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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2016

(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited. )

Submitted 7th December 2016

The Nordic show was the first show to put on classes for Canaan Dogs in the UK so we do try to support it. This year’s judge was Mrs Barbara Gold (Amicitia), a long-time Canaan Dog owner, and she drew a respectable entry of 6 dogs with all present. BOB was my Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol) from the Jr class. RBOB went to my 'Astor' (Anacan Talia My Treasure) and BP went to Martin Moulding’s Norwegian import bitch, Torefjell’s Rubin TAF ('Rubi').

BUBA is the last show of the year with classes for the breed and judge, Mrs Christine Owen drew a very nice entry of 9, again all present. BD was Julie Hughes’s Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras') with my Caiser taking RBD. BB & BOB was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe') with my 'Astor' awarded RBB. Martin’s lovely 'Rubi' was once again BP. Afterwards at the benches we sat around drinking Bucks Fizz and eating mince pies to celebrate Christmas and the end of our show year. It was lovely- like the old days - the way it should be. Friends competing in the ring and enjoying each other’s company outside the ring. I’m hopeful 2017 will see lots more of this camaraderie.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom is updating their Judges’ List. If you are currently on the list and have had a change of contact details, please let them know. Email: cdc@canaandogclub.co.uk Thank you.

Submitted 11th October 2016

A fewmonths back I told you about Myrna Shiboleth’s upcoming eviction from her home of 46 years in Shaar Hagai, Israel. Well Myrna did have to leave the premises and go into rented accommodation for a short time. Then on the 2nd November she made a move to Tordenaso, Italy. I understand she is sharing the house with Italian breeder, Isabella Zirri, who also vacated her former premises. Myrna is moving 14 of her dogs to Italy - 4 were already there and she will be bringing 3 more over next month. As Myrna also has Rough Collies, I’m not sure how many of each breed she was shipping to her new home, but she told me she would be in touch with me after she has had time to settle in. Moving house at the best of times is hard work and especially when you have a number of dogs. The logistics can be a nightmare. Moving to a new country with all the dogs is even more of a challenge. We wish Myrna lots of happiness in her new home country, but sadly for the breed, it may be an end to new dogs being brought in from the wild and into our genepool.

Submitted 27th October 2016

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom once again had a booth at the KC Discover Dogs at the Excel Centre on the 22nd amp;& 23rd October, I believe for the 19th year in a row. Martin Moulding and his 'Moshe', along with Julie Hughes and her 'Tiras' were there on the Saturday to let people meet a Canaan Dog, most likely for the first time, and to answer all their questions. Richard Minto and his 'Max' and Peter & Maddy Mills with their 'Samso'’ did the honours on the Sunday. 'Max', in particular, has become a firm favourite with the Discover Dogs attendees, with several coming to meet him again year after year. We are pleased with how impeccably behaved all the dogs on the stand were and are grateful for the time their owners give to help promote this wonderful breed.

Besides being on the stand for both KC Discover Dogs events in October and again in March at Crufts, the breed has a stand at both the London Pet Show, held in May at Excel, and the National Pet Show being held on the 5th & 6th of November in Hall 1 of the NEC. So if you missed meeting the dogs this month, you have another opportunity to do so in November - and there are all kinds of other pet animals to see there as well. As a point of interest, the organizers of the London Pet Show and the National Pet Show have informed us that these events have recently been purchased by Noel Fitzpatrick, aka 'Supervet', so it should be a 'super event'.

Submitted 13th October 2016

It was lovely to see Julie Hughes and her 'Tiras' (Anacan Future Legend) at SWKA. Julie’s busy schedule precludes her from attending many shows these days. Our judge, Mr Tom Mather, who has judged Canaan Dogs many times over the last decade or so, is always a pleasure to go under as he is very good with the dogs. He had an entry of 4 and awarded BD & BOB to my 'Caiser’'(Caiser Samorodok at Anacan, Imp) who had just turned 1 year of age the day before the show. RBD was Julie’s 'Tiras' and BB was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe').

It is a shame that at the 8 shows previous to SWKA, critiques have been submitted for only 4 of them. A couple of those judges were not very Canaan-friendly, so I may not actually want to read what they would have written, but it is a requisite of the KC to submit critiques after a judging assignment. Once again our breed is being treated as second-class dogs.

The Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc held its annual National Specialty in New York State on Thursday 27th September. I had been asked to judge Puppy Sweeps but was unable to accept, so Lorna Hastings Mennaker was asked to do the honours. The regular conformation classed were judged by Miss Amanda Pough. I do not have all the results or list of owners names as they haven’t yet been published by the club, but I do have the names of the winning dogs for the regular classes as follows: Winners Dog - Katikva Tk Kismet Magnificent Thor; Winners Bitch- Serenity Lane What Do You Say; Res WB - Relic's Chalom Na'im Halcyan; Res WD - OH GCH Blue Sky Deserstar Orion The Hunter BN, RA; BOB - CH Jaykay Richelieu Rules; Best of Winners - Katikva TK Kismet Magnificent Thor; BOS --GCH Caliente Gale Force Winds; Select Dog - GCH Sufat Sheleg Jasper Dunhan BN, RN, CGCA; Select Bitch - CH Jezebelle; Award of Merit - GCH Pleasant Hill Avram Of Carters Creek; Best Bred-by Exhibitor - Serenity Lane Be Kind To My Heart; Best Veteran - Serenity Lane Action Jackson. Congratulations to all the winners, their owners and their breeders.

Submitted 29th September 2016

Darlington championship show is always so well run and organised, so Richard and I were very disappointed that not only did we not get into the ring anytime near the 12:45 slot printed in the judging schedule, but around 3:00 pm it was announced that Canaan Dogs would be judged in a different ring than scheduled and we were to get there 'immediately'. Usually judging for a breed is announced at least 10 minutes before start of the judging, but we weren’t given any notice and had to go running from our bench near the originally designated ring to the new one. There were only 3 Canaan Dogs entered at the Darlington show under judge, Mrs Brenda Banbury, and all 3 are owned by me, so I guess we were not considered important enough to be given the courtesy of at least a few minutes warning of the change of ring. BD & BOB was awarded to my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy'), handled by Richard, with RBD & BP going to my Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp), handled by me. My'‘Phoebe' (Anacan Glory Road), also handled by Richard, was BB. It is so disappointing that this year at so many of the shows with classes for the breed Richard and I were the only ones in attendance.

Martin Moulding is over the moon with his new bitch puppy, import, 'Zivah' (I don’t know her registered name yet) and he will be getting her into the ring, along with his dog, 'Moshe' (Anacan Abu Ghosh) as soon as she comes of age. I understand Alison Byrne is getting a new puppy from Laurence Aries in France and the puppy will be arriving sometime in November. Hopefully it will also be shown. So I am anticipating better number of entries in 2017.

Richard and our 'Phoebe' completed their segment of the walk with Pedigree Dogs Unite raising £273.75, which includes gift aid. It was asked that each breed raise at least £150 in sponsorship, so we are very pleased with the amount raised, especially considering what a numerically small breed we have. Each segment of the walk was supposed to be 5 miles, but there was a miscalculation on the distance of the walk Richard & 'Phoebe' did and they actually walked 9 miles, plus a mile from the car park to the starting point. Richard was a bit knackered at the end, as it was a hot day, but Gavin Robertson commented that 'Phoebe' looked like she could easily do it all again and she was definitely 'fit for purpose'.

Submitted 1st September 2016

In April the American Kennel Club (AKC) adopted changes to its Canine Legislation Position Statements related to spaying and neutering. "The AKC Board of Directors, when considering the changes, took into account recent scientific studies that found that sterilizing a dog, particularly before it has fully matured, can lead to significant future health issues, including several types of cancer, hip dysplasia, ligament damage, chronic incontinence, and shorter lifespans. Because many factors should be considered by owners before their pets endure major sterilization surgery, the AKC believes that important health care decisions should be made on an individual basis by the owner of a dog in conjunction with his or her veterinarian."

"Now, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has created a new online resource to help veterinarians re-examine the medical and societal risks and benefits of individual pet sterilization. The Elective Spaying and Neutering of Pets website also provides continuing veterinary education videos on elective spaying and neutering and other resources to assist practitioners and their clients in determining best courses of action for pets". I would love for our KC to take the same position.

There have been a number of studies on this subject in recent years which have all drawn the same conclusion, and so I have in my sales agreement, for a number of years now, that the purchaser agrees to not spay/neuter their dog before 12 months of age, if at all. The oestrogen and testosterone produced in a bitch or a dog respectively, are important to proper growth and development - mentally as well as physically. I know from my experience with working for a vet that spaying a bitch that has not yet come into season is far easier for the vet, but that does not make it a better option for the dog concerned. I also feel that the people responsible enough to have their pets sterilised at a young age at the vet’s suggestion are not the people who would ever let their dogs roam and get bred willy nilly in any case. I used to always neuter any of my dogs - male or female - that I was no longer using for breeding and it seemed to me that the dog aged quicker after neutering. A breeder friend of mine in the US said she found the same thing to be true. I’d love to hear from any of my readers what their experiences with neutering have been.

Submitted 25th August 2016

Richard &I were very fortunate both with the weather and traffic (or lack of) both on the long journey to WKC and back home again. Our judge, Mr Ernie Patterson, drew an entry of 6 with 2 absentees. BD & BOB was awarded to our 'Izzy' (Anacan Issachar), BB was our 'Phoebe' (Anacan Glory Road) with BP & RBD going to our 10-1/2 month old 'Caiser' (Caiser Samorodok at Anacan). Thank you Mr Patterson.

Richard and our 'Phoebe' will be the Canaan Dog representatives for the Pedigree Dogs Unite walk on Monday, 12th September. Sponsorship would be greatly appreciated. You can sponsor Richard & ' Phoebe' by going to his Virgin Fundraising page http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=Anacan&isTeam The money is going to 7 great charities and any amount you can donate would be most welcomed.

Martin Moulding’s new puppy bitch from Norwaywill be arriving at Heathrow on the Bank Holiday Monday and he is eagerly looking forward to adding a second Canaan Dog to his household. 'Zivah', as she will be called, looks a lovely puppy in her photos and Martin will be showing her - he already has all her training classes organised! This is wonderful news as, hopefully, we slowly bring our numbers in the ring back up.

Submitted 10th August 2016

The Israel Canaan Dog Club of America held its 23rd national specialty Friday, July 22, 2016 at Eagle Ranch Resort, Collins, Missouri. The club flew Myrna Shiboleth over from Israel to judge the event under UKC rules. She drew an entry of 35 dogs for 45 entries. Best Male & Best of Winners came from the Breeder/Handler class - Jo-Clem Fire Defies the Sun, owned by Julie & Daniel Haddy. Res Best Male was Pleasant Hill Avram owned by Cynthia Dodson & David Golden who came from the Junior Males (1 year & under 2 years) class. Out of the Breeder/Handler Females class came the Best Female Cherrysh Jewel of the Angels, owned by Cheryl Hennings with Res Best Female going to Domhnall's Joy's Mischief out of the Intermediate Females (2 years & under 3 years) class and owned by Rebecca & Thomas O'Donnell. BOB & Champion of Champions was the dog, UCH Kansas Late Day Sharav bred & owned by Lee Boyd from the Champions class. Res Champion was Victor Kaftal’s dog, UCH Com Me Beit Alpha from the same class. Grand Champion was Cheryl Hennings’ bitch UGCH NBOB2 Cherrysh Crown of Jewels. Altered Champion was the bitch, ALCH UAGII D&J Ha'aretz Peaceful Flight, owned by Donna & Jackie Davison. Altered Best of Breed In Specialty and Best Veteran was the Altered Grand Champion bitch UGRCH Mazel Tov Yomi Bat Barak, owned by Catherine & Aviva Oskow. A big congratulations to all the winners.

On the home front, at the Paignton show Mr Tom Johnston drew an entry of 6 dogs, including one from France, with 1 absentee. He found his BD & BOB in my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy'), with RBD awarded to Martin Moulding’s Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe') an Izzy son. BB went to my Anacan Talia My Treasure ('Astor'). BP was my Polish import, Caiser Samorodok at Anacan. Thank you Richard for getting my dogs to the show and handling them for me

Submitted 21st July 2016

Congratulations to Canaan Dog owners, Ed and Rachel Gray, on the arrival of their newest family member, baby Scarlett Erin, born a few weeks early on the 18th June. Rachel says she is enjoying motherhood, Ed loves being a dad, and Canaan Dog, Ada, loves her new pack member. Can’t wait for some photos.

For the first time, a Canaan Dog will take part in the Pedigree Paws Unite walk in September with Richard and one of our Canaans doing the honours on the Cambridge leg of the walk. The huge event in September is the brainchild of Crufts 2013 Best in Show winning handler and owner, Gavin Robertson. Held under the umbrella of The Peekaboo Trust the aim is to raise £70,000 for seven charities - Make A Wish Foundation, Childrens Hospital, National Search and Rescue Dog Association, Dog AID, The Cinnamon Trust, PACT and Tŷ Hafan. Our Canaan Dog is aiming to raise at least £150 in sponsorship money, so hope some of you will kindly donate to the cause. I will let you know the specifics of how to donate in the very near future.

Submitted 23rd June 2016

There are no shows with classes during June, so it has been a bit of a quiet month news-wise. However yesterday I had a phone call from Martin Moulding, who owns Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe') who had some delightful news for me. Martin will be bringing into the country two new puppy bitches - one from Norway and another from France. He does intend to show them to help bring our numbers back up, and eventually to breed from them. Now if we can just get a few more people to show the Canaan Dogs they already have, things would really be looking up for the breed.

As you know, if you read my column regularly, Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai Kennels in Israel) was facing eviction from her home of 46 years. Sadly the courts have decided against her and she is trying to relocate and do everything possible to continue with the Canaan Dogs. In the meantime Myrna will be judging the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America’s specialty on the 22nd July 2016 in Collins, Missouri. Then she will be judging the French Club Breed Show on the 17th and 18th September in Cérilly. Myrna will be conducting a seminar on the Saturday, 17th September from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. The first part will be focused on the Canaan Dog History, its origins, traits and specificities. The second part will be about the day-to-day life with a Canaan Dog, followed by a question & answers session. For more information about the French Breed Show and all the activities, you can contact the French Breed Club here: http://www.canaanclubdefrance.fr/ As two of our Canaans have their pet passports, I would have loved for Richard to take them to the show for me, but it is being held the day after Darlington and would be a 10 hour trip for him, so it won’t be possible. I send my best wishes for a good day.

We had been thinking of holding a breed seminar for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom this year, but there was a possibility of my having some back surgery and so we put all plans on hold. As the surgery is now off the table, we will look into the possibility of holding a breed seminar in November. I will keep you all informed.

Submitted 2nd June 2016

We were blessed with good weather this past bank holiday Monday which made our long drive to Bath and our day there quite pleasant. There were 5 Canaan Dogs entered under Swedish judge, Mr Dan Ericsson, my 4 and Julie Hughes’ 'Tiras' (Anacan Future Legend), and all were present. BD was awarded to my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') with BP & RBD going to my Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol). BB & BOB was my 'Astor' (Anacan Talia My Treasure) and RBB was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe'). We usually stay for group just to keep the breed in the public eye as much as possible, but it wasn’t feasible for us to do so this day. We had the long drive home to look forward to and poor Richard was already tired from the early start, the drive there, hauling the crates to our benching area, then running around the ring with a couple of dogs. He also had to be up early the next day for work (5 am as he helps me with the kennels before he leaves for his job). So after some deliberation we decided to set off for home, and a bite to eat. My thanks to Julie who gave us a hand with running some of the dogs for me as I found the uneven footing extremely difficult to run on, to Martin Moulding who came along to visit with all of us and cheer all the dogs on and to our very nice ring steward, whose name I didn’t get, but she was lovely. If by any chance she reads this and sends me her name, I will acknowledge her in this column.

Submitted 25th May 2016

The Redditch and District Canine Society Open Show on the 14th May had an entry of 6 Canaan Dogs for judge Donna Whincup (Tamilanda). Unfortunately only 1 Canaan showed up - Barbara & Patrick Gold’s 'Rosie' (Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia), who was duly awarded BOB. The judge was very complimentary about Rosie, who is now 11 years old, and told Barbara that she was in lovely condition and that she should be proud of her. 'Rosie' also came 3rd in A.V. Utility, Veteran. Well done Barbara &'‘Rosie', and thank you for representing the breed at that show.

Meanwhile Richard made the long trip up to SKC solo with 3 of our Canaan Dogs to exhibit under judge Mr Keith Nathan, who has long been acquainted with the breed. Disappointingly for Mr Nathan, ours were the only Canaans entered, but he was most complimentary about them. BD & BOB went to our Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') with his daughter 'Luna' (Anacan Dark Side of the Moon) awarded BB & our 'Caiser' (Caiser Samorodok at Anacan, Imp Pol) BP.

We try to enter every championship show that gives classes for the breed, as does Barbara Gold, with the odd one or two owners making it to those they can, but it is a bit disheartening to make the effort and spend the money in getting to the show when you are the only one to enter, or to turn up. A win without competition doesn’t give much joy. A part of the problem is that the people who enjoy showing their dogs are rarely going to choose a non-CC breed, especially a numerically-small one such as the Canaan Dog. You know that if you do win BOB and stay to go into the group ring, a Canaan Dog won’t even get a looking, so is it worth hanging about for hours when you have a long drive home? Let’s face it, Canaan Dogs are not natural-born show dogs - they are just natural dogs period. One only shows their Canaan Dog because they love the breed and wish to promote it, but most people who love their Canaan Dog just as soon stay home with them instead of getting up at dawn, and driving a distance for a few minutes in the ring. Perhaps if the KC would give the Rare Breeds the attention they are now giving crossbreeds and would put on special events for us as they do for them, more people would take an interest in showing a Rare Breed. What do you think?

Submitted 12th May 2016

All dog shows are a bit of a trek from where Richard and I live, just outside of Skegness, so we were very happy to have such a lovely day for our journey to the National after suffering a few rainy days which always makes it a challenge to keep our dogs clean after their baths. Ken Sinclair presided over the Canaan Dog ring, which I believe was for his first time, and he drew an entry of 7. It was great to see Julie Kelly and her 'Ziva' (Anacan Raven) after a long absence from the ring. Julie is recuperating from an operation on her shoulder which took place the week before Crufts preventing her from exhibiting there. She is doing well, but has an op on her other shoulder and both of her hands looming in the future. Alison Byrne and her sister, Anne Barclay, were also in attendance which was really nice as we need all the exhibitors we can get. I took our new puppy, Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol), into the ring as I can still manage to get around with a dog that doesn’t require me to take too long a stride. You can imagine my delight when 'Caiser' won BP, and my even greater delight when he was awarded BD and BOB. Caiser, just 7 mos the day before the show, had only been to one show prior to this, the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom Single-Breed Open Show. RBD & BV went to Nizzana Ganymede, owned by Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne. BB was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe') and RBB went to the bitch puppy, Nizzana Solemel Monsoon, owned by Ivan Kaye, Alison Byrne & Anne Barclay.

While we were showing, Peter & Maddy Mills, along with their 'Samson' (Anacan Super Samson) were at the Excel Centre manning the Canaan Dog booth at the National Pet Show on behalf of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. There were a number of very interested visitors to the booth and it does seem interest in the breed has been on the rise for the last few years. People are drawn to the breeds’ natural good looks, intelligence and, very importantly, health. I’d like to thank Peter &smp; Maddy for giving of their time to help promote the breed.

If you have any Canaan Dog news or have any questions about the breed which you would like to see answered in this column, please get in touch with me.

Submitted 5th May 2016

On the 4th May on their Facebook page the AKC made the Canaan Dog their 'breed of the day'. When you clicked on the photo of the Canaan Dog you not only saw the enlarged photo, but also this comment, "Meet the #AKC CanaanDog. A breed described as alert, vigilant, and confident- why do you love the breed?”" Owners could then post their comments and upload photos of their Canaan Dogs. I think this is a great idea and perhaps one our KC could emulate?

I reported a while back that Myrna Shiboleth was being evicted from her home in Shaar Hagai. Myrna recently posted this update: "Not a lot to update. We are still caught up in all the bureaucracy and difficulties and still have no definite plans. But I will not give up - I will find a place for the dogs and myself! Please keep sharing, every little bit is welcome. Meanwhile, I have put up a petition to try and get the government to consider giving the Canaan Dog status as a "Living Heritage", something that many other countries have done to support their national dogs. Please sign and share!!! http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/the-canaan-dog-a-living-heritage." We wish Myrna success in her endeavours.

Submitted 20th April 2016

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 16th Single-Breed Open Show on Sunday 17th April 2016. The judge, Mrs Margarette Mulholland (Marisat), made the long journey from Scotland to Peterborough – a 5 hours train ride – to do the honours for the club, which was very gracious of her. She drew an entry of 13 Canaan Dogs and all were present. Christine Owen stewarded for the judge, as she has done for the club on prior occasions, and Chris’ friend, Wendy Bray, took photos, which I’m looking forward to seeing.

BB & BIS was awarded to my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe'), with BD, BOS and RBIS going to her older brother, Anacan Issachar ('Izzy'). RBD & BV was my Am CH Ha’Aretz Hayyim for Anacan (Imp USA), the sire of both Phoebe & Izzy, as well as the RBB, Anacan Happy Anni, also owned by me. Best Puppy was our new import, Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol) TAF, NAF. Though he was the only puppy there, Caiser behaved very well, especially considering it was his first show and his first outing since arriving from Poland, so Richard & I were very pleased with him. The show was once again kindly sponsored by Arden Grange who donated some of their products for prizes for the top awards and also for the raffle table.

Usually held on a different day, it was suggested that the club’s AGM be held on the same day as the club show in order to find out if doing so would get more people to the AGM. It seemed to work as there was a far better attendance than last year. Having Julie Hughes speak on what she learned from Shaun Ellis’ course at the Wolf Dog Research & Education Centre after the AGM was also a draw. Julie’s talk was very interesting, informative and funny. Julie is very well spoken has quite a way with words. She spoke for over an hour about what she learned and how it has helped her with understanding and training with her 'Tiras' (this year's BOB at Crufts) and time just flew by. I’m not the only one who said they could have happily listened for a longer time. It was great and a few people are now interested in attending one of Mr Ellis' courses.

Submitted 31st Marchl 2016

We are lucky here in the Skegness area as we seem to miss the weather extremes and Easter Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Though there was a frost on the field when Richard and I went out this morning to tend to the boarding kennels, the sun is now shining and it just makes everything seem that bit better.

Crufts seems so long ago already and I apologise for not reporting on it last week, but I just didn’t seem to have enough time in the day to do so. From speaking to them, I am sure that all the Canaan Dog exhibitors had a good day despite having to wait until almost 4:30 pm before it was decided to move us into an empty ring for judging. Once again they were calling for all BOBs to the collecting ring shortly after our judging had just begun. Our judge, Mr Rob McLeod, along with his wife, Jan, has owned 4 Canaan Dogs – now all deceased - and he himself had won BOB at Crufts with one of them, so he knows how to approach and judge a Canaan Dog. He found his BD & BOB in Julie Hughes’ Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras'). This was Tiras’ 2nd Crufts BOB, having won also in 2014. At almost 10 years of age, Tiras is in super condition and was a great representative for the breed in the group ring. RBD went to my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy'). BB was my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe'), last year’s BOB winner, and RBB went to Patrick & Barbara Gold’s 10 yr old 'Rosie' (Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia). We are always telling people that Canaan Dogs mature slowly and age well and the success of the two veterans at Crufts helps to prove the point.

The Canaan Dog Discover Dogs booth was very busy all 4 days of Crufts and it generated quite a bit of interest in the breed. Thursday and Friday the booth was manned by Peter & Maddy Mills with their dog, ‘Samson’, along with Martin Moulding and his ‘Moshe’. Maddy had taken on the task of re-vamping the breed booth and she did a wonderful job indeed. Saturday and Sunday Richard Minto and ‘Max’, along with Julie Hughes & ‘Tiras’ graced the stand. The dogs’ behaviour was impeccable all 4 days and I have had people contact me for further information about the breed and telling me how passionate the people in the booth were about the breed. It is lovely that the owners and dogs made such a good impression on the public.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom will be holding its 16th annual Single-Breed Open Show on Sunday 17th April 2016 at Stanground Community Centre in Peterborough. The judge this year is Mrs Margarette Mulholland (Marisat) with Arden Grange once again sponsoring the show with food prizes. Judging starts at 10:30 am. The show will be followed by the re-scheduled AGM at 2:00 pm with Julie Hughes giving a talk on the course she took at the Wolf and Dog Research & Education Centre taught by Shaun Ellis, and how what she learned applies to Canaan Dogs following the AGM.

Submitted 7th March 2016

We are in need of a new genepool for our breeding programme so were delighted when we were able to reserve a puppy from Aleksandra Pioruńska, Samorodok Kennels in Poland with some wild born Canaan Dogs in the pedigree. Richard thought it best if he picked up the puppy and drove him home rather than fly him to us, so he made his reservation on P&O's ferry from Hull to Rotterdam and then drove from there, with an overnight stopover just outside of Berlin before proceeding to Poland. The journey went without a hitch and Richard said the satnav was brilliant, getting him to where he wanted to go with no problems. On the homeward journey Richard got to the ferry early in order to process ‘Caiser’s’ paperwork and make sure there were no problems. This also went perfectly and with a few hours to spare, he was allowed to take Caiser for a walk on the beach before having to put him in the ferry’s kennels. Richard couldn’t say enough nice things about the staff and the kennelling. When it came time to load the car and dog onto the ferry Richard was told to put on his hazard lights and to keep them on. This was a signal to the other staff members in charge of loading that he had a dog in the car and he was pulled out of the queue and directed to a parking space right near the kennels. The kennels were stainless steel, in 3 sizes to accommodate any dog and they had an exercise area fenced off, painted green with 2 artificial trees in it and a bin for the dog excrement. You must go to reception when you wish to visit your dog and you are accompanied by a member of staff as the kennels are kept locked. The dogs are checked on by a member of staff every 2 hours and there is a sheet for them to sign with the time they were there. When Caiser urinated in the exercise area Richard asked how he was to clean it up and the staff member said he would take care of it. He got a hose and flushed it all down a covered drain at the far end of the exercise area. Everything was kept pristine. When disembarking, Richard once again had to put on his hazard lights and he and Caiser were given priority. Richard said if we do go to any shows on the continent, in particular Amsterdam, he would not hesitate to use P&O again.

Crufts is in just a few days as I write this and poor Julie Kelly, who had made her hotel reservations ages ago and had bought a new outfit for the occasion, is unable to attend. Julie was a nurse in the navy and then was carer for her mother for a number of years and the lifting and catching her mum when she would fall backwards damaged both of her shoulders. She had been waiting for a shoulder operation for over 2 years and, you guessed it, she got a letter telling her that the surgery would be done what was one week before Crufts. She has been told she cannot leave the house for 6 weeks. Fortunately she has a kind neighbour looking after her 2 dogs, but Julie is gutted that she won’t be able to go to Crufts and feels that she has let the breed down by not being there, as numbers is always an issue. Please join me in sending Julie our best wishes for a quick recovery. I know missing Crufts is upsetting to you, but you’ve not let anyone down Julie. There will be more shows this year. Just get better.

If you are going to Crufts do be sure to drop by the 'new look' Canaan Dog booth at Discover Dogs. Maddy Mills has been beavering away on the sewing machine and printer and I’m looking forward to seeing the fruit of all her hard labour. We have good teams manning the booth each of the 4 days, so do stop in and say hello.

Submitted 17th February 2016

This year's prestigious Westminster KC show was held at Piers 92 and 94 (breed judging) and Madison Square Garden (Groups & BIS) in New York City on the 15th and 16th February. Canaan Dogs were shown in the Herding Group on Monday 15th with a decent showing of 6 entries, all of which were present. As this show is for champions of record only, the judge, Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine, had some very good Canaan Dogs to go over, the youngest being 15 months old and the eldest, almost 10 years. BOB was awarded to a lovely red & white bitch, GCH Caliente Dangerous Gale Force Winds ('Gale'), owned by Rosette Davila & Linda Clark & Liz Morales & Cindy Zelbst. BOS went to the black & white dog GCH Rivroc Onto Somethin Bsnatch Rosndog owned by mother and son, Christina Miller & Ethan Miller. The Select award was given to a bleack & white dog, GCH Pleasant Hill Avram Of Carters Creek, owned by Cynthia Dodson & David Golden, and a black & white bitch, GCH Rivroc Lycm Own Dream Bsnatch Rsndog, owned by Christina Miller & Ethan Miller. An American friend explained the Select award, which is something new since I left the USA, as follows: Select is an optional award given to champions competing in Best of Breed; the judge is not required to give it. Points are given for the award toward a Grand Championship (GCH) title. The last award, also optional, the Award of Merit was given to the sand-coloured dog, CH Hatikva Harvest Rain At Relic, owned by Amy Preston & Alla Geretz. I quite liked this dog and the BOB winner as they both fit the UK breed standard and moved so well. If you would like to judge for yourself, you can watch the judging of the breed at http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/videos/Breed%20Judging/2016/Herding/pid:4fYxIW4dt5ZG.

Submitted 4th February 2016

Even though the Canaan Dog became a recognised breed in England in 1970 it was quite some time before a breed club was organised. The inaugural meeting of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom was held in 1992. The "Aims and Objectives" of the new club were "To promote the interests of the Canaan Dog in Great Britain and safeguard the characteristics of this unique breed." After 24 years of hard work by a number of people who love the breed, some who have now passed away, with increasing interest and success which peaked in 2004, the breed is now no further ahead in its bid for full-recognition by the KC then it was in 1970. It seems the breed is destined to fight for its very existence just as its human Israeli counterparts.

As I mentioned in last week's breed notes, the breed's main source of new bloodlines, Myrna Shiboleth, an American who immigrated to Israel in 1969, is facing eviction and possibly the end of her ability to own and breed Canaan Dogs. The following was written by Myrna. "Shaar Hagai Kennels has for the last four years been in a serious legal suit by the Israel Government Lands Authority to evict us and the dogs from the place where we have been living for nearly 46 years. To anyone who is not familiar with the history here, when I immigrated to Israel I chose to live in an isolated and derelict spot, with a few buildings that were built by the British during the mandate years, and were abandoned from the time they left. This was my form of Zionism - to breed and preserve the Canaan Dog, the national and natural breed of Israel, and one of the few original breeds still existing in the world, in a place that was also worth preserving.

We chose to live here, in an isolated place that was in a condition of near total ruin when we moved here, without electricity or phone for 17 years, because it was a place where we could breed dogs, the Canaan Dogs, without bothering anyone. We entered with a contract, and only after a number of years did we discover that the authority that we signed with had no rights over the place. For all the years we have been here, we have attempted to resolve the problem and legalize our position, with continued contact with the authorities - to no effect, in fact we have been ignored. And now they have decided, after total refusal to even enter into mediation, to evict us. Their only plans are to demolish the place. The court, after 4 years of consideration, have ruled against us and have given us 90 days to leave.

Eviction will be a huge and disastrous blow to the breeding and preservation of the Canaan Dog, both here and in the world. I have dedicated all my resources to the breeding of the dogs and their care. My daughter was born here, and my grandchildren have been born here, and the family is united in their love for what we are doing here and the need to continue. We do not have the resources and financial possibility of buying new land and building new kennels. Just the legal costs of trying to defend ourselves is a huge burden.

We are turning to our friends and those that are aware of what we have been doing and the significance of it, to try to gain support. We need funds to be able to find a place to rent and to be able to build a new kennel, and to pay the lawyer's fees - we are still trying to appeal. Every little bit helps, if all our friends just help a bit, it will add up to a lot. Please pass the word on to anyone who may have some interest, and help us to continue with the Canaan Dogs."

If you are interested in helping Myrna and the Canaan Dog breed, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/kqk2ta8s.

Submitted 28th January 2016

With Crufts looming in the not-too-distant future, my dogs have all decided it's time to moult! I's amazing how this always seems to coincide with an important show, but hey-ho, can't do much about it except brush and comb like crazy to get the dead coat out as quickly as possible and pray that the new coat has grown in by March. If any of my readers has a different method of dealing with badly timed moulting, please let me know.

When replying to a puppy enquiry I always ask the person how they got interested in a Canaan Dog and find it amazing how many tell me that they took one of those online tests on which breeds would suit you and came up with a Canaan Dog. I've taken several of those tests and have never had a Canaan Dog or my other breed, a Tibetan Spaniel, come up as a choice. I've owned and loved Tibetan Spaniels since October 1980 and Canaan Dogs since June 1984, so one wonders about the accuracy of these tests. I always strongly suggest to my enquirers that they should make the effort to meet as many Canaan Dogs as possible before deciding they want one, as you are quite unlikely to bump into one in the dog park. I tell them about any upcoming shows that might be close to them as well as events like Discover Dogs. I also always invite them to visit us and our dogs at a mutually convenient time if at all possible so they can meet a number of Canaan Dogs. Reading about a breed is not enough. I believe you really should have some interaction with it before deciding if it is indeed the right breed for you

. The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom will be holding its AGM on Saturday 20th February 2016 at Stanground Community Centre, Peterborough. Mrs Julie Hughes will be a guest speaker telling us the course she took with Shaun Ellis at the Wolf Centre and the similarities she found between wolf behaviour and Canaan Dog behaviour. Should be quite interesting.

Myrna Shibboleth in Israel has lost her case to remain on her premises in Shaar Hagai. She is now facing eviction and needs to find a place to relocate with her Canaan Dogs and Collies. The story can be read at http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Facing-eviction-Canaan-dog-breeder-turns-to-public-to-recruit-relocation-funds-442953 Myrna is looking to raise the funds needed to pay off her legal fees and for relocating herself and her dogs at gofundme.com If she is unable to find somewhere to go with the dogs - and this will be very difficult in a country that is so highly populated and land is so very expensive - it can mean the end of our breed's main source of new lines from the wild-born and Bedouin-bred Canaan Dogs. I hope Myrna is able to find somewhere she can continue her work with the breed.

Submitted 21st January 2016

Manchester is the first show of the year that holds classes for Canaan Dogs. Our judge this year was a Mr J. Stubbs from Belfast. According to the KC judges' page, Mr Stubbs is approved to give CCs in Borzoi, Dalmatians and Rottweilers, and is not on the breed club's judges' list. Of the 5 entries, only my 4 were those there on the day. I hope this will not be the trend for the year. BD was awarded to my Anacan Issachar, shown for me by Richard, and BB & BOB was awarded to my Anacan Glory Road, handled by me. It would have meant a lot more to us had there been competition and I pray that there will be more dogs entered at subsequent shows this year.

We are starting to look forward to Crufts and Discover Dogs, which is held in conjunction with the show. The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom will have members and dogs manning the stand as always and I am told that the decorations are being updated, so am looking forward to seeing the finished product. I hope many of you will make a visit to DD a part of your day at Crufts. Christina Miller told me she will be coming over from the USA and is really looking forward to it. She and her son, Ethan, entered two of their American champions back in 3004, but she will be coming sans dogs this time so she can spend the 4 days having a good look around the show and the trade stands. I'm always happily surprised by how many friends from home, Europe and Israel pop up at Crufts and this is part of what makes it so special for me.


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