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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Sheez The One
(Sire: Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven/Dam: Anacan Sheindela)
26th April 2002 - 28th September 2013

Honey, Best Veteran club show, age 10
"Honey" at 10 years of age winning Best Veteran at the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom Show April 2012
I don't know if I like this or not.
I think I look pretty good.
"Honey" at 6 weeks of age
"Honey" at 4 months of age
Taken 2nd Sept 2002
"Honey", March 2003

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I didn't think Richard would allow me to keep another puppy, but "Honey" is was so sweet, she'd make anyone melt. This little girl had excellent type and conformation, along with beautiful dark almond eyes. Her lovely sand colouring was complimented by a heart-shaped white mark on her forehead, white on the back of her neck and a nice white tip on her tail. Coming and going her movement was true and sound, and she exuded femininity. When I saw how she was developing I said, "she's the one".

Fortunately her half-sister, "Lyndsay", and my Tibetan Spaniel, "Willow", loved 'Honey' and enjoy playing with her, which meant loads of exercise and fun for all of them. I just wish she hadn't like digging quite so much.

Like most Canaan Dogs, "Honey" was a slow maturer and wasn't all that happy in the show ring. Despite this, judges have raved about her true 'pariah dog' characteristics and unfaultable movement. She won Best of Breed at the Nordic Open Show in November 2003 because of her movement, and Reserve Best Bitch at BUBA championship show in December 2003 for the same reason.

Honey's real value was realised in the whelping box when at 5 years of age she produced 7 gorgeous puppies sired by our Anacan Ziggy, one of which was our beautiful Ruby (Anacan Sheeza Gem). Honey is granddam to our Anacan Happy Anni and Anacan Silhouette, who both also have much to contribute to the breed.

Unfortunately, Honey developed a very large mammary tumour, which we had removed. Within 3 days of the surgery, Honey was back to her old, playful and happy self. But the vet said the cancer had spread and gave her only 3-6 months, and, unhappily, a few months after the surgery, Honey went off her food and then started hæmorrhaging, so we had to make the awful decision to have her euthanised. We miss Honey so much and we're very grateful she was part of our life and was able to contribute to the breed genepool. She will live on through her descendants -- her legacy to the breed.

For Honey's pedigree click here

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