regard to size, the Canaan Dog breed standard says, Size: Height: 50-60 cm (20-24 in). Weight: 18-25 kg (40-55 lb). This is no differentiation of size between the sexes and, therefore, preference should not be given to one size over the other -- rather you should judge the dog as a whole. As long as the dog is within the standard for size, it is correct. Bear in mind that dogs should look masculine without coarseness, and bitches should look feminine without being weedy. The dog should be in balance and without exaggeration. A 20” dog would look out of balance if it had too much substance as would a 24” exhibit lacking substance. They should be athletic in build as agility is very important to their survival in their natural habitat. I will tell you a story that happened fairly recently to help you understand the point I am making. Some of you have met Julie Kelly and her Canaan, Ziva, who is a typical wary Canaan, yet accompanies Julie on public transport, on and off trains and buses and on camping expeditions. You would never expect Ziva to be able to deal with all this in her stride, yet she does. Julie often takes Ziva and her mixed breed, Edson, to the local dog park for a run. Ziva is absolutely fine with other dogs so can be allowed off-lead there. One day, not too long ago, while they were in the park, a pit bull type dog came running towards them and made a lunge at Ziva. Ziva evaded his attack with ease and then slid on her back under him and bit him on the belly. The dog once again lunged for Ziva and she again slid under him on her back and got him by the throat. The dog ran off worse for wear and Ziva didn't have a scratch on her.She used her intelligence and agility to thwart her attacker and then went back to what she was doing. Ziva is not a big bitch, about 21-1/2 inches is my guess, and she is slender in build, but very fit. Had she been heavier in build she would not have been able to do what she did. Rather she would have had to take on her much bigger attacker and probably ended up injured. Canaan Dogs are built they way they are and look the way they do for a reason, not because man has decided that is how they should look. They've been designed by nature, and nature knows what it's doing.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading this column and to wish all of you a joyful and peaceful Christmas, and much health, happiness and success in the New Year.

Submitted 14th November 2013

The Canaan Dog was once again represented at the Earl's Court Discover Dogs, as it has been for the entire 18 years that the KC has been putting on this event. Richard and I were happily surprised that despite the state of the economy, not only was DD well-attended, but this year's gate was a record breaker for the event – 34,057! Richard and our 'Max' (now a DD veteran), along with Martin Moulding and his young dog, 'Moshe' manned the booth on Saturday and both the dogs and the men, who are welcoming and more than happy to talk to people about the breed, it's history and characteristics with a sprinkle of anecdotes, drew in the crowds, many of whom had more than a passing interest in the breed. On the Sunday, Richard and 'Max' were back, along with Liz de Boisgelin, who is also well-versed in the breed. Some friends of Richard told him they couldn't get near the booth when they first arrived due to the number of people flocking around it. People are drawn to a natural, healthy breed that is both unique in its characteristics and extremely handsome in appearance, yet without any exaggeration. Congratulations to the KC for putting on an event that is so well-thought of and gives people the chance to meet and learn about little-known breeds like ours.

With our entries dwindling during this last year I am concerned those judges who already don't think of the Canaan Dog as a breed to be taken seriously will give it even less consideration. I believe some judges equate numbers with quality, which is not factual as you can have large entries of dogs with mediocre quality and small entries with excellent quality. I also think that it is because of this bias that we do get judges, particularly ones not on our judges' lists, who make no effort to educate themselves about the breed or its standard. When you look at photos taken in the '40s and 50s of some breeds you would hardly recognize them as the breed that appears in the show ring today. This is in large part due to the collective kennel clubs demanding standardization of breeds to the extent that many dogs look like they came from the same cookie cutter. By breeding for 'looks' you not only limit your breed's genepool further, but also start eliminating those very characteristics that made the breed unique. The Canaan Dog, on the other hand, still looks like the Canaan Dog Dr Menzel first took from the wild. This is so not only because we are fortunate enough to have dogs from the wild in Israel introduced into the genepool from time-to-time, but also because there are people, like myself, who don't want to see the Canaan Dog reduced to another generic show dog. In the end, very few dogs end up in the show ring, so what we try to do is just breed good Canaan Dogs, and if they also do well in the show ring, which it should under an educated judge, it is just the icing on the cake. In the show ring too much emphasis is put on aesthetics rather than on the dog as a whole. I will start going into more detail in my next column. Love and enjoy your dog for what he or she is and they will give so much back to you.

Submitted 6th November 2013

The Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc held its National Specialty on the 17th October in Atlanta, Georgia. The show was dedicated to the memory of Merry Carol Houchard, Canaan Dog enthusiast and owner and CDCA Board Member. Merry Carol accompanied her daughter, Chris Miller, when they exhibited at Crufts 2004, so I got the opportunity to meet her. She was a lovely lady and a loss to the breed in the USA. The Sweepstakes classes were judged this year by CDCA President, Ms Amanda Pough who drew an entry of 14. Best in Sweepstakes & Best Senior (18 mos & under 24 mos) in Sweeps was awarded to the bitch, Serenity Lane Rumor Has It, owned by Lindsey Anderson & Melinda Linton. BOS in Sweeps was Pleasant Hill Tennessee Talor, owned by Donna Dodson. Best Veteran in Sweeps was CH Arayl's Rivi's Rumor, RN, CDCA HCX (11 yr old bitch), owned by Denise Gordon & Elizabeth Hebert. BOS to BV in Sweeps was Donna & Jackie Davison's CH D&J Ha'Aretz I'm the Buzz Baby (10 yrs old).

Regular classes were judge by Ms Neena Van Camp who drew an entry of 34. Best Canaan Dog went to CH GCH Rivroc Lycm Own Dream Bsnatch Rsndog (bitch) owned by Chris Miller, Ethan Miller & the late Merry Carol Houchard. BOS was the dog, GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum of Samara, owned by Pamela Rosman. Best of Winners & Best Bred-By Exhibitor was the dog, D&J Ha'Aretz Samson of Sassafras, owned by Donna & Jackie Davison. Select Bitch winner was GCH CH River Rock Take Me Higher, owned by Chris Miller. Best Puppy in Puppy Classes was the bitch, River Rock Quick Wit, owned by Chris & Ethan Miller. Best Veteran was the 8 yr old dog, CH Pleasant Hill Wish Granted, owned by Donna Dodson. The winner of the Stud Dog class was Donna & Jackie Davison's CH D&J Ha'Aretz I'm the Buzz Baby, and the winner of the Brood Bitch class Chris Miller's GCH CH D&J Ha'Aretz Vertigo at River Rock. Congratulations to all the winners and a very big thank you to Bryna Comsky for sending me the marked catalogue, which also had an ad that Bryna placed in it which she featured a photo of our Hayyim & Richard in the group ring at Crufts and a photo of his son, Shay (Anacan Son of Glory) who I sent over to Bryna as a puppy. Shay didn't attend the specialty as he was staying with friends and (hopefully) siring another litter.

I spoke to Lorna Hastings who is enjoying her new life in Florida, where the sun is shining and it's still nice and warm. She is finding remembering which words to use (cans instead of tins, cookies instead of biscuits, etc, etc) just as I did when I came over here from New York. While we were speaking Lorna told me that there is a 4 dog limit per household where she lives, and this limit extends over a large portion of Florida, Palm Beach County, and that one must apply for a hobby breeder's license before breeding, valid for one calendar year, which costs US $150, and is valid for up to 19 puppies a year. The law states any pet owner who allows the intentional or unintentional breeding of their dog/cat must obtain a Hobby Breeder permit. If you breed 20 or more puppies you must have a commercial breeder's license and then the authorities can come and inspect your premises at any time they wish to. With only a couple of exceptions in the global breed fancy, staying under 19 puppies in a year would be no problem whatsoever. However, for those breeders like myself who keep all their dogs for life, keeping to the 4 dog limit would in reality mean a quick end to their breeding programme. Los Angeles, California is even worse. The law states No person shall cause or allow any dog or cat owned, harbored or kept within the City of Los Angeles to breed without first obtaining a breeding permit. Each breeding permit shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance, and may be renewed annually before its expiration date. Each applicant for such permit must obtain a breeding permit $235.00 and an intact license $100.00. The animal must be microchipped as well. I think we should count our blessings in the UK, but if we are not vigilant, the animal rights people will force through the same types of, or even more stringent, anti-dog breeding legislation, over here.

Submitted 24th October 2013

The end of September/beginning of October was not the best of times for Richard and myself. On the 28th of September we had to have our Honey (Anacan Sheez The One) put to sleep. She had a large mammary tumour removed two months prior and had recuperated so well that within days of the surgery 11-1/2 year old Honey was back to her old happy self tearing around the front garden with our Hayyim.. Our vet has told us at the time that she had 3-6 month at best as the cancer had spread. On the evening of the 27th she started hemorrhaging and Richard took her in for her final trip to the vet the next morning. Then two days later we had to make the awful decision to have our 6-1/2 years old Ruby (Anacan Sheeza Gem) euthanized. Ruby had presented a week prior with crying, not eating, circling to the right and a dazed expression. Only two weeks before she was BB at Darlington showing no signs of a problem. Bloods were taken and everything came back normal. When we took her back to the vet he said it had to be neurological and suspected a brain tumour. He said he would be happy to refer us to Cambridge, but an MRI would run between £1,000 and £1,500 – money we do not have. He also added that the outcome would probably be the same in any case, so the awful decision was made – one that still distresses me. Then on 10th October our Lottie (Anacan Whole Lotta Class) made her last trip to the vet. Lottie would have been 16 years old this coming January and had just grown old and frail. The decision to let her go was a bit easier in her case, but still a very sad one. Lastly, I had a procedure on my spine called a vertebroplasty in which bone cement is injected into disintegrating vertebrae to prevent further deterioration. If you are lucky, it can also alleviate some of the pain. In my case the procedure went well, but it did nothing for the pain, which was a major disappointment. I thank God for my husband and good friends whose kindnesses and words of encouragement have helped me get through all of this.

Ken Bartlett judged the breed at SWKA and had an entry of 6 with only my poor Ruby absent. BD & BOB was awarded to my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA). BB was Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, owned by Patrick & Barbara Gold. RBD was Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh and RBB was my Anacan Happy Anni.

Next week I will have for you the results of the Canaan Dog Club of America's National Specialty.

Submitted 18th September 2013

Apologies for the lack of breed notes of late. I've had my hands full with puppies, doctor appointments and visitors and never seem to have a chance to sit down to write.

The first Manchester Pet Show was held on the 7th & 8th of September at EventCity. The KC was in charge of the Discover Dogs section of the show and the Canaan Dog was one of only 20 breeds invited. Richard and our 'Max' headed off to Manchester to set up the breed booth for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom on the Friday and then manned it both days with help from Julie Kelly and her 'Ziva' on the Saturday. Both dogs were wonderful with the public and little children loved cuddling them. The organisers were pleased with the show attendance and Richard said that there was a lot of interest in the breed. I had one family contact me to arrange a visit to meet more Canaans within 2 days of the event. We try to grab every opportunity available to help promote the breed and slowly, very slowly, more and more people are coming to at least know of the Canaan Dog's existence.

Jackie Kitchener judged Canaan Dogs at Darlington this year. She drew an entry of 8 with 2 absentees. This, surprisingly, was more than some of the much numerically stronger breeds drew. For example, there were only 4 Schipperkes and 3 Tibetan Spaniels entered. Miss Kitchener's BD & BOB was my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan, once again ably shown by my husband, Richard. BB went to my 'Ruby' (Anacan Sheeza Gem) and RBB was awarded to Chaniah De Solemel Avec Nizzana (Imp Fra), owned by Ivan Kaye, Alison Byrne & Anne Barclay. BP was Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna ('Kes') owned by Lorna Hastings, Ivan Kaye, Alison Byrne & Anne Barclay. The new venue at Ripon Racecourse was very nice and fortunately for us the rain held off while we were being judged. It was lovely to see Doug Kitchener sitting at ringside and looking very well. Doug, of course, is very familiar with Canaan Dogs having judged the club's show in 2002.

Lorna Hastings says she is enjoying her new life in Florida and has been busy doing some more judging both in the US and abroad, as well as a breed seminar. We wish her all the best.

Submitted 15th August 2013

I have participated in the DOG WORLD survey on the thorny issue of what can be done to encourage people back into the show. In our breed it is all but impossible to get new owners into the show ring in the first place. When you manage to do so, chances of them continuing showing are close to nil. When you have to let a gorgeous puppy go to a great home where it will never see a show ring or add to the genepool, it is bittersweet. I know that dog shows are not everyone's cup of tea and making a dog part of the family and a good canine citizen should be foremost, but I can't tell you how many beautiful Canaans are never seen by more than the owners' family and neighbours, which is sad for the breed as a whole. But now even for diehard exhibitors, such as myself, one has to question whether the cost of exhibiting a rare breed is justifiable in light of a very tight budget. In addition to the entry fee and cost of fuel for the car, some of us have kennel sitters to pay for as well as the occasional hotel room for longer journeys. All you get for your effort is about 2 minutes in the ring, and often a judge that knows nothing about the breed, and sometimes not even interested in knowing more. There are no CCs to be gained so even championship shows are no more than an open show for us. And if you win BOB, you have to question if it is worth staying late to show in the group when you have to facea 5 hour journey home afterwards and you know the judge will never consider putting up a Canaan Dog, no matter how good it is. I once had a judge write in his critique about our long-departed 'Digger' that he “was the blueprint for the breed”, and yet he never put him up in the group. Was every other breed in that group “the blueprint for the breed”? I doubt it.

I've always said that to make it worthwhile, shows must offer a good day out and a nice social setting. After all, most people are going to go home without a piece of cardboard, but if they can say they had fun, it might make it more worthwhile to attend a show. Some shows offer a better exhibitor experience than others by making it easy to find one's bench to begin with, as locating your benching area can be quite a challenge at some shows, made all the more difficult if one has a couple of dogs and a trolley with crates, etc, in hand. Ample and clean toilet facilities are a must, and good and moderately priced food on offer is also a plus. But some of the blame has to be given to the exhibitors themselves as so many can't be bothered with social niceties. I used to enjoy going to a show and 'talking dogs' – not about a dog or their owner, but about dogs – and hopefully coming away either having learned something new, or teaching a novice something new. Times have changed, society has changed and people are not as interested in working towards success in the show ring or in the whelping box. If it isn't instant, they don't want to know. So what can you do about that? Not much I'm afraid.

Judge, Mrs Jill Peak, had 5 Canaan entered under her at Paignton. BD & BOB was my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan, shown for me by hubby, Richard. RBD & BP was Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'). BB went to Barbara & Patrick Gold's 'Rosie' (Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia) with RBB going to Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, owned by Lorna Hastings, Ivan Kaye, Alison Byrne & Anne Barclay.

I have written in the past about Alan Gersman's (USA) successes in the agility ring with his Canaan Dog, 'Minnie'. Alan has just written the following: “I would like to thank all of you who over the past 7 years have followed and cheered for my sweet girl MACH4, ADCH Mazel Tov Minnie Pooh,CD. Minnie is retiring from regular agility competition, but will still compete at the 2013 AKC Agility Invitational in December in Orlando. Minnie has competed in every AKC Invitational competition and reached the finals in 2009 finishing 8th overall. In 2010 Minnie finished 8th overall at the AKC agility Nationals. Minnie is retiring after having accomplished over 600 qualifying (perfect) runs and nearly 60 agility titles including 4 AKC Championship titles and 1 USDAA Championship title. I am going to miss the feeling of being able to go into the agility ring knowing I can count on Minnie for a perfect performance! It's truly a shame that so few Canaan Dogs compete in performance events. Minnie will continue to assist me as my certified service dog when I travel by air or whenever I attend a large event. Otherwise, in her retirement Minnie has accepted the job as office security which includes snuggling in her own chair while barking at anyone coming near the office!” Please join me in congratulating Alan and Minnie for doing so much to raise the profile of the breed in the US and their outstanding record in agility. Hopefully, someday, we will have someone in the UK striving to achieve here what Alan and Minnie have done across the pond.

Submitted 25th July 2013

Canaan Dogs were shown in AVNSC Utility at the East of England show on the 7th July. As this show is relatively close to home it was one I could get to. It was lovely to soak in the show atmosphere once again. As an exhibitor for the last 33 years, it's hard to sit at home. Richard and I took 3 of our Canaans along for the outing. What a contrast to last year's show, which was flooded and resulted in everyone being shoehorned into one building. This year the weather was glorious, though a little on the warm side. Along with our 3 there were 2 Eurasiers and 3 Japanese Akita Inus entered in AVNSC and I am happy to say that the judge, Mr A Easdon, awarded BD & BOB to our Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim At Anacan (Imp USA). He also told Richard, who was handling Hayyim, that he was the best Canaan Dog he's ever seen. So he went into the group ring very hopeful, but didn't even make the cut. Someday perhaps.

As we were asked the question by an exhibitor of another breed who was benched near us at East of England, I will tell you what we told her. There is only one Kennel Club-recognised Canaan Dog club in the UK and that is the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. If one wants to have a say in the future of the breed, this is the club one needs to belong to. I hope that now clears up any misunderstanding.

Speaking of the CDC of the UK, its Fun Day held at our place on the 21st July was a great success. 27 people attended, along with their dogs, some of which were non-Canaans as we are non-discriminatory. With Richard presiding over the grill, we had barbecued chicken and sausages along with Angela Frith's fantastic chili and lots of other mouth-watering offerings donated by the attendees. This was followed by a number of games – musical mats, bobbing for sausages, egg and spoon race, sack race -- played with the dogs of course, and 2 quizzes for their owners. The theme for this year's fancy dress was “50 Years of Doctor Who”. Dogs could be dressed as any character from the series. The winner was our 'Misha' dressed as a scary 'weeping angel'. In 2nd place was Ed Gray & Rachel Cossins 'Ada' dressed as 'K-9'. In 3rd place, with the most laughs, was my Tibetan Spaniel, 'Aslan' as a 'Dalek' (you had to be there). Rosemary Geeson did a grand job of selling raffle tickets and made a tidy profit for the club. Dave Roll and son, Josh, collected their new puppy, Nala (Anacan Moriah) towards the end of the day and it was puppy love! Dave is the gardener for John & Brenda Banbury, who I hope will encourage him to get Nala into the show ring when she's old enough. Ali Beaumont got to cuddle her new puppy, 'Malka' (Anacan Eitana) which she'll be collecting with her partner, Mungo Arney, on the 30th after they return from a trip to Scotland. I'm hoping that they can be encouraged to try their hand at showing as well.

Submitted 3rd July 2013

Apologies for the lack of breed notes. June was a quiet month on the show front, but July will be a busier month both show-wise and activity-wise. The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom is holding a Fun Weekend. Following last year's successful dog walk, they will be holding another dog walk on Saturday, 20th July, this time at Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve in Skegness. It is a beautiful place with lots of paths, some leading down near the beach. It is also a twitcher's paradise as a number of migratory birds can be found there, along with other wildlife. The meeting place is the Visitors' Centre car park at 10:30 am. This will be followed on the Sunday, 21st July, by the Club's annual Fun Day at the Mintos' place (that's Richard and I), Anacan Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Irby in the Marsh, Lincs with a start time of 12:00 noon. There will be a barbeque, games and the popular fancy dress competition. For those living too far south to participate, there will be a second Fun Day on Saturday, 3rd August to be held at Stephen & Natalie Leader's home in Epsom, Surrey. All of these events are great places to meet Canaan Dogs and their owners in a relaxed and fun environment. For more information, you can contact me.

The Canaan Dog was one of only 50 breeds to be invited to participate in the Discover Dogs section of the London Pet Show. Richard reported that the Discover Dogs section of this event was by far the best organized and the Canaan Dog booth generated a lot of interest. The Canaan Dog is one of only 20 breeds to be invited to participate at the new Manchester Pet Show to be held at EventCity on the 7th & 8th September 2013. The CDC of the UK is delighted to have these two new avenues to promote our wonderful breed and we hope to see some of you in Manchester in September.

Anne Barclay sent me the following information: The British Canaan Dog Society (proposed) is holding an Eye Testing Clinic for all breeds with Prof. Peter Bedford on Sunday 4th August 2013 at Willowdale Farm, Moyses Bank, Marshland St. James, Norfolk PE14 8HD. For more information or to book please contact Anne Barclay on 01303 259739 (before 8.00pm please) or email: treasurer@canaandog.co.uk

Submitted 29th May 2013

The sun kindly shone for most of the day on which Canaans were shown at Bath. Richard reported that the rings were beautifully manicured for the occasion which was much appreciated. Six Canaans were entered under judge, Bob Gregory, with 1 absentee. He awarded BD & BOB to my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA), beautifully shown by my Richard while I stayed home to hold down the fort. RBD went to Martin Moulding's puppy, Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe') on the first time, for both dog and handler, to exhibit at a championship show and only their second time in the ring. If you remember, 'Moshe' won BIS at the breed club show in April. BB & BP was awarded to Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna owned by Lorna Hastings, Ivan Kaye, Alison Byrne & Anne Barclay and shown by Lorna. RBB went to my Anacan Happy Anni. BTW, the absentee was Barbara & Patrick Gold's 'Rosie' as they were just too shattered to go. They had arrived home from holiday at 4:00 am Sunday morning and had to be up before 7:00am to get puddings out of freezer, organise trophies, etc., and get to Maremma Club AGM and Open Show (The Maremma is their other breed). It was all worthwhile as their 'Luke' (Milwyr Jupiter Lucetius Del Amicitia) went BIS! I think we can excuse their absence at Bath this one time.

I'd just like to take a moment here to thank those show committees that continue to put on classes for our breed. I know entries have not been what they should, but I believe that we will be seeing some new exhibitors in the ring and a rise in entries over the next year or so. Thank you to these shows for helping us to promote our breed as having their own classes does help put a spotlight on the breed. I, for one, am very grateful to you.

The Canaan Dog is a slow to mature breed and often does not reach its prime, either physically and mentally, until it is 3- 5 years age. Because ours is a numerically-small breed, with a miniscule percentage of show homes, we often have to take our dogs out into the ring before they are quite ready. If we didn't, there would be even smaller entries than we now have. Though true for every breed, it is perhaps even more important that a young Canaan Dog has only good experiences in the ring while they are maturing and so a gentle and kind hand on the judge is important. But it is not only the dog that should be treated well by the judge. Each exhibitor also deserves the judge's time and courtesy. Showing a dog is an expensive proposition as the entry fees are only the start. Travel costs keep on rising and at times, due to distance, one also has the expense of a hotel and a meal out. Judges should give each entry the same amount of time and attention and not be dismissive of those they have no intentions of putting up, often because the exhibitor doesn't have the 'right face'. This sort of treatment not only grates on the experienced exhibitor, but it can cause the novice to decide showing is not worth the effort or expense. It is difficult enough to encourage new people into the ring without this kind of behavior on the judge's part. Examining each entry properly, and not just a cursory pat on the head, should be part of a judge's ongoing learning experience, especially when it comes to rare breeds. When one is no longer interested in learning and can no longer be bothered doing their job properly, it is time for them to retire from judging.

Submitted 15th May 2013

The Canaan Dog fraternity has all joined in celebrating GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara's BIS at Apple Valley KC, Victorville, California, on the 12th May under judge, Gary L Anderson. This was the five year old's 3rd BIS, having picked up one in 2010 and another in 2011. I reported here that 'Magnum' won a Group 4 at Westminster this year, so he is definitely on a roll. May we add our congratulations to breeder: Donna Dodson, owners: Pamela Rosman & Richard Vulliet, DVM, and handler: Bruce Schultz on doing so much to help raise the profile of the breed.

Here at home judge Vanessa Williams-Wegmann drew an entry of 6 at The National. BD & BOB was awarded to my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim At Anacan (Imp USA). BB was James Rogerson's Kessem Yakira Sydell, RBD went to Lorianna Light My Fire owned by James Rogerson & Lorna Hastings. RBB was my Anacan Happy Anni, and BP was Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna (NAF TAF), owned by Lorna Hastings, Ivan Kaye, Alison Byrne & Anne Barclay. Due to my back problems I am unable to move my dogs properly, so I am very grateful to my husband, Richard, the reluctant handler, for keeping my dogs out in the ring for me.

Submitted 2nd May 2013

Myrna Shiboleth held an International Canaan Dog Meeting at the end of March which included 3 International Dog Shows, a visit to a Bedouin encampment, and a breed seminar given by Mryna and Ethan Hendel. The seminar attendees were told that one of the main goals the Israelis have is to bring in, while still possible, as many desert dogs as they can, to provide a large genetic base for the breed as possible. Another goal is to preserve this breed as it always has been, and not to try and change it. Many of us in this country wholeheartedly agree with this goal. We don't want to see the breed changed for the show ring, rather we wish that judges come to appreciate the Canaan Dog for the healthy, unique breed it is. Kirsten Hansson (Sweden) was kind enough to send me the results of the Spitz Club Show at which 12 Canaan were entered under the well-known judge, Dr Rita Trainin. BOB and BV was awarded to Myrna Shiboleth's Multi CH.ZIK. BOS and CAC went to (new Israel Ch.) KERACH DAK ME SHAAR HAGAI, also owned by Mryna. RCAC bitch was HALVA ME SHAAR HAGAI, owned by Eytan Bar Nes. Best Junior, JCAC female went to Eytan's AHLAH ME SHAAR . JCAC Male was Avi Israeli's SHOMER REX ME SHAAR HAGAI. Ch.Class GCH was the bitch, MULTI CH. BAT YERUSHALAYIM SHEL ZAHAV, owned by Inna Blayvas. The later was 2012 Crufts' BOB and 2013 Crufts' BOS. Kirsten said the trip was very enjoyable and gave her a new perspective on the breed. Myrna is hoping to hold another of these meetings in two year's time.

Alan Gersman (USA) writes that last Sunday in Frederick, MD, his Canaan Dog 'Minnie' earned her 4th AKC Championship. That is her 57th title in Obedience and Agility. She is now MACH4, ADCH MAZEL TOV MINNIE SCH-GOLD. Alan says “Those titles are my favorites -- no way can I list all 57!” Alan told me that Minnie has represented the breed in every (7) AKC Invitational so far, reaching the finals in 2009. She has earned over 600 qualifying scores in 7 years of competition. She has travelled from coast to coast, from north to south and has remained one of the sweetest dogs you ever met. Not only that, Minnie also serves Alan as a hearing certified service dog, alerting him to certain sounds especially in crowded situations such as airports. I take special pride in Alan's accomplishments as Alan and his wife, Sylvia, got their first Canaan Dog from me many years ago while I still lived in New York. Alan learned agility with 'Isobel' and she was the first Canaan in the US to make a real mark in agility and spurred Alan on to train 3 Canaan in total for agility – Minnie being the most recent and the most accomplished. What a credit to the breed!

Submitted 25th April2013

Myrna Shiboleth reports that she very much enjoyed judging the Canaans in Finland, and said they were a lovely and very typey group of dogs with excellent temperaments. She was also thrilled when Miia Jormanainen's group was Best In Show 1 Breeders Group under Judge: Harry Tast, Finland -- first time ever in Finland or, Myrna believes, anywhere. Myrna went on to say that the other judges were very impressed saying that they rarely see Canaans, and certainly not such a lovely group. So a big congratulations from us Miia!

Anne Barclay writes that Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna ('Kes') the 6-month old bitch she co-bred and co-owns with her sister, Alison Byrne and Alison's partner, Ivan Kaye has achieved her Canine Good Citizenship Bronze Award. Well done Kes! That is the second Canaan I know of to achieve its CGC Bronze award and there was one with a CGC Silver award and another that earned its CGC Gold award. Looking forward to hearing of many more Canaans proving that they are good citizens.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom is planning to hold a breed seminar on Sunday 17th November in Peterborough. As soon as details are finalized they will appear on the club's Upcoming Events page of their website, www.canaandogclub.co.uk/upcoming.htm, as well as in these breed notes.

I received an email from Gavin Robertson and Amelia Siddle, which they sent to all breed note writers, asking that I inform you of the following: As you may well be aware this year's Crufts Best in Show winner, Ch Soletrader Peek A Boo, and her breeder/handler, Gavin Robertson, together with Amelia Siddle of Pointer fame (2013 winner of the Contest of Champions) have organised a charity walk in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital, Dog Lost and The KC Charitable Trust going from the NEC to the hospital from 10th to 14th June. The entire route is approx. 130miles. Over the week there are a number of people from the canine world joining in, previous Crufts BIS winners, vulnerable breeds and high profile breeds, together with some celebs. We also have this year's Friends for Life winner, Owen and his dog, Haatchi, doing a part of the walk. Most will be doing about 5-6 miles with their dog(s). Royal Canin, Agria Insurance and Lintbells are sponsoring the whole event. If you'd like more information on sponsoring a walker or taking part in the walk, please visit the website set up for this purpose - www.jillysjaunt.co.uk.

Submitted 11th April2013

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its annual single-breed open show on Sunday 7th April at Stanground Community Centre, Peterborough. This event is a great place for prospective owners to come and meet a number of Canaan Dogs and for new exhibitors to 'wet their feet' as it always has a relaxed and jovial atmosphere. Once again Arden Grange graciously sponsored the show with vouchers for food prizes for the top placements, as well as a voucher for the raffle table, which was laden with treasures. Patrick & Barbara Gold did a great job of providing everyone with delicious sandwiches, cakes and beverages.

The judge for the show, Mr Chris Quantrill, drew a very nice entry of 22 Canaans with 2 absentees, and his wife, Janet Quantrill, ably served as his steward. Spoilt for choice, Mr Qunatrill's BP, Best Begginner, BD and BIS was awarded to the 7-month old white with black patches dog, Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'), owned by Martin Moulding. This was Moshe's first time in the show ring, but what a way to make his debut! RBD was awarded to Moshe's sire, Anacan Issachar, owned by me. BB, BOS and RBIS went to my Chancos Charmani At Anacan (Imp Swe), who is Moshe's dam, so it was truly a family affair. RBB went to Diane Collin's Danehaven Ashkezar At Capshulacan and BV was Christine Powley's 12 year old dog, Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven, who was also the winner of the Progeny class. Though a small show, it still takes a lot of work to make it a success. Many thanks to all who helped make the day the happy event it was, with special thanks to Jacqueline Taylor for acting as Show Secretary and unofficial photographer.

Submitted 20th March 2013

People such as myself who are limited to going to Crufts only on the day they are exhibiting must feel cheated (well I do anyway) because there is so much to see, opportunities to learn, not to mention things to buy, and when you are exhibiting it is difficult, if not impossible, to see much beyond the hall you are in, if that. And then there are all the people you want to talk to, but can't get around to. I know I could use at least one more day before getting my fill of it all. Some people dread Crufts, but despite the difficulty of getting your dogs and equipment from the car park to your hall, I love it.

This year the Canaan Dog ring was presided over by Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews, who drew an entry of 13 with 1 absentee. As usual, we were late getting into the ring which meant not much time for the BOB to be rested before going into the group ring. Mrs Thorn-Andrews was very pleasant with all the exhibitors and their dogs and apologized for the delay, which had nothing to do with her – the breed in the ring before us took a half hour longer than they should have. Mrs Thorn-Andrews choice for BD & BOB was my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA) with Richard handling for me. BB was last year's BOB, the Israeli entry Multi CH Bat Yerushalaim She Zahav ('Terush'), owner/breeder: Miss Inna Blayvas. RBD went to Richard & Nishma Crowfoot's Kessem Yanis Orly To Khandikhaine ('Jaedun') and RBB went to my Anacan Happy Anni. As you can imagine, Richard and I were over the moon, as was Hayyim's breeder, Bryna Comsky, who had come over from Chicago to visit me and watch the judging. Richard and Hayyim represented the breed well in the group ring. The adrenalin, as well as a good meal before leaving, kept us, Richard, Bryna and myself, all going for the 3 hour drive home afterwards.

Prior to and during Crufts Richard and I spoke both to Inna and Bryna with regard to forming a steering committee to get the International Canaan Dog Working Party back off the ground. Several excellent ideas were exchanged and there has already been interest expressed in the ICDWP from one overseas club. Watch this space for more information as plans develop.

Submitted 4th March 2013

The Canaan Dog received KC recognition December 1970 due to the efforts of Mrs Connie Higgins, yet the breed is still to receive CC status. The breed was first exhibited at Crufts in 1991 and the first Canaan to win BOB there was Kensix Khameshee, owned by Marjorie Cording and Mary MacPhail. 'Fiver', as he was called, took the title 5 years on the trot. Entries were very low at this time, but gradually grew until in 2004 we saw our largest entry of 25 Canaans (including 3 foreign champions) where my Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy') took top honours. Since then exhibition of the breed has gradually declined to the point where we have had entries of only 3 or 4 Canaans at the shows during 2012, so I was pleased to see that there were 13 entered at this year's Crufts. If the breed had CC status would we see a leap in entry size, or would it make no difference? Far more Canaans – and I'm speaking of high quality dogs – are in pet homes than in show homes at the moment. They make a wonderful family companion but a challenging show dog, especially if the judge has made no effort to learn about the breed. Add the rising cost of showing and it becomes all the more difficult to entice newcomers into the ring.

The breed has made giant strides (comparatively for a numerically small breed) in the USA since achieving championship status in 1996, with one just being awarded a Group 4 at the Westminster KC show in New York. Is this is what is needed for the breed to grow in this country? I feel it is a bit shortsighted of the KC to concentrate their efforts on the numerically large breeds that probably don't really need its help, whereas they would find their efforts would be more productive if they supported and worked with the numerically small purebred breeds and their breed clubs, helping them to grow and develop.

Submitted 20th February 2013

Some fantastic news from the Westminster KC show in New York City – the Canaan Dog, GCH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara, placed 4th in the Herding Group - a first for the breed! What a show to do it at, as the television coverage of Westminster is fantastic and 'Magnum' will have made a great impression on the viewing public. 'Magnum' is an 8 year old dog, white with black patches, who has had a breed record-breaking show career with 100 Herding Group placements, including 17 Herding Group wins, prior to this recent win. Congratulations to breeder: Donna Dodson and owner: Pamela Stacey Rosman on this wonderful achievement.

Schedules and entry forms for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's 13th Annual Single-Breed Open Show, to be held on the 7th April at Stanground Community Centre in Peterborough, can be downloaded from the club's website Upcoming Events page – www.canaandogclub.co.uk/upcoming.htm

I'd like to extend our condolences to Jan and Rob McLeod on the recent loss of their 'Deborah' (Anacan Milk and Honey At Dunline) just a few weeks before her 13th birthday. 'Deborah' was a much beloved member of their household who loved to travel with the McLeods in their RV. She has left a big hole in their heart, but they can console themselves with the thought of the wonderful life they had given her.

Submitted 31st January 2013

Myrna Shiboleth is holding an International Canaan Dog Meeting the end of March which will include 3 International Dog Shows, with the possibility of gaining titles of Junior CAC, CAC, Gr.CAC, and CACIB at each show. A dog can complete the title of Israel Junior Champion, or Israel Champion at these shows. A foreign champion can gain an Israel Ch. title in one show. There will also be a Canaan Dog specialty show, which will award the title “Canaan Dog Winner, Israel 2013”; a trip to the southern desert to see the natural habitat of the Canaans and enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of this part of Israel. With luck, it may be possible to see free living or Bedouin Canaans. Myrna will also hold a Canaan Dog breed seminar.

The schedule is as follows: Arrival – March 24 or 25; Desert visit – March 26; International Dog Shows – March 27, 28, 29; Canaan Dog Specialty – March 29; Canaan Dog Seminar – March 30. Requirements for dog entry to Israel – up to date rabies vaccination and health certificate and blood test for rabies titres. - no quarantine.

Myrna said that they will be happy to help attendants find inexpensive accommodations. There is also a possibility for some attendees to stay with club (Spitz Club) members. For further information contact Myrna Shiboleth, myrnash@netvision.net.il or Skype: myrnashiboleth.

Richard and I met at the first International Canaan Dog Meeting in November 1993 so would love to go, but afraid neither our budget nor my back problem will allow it. If any of you do attend, please send me a report that I can share with our readers here at DOG WORLD.

Submitted 16th January 2013

Club Secretaries can download the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's 2013 Judges' List from the Club's website, www.canaandogclub.co.uk. It is greatly appreciated when clubs utilize judges' from the list as it is far more rewarding to exhibit under a judge with some understanding of the breed. Clubs who are giving only 3 classes for the breed are encouraged to give those judges' on the C-List the assignment to help them to meet the criteria to move up the list. It is quite frustrating for someone to sit on this list for years, as some have, because they are never given a chance to judge the breed.

Richard & Nishma Crowfoot have recently imported a bitch puppy from Sweden. Noble Guardians Bayla Barekt For Khandikhaine ('Bayla') is the newest Canaan Dog to come into the country and I wish Richard & Nishma much success with her in the future.

Crufts is looming on the horizon and excitement is starting to build. I'm looking forward to seeing my long-time friend (nearly 30 years) Bryna Comsky (Ha'Aretz Canaan Dogs, USA) who will be coming to spectate at Crufts. Bryna, who has been 'in Canaans' over 40 years, was the breeder of my first top-winning Canaan Dog, Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel, and of my current Top Stud Dog, Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan. She came over to visit in 2000 when she attended the first meeting of the International Canaan Dog Working Party hosted by the CDC of the UK, so it's been a while. If you get a chance to come to ringside (Hall 1, Ring 1) be sure to chat to Bryna as she is a wealth of information on the breed. Also coming is the owner of last year's Crufts BOB Canaan, Inna Blayvas (Jerusalem), who is the breeder of my 'Gili' [Gam Yafa Gam Hakhama me Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (Imp Isr)]. The three of us should have a lot of catching up to do and I'm sure most of the conversation will have to do with Canaan Dogs, thus generating lots to report in this column.

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