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My First Canaans

Owned and bred under Ellen's American affix of Briel Kennels

These few pages are just a start and are dedicated to Bryna Comsky, breeder of my Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel, and to the late Hinda Bergman, breeder of my Beth Din's Tabatha Beruriah. I will be adding more photos of my other Briel Canaans in the future.
Ariel, March 1985
7 mo old Ariel at the 1985 CCA National Specialty
Ariel in Puppy Sweeps, '85 National Specialty
A 4-month old Ariel
7-month old Ariel at his first CCA* National Specialty in Ohio, 1985. He won Best Puppy in Show and there was no photographer around. My friend cut his feet off in the photo. And yes, that is me. I was once thin.
Ariel in Puppy Sweeps, '85 National Specialty
Ariel and one of my Bernese pups, September '85
Beth Din's Tabatha Beruriah, (Xena)
A pregnant Xena, December 1985
Ariel and one of my Bernese pups, September 1985. Ariel was very social.
Beth Din's Tabatha Beruriah ("Xena"), February 1985
A very pregnant "Xena", December 1985.
7 boys and 1 girl, December 1985
Ariel and Xena's puppies
Ariel and Xena
Ariel was only 10 months old when he bred Xena, who was then 18 months old.
They produced this beautiful litter of 8 puppies--7 boys and 1 girls. I was only able to place 5 and the rest stayed with me as there was little interest in the breed in those days.
Ariel and Xena survey their territory
* CCA stands for Canaan Club of America, the original name of the parent club for the breed in the USA.
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