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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

(Sire: Isr CH Or Ve-Tzel me Shaar Hagai / Dam: Int'l CH Samorodok Gaia)
Date of Birth: 6th October 2015
Hip Score: 8 (4:4)
Test for Degenerative Myelopathy - 'clear by parentage' (not affected, not a carrier)
CDC of the UK Championship attained 10th March 2017
Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol)
Caiser winning Best of Breed 1st Dec 2018

When I saw photos of Caiser and his littermates on Facebook, I contacted the breeder, Aleksandra Baranova, (a lady that I had previous contact with) to see if I could purchase one of the pups as I needed a new line to breed to. She told me that Caiser was the only puppy left available, which suited me as he was the one I wanted. Caiser had to go through the procedure to get a Pet Passport, so was 4 months old before we could get him. Richard drove to the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam and then drove to just outside of Berlin, where he spent the night, and then on to Poland to collect Caiser. He returned to Germany with Caiser for the night and then drove to Rotterdam to catch the ferry the next morning. He sent me reports and photos as he travelled and was delighted with both Caiser and the service P&O Ferry offered for dogs.

4 month old Caiser in exercise area on the ferry. No, the trees aren't real.

Caiser is a beautiful dog and won his first two Best of Breeds as a puppy - at his very first show, The National, under judge Mr Ken Sinclair and his second at the South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show under judge, Mr Tom Mather. He was Best Dog at Crufts 2017 at just 1-1/2 years of age under judge, Dr Sarah Louise Hemstock, which was a thrill. He has had a great show career since then and ended 2018 as Top Canaan Dog.

Caiser has also sired 4 beautiful litters for us - one with our Divina, two with our Phoebe and one with our Dawn. We have kept a bitch, our Poppy (Anacan Poetry in Motion) from Phoebe's litter and one from a litter with our beautiful Dawn, Anacan Nightfall (aka 'Felicity') All the puppies have beautiful conformation and Canaan Dog type. Caiser has not been a disappointment..

Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol)
Caiser winning Best of Breed 2nd Dec 2017

Caiser is very outgoing Canaan Dog and everyone who meets him falls in love with his wonderful personality and good looks. He is loving and playful with Richard (his favourite) and also with me. All our Canaan girls seem to love him as well. We are delighted that Caiser is a part of the Anacan family and look forward to many years of happiness with him.

For Caiser's pedigree click here

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