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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Encore
(Sire: Anacan Ziggy/Dam: Anacan Sheez The One)
Born 1st September 2007: Died 31st October 2017

Max in our field, age 3-1/2 years.

The person to whom we originally sold Max absolutely adored him and was able to take him to work with him everyday as he owned his own building business. But he ran into both business and personal problems and ended up working overseas, coming home every few months. At first he tried to keep Max, but when it became clear to him that Max was not doing well with this new arrangement, he tearfully asked me if we would take Max back. He really did not want to give him up -- it hurt him to do so -- but he loved Max too much to see him unhappy.

Max was a big character, just like his dad Ziggy of whom he was almost a spitting image. He LOVED to play, and unlike many of his Canaan brethren would retrieve a thrown toy over and over again. Richard and he had a truly strong bond. Max proved to be a great dog to take to Discover Dogs to represent the breed in our club's breed booth, and willingly played along with all our silly games at our club fun days. And just like his dad, everyone who came to visit fell in love with him.

Richard and Max
Richard & Max

Max had beautiful conformation and movement, and the strength and agility of his wild ancestors. Our only disappointment is that his former owner had Max neutered, so he cannot be used to pass on these traits. Max was still a wonderful addition to our family and he brought us a lot of joy. Though we were sad for his former owner, we were glad Max had come home.
Max at a fun day
Max with our friend, Natalie, getting ready for the sack race at one of our fun days.

One day when he was around 9 and a bit years old we noticed Max was moving a bit peculiarly in the rear and as the months went on we realised he had degenerative myelopathy (See https://www.fitzpatrickreferrals.co.uk/neurology/canine-degenerative-myelopathy/ for information on this disease.) Max was still happily running around our field, albeit with his rear end going every which way, but it didn't seem to bother him. But several months later Max had trouble getting up and was dragging himself with his still strong front end. He managed to get up but when he collapsed again later in the day, Richard realised it was time to release him and he took him to our vet for the last time. We have Max's ashes, along with most of our dogs who have gone before, and someday they will all be buried with me. Silly, I know, but comforting to me. We miss you Max. Thank you for all the love you gave to us.

Max playing musical mats at a fun day.
Max being loved up at Discover Dogs Crufts 2017.
Max on a club dog walk.
Max & Ellen at a club show..

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