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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Dressed For Success
(Sire: Anacan Masterpiece/ Dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible)
15th October 2003 - 22nd June 2007

Anacan Dressed For Success
"Monkey" at 7 months winning a Puppy Group 3.

Richard took the death of our Bobby' (Minto's Libyan Jewel) very hard. She was, in his mind, the only one of our dogs that was truly 'his'. When the litter Monkey was in was born I offered to give Richard one of the puppies to be 'his', and to do with as he liked. Richard took his time to make the decision as to whether or not to keep a puppy, but then he fell in love with the little red and white patched girl that he decided to call Monkey. Be careful what you name a dog because their character may become what you name it! Monkey was just that....a lovely, but mischievious pup!

Richard decided to show Monkey, though I did show her the one time he had to work (see above photo) with excellent results I might like to add. She won Best Puppy all but in two of the shows in which she has been entered, and she has also a Puppy Group 3, a Reserve Best Bitch and one Best Bitch to her name, all before 9 months of age! Oh, I forgot to mention that she makes a wonderful Brace with her mum, Tara. Monkey had a number of first placements at shows and during 2005 she was Res Best Bitch at Bath; Best Bitch at Welsh KC, Res Best Bitch at South Wales Kennel Association ; Res Best Bitch at Scottish KC; Best Bitch at The National. She was so full of promise, and so much fun to live with. But then she had her life cut so very short by that cruel disease - cancer. Sometimes life is not fair and Monkey deserved a much longer one. However, she left behind some wonderful memories though we'll always miss her.

Monkey playing peek-a-boo.
Pretty Monkey
A thoughful looking Monkey.
Monkey & Lottie
Monkey and Lottie.

Click here for "Monkey's" pedigree.
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