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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Whole Lotta Class
(Sire: Anacan Ziggy/Dam: Anacan Sheindela)
17th January 1998 - 10th October 2013
Lottie in our field, age 7 years.

The Ziggy/Sheindela litter was the first one for which we had an overseas waiting list. This breeding doubled up on our 'Bobby,' (Minto's Libyan Jewel), thus offering a new line to the world.

In the past we have always allowed people who get a dog from us to have their pick of the litter and we kept what was left--such was the confidence we had in the overall litter quality. In this case we were left with 'Lottie', but we couldn't have been happier had we had pick of the entire litter as 'Lottie' was lovely in every way. 'Lottie' inherited her mother's gentle manner, her grandmother's beautiful face and her sire's wonderful movement. Her type, structure were excellent and her movement could not be faulted. Her qualities enabled her to qualify for Crufts every year that we showed her.

Richard & Lottie at the CDC of the UK 2010 show
Richard & Lottie in the Veterans Class at the 2010 CDC of the UK show. Lottie was 12 years old and came 2nd to her sire, Anacan Ziggy.

'Lottie' produced three gorgeous litters for us. The first litter, sired by her grandsire, 'Digger', was whelped the 8th April 2000. Two of these puppies, Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline ('Jacob') and his sister, Anacan Milk and Honey At Dunline ('Deborah'), went to Rob & Jan McLeod. 'Jacob' has had an outstanding show career and was Reserve Best Dog at Crufts 2002 & 2003, BOB at Crufts 2007 and Reserve Best Dog at Crufts 2008. Anacan Tikvah went to the Vogts in Switzerland and he can be found in a number of European pedigrees. The second litter, sired by our 'Remy', was born July 2003. Again she had some wonderful puppies, including Anacan Touch of Class ('Leah') that I liked so well that I repeated the breeding in 2004. From this last litter came our beautiful Anacan Kefira, Top Puppy 2005 and Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex at the Canaan Dog Club of the UK 2009 & 2011shows. Her litter sister, Anacan Sheer Elegance, who lives with Christine Goldspink and is co-owned by Ellen Minto, was Best Bitch at Crufts 2008 & Crufts 2010, and Best Bitch & Best in Show at the 2010 Club Show and Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex at the Club show 2011. So Lottie has done well in producing Canaan Dogs of the highest quality. This is why she was Top Brood Bitch in the breed in 2002 & 2006.

'Lottie' was very loving and very obedient on and off lead, and was a happy and affectionate dog. She was a wonderful dog to live with and is also the first dog we've had that had the ability to get everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, to play with her when she was younger. Old age finally caught up with 'Lottie' and though not ill, she had become quite frail and unsteady on her feet and her quality of life was not what we wished for her. Only a few months from her 16th birthday, we made that last trip to the vet with her. When I think back to her as a young, beautiful Canaan I think we were blessed to have had her as part of our lives. Rest in peace dear girl.

For Lottie's pedigree click here

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