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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

(Sire: Yoresh me Naot HaKikar/ Dam: Nosaat el Velikayas me Shaar Hagai)
Date of Birth: 30th April 2016
Test for Degenerative Myelopathy - 'normal' (not affected, not a carrier)

McGee in Italy before he came to live at Anacan.

Over the years we have imported new Canaan Dogs when we felt the need to expand our genepool. We were at a point when we needed to find another dog when Isabella Zirri (Velikayas) contacted me and offered me McGee. Perfect timing! So Richard drove to Italy October 2018 to pick him up as he felt it would be less stressful for the dog than flying him here. It took Richard two days driving there and two days driving back (including the ferry trip.) Then McGee found himself in a new country, with new people, a new language and new other dogs to get used to. As he settled in he got a new nickname - 'Cuddles' - as when I called him back to me after his run around the field with his kennel mate, our 'Joy', I would tell him come for cuddles and he learned to do so.

'McGee' is a small dog, only 54 cm (21-1/4 inches) tall, but he is masculine, square, well-constructed, typey, and moves in the effortless way we like our Anacan Canaans to do. We bred him to our 'Divina' for his first mating. 'Divina' had one litter previously, sired by our 'Caiser'. Those pups are 1-1/2 years old now and have turned out beautiful and their owners are very happy with them. So we were delighted when she and 'McGee' produced another gorgeous litter from which we got our 'Vinny' (Anacan Invincible). He produced another beautiful litter with our 'Joy', from which we got our lovely 'Charis' (Anacan Sing A Little Louder'), and then a 3rd litter, again with Divina. He is a super producer and we are well pleased with how he has added to our breeding programme.

We will also give 'McGee' a go in the show ring when we feel he is ready and look forward to having some fun with him in there. For now we will enjoy our cuddles with him.

Baby McGee McGee Feb 2020
Baby McGee.
McGee 25th Feb 2020.

For McGee's pedigree click here

Last Updated on the 20th June 2020

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