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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

Anacan Kefira
(Sire: Anacan Masterpiece/ Dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class)
Date of Birth: 6th September 2004
Hip Score: 4 (2:2)

Keffy, Nov 2008
Keffy in the garden, November 2008

The first time I bred Keffy's mother, our Lottie, I was unable to keep one of the resulting puppies. As Lottie is a wonderful Canaan, I was very disappointed about this. I was so taken with one of the puppies, Anacan Touch of Class, owned by Dave & Julia Close, I determined to repeat the breeding and keep a puppy this time. When I did the repeat breeding, we got some more puppies who were just as gorgeous as the first breeding. Anacan Sheer Elegance (Ellie) went to live with Christine Goldspink on a co-ownership, and I got to keep my beautiful Kefira. Her name is arabic for 'young lioness', which was given to her in honour of her grandsire, The Lion of Judah At Anacan.

As it had not been long since we had taken over a small boarding kennels and cattery when Keffy was born, she didn't get the proper training and socialisation she should have, nor were we able to get to many shows while she was still a youngster. But despite all this, Keffy was Top Canaan Puppy 2005! And while not shown that often, she was Reserve Best Bitch at the 2008 Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom Open Show under judge, Mr Rodney Oldham; and then Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex at the 2009 Club Show under Israeli judge, Mr Avi Marshak, a win she repeated at the 2011 Club Show under judge, Mr Barry Blunden.

Keffy, like her mother, is very obedient and willing to please. Though extremely wary of strangers when they come to visit, she loves going to shows and being center of attention. She has beautiful type -- feminine head, square body, correct coat -- is affectionate with family and gets along with all our other dogs. Had I the time, I believe she would be a good candidate for heelwork to music as she really seems to enjoy the little bit I've tried to do with her. In addition, she had her hips x-rayed on the 12th July 2009, not that long before her 5th birthday, and she got a hip score of 2/2, the lowest hip score jointly with our Ruby who also had a hip score of 2/2, of any Canaan Dog in the UK until Ruby's daughter, Happy Anni, got a perfect hip score of 0/0!

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