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Won by Anacan Canaans at Crufts 2000

29th December 2001 - Christmas is always a melancholy affair for me as it is the one time of the year that I do become very homesick. I am very lucky that I get along with Richard's mum & dad extremely well and each year the 4 of us get together for our Christmas dinner, with me as chief cook. We had a lovely tradional turkey dinner followed by a viewing of the video, Cats & Dogs---quite appropo for a dog nut. Our Canaans were given their share of treats. We spent Boxing Day vegged out in front of the telly with the dogs watching videos and nibbling and drinking (soft drinks mind you) all day. This was the first time in over a year Richard & I had a day to ourselves to do just nothing, but relax and cuddle our dogs.

23rd December 2001 - We got an email today from Tomek Janowicz (Poland) who has our Anacan Ivan (call name "Norris"). It has been over 18 months since we last heard from him so were happily surprised with his Christmas greeting. He assured us that "Norris" is well and happy and is a very good watch dog. He is still getting along well with their AmStaff, "Nikita". Tomek promised to send me some photos in the next couple of months and I will share them with you once we receive them.

Lorna told me there have been a few unconfimed sightings of "Gvir" in the Biddenham area. She has been making heroic efforts to find him and has arranged for an article in the "Times". Please keep praying that he will come home safely.

20th December 2001 - Today I opened an email from Jill Terry (Babrees) informing me that a puppy she sent to the US sired by her Benji (a "Bobby" grandson) out of her Layla me Shaar Hagai has been diagnosed with patella luxation. This is not something we have had reported in any of our Anacan Canaans and, to our knowledge, is not considered a breed problem. Even though Anacan is only a very small part of this puppy's pedigree we are, of course, concerned. If any Canaan owner reading this has a Canaan with patella luxation, or has knowledge of any Canaan with this condition, I would appreciate it if you would contact me. If you could give me the name of the dog's sire and dam, and perhaps even all 4 grandparents, I would be most grateful as it would be very beneficial if we all could discover which dogs not to double up on in order to prevent breeding this problem again. You can contact me at: Thanks!

10th December 2001 - Time is just flying by. I meant to update this page again back in November and here we are almost half-way through December. You know what they say about the best intentions. However, I am newsletter editor of The Canaan Dog Club, so have been very busy getting the last newsletter of the year written and printed and ready for posting while trying to get my Christmas cards finished as well. I need another me! Still no signs of "Gvir". There has not been a sighting for a while now.

The 1st December was the date of the last championship show of the year which gives classes for Canaan Dogs, BUBA (British Utility Breeds Association). It is also the last show of the year at which you can earn qualifying points for the Dog World/Pedigree Top Canaan Dog award, and it was also our "Digger's" retirement show. "Digger" will be 8 years old on the 19th of this month and has been shown extensively to promote the breed for the last 7 years. We decided it was time for "Digger" to hang up his show lead and just enjoy life. We were pleased and proud when judge, Mrs Zena Wallace, awarded "Digger" Best of Breed (his 34th) retiring him as the overall Top Canaan Dog in the UK for the fifth time! (And this was despite the fact that he didn't go to two of the qualifying shows this year.) The icing on the cake was that the Reserve Best Dog was "Digger's" son, Anacan The Israelite at Dunline (owned by Rob & Jan McLeod) , Best Bitch was his daughter, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna (owned by Lorna Hastings), Reserve Best Bitch was his daughter (and "Amber's" litter sister) Anacan Sheindela (owned by us) and his grandaugther, our Anacan Glory Bound, was Best Puppy. Talk about keeping it all in the family! "Digger's" has an enviable show record that will be as hard to beat as his offspring. He passes on his mantle to his half-brother, "Ziggy", and his son, "Remy".

On the down side, our "Gvir" is still missing. There are usually cluster sightings of him and then nothing for almost two weeks. The last reported sighting was about 10 days ago, but still no luck in finding him.

12th November 2001 - Yesterday The Canaan Dog Club held its first-ever Open Show. For my American friends, this is as close to a national specialty as we can get at this time. There were 26 Canaans entered with 4 absentees (one of them our "Gvir" who is still missing). This was the largest gathering of Canaans in the UK to-date. It was also a very wonderful day for the Anacan Canaans as our "Ziggy" won Best Dog & Best in Show; "Beulah" won Best Bitch, Best Veteran and Reserve Best in Show; "Remy" won Reserve Best Dog and "Digger" won the Progeny class. Reserve Best Bitch was also an Anacan Canaan, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna, owned by Lorna Hastings. Click here for all the show results.

5th November 2001 - It's still catch-up time. Richard & I had a 5-day holiday in Switzerland where we visited Kurt & Catherine Vogt, their daughters and Canaans at their invitation. We had a lovely time, though I don't know if I'll forgive them for conning me onto the longest cablecar ride in the world up into the Alps as I'm terrified of heights. I must admit the view was gorgeous, but it was hard for me to enjoy it. We walked back down the mountain for about 1-1/2 hours, stopped at a cafe for lunch, and then took a train the rest of the way down. I was very impressed with how well Catherine has trained "Simcha" and "Tikvah" (her two Anacan Canaans) as she put them through their paces on one of our mountain walks. I also got to visit a Bernese Mtn Dog breeder (this was my first breed) and saw the most beautiful litter of Berners that I've ever seen. If I could have taken one home, I would have! We also had a chance to visit with Nicole Beeri and her Tunisian-born Canaan Dog, "Indi". Nicole graciously invited us for a meal so she could have a chance to talk with us and evaluate "Indi" for her. It may be a little while yet, but I will eventually post up some photos of this visit to Switzerland. Thank you Catherine & Kurt for the lovely time!

"Indi", owned by Nicole Beeri

1st November 2001 - I know it's been quite a while since I've updated this section of my website, but things have been hectic as usual in the Minto household. We were horrified, as was most of the world, at the tragic events of September 11th as New York City is my home town. It is difficult to convey to my fellow New Yorkers how sad and outraged I feel. An event like this cannot help but put things into perspective, including the following.

On the 23rd September, our "Gvir", who has been staying with our friend Lorna Hastings in Kent, was let out for a run and took off. He has been missing since, though he has been sighted on a number of occasions. "Gvir" is very fit, but he is 10 years old. We are praying that we will be able to get him back.


- The Welsh KC Championship Show on the 18th August 2001 did not have the best weather to offer, but it was a great day for Anacan. The club gave classes to Canaans for the first time, and well-known judge, Mrs Liz Cartledge, judged us for the first time. Mrs Cartledge found her Best of Breed in our "Digger" commenting twice that she couldn't believe he is 7-1/2 years old. I explained that Canaans age very well. Reserve Best Dog was "Digger's" son, Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline (owned by the McLeods) who is only16 months old. Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex went to Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Lucky Star - a "Digger" granddaughter (sired by our "Gvir") and Reserve Best Bitch went to our "Beulah". This win has put "Digger" in tied lead for the Pedigree Top Canaan. When you consider that "Digger" has only been to 4 qualifying shows this year and that his rival has been to two more qualifying shows than "Digger" (the only two that dog has won), we are very proud of our boy. With only two more qualifying shows to go this year, we have our fingers crossed that "Digger" can retire from the show ring as a five-time winner of the Top Canaan Dog title. We would appreciate your positive thoughts!

- Due to some personal problems between the judge and Richard and I, we did not enter our Canaans at the Bournemouth Championship Show this year for the first time since we began showing. This was a disappointment for us as we really like this particular show set in the New Forest, and it was also a qualifying show for the Pedigree Top Dog. However, I did show my Tibetan Spaniels and got a 1st in Junior Bitch with my "Willow", which qualified her for Crufts for the second time this year, so all's well that ends well.

- This time last Friday (27th July) I was in Sweden with my friend, Barbara Gold, in the car with my friends, Jenny Wallin and her mother-in-law, Lena, on the way to their home in Nykoping for a weekend visit. Jenny and her husband, Zet, came over to England just over a year ago to meet us and the litter of Canaan Dogs we had out of our "Lottie" sired by our "Digger". While they were here Richard and I took them sightseeing in the surrounding vicinity and spent a pleasant weekend getting acquainted. Ever since then, Zet and Jenny have been asking us to let them reciprocate our hospitality. Well believe me, they more than reciprocated. We stayed at Zet's family's summer home on a small island which we were driven to in their launch. Barbara and I had our own little cottage on the water's edge. How lovely to wake up to the sun glimmering on the water and to take a dip in the Baltic Sea before breakfast! Jenny calls the summer home "Aragon's" paradise, a paradise he shares with Zet's parents Hamiltonstovare.

Our cottage
Aragon in paradise
Breakfast by the sea
Our "cottage" on the water's edge. The main house is in the center of this small island.
"Aragon" (now 15 months old) surveying his paradise.
Breakfast by the sea. L-R: Zet, Lena, Barbara and Jenny.

Zet and Jenny's friends in Eskilstuna, Torsten and Ingrid Almen, had fallen in love with the Wallin's Canaan, "Aragon" and waited a year in order to get a little cream-coloured Canaan girl from us. We chose for them a lovely puppy out of our most recent Ziggy/Sheindela litter whom they named "Diandra". After waiting the prescribed time after her vaccinations we shipped her to them earlier in July. I had wanted to go with the puppy, but couldn't get the time off when the puppy was ready to go. Zet and Jenny drove us to meet Torsten and Ingrid and see where Diandra lived. Torsten is a blacksmith (I have added a link to his site, which is in Swedish of course) and he and Ingrid and "Diandra" live out in the country with their two horses. The Almen's are also warm, wonderful people and "Diandra's" home is ideal. What a lucky dog! We spent several hours visiting the Almen's and the area, learning all about the local trolls, and then headed onto Stockholm where Barbara and I had reserved a room for our last night in Sweden.

Zet and Jenny showed us the church in the old town (Gamla Stan) where they were married dressed in full medieval costume, as were all their wedding guests. They then joined us for an evening meal in "the dungeon" of a restaurant done up in medieval decor. After we said our goodbyes to the Wallins (who hopefully will be over for a visit to England next year) Barbara and I returned to our room to freshen up and then took a stroll around Stockholm. We had a mad shopping spree in the old town the following morning before having to depart to the airport. Neither of us wanted to leave. It is certainly a place, and people, I would like to return to someday. Oh, just in case you were wondering, poor Richard had to stay home to take care of the dogs as we couldn't afford to put them all into kennels. Hopefully we'll be able to return to Sweden together next time.

- Riikka Turunen (Kirifix Canaans, Finland) phoned us with the wonderful news that on that morning, 12th July 2001, at Tuusula, INT Nordic Winner 2001,under judge Elina Haapaniemi FIN CH Anacan Diplomat at Kirifix ("Andy") who is a son of our Anacan Ziggy and Anacan Sheindela, was Best of Breed, CACIB winner and Nordic Winner 2001making him the Top Canaan in Finland! Riikka says, "Like father, like son." This holds true for the next generation as well as "Andy's son ,LVJW-00, LVW-00 Kirifix King Of Hearts ("Topi") at the same show won Best Male-2, CAC, RES-CACIB and became a Finnish Champion! Congratulations and well done! We are very proud of our "grandkids".

- On the 24th June 2001, Anacan Ziggy became the second Canaan Dog in UK history (and the second Anacan Canaan) to win a Best In Show. This honour was bestowed upon him by respected judge, Mr Martin Freeman, at the Gravesend & Medway Open Show. We are very grateful to Mr Barry Tookey for awarding him Best of Breed on the day, and to our friends and supporters who have celebrated this win with us, and for the breed. We look forward to seeing Ziggy and Sheindela's newest litter outshine their dad in the future. Click here to see a photo of "Ziggy's" win.

- Ellen just started physiotherapy for her back on the 18th June. If all goes well she is hoping to be able to do a better job running around the ring with the dogs in a few months time. She and Richard then went off to Calais for an overnight shopping and eating binge with their friends, Barbara and Patrick Gold on the following day. On their way back home they stopped in to see Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye's new puppies out of their "Livvi" and our 'Remy' and were well-pleased with how beautiful they looked. See below for some more information.

- Happy Father's Day to our "Remy"! Today, 17th June 2001, "Livvi" (Babrees Bat Benyas), a first-time mum, made our "Remy" a first-time dad when she delivered a litter of 4 boys and 1 girl. "Livvi's" proud and delighted owners, Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye, told us that "Livvi" had no problems and all is well. One boy is black, one is black and white and two are cream, and the little girl is cream. To see some photos of the puppies at 4 days old, click here (New puppy photos have been posted 11th July). To see the puppies' pedigree click here. You can contact Alison directly at

- "Digger" won Best of Breed at the Bath Championship show on the 10th June---his 31st BOB! Now a veteran at 7-1/2 years old, "Digger" is still admired by many judges. We realise that it won't be long before his offspring start winning over him, indeed "Abraham" has already done so once. However, that is what being a good breeder is all about--making sure each generation is better than the one that came before. But in any case, "Digger" has won a place in UK Canaan Dog history, and that no one can take away from him.

- The top award of Best of Breed eluded Anacan Canaans at Crufts 2001. However, we were pleased that 3 of the 4 top places went to dogs either owned or bred by Anacan. While our "Digger" was slighted by our judge, Peter Jolley, (who has given him Best of Breed twice in the past), "Digger's" son "Remy" was awarded Reserve Best Dog. As "Remy" was the youngest dog there, this was a very nice win. Our "Beulah" was Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex--her third such win at Crufts. Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna, a Digger/Jasmine daughter owned by Lorna Hastings, was Reserve Best Bitch. So overall, it was a good day for the Canaan Dogs of Anacan.

- On the 7th April 2001 our "Digger" (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) participated in the Contest of Show Champions. This is a charity event to which the top 64 dogs in the country are invited. There are 3 overseas judges whose names are not announced until the night. Each dog is matched to another by luck of a draw in what is called a knock-out competition. The winners of each heat go onto the next until the final winner emerges. "Digger" was knocked out in the first heat by a champion Puli, but it didn't take away from the honour of being invited, and it helped to raise the profile of the breed.

The loveliest bit of it all was all the support and good wishes we received from Canaan Dog Club members all over the world. Our good friend, Lorna Hastings, surprised us by decorating "Digger's" bench with Israeli flags, balloons, as well as a satin cushion for "Digger" to sit on. She had also organised a gorgeous card. On the front was an original portrait of "Digger" done for her by a friend and inside were handwritten notes, emails and faxes from all over wishing us the best. In attendance, to give us support, were our friends Lorna and her partner, Neil Pollard, Barbara & Patrick Gold, Brian & Norma Barnes and Rob & Hannah Thompson. Thank you all for a wonderful evening. For some photos of the night, and our visit to the London Eye with Barbara & Patrick on the following day, click here.

- We had hoped to have moved to larger premises by now, but things don't always go as planned. Both of us have had job changes this past year, and Ellen has had some back problems that still need sorting. However, we still plan to move as soon as we can manage it.

- Anacan The Israelite at Dunline ("Abraham"), a "Digger"/"Beulah" son, has been winning well for his owners, Robert and Jan McLeod, to say the least. He is the first Canaan Dog in the UK to win a BEST IN SHOW. This was won at only 16 months of age at the City of Bristol Open Show on the 17th February 2001!

Prior to this "Abraham" had already won 4 open show group placements and a Reserve Best Puppy In Show, along with numerous placements at championship shows by the time he was 9-months old. He had also won Best Dog, Best Puppy and Best AVNCS at the Welsh KC Championship show at 11 months of age.

At his first championship show of this year, Birmingham National held 13th April 2001, (others having been postponed due to the foot and mouth disease crisis) "Abraham" won BOB over 14 other Canaans (including his dad)! We are very proud of him.

Click here to see a photo of "Abraham".

The McLeod's are so delighted with "Abraham" that they decided to add to their Canaan family not that long after getting him. They took home littermates from our "Digger"/"Lottie" litter born 8th April 2000...Anacan Milk and Honey At Dunline ("Debra") and Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline ("Jake"). "Jake" qualified for the Welsh puppy of the year competition after being shown for only a few month. We believe that this brother and sister act are also destined for great things! WE DO SELL OUR GOOD ONES!!! (And not by accident.)

- Our Sheindela whelped five gorgeous puppies---3 girls and 2 boys---on the 20th of March 2001. Our Ziggy is the daddy. See our Upcoming Litters page for photos and information.

- GOOD NEWS! On Easter Sunday our "Remy" was bred to Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye's lovely black and white patched Canaan Dog, "Livvi". If all goes well, puppies will arrive around the 15th of June.

"Livvi'" (formal name, Babrees Bat Benyas) was bred by Jill and Ian Terry and is out of Anacan Divine Brown for Babrees (a daughter of our Gvir and Bobby) and was sired by Sivan me Shaar Hagai ("Aiden"). There are photos of Gvir, Bobby and Aiden on our website.

"Remy" (Anacan Masterpiece) was bred by Ellen Minto and is shown on our site. His dad is our wonderful "Digger" (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) and his mum is "Beulah" (Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn).

This breeding of "Remy" to "Livvi" should result in some lovely puppies of excellent conformation, type, and temperament linebred on the Anacan lines. For more information, or to apply for the waiting list for these babies, contact Alison Byrne at

- Our "Digger" and "Sheindela" were the first British Canaan Dogs to attend a World Show (Milan in June 2000) under the new Pet Passport scheme. "Digger" won the Reserve CAC (defeating an Israeli champion to do so) as well as the Reserve CACIB. Not bad for his first venture abroad!

Digger & Ellen in Milan

- We plan to continue the uphill battle to raise the profile of the breed and to educate both the general public and show judges about the Canaan Dog and its character. Towards this end we help man the breed both at Discover Dogs, both at Crufts and Earls Court. We also gave a well-received breed seminar for The Canaan Dog Club (UK) on the 26th November 2000 (our third). Although attendance was small there were two top judges (Group and BIS) on hand who had only favourable things to say afterwards.

Additionally we will continue to promote Canaan Dog Club (UK) and to foster ties with the global Canaan Dog community. Towards that end Richard originated the idea of holding the first International Canaan Dog Working Party (ICDWP) on the 27th May 2000, which was well-attended. In the not too distant future we will have a new ICDWP website dedicated to the proliferation of the knowledge gained and shared through its workings.

- Oh, in her "spare time" Ellen also writes the breed notes for DOG WORLD, the top weekly doggy newspaper in the UK, as well as for the internet site, So if you own a Canaan Dog and have any news, view or comments to share, please send it to her at the email address shown below for inclusion in her columns.

Richard and Ellen are signers and upholders of the Code of Ethics of The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. To contact the Mintos you can email them at:

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