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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Glory Bound, JWW-2002
(Sire: Anacan Ziggy/Dam: Anacan Sheindela)
20th March 2001 - 29th August 2012
Lynn, Jan 2005
Lyndsay, January 2005

Lyndsay was a late maturer like her father...something I like to see in all my dogs. She was shown only three times during 2001- at The Canaan Dog Club Open Show, Nordic Open Show, and the British Utility Breeds Association (BUBA) Championship Show. She came 4th at the Club show, was Best Puppy at Nordic, and at BUBA, on the 1st December, Lyndsay won Best Puppy on the same day her grandfather, The Lion of Judah of Anacan, became Top Canaan Dog for the 5th time. This last win qualified Lyndsay for Crufts 2002 where she was Best Puppy.

Lyndsay, at 15 months of age, was going through her fear period. But despite that we took her to the World Winner Show in Amsterdam, held on the 5th July 2002, where she got a rating of "excellent" and came home with the title Junior World Winner 2002!

Lyndsay at the World Show 2002
Ellen & Lyndsay at the 2002 World Show

1 yr old Lyndsay
Lyndsay at a year old. She's starting to grow into a beauty!
Photo by Sue Domun.

We were devastated to lose Lyndsay at 11-1/2 years of age due to an apparent anaphylatic reaction to an insect sting. A very kind and loving dog, she certainly did not deserve to die this way.

We did not show Lyndsay much after the World Show. Saying that, she was Best Puppy at Crufts 2002, and qualified for Crufts 2005 and participated in 9 of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom shows. In my opinion, in type, structure and soundness, Lyndsay comes close to the ideal Canaan Dog -- as one judge said, "a bitch of intense quality". But Lyndsay never really enjoyed the show ring, and so never made the most of herself when shown. However, she has excelled herself in the whelping box, which, after all, is really the proof of the pudding. She had her first litter in April 2006, sired by Christine Goldspink's Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven. Out of that litter of 7 came 3 outstanding Canaans: Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven (Summer), owned by Christine; Anacan Future Legend (Tiras), owned by Julie Hughes and my Anacan Glory Bea. Tiras was Reserve Best In Show at the Canaan Dog Club of the UK Show 2007 and the Best Dog and Best In Show at the Club's 2008 show; Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show at the 2009 Club show; Reserve Best Dog at the 2010 show and Reserve Best Dog at Crufts 2010. Summer was Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex at the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's 2008 show, and has been Best Bitch or Reserve Best Bitch at a number of championship shows. Our Bea was Best Puppy at Crufts 2002 and then Best Bitch at Crufts 2011, and the two other championship shows she attended in 2011 - Manchester and Birmingham National. The rest of the litter was also beautiful, but went to pet homes because of a lack of show homes for the breed. Her second, and last litter of 3 puppies in 2007, sired by our Anacan Masterpiece all went to pet homes, not because of lack of quality, but again, just to lack of show homes.

Lyndsay at the Club Show 2006 Lyndsay at the Club Show 2009
Ellen & Lyndsay at the 2006 Club Show
Richard & Lyndsay at the 2009 Club Show

Lyndsay herself may have never been the show dog we hoped she'd be, but she certainly has contributed to the breed. Just as importantly, she is a real sweety and just loves to cuddle. She has her father's good looks.... the same great front and rear, topline and type, and her mother's temperament and femininity. She is everything we could want her to be and we are grateful for all she's done for us and the breed.

For Lyndsay's pedigree click here

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