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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2015

(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited. )

Submitted 21st December 2015

By the time you read this another Christmas will have come and gone and a brand new year is unfolding. It gives us each another chance to start afresh and to make a better life for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our little bit of the world. It is my hope that 2016 will be the beginning of a renaissance for the Canaan Dog in this country. It is my hope that the breed attracts new people who will help promote the breed, not only in the show ring, but by having a properly trained and well-behaved Canaan Dog in their daily encounters with the public. Dogs aren't born trained any more than a human baby is and a dog owner who puts in the effort to train their dog to be good canine citizens will reap the benefits, as does the breed in general. Both Richard & I are happy to help anyone who would like to get involved with the breed, and if are someone who would be interested, my contact details can be found at the end of this column.

It may seem that I am always writing about the accomplishments of Canaan Dogs I own or have bred, but sadly, and I mean that sincerely, they are the only ones being shown, at least with any regularity. So with that preface, I am delighted to announce the following: Top Dog 2015 - Anacan Glory Road (Phoebe); Top Puppy 2015 - Anacan Dark Side of the Moon (Luna); Top Stud Dog 2015 - Am CH Ha-Aretz Hayyim for Anacan (Imp USA); Top Breed Bitch 2015 - Anacan Glory Bea; Top Breeder - Mrs Ellen Minto (Anacan) for the 6th year running. All of the named dogs are owned and bred by me, all bar our Hayyim who was bred by Ms Bryna Comsky in the USA. Thank you to all the judges who put up my dogs and gave them some glowing critiques, and thank you also to my husband, Richard, who has been my chauffer and handler, for all his sterling work.

As this is the start of my 18th year writing this column, I could really use your help. So this year please send me your news and views, or any subjects you would like me cover in this column. I wish all my readers a Happy New Year blessed with health, happiness and success, and best wishes for healthy and happy lives to all the Canaan Dogs out there.

Submitted 10th December 2015

BUBA is the last show of the year that gives classes for Canaan Dogs. It is always a fun show to go to as the decorations help give you that Christmas feeling. I was, however, disappointed that there was an entry of only 6 Canaans for judge, Mrs Roberta Wright (Satrebor). This was as good an entry as we had anywhere this year, but I was hoping for at least a couple more dogs. Best Dog was awarded to my Anacan Issachar (Izzy), and Reserve Best Dog to Izzy's son, Anacan Super Samson, owned by Peter & Maddy Mills. Very new to the show scene, Peter & Maddy were delighted that Samson behaved so well for Peter. Here's hoping they'll continue to exhibit in the future. Best Bitch & Best of Breed was awarded to my Anacan Glory Road (Phoebe). Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch went to my Anacan Bring the Dawn (Dawn). I'd like to thank Barbara Gold, our breed rep for BUBA, for sponsoring the classes. Richard & I had a very nice day, but unfortunately could not stay for the Best in Show judging.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom will soon be announcing the date for their 2016 breed seminar, so please keep an eye out for an announcement in this column and on the club website, www.canaandogclub.co.uk. They are looking for judges who have a real interest in the breed and not just a desire to add another breed to their CV.

Along the same lines, the breed needs some new people who are willing to help raise the breed profile by exhibiting their Canaan Dogs at as many as possible of the shows that still give us classes. It would also be greatly beneficial to find people willing to show their Canaans in performance events - agility, obedience, or rally - as well as attaining their CGC awards and helping out at Discover Dogs. If you think that you might be interested in becoming part of the Canaan Dog family, please feel free to contact me.

Submitted 12th November 2015

The Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary along with their 45th National Specialty on the 5th November 2015 in Tucson, Arizona. The Puppy Sweepstakes judge was Mrs Carol O'Bryan, who herself has been a successful Canaan Dog breeder. The results follow: Best Senior Puppy & Best Puppy in Sweepstakes - CH Pleasant Hill Avram of Carters Creek, dog, owned by Cynthia Dodson & David Golden. Best of Opp. Sex to Best In Puppy Sweepstakes - Christina & Allan Miller's bitch, River Rock Lyceum Sweetest Thing Bandersnatch, who was also Best Junior Puppy In Sweepstakes. Donna & Jackie Davison's bitch D&J Ha'Aretz Katrina, who I am pleased to say was sired by a dog I sent to the USA several years ago, was Best Of Opposite to Best Senior Puppy. In Veteran Sweeps the Best Veteran In Sweepstakes was awarded to the dog CH Pleasant Hill Wish Granted, owned by his breeder, Mrs Donna Dodson. Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Veteran Sweepstakes went to breeder/owner Mrs Cheryl Hennings' bitch, GrCh CH Cherrysh Crown Of Jewels HC.

Long-time breeder (over 45 years) and long-time friend of mine, Ms Bryna Comsky, presided over the regular conformation classes and drew and entry of 26 Canaan Dogs. She made the following awards. Winners Dog (from the American Bred Dog Class) - Farsight Argos Renegade of Pern, owned by Jennie La Prade. Reserve Winners Dog (from the Bred-by Exhibitor Dog class) - Ken & Carrie Cabreras' Kol Tuv Bringer of Light. Winners Bitch (from the 9-12 month bitchs) - River Rock Lyceum Same Dream Bandersnatch, owned by Christina Miller. Reserve Winners Bitch (from the 15-18 Month Bitch class) - Kol Tuv Fuligin Tali, owned by Jennie Larkin. Best of Breed was awarded to GrCh CH RivRoc Lycm Own Dream BSnatch Rsndog, owned by Christina Miller & Ethan Miller. Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed went to the dog CH Sufat Sheleg Jasper's Dubhan BN RN CGC, owned by Cathey M. Dunn. Best of Winners was the bitch, River Rock Lyceum Same Dream Bandersnatch. Grand Champion Select Dog - Dodson & Golden's; CH Pleasant Hill Avram of Carters Creek. Grand Champion Select Bitch - Christina Miller's GrCh CH D&J Ha'Aretz Vertigo at River Rock. Awards of Merit - Christina & Ethan Miller's dog GrCh CH Rivroc Onto Somethin BSnatch Rosndog and GrCh CH Bsnatch Rsndg Ran Away To Rivroc RN, owned by C. Miller and A. Pough, J. Rosenthal. Best Puppy - River Rock Lyceum Same Dream Bandersnatch, bitch, owned by Christina Miller. Best Bred by Exhibitor - Ken & Carrie Cabrera's dog, Kol Tuv Bringer of Light. Best Veteran - Christina Miller's GrCh CH D&J Ha'Aretz Vertigo at River Rock. AKC NOHS Winner (National Owner Handled Series) - Christina & Ethan Miller's GrCh CH RivRoc Lycm Own Dream BSnatch Rsndog. Congratulations to all the winners and to all who took part!

Submitted 29th October 2015

Continuing from last week - One day while giving Bobby her usual run in Laleham Park Richard was stopped by a man who asked him from whom he got his Canaan Dog. Richard was puzzled but told the man that he had been gifted with her by Bedouins from Jordan. The man, whose name was Steve Payne, told Richard she was a Canaan Dog and invited him to the inaugural meeting of the new Canaan Dog Club and Richard agreed to go along as he wanted to hear more about this breed that Bobby belonged to. So several days later Steve took Richard and Bobby to the meeting of this new club and he there met Connie Higgins, the woman who got the breed recognized by the KC in England in December 1970. When Connie saw Bobby her eyes welled up with tears as she told Richard that Bobby looked exactly like her beloved Shebaba, another wild-born bitch who was the first Canaan Dog to be registered in this UK after confirmation by the breed"s 'founder', Dr Menzel, that she was indeed a Canaan Dog. Shebaba had passed away by this time. Richard was fascinated by what he learned about the breed on that day in 1992 and he agreed to be a committee member of the newly organized club. He is the only original committee member still alive and active in the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom.

Bobby did have some difficulties adjusting to her new life as she could no longer be afforded the freedom she was accustomed to. Richard had difficulty keeping her from hunting for her food as she thought that rabbits and squirrels were fair game, but in time she accepted the cooked diet she was offered. Bobby was the queen of Laleham Park and as Richard got to know other dog walkers there, Bobby's pack grew, and up to 12 dogs of different breeds often ran and played together under Bobby's protection. It didn"t take long for the number of her admirers to grow. One lady with a very nervy Dobie X said she always knew when Bobby was on the park as her dog calmed right down when she sensed her as she knew Bobby would keep her safe.

One day Richard and Bobby were at the park at an earlier time than usual, so they were on their own when a car pulled up to a parking space and the driver just reached out the window to open the back door and let 3 Dobermanns out. They immediately began to chase Bobby. Richard yelled to the man to call his dogs off and the man"s response was "If you dog can"t take care of herself, she shouldn"t be in the park." The Dobes were in hot pursuit and they were not looking to play. Bobby ran into the bushes and they followed. Then she suddenly came out of the bushes and started running across the field with the dogs still in pursuit but strung out in a line by this time. All of a sudden Bobby turned and grabbed the first dog, who was much bigger than her, by the neck and flipped it, killing it instantly. She did the same with the second dog and the third made a quick U-turn and started running away. Bobby grabbed one of its hind legs and broke it and it kept going. Richard, who was more than a bit upset by this time, called to Bobby and bundled her into his car. The owner of the Dobes was yelling and Richard yelled back to him, "If your dogs can"t take care of themselves, they shouldn"t be in the park." He then drove right to the police station and told them what had happened. The police told Richard not to worry as they had had a number of reports of these dogs attacking other dogs. The owners had been too upset to get the man"s license plate number as they rushed their dogs off to the vet. The police told Richard if the man came in to make a report they would be arresting him. Bobby never showed aggression to any dog before or after this incident. She only fought when her life was endangered as she would have been ripped to pieces if she hadn"t taken the action she did. (To be continued.)

Submitted 22nd October 2015

I've always found SWKA to be a well-run show with lovely spacious rings which give our Canaan Dogs the space to move to their best advantage. Our judge, Jane Paradise, drew a decent entry of 7 Canaan Dogs with one absentee. She awarded BD to my Anacan Issachar with RBB going to Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne's Nizzana Ganymede. BB & BOB was my Anacan Glory Road (with me handling her!), and RBB went to Shalhevet Me Shaar Hagai at Nizzana (Imp Isr) (Re-Imp), owned by Byrne, Kaye & Barclay. Best Puppy was my Anacan Bring the Dawn.

Continuation from my last set of breed notes - Bobby hated quarantine. This was a dog that was used to being free to roam, so to her quarantine was a form of punishment. She also hated the owner of the quarantine kennels and a woman visiting her dog in quarantine told Richard she saw the kennel owner give Bobby a hard kick, which he claimed afterwards was his reaction to Bobby nipping him. Fortunately for Bobby one of the kennel maids took a liking to her and kept Richard well-informed on her care and behavior and Richard remained in contact with this kind young woman for a few years after Bobby; was released from the kennels. Richard's mum and dad often accompanied him on his weekly visit to see Bobby and dad would bring dates, which Bobby loved, as a treat for her. Do you know, once she got out of quarantine, she never would eat a date again. We are sure it was because of the association with being in quarantine.

Shortly before Bobby was due to be released from quarantine the kennel went under lock down as they had a dog kenneled there that came down with rabies. It seems that some people came back to the UK from Africa with their dog, but on their way to the airport in Africa they found a stray dog which they picked up and decided to keep. Even though the quarantine arrangements had been for their one dog, they managed to blag their way by saying it had always been for two dogs. Well the stray they picked up turned out to be rabid and the kennels contacted the owners of all the dogs in quarantine with them to say they would all have to stay an additional 6 months. Well Richard was having none of that. He told the owner in no uncertain terms that while his dog was in quarantine she was not allowed to be in contact with any other dog, and so she should not be considered a danger as rabies can only be transmitted through bodily fluids and usually through being bitten by a rabid animal. The owner threatened to have Bobby shipped back to Tunisia or to have her put down. Richard went to his MP and Bobby was made a ward of the court so the kennel owner could take no such actions against her. Bobby was released from quarantine right on schedule. The other dog owners had been too afraid to fight the kennel owner so their dogs remained there another 6 months. (To be continued.)

Submitted 8th October 2015

It was a sad start to the week for Richard and me as we had to have our sweet, beautiful Bea euthanised. Just over 2 months ago Bea came in from being outside playing and she was holding up her right front leg and whimpering. I couldn’ t feel that anything was broken so I put her into her crate and by the next day she was walking normally again. However the day after that she was holding up that front leg again. This happened a couple of times and we decided we’ d better take her to our vet. He was convinced it was just soft tissue damage and sent her home with a painkiller. After a week Bea was no better so Richard took her back to the vet who was still convinced it was soft tissue damage and gave us a different pain killer. Again this had no effect and Bea actually became worse, going off her food. Richard took her back a third time and our vet said he would send us to a referral vet. We got an appointment with the referral vet for Monday morning and he said he would start by taking an x-ray of the leg. He rung Richard very soon after he had left Bea with the vet and told him that Bea had bone cancer. We decided to have her euthanised while she was still under the anesthetic given for the x-ray. I never thought that when Bea left the house that morning, I would never see her again and so never said a proper goodbye. Let your dogs, and family, know how much you love them every day as you never know when you might never see them again. Anacan Glory Bea 13th April 2006 - 5th October 2015.

Following on from last week, the British Ambassador invited all the expats to a party as he was sending his wife and children back to England. Recruitment posters put up by Sadam Hussain could be seen around the area. There were rumblings of what was to be the first Gulf war, but the 'official' statement was 'everything as usual'. The Ambassador 'was just sending his family home so the children wouldn’t forget their English heritage.' Richard loved living in Tunisia, but he wasn’t going to stay if war was going to break out. So he re-homed the rescued puppy and obtained a pet passport for Bobby who was about 7 months old at this time. This enabled Bobby to travel in Europe, but Richard had to make arrangements for a quarantine kennel for when he got back to England as quarantine was still in effect back then. When they arrived back in England, a member of staff from the quarantine kennel whisked Bobby away and Richard was told he couldn’t visit her for two weeks in order that the staff could 'break her tie to Richard' so she wouldn’t pine for him in kennels. This was a very long two weeks for Richard, and for Bobby. (To be continued.)

Submitted 1st October 2015

Each day the butcher walked past Richard's house in La Marsa leading that day's meat – often a cow and two sheep, or perhaps a goat. It would be freshly butchered and sold on the day. Richard could purchase 2 kg of finest steak for the equivalent of about .74p, so Richard was happy to feed lucky little 'Bobby' on best cuts of fresh meat, as well as the occasional curry. One day Richard decided to bring a bone home for 'Bobby' so he asked the butcher for one. He was given a huge thigh bone of a cow, which practically dwarfed 'Bobby' who took the gift with enthusiasm. Richard was in the house when he heard this loud 'boom, boom, boom'. He went outside to see what the noise was and he saw 'Bobby' picking up the bone and flinging it over her head against the house. 'Boom, boom, boom' and then the bone cracked open and 'Bobby' happily starting eating the marrow inside. How she knew to do this? I think dogs have more intelligence than we give them credit for.

Each day Richard was up at 3:00 am and took 'Bobby' with him down to the beach where he would meet the fishermen coming in and he would purchase the freshly caught fish, swordfish being one of the main ones, to send back to England in polystyrene 'coffins' filled with crushed ice. 'Bobby' went everywhere with him. One day Richard saw two young boys playing football with a little puppy being used as the ball. He yelled at them and picked up the puppy and took it home. The boys' father was soon knocking at his door and Richard told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't getting the puppy back and the man left. Fortunately the puppy was bruised, but had suffered no serious injuries. 'Bobby', who was about 4 months old at this time, liked the puppy and played with it and mothered it. One day Richard called 'Bobby' to come with him on his rounds as per usual when he saw 'Bobby' carrying the puppy by the scruff of the neck and placing her in a hole she had dug and covering the puppy up. Richard yelled at 'Bobby' and quickly unburied the pup. Minutes later 'Bobby' once again had the puppy by the scruff of the neck and was carrying her back to the hole so Richard quickly grabbed his camera and took a photo of then quickly rescued the puppy again. Several years later when Richard went to Israel to the first International Canaan Dog show he was talking to Myrna Shiboleth, the primary breeder of Canaan Dogs, and he told’ her this story. Myrna then told him that in the wild Canaan Dogs would often bury their puppies before going out hunting in order to keep them safe. So what 'Bobby' was doing was trying to keep that little puppy safe while she went 'hunting for fish' with Richard.

Richard had a number of fruit trees in his garden and 'Bobby would regularly sit under one and watch as the birds swooped under the tree branches. One day Richard watched 'Bobby' doing this when she suddenly jumped up and caught a bird. She gave it to the little rescue pup who shook it and basically de-feathered it and when she had done so 'Bobby' took the bird away from the pup and ate it. Richard saw her do this on several occasions and the poor little pup never caught on and never got to eat the bird herself. Who's a clever girl then? And before any of you get upset about this, remember 'Bobby' was a wild born dog with all of her instincts intact. She never killed for pleasure and always ate what she killed. When she had eaten, the bird could have flown into her mouth and she would not have eaten it. She had more sense than a lot of people. (To be continued.)

Submitted 16th September 2015

Continuing from my last set of breed notes -- One day one of Richard's Tunisian friends came to his house to tell Richard that some Bedouins he knew had travelled from Jordan to Tunisia and were camped there. He asked if Richard would like to go with him to the Bedouin encampment to meet them and Richard jumped at the opportunity. He was welcomed by the Bedouins with traditional Arab hospitality. After several visits, Richard was invited to travel with the Bedouins and Richard accepted. One evening a rogue camel came around to try and entice the Bedouins' female camels away and made a great disturbance to the camp. It was decided the camel had to be dealt with and Richard rode out with two of the men and two of the dogs from the pack that had followed them from Jordan. One of these dogs was named 'Hamadi' which means 'smiler' as he did that toothy grin some dogs do that is reminiscent of the Cheshire cat in 'Alice In Wonderland'. The men finally spotted the camel in the distance and without any discernible command from the Bedouins, the dogs proceeded forward and then lay down next to each other facing the camel. After a few minutes 'Hamadi' got up and started to make a big circle around and toward the rogue camel. When he was directly behind the camel he started charging towards him which caused the camel to run forward towards the other dog that was still lying down. Richard said the camel was almost on top of the prone dog when the dog leapt up and grabbed the camel's throat while 'Hamadi' grabbed a hind leg and brought the camel down. The two dogs quickly dispatched it.

The Bedouins were gone for a time but upon their return to Tunisia they set up camp as one of the bitches in the pack had dug a den and given birth to a litter that had been sired by 'Hamadi'. Richard went to visit them, but as they were holding a meeting to which he wasn't privy, Richard went over to look at the puppies and spent some time watching them while the meeting was going on. A few weeks later there was a knock at the door of Richard's house and when he opened it there were two of the Bedouins with a puppy. They had noticed Richard looking at the pups and thought he would like one as a gift. As it is a great insult to refuse a gift from an Arab Richard had to accept her even though he didn't really want a dog. They also gave him a big chain so Richard could chain 'Bobby' up outside as they would have done with a dog they wanted to tame. Of course Richard had no intention of doing so and fully intended to return her to the wild letting the Bedouins think she had just run off.

Now Richard could only buy English newspapers once a week when they were flown in from England, so he would buy a copy of each available English paper and make them last the week by reading a bit each day. Well on newspaper day Richard went and bought his papers as usual and he put them on the coffee table and went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee to enjoy while he read. When he returned to the front room with his coffee, he found shredded newspaper everywhere with little 'Bobby' shaking and tearing away at the paper. (The Bedouins called her something in Arabic that sounded like 'Bobby', so that is what Richard decided to call her.) In anger Richard started yelling at her and 'Bobby', who was no taller than the old glass Coke bottles at the time, drew herself up as tall as she could and growled back at him. Richard just started laughing at her bravado and that is when he fell in love with her. (To be continued.)

Submitted 10th September 2015

Apologies for lack of breed notes these past few weeks, but we have had tremendous problems with our broadband since May that culminated in us having no service at all for 5 days. This happened after 3 visits from engineers and numerous telephone calls and checks made by 'customer service'. Anyway, all seems to be well now so it is business as usual.

Entries at shows have been terribly disappointing this year, but a few of us try to keep the momentum going. At Welsh KC, Mr Martin Freeman presided over our ring for the first time in quite a while. BD & BOB was awarded to my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') with RBD going to his son, Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'), owned by Martin Moulding. BB was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe') with RBB & BP awarded to Izzy's daughter, Anacan Dark Side of the Moon ('Luna'). This was 'Luna's' last show with classes in which she could be entered as a puppy as she will be a year old on the 11th September.

As not that much is happening at the moment, I thought I would regale you with some stories about 'Bobby' (Minto's Libyan Jewel, Imp), Richard's first Canaan Dog who was wild born. But first I need to give you a bit of background information. In 1987, long before I met him, Richard went to work for a company that was an importer/exporter of fresh fish. He was sent to Tunisia by the company to set up and manage the business there, exportig fresh Mediterranean fish back to England for consumption in the restaurants within 24 hours of being caught. Richard decided that instead of living with all the expats in Tunisia, he rather live amongst the people who he would be working with. So he found a house to rent in La Marsa, which is not terribly far from Sousse. The government of Tunisia set a minimum wage that foreign businesses were to pay native Tunisians, but Richard's company thought it was too low and offered potential employees the equivalent of £60/month. Richard had no problem in getting applicants for the jobs, so that tells you a lot about the cost of living over there. On a modest English wage, Richard was considered wealthy by some of his employees as he could rent a big house and afford a cleaner. He got to know many of the expats as the British Ambassador always held a party to introduce new expats to the others, and he also became very friendly with some of the Tunisians who worked for him. And it is through one of these friendships that 'Bobby' came into his life. (To be continued.)

Submitted 20th August 2015

I have had some worrying news from a family that has 2 of my Canaan Dogs. One of the girls had been unwell and showed lameness. The vet said she had arthritis and did some tests which showed positive for Lyme Disease. Some more tests were run and the latest news is that she had a false positive for Lyme Disease so that's now been ruled out. She's now tested positive for Leishmania, which she would have picked up when the family and the dogs went to the south of France three years ago. They're checking with samples drawn from her lymph nodes and her joints. The vet seems to feel positive that this is treatable, as long as the dog hasn't got any kidney failure (currently, they're fine). This is quite frightening.

For those of you not acquainted with this disease, which I think would be most of us, I quote from PetMD. "Leishmaniasis, the medical term used for the diseased condition that is brought about by the protozoan parasite Leishmania, can be categorized by two types of diseases in dogs: a cutaneous (skin) reaction and a visceral (abdominal organ) reaction -- also known as black fever, the most severe form of leishmaniasis.The infection is acquired when sandflies transmit the flagellated parasites into the skin of a host. The incubation period from infection to symptoms is generally between one month to several years. In dogs, it invariably spreads throughout the body to most organs; renal (kidney) failure is the most common cause of death, and virtually all infected dogs develop visceral or systemic disease. As much as 90 percent of infected dogs will also have skin involvement. There is no age, gender, or breed predilection; however, males are more likely to have a visceral reaction.The main organ systems affected are the skin, kidneys, spleen, liver, eyes, and joints. There is also commonly a skin reaction, with lesions on the skin, and hair loss. There is marked tendency to hemorrhage."

At the moment the dog has her bad days and her good days, but this disease can be contagious. I remember when I went to a dog health seminar given by the KC shortly after Pet Passports came into effect and the vet speaker said that Leishmania was one of the diseases vets were more worried about being brought into the country than rabiesI was one of the people who were happy when the Pet Passport came into effect, but I am now having second thoughts. . I think before you take your pet abroad, you might want to think twice as you may bring back more than you bargained for.

Submitted 6th August 2015

Once again Richard had to go solo to the Paignton show where judge, Shaun Watson, drew an entry of 5, with all present. BD & BOB was awarded to my Anacan Issachar. We had a delightful surprise when our 'Luna' (Anacan Dark Side of the Moon) won BP & BB. RBB went to our Anacan Glory Road. It would have been nice though if Mr Watson showed more interest in this judging assignment. Canaan Dog exhibitors have to travel long distances to support their classes and, in this case, take time off work to attend as judging was on a Tuesday. Please, if you have no interest in our breed, or at least cannot feign interest in it, do not accept a judging assignment for Canaan Dogs.

We send condolences to Lorna (Hastings) Menaker who had to say goodbye to her 'Simi' (BIS, BISS, FCI International Champion, World Winner 2003, European Winner, German Ch. Belgium Ch. Dutch Ch. Luxembourg Ch. Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna ShCM. 'Simi' was the first UK bred FCI WW and Int. Ch when Pet Passports became available in the 2000 and he enjoyed an excellent show ring career. He was bred by Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye and sired by my Anacan Masterpiece out of their Babrees Bat Benyas At Nizzana. Run free now 'Simi' – 17th June 2001 – 5th August 2015.

Submitted 30th July 2015

Richard and I had to say our final goodbye to our lovely 'Tara' (Anacan Simply Irresistible) on 21st July. She was 14 years 4 mos. of age. Tara was lightly shown in her earlier years and did quite well winning one BOB during her show career. Tara won many people over to the breed being used as a Discover Dogs dog as she was friendly and her lovely white and red coat was so eye catching. She produced some wonderful puppies for us, amongst them our 'Monkey' (Anacan Dressed For Success), Barbara & Patrick Gold's 'Rosie' (Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia), and Anacan Beit Shemesh ('Sunny' ) who resides with Donna & Jackie Davison in the USA. It is always hard to say goodbye to our beloved dogs, but it's harder to do so for some than others. 'Tara' was the last of our dogs that went directly back to our original 'greats'. Her sire was our wonderful Anacan Ziggy and her dam was Anacan Sheindela, who was a 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) daughter. RIP dear Tara.

We have set up a page of Facebook called Canaan Dog Health which is opened to all Canaan Dog owners. The page was set up to explore people's views and practice with regard to health issues, particularly relating to appropriate diet and vaccinations. We hope Canaan Dog owners will discuss the rise in auto immune diseases in dogs, with Canaans being similarly affected. We'd also like to know more about the causes of any premature deaths as well as how to best protect and maximise the health of Canaan Dogs. All are invited to share their concerns and experiences and any knowledge gained by them so we all can do the best we can for our Canaan Dogs from birth to death. It is hoped that in a social media forum owners will feel free to bring to our attention and discuss any health problems that may crop up in their own dogs.

Submitted 23rd July 2015

East of England is our closest championship show, so most years I enter a couple of my Tibetan Spaniels and enter a Canaan Dog or two in AVNSC Utility. This year Richard and I decided to have our not quite 7-month old Canaan Dog bitch 'Dawn' (Anacan Bring The Dawn) make her ring debut at this show and also were able to talk Peter (better known as PJ) and Maddy Mills into entering 'Dawn's' litter brother, 'Samson' (Anacan Super Samson) under judge Mr T. Ball (Kaitak). There were absentees in both the PB & PD classes resulting in 'Dawn' & 'Samson' being stand alone entries in their respective classes, but it was still ring experience for the youngsters and they both have now qualified for next year's Crufts. You can imagine our delight when 'Dawn' went on to win BP and then RBB over an adult Eurasier and an adult Japanese Akita Inu. We are hopeful that this was just a start to a successful show ring career for her and with a bit more experience for both dog and handler, for 'Samson' as well

. The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's annual Fun Day held on Sunday 19th July once again took place in the Minto's field. After a beautiful Saturday weather-wise, you can imagine our reaction when we woke up to rain on the Sunday. However, it did stop by mid-morning and the sun was out and stayed out for the rest of the day! We had a very good attendance this year with people coming from Epsom and Crawley, Leicester, Kingston-Upon-Thames and East Yorkshire as well as more locally. 23 people and 10 Canaan Dogs took part. Richard was in charge of barbecuing the chicken and sausages and everyone brought a dish to share. The table was groaning under the weight of all the food and we had a wonderful selection of prizes on our raffle table. We played a number of games with the dogs, such as musical mats, an egg and spoon race and bobbing for sausages, and we had a quiz and a treasure hunt to give people a chance to relax. The fancy dress is always a highlight and this year we had 5 entries for the 'Superheroes' theme. Staying up until almost midnight making a costume for my 'Misha' the night before paid off as she came first in her Wonder Woman costume. Second place went to the Young's 'Harley' (Anacan Gideon) who came as Captain America. It was a very good day and I would like to thank PJ & Maddy Mills for all their hard work in helping us set up the gazebos, etc for the day and to Patrick & Barbara Gold for all their help in getting everything packed up and put away at the end of the day.

Submitted 8th July 2015

I know it's been awhile since I last wrote for this column, but lack of news plus big problems with my broadband – the bane to rural life - were to blame. BT has finally sorted the broadband out (hurray) and I thought that I would relate a couple of anecdotes on Canaan Dog behaviour you might find of interest. Debi Cloes (USA) wrote the following: "One of my worst fears, Rex found a large rattle snake in the rocks in the yard. He was really amazing, I was watching the dogs from the window and they began acting very strange. Rex would rear up and then pounce down on the rocks with great force, then Jessie did the same. I ran outside and then the loud rattle began. Rex was successful at getting the snake outside the fence, but the snake was angry and began striking through the fence. The dogs kept their distance, but continued to move the rocks. Luckily Gordon (her husband) was home and was able to destroy the snake. Rex was relentless as even after it had been shot, he would not leave his position, even when the shot was fired, he never flinched. What a scary event. I have seen both dogs catch a large king snake and shake them like crazy until I do the old pull tail to get them away. I found it most interesting that they knew to stay at a distance from the rattler." When I still lived in upstate New York I saw one of my Canaan Dogs kill a snake by tossing it up in the air and catching it just behind the head with a whiplash inducing motion that dispatched the snake neatly. As there are poisonous snakes in the area of the breed's origin, this snake-killing instinct comes in handy. Amanda Pough (New York) wrote: "I remember Debi telling me that when her Canaan 'Jessie' was a wee babe, her then other Canaan Dog, 'Buzz' (now residing over the rainbow bridge) would body check and drag 'Jessie' away from snakes and other dangerous wildlife." She continued, "It's amazing what dogs teach each other. When my 'Peter' was a baby, the neighbour's horse paddock bounded our dog fence. 'Tux' strongly felt 'Peter' shouldn't get too near these weird beasts and would herd 'Peter' back from the fence. It was only after 'Tux' died that I realized that adult 'Peter' worked the same boundary line and would keep 'Ida' and the pups back from the fence the same way 'Tux' had done with him."

Peter & Maddy Mills proudly told me that their 'Samson' (Anacan Super Samson) 6-1/2 mos old, earned his KC Good Citizen Dog Puppy Award and is now working towards bronze. Peter & Maddy are good examples of how first time dog owners can be great Canaan Dog owners. They did their research, met as many Canaan Dogs as they could, joined Cinnamon Trust and became dog walkers for an invalid woman through the Trust and did so to make sure they, or I should say Peter, would be happy to walk a dog in all kinds of weather. Not only did Peter happily walk little 'Gemma' (a terrier cross), he actually trained her to walk at heel and to sit before crossing a road. Peter & Maddy looked into dog training classes and even took a doggie first-aid course. So they were well prepared to welcome Samson into their lives when the time came. They are the type of dog owners you wish you could clone. They will be taking Samson to his first show, East of England, this week and Richard & I will be there as well with Samson's litter sister, Dawn, to help Maddy, who will be handling, in the hopes that they will enjoy their venture into the show ring enough to continue to show from time-to-time. Fingers crossed!

Submitted 28th May 2015

I cannot remember when the grounds of Three Shires Filed were so lovely and dry as they were for this year's Bath show. It certainly made keeping the dogs clean easier and also made for a more enjoyable day. Richard Kinsey presided over the Canaan Dog ring this year, drawing an entry of 6 with 1 absentee. He found his BD & BOB in Julie Hughes' Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras') with RBD going to Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'). BB & BOS was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe') and BP & RBB went to my Anacan Dark Side of the Moon ('Luna'). I had a nice surprise when Margaret Maxwell and adult son, David, showed up at our benches. Margaret & husband, Ian, had a Canaan Dog from us, Anacan Mona Lisa, which they called 'Dodi'. 'Dodi' passed away 3 weeks ago and has left a big hole in the family's hearts. While Margaret & David decided to come to the Bath show, which is virtually on their doorstep, in hopes of seeing some Canaan Dogs, not knowing Richard & I would be there, husband, Ian, stayed at home as he is still grieving and was afraid seeing some Canaans would upset him too much. Margaret said they would definitely be having another Canaan Dog as she could not see owning any other breed, but they still need time to grieve before getting another. 'Dodi' had a wonderful life with the Maxwells, including travelling abroad with them for their holidays. Ian was not a 'dog person' when they got 'Dodi', but he is the one taking her passing the hardest. These dogs really know how to work their way into your heart.

Condolences are also sent to Barbara & Patrick Gold who recently lost their 'Athtar' who died of natural causes at age 15-1/2 years. Barbara had entered her 'Rosie' at Bath, but just was not up to coming after losing their beloved family member. Richard spoke to Patrick on the phone after I told him about 'Athtar's' passing and Patrick told him the strangest thing. 'Athtar' had one ear that never went fully up during his lifetime, but upon his death, this ear went up. Patrick wanted to take a photo of him for a keepsake and he tried to fold the ear back down, but it kept going up, fully pricked. I never heard of something like this happening before, but would be interested in hearing from any of you who have experienced something similar.

Submitted 20th May 2015

Richard took the long trek to the Royal Highland Showgrounds with 3 of our crew – Izzy, Phoebe & Luna – which, disappointingly, comprised the entire entry this year. The judge, Mr R A Rowe awarded BOB to Phoebe (Anacan Glory Road) with Luna (Anacan Dark Side of the Moon) coming home with another BP award. Poor Richard didn't arrive home until 1:30 am, completely exhausted.

The next day Redditch & District Canine Society had classes for the breed at their open show. We didn't enter for obvious reasons (see above), but the Anacan Canaans Dogs were well-represented as the judge, Sue Parkin-Russell awarded BD & BOB to Julie Hughes' Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras') and BB to Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'). Mrs Parkin-Russell also judged the Utility Group and Julie was over the moon when 'Tiras' was awarded Group 1! I was thrilled to hear this as wins like this help to raise the breed's profile greatly. Congratulations and thank you Julie & Tiras!

Peter & Maddy Mills were a bit concerned that their puppy, Samson (Anacan Super Samson), was wolfing down his food too quickly – a leftover habit from the time he was in competition with his littermates at meal time. So they went out and bought one of those slow-feed bowls, you – know the ones with all the extra raised bits to make it difficult to gulp the food. Well the first time they put Samson's food in his new bowl he looked at it and slowly picked his food out from the crevasses in the bowl. The next time they gave him his meal in this new bowl, Samson looked at it, picked it up in his mouth, turned it over and dumped the food out and proceeded to gobble the food up. It is pretty tough to outsmart a Canaan Dog, even when they are puppies.

Submitted 13th May 2015

Our new kennel sitter, Jacob, seems to be working out all right, so I hope to be able to attend more shows this year. I was delighted to be able to get to The National, always one of my favourites. Our judge, Mr Keith Nathan, is no stranger to the breed, but he has not judged Canaan Dogs since his Crufts assignment in 2007, so all the dogs were new to him. Mr Nathan drew a credible entry of 10, but there were 4 absentees, all belonging to one exhibitor. His choice for BD & BOB was my Anacan Issachar with RBD going to Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh. BB was my Anacan Glory Road, RBB & BV went to Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, and BP was my Anacan Dark Side of the Moon. I think a bit of breed history was made on the day as we had our BOB, our BV and our BP all in their respective group rings being judged simultaneously. It would have been even nicer of any of us placed or were even short-listed, but at least the breed made its presence known for all the right reasons.

Submitted 22nd April 2015

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 15th Annual Single-Breed Open Show this past Sunday, 19th April at the excellent venue of Stanground Community Centre in Peterborough. The judge was Mr Ken Bartlett (Dwilencia), a long-time friend of the breed. He was joined in the ring by Mrs Christine Owen, likewise a long-time breed supporter, who stewarded for him. Mr Barlett drew an entry of 16 dogs with 2 absentees. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed which helped bring out the best in the exhibits.

BD, BV and BIS was awarded to my Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA). RBD went to Hayyim's son, Anacan Issachar (Izzy). BB, BOS and RBIS was my Anacan Glory Road (Phoebe), a Hayyim daughter. BPIS and RBB was Izzy's 7-mo old daughter Anacan Dark Side of the Moon (Luna). I'm awaiting photos as Richard's work colleague, Dave Sands, said he took 500 photos on the day. Surely some of them should be good and I'll post them up on FB and the Club's website, www.canaandogclub.co.uk.

We had a very nice raffle table this year with one special item I so wanted, a cushion with an appliqued Canaan Dog on it made and donated by Julie Hughes. (Tantrum Stuff, www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Tantrumstuff). I bought £5 worth of tickets hoping for the best but expecting nothing, and lo and behold I won the cushion. I was especially happy because the Canaan Dog on it was black & white like my Izzy. I shall treasure it.

Canaan Dog Cushion
My Canaan Dog cushion.

It was a nice surprise to see the Young family, Jeremy, Mel & Rossina, at the club show. They had entered their almost 2 year old Canaan, Anacan Gideon (call name 'Harley') without me knowing. This was the first time I've seen lovely red boy in the flesh (they have sent a number of photos) since he left me at 8 wks of age. Harley won the Beginners class and the Young's were thrilled to receive a trophy. I just hope this small win may have given them 'the bug' and that may continue to show, at least occasionally. Peter & Maddy Mills were there as spectators with their 4-mo old boy, Anacan Super Samson entered as NFC. They have been doing an extremely good job with their young boy as he was very well-behaved, greeting people and dogs alike and he even laid quietly in his crate during the very interesting Dog Law seminar given after the show by Trevor Cooper, (solicitor) of Cooper & Co. Everyone said they had enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to next year's show.

Submitted 9th April 2015

Richard was speaking on the phone the other day to Martin Moulding, owner of 'Moshe' (Anacan Abu Ghosh), and Martin related this story to him. He said he had started taking Moshe on a new walk where he could let him run loose in an area with a river running through it and bridges crossing the river in several places. When walking there one day he noticed some sheep on the other side of the river that had not been there before. Then he spotted Moshe, who had gone across one or the bridges and was approaching the sheep. Martin started to panic then he saw that Moshe was running on either side of the sheep, not attacking them as Martin feared, but was herding them into a group and then forward until they reached a hole in the fence through which the sheep had most likely escaped. Once Moshe had herded all the sheep back through the hole, he went back to Martin. This happened on another occasion as well. Moshe has had no training for herding, but he obviously has the herding instinct. Back in the USA a number of Canaan owners have had their dogs tested for herding instinct and then gone on to do some herding training. Unfortunately, this has never been tried in this country or, to my knowledge, any place in Europe. I certainly think it would make an interesting study to find out how many of our Canaans have this herding instinct.

Mr Ken Bartlett had drawn an entry of 16 Canaan Dogs for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's annual Single-Breed Open Show being held on Sunday 19th April. Spectators are welcome and details can be found on the Club's website Upcoming Events page www.canaandogclub.co.uk/upcoming.htm.

Submitted 2nd April 2015

I've read reports on Facebook from various people who attended the International Canaan Dog Seminar in Israel. For many it was a first visit and it seems they all fell in love with the country and the people. The seminar was of great interest and well-received. A trip out to the desert and to some Bedouin camps was very exciting, but a highlight was the finding of some apparent Canaan Dog puppies in the foliage. Myrna Shiboleth took home a little bitch from the litter, white with a red patch above her tail and red on her head. From the photos posted I would guess the puppy to be around 4-5 weeks old. When she is old enough she will go through what is called 'miun', or literally 'sorting'. I have mentioned this process in these breed notes before.This 'sorting' can only be done by the Israel KC. In this process to be registered in the Israeli Studbook, a dog must fulfill two requirements - it must be judged by a licensed judge of the breed as being at least 'Very Good' according to the breed standard. It must then be bred to a fully pedigreed and proven Canaan, and the offspring are then judged for their apparent purity and conformity to type. Judging of wild-born dogs and of their offspring can only is done when they have attained a minimum of nine months of age. They then can be added to the genepool and shared with the rest of the Canaan Dog world. So it will be interesting to find out in the future if this little bitch is indeed considered a Canaan Dog.

I received an email from Steve Bennett, appointments Secretary/Chairman of the Redditch Canine Society in which he says, "We have the Canaan Dog again scheduled at the Redditch Canine Open Show on Saturday 16th May 2015, at The Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, nr Coventry. Every Rare Breed is scheduled as well as 10 classes for all Import Register breeds. This is the first time I believe a show for all National Rare and Import Register breeds will happen." Entries can be made on line with Fosse data, or schedules can also be obtained from the Secretary, Pam Jameson, Banks Green House, Banks Green, Upper Bentley, nr Redditch B97 5SU, Tel: 01527 545552. E- Mail: pam.jameson@gmx.co.uk.

I just wish this show was not on the same weekend as SKC, which also offers classes for Canaan Dogs. Richard and I are unable to go to both shows, but I hope that Redditch does get a good Canaan Dog entry.

Submitted 12th March 2015

Apologies for the lack of breed notes for the past couple of weeks. I was absolutely gutted that I could not attend Crufts this year as we still have not found another kennel sitter. This was the first time in 20 years that I missed going. However, Richard took our 3 entries for me setting off at 6:30 am. He then had to struggle on his own to get the crates, gear and dogs from the car park into the NEC and was knackered by the time he did all this. However, he had plenty of time to recover as the Canaan Dogs were very late going into the ring. They had already called for all Utility BOB's to get to the collecting ring before our breed classes had even started being judged. Richard said there were several empty rings available yet they were not allowed to use them. I cannot understand why the KC doesn't let a breed be moved to an empty ring when judges in their assigned ring hugely overrun their time resulting in the CD BOB having to literally run from the breed ring to the collecting ring, with no time for a drink or a toilet break for either dog or handler.

Richard told me the atmosphere around the benches and in the ring was very pleasant and despite all the hassle of getting there and having to wait so long, he actually enjoyed himself. This year the breed judge was Mr Chris Quantrill (Seejaycue), who drew an entry of 9 which included one Israeli entry who was BOB at Crufts in 2012. There were 2 absentees - both dogs the same owners. BD & RBOB was my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy). RBD was Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'), who is an Izzy son. BB & BOB went to my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe') who is from a repeat of the breeding that produced Izzy. RBB was the 9yr old veteran, Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie') owned by Patrick & Barbara Gold. I was waiting and waiting to hear the results and kept looking on the Fosse Data show results site when at approximately 17:20 the results popped up causing me to let out a scream of excitement. I didn't get to speak to Richard until after the group judging, which I watched on the Crufts website. He was thrilled that Phoebe behaved so well in the big ring as we are always conscious that whichever Canaan Dog is shown on the telly is a representative for the breed. So despite not being able to be there myself, I had a great day and from what I understand, so did the other exhibitors and that is what it's all about.

Submitted 19th February 2015

Whether it was due to cost or to the terrible weather they've been having back home in the States, there were only two Canaan Dogs entered at the Westminster KC show on 16th February, with only one actually being present. Though standing solo in the ring under Judge, Ms. Linda Robey, GCH Rivroc Onto Somethin Bsnatch Rosndog, owned by mother and son, Christina & Ethan Miller, was a worthy winner. 'Cayman' didn't place in the Herding Group ring under Judge Mr. Klaus Anselm, but he did represent the breed well. Congratulations.

You can now read about the Canaan Dog on DOG WORLD's new webpage on points of the breeds. www.dogworld.co.uk/productphp/130269/

Submitted 5th February 2015

Myrna Shiboleth informs us of an International Canaan Dog Conference to be held in Israel with events taking place from Thursday 19th March 2015 - Tuesday 24th March 2015. The schedule is as follows: Thursday 19th March - Arrival; Friday 20th March - International Canaan Dog Seminar Lecture 1:"The Importance of the Primitive Dogs, and especially the Canaan to the FCI and the International Dog World", Professor Zeev Trainin, President of the FCI Scientific Commission, former president of the Israel Kennel Club, all breed judge. Lecture 2: PARIAHS OF THE DESERTS, AND SEMI-ARAD LANDS, NORTH AND SOUTH. Comparing the Canaan Dog with the pariahs of southern Africa. Sian Michelle Hall, special guest lecturer from South Africa Lecture 4: Panel Discussion: What future do we see for the Canaan Dog? Saturday 21st March - Canaan Dog Specialty Show; judge, Agnes Kertes Ganami. Sunday 22nd March - In the Pawprints of the Canaan Dog - A Tour Through the Desert, to see the natural areas where the Canaan dog developed and is still found today. Lunch in a Bedouin camp, with the chance to become acquainted with their lifestyle and culture and relations with dogs. Visits to famous sites in the area - Dead Sea, Ein Gedi. Monday 23rd March - We will be leaving Hatzevah and the bus will take us through more fascinating scenery and historical areas on our way to Jerusalem. We will have a half day to tour Jerusalem, and the historical sites. Tuesday 24th March - Participants will return home, with many happy memories! For pricing and more information, go to www.icdb.org.il

Submitted 29th January 2015

Mr Ernie Paterson was our judge at the Manchester show this year. He drew an entry of 7 Canaans with 3 absentees. With Richard handling while I held down the fort at home, BD & BOB was awarded to my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') with BB going to his younger sister, Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe'). BV went to Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'). I hope the quality of his entry made up for the lack of numbers for Mr Paterson.

This year the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's Single-Breed Open Show will be held on Sunday, 19th April 2015 at Stanground Community Centre, Peterborough. The judge will be Mr Ken Bartlett (Dwilencia). Trying something different this year, judging will commence at 10:00 am and the show will be followed by a Dog Law Seminar, given by Mr Trevor Cooper, starting at 2:00 pm. There is no fee for spectators at the show, though it is hoped you will buy some raffle tickets, so all are welcome to come watch and cheer for your favorite Canaan Dogs. The fee for the Dog Law Seminar is £20 per person and it is money well spent. For tickets, contact Mr Nik Starmer-Smith at Doglaw Ltd, Tel: 01227 469603 or email Nik Starmer-Smith.

Submitted 7th January 2015

A very belated Happy New Year to all my readers. There was an entry of 6 Canaan Dogs at BUBA for judge, Peter Jolley, but due to the sad demise of two of their exhibits a few weeks prior to the show, as reported in my last set of breed notes, Anne Barclay and Alison Byrne did not feel up to bringing their youngster, Winnie. This left Mr Jolley with only my 3 entries which Richard took to the show for me. This is the first time I missed BUBA since I started showing in this country, but I had to remain at home due to lack of a kennel sitter. Mr Jolley awarded BD amp; BOB to our Anacan Issachar and BB to his younger (by a year) sister, our 'Phoebe' (Anacan Glory Road), with our 'Ami' (Chancos Charmani at Anacan, Imp Swe) getting RBB. Barbara Gold was kind enough to help Richard out in the challenge, so thank you Barbara and thank you Mr Jolley.

For those of us stuck in the Rare Breed category, winning the various competitions sponsored by DOG WORLD and others are all we can hope to attain. I was very pleased with the competition results for 2014 as follows: Top Canaan Dog - Anacan Issachar ('Izzy'); Top Canaan Dog Puppy - Anacan Divina Divine (an Izzy daughter); Top Canaan Dog Stud Dog - Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim for Anacan, Imp USA (Izzy's sire); Top Canaan Dog Brood Bitch - Anacan Glory Bea (Izzy's Dam); and Top Canaan Dog Breeder - Mrs Ellen Minto (for the 5th year running). I'd like to thank the judges who thought so well of my dogs and most of all Richard for his major part in making it all happen since I can no longer run around the ring with the dogs.

Anne Barclay, Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye have imported a new black & white 7 month old puppy dog from Israel, 'Ben', and we look forward to seeing him in the ring soon. It is always good news to hear of a new line being brought into the UK to expand our genepool. Here's hoping that there will be a few more new faces at the shows during 2015 and we see our entries start to grow again.

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