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Anacan News, and Plans Archives 2002

13th December 2002 - Much has happened since I last updated this page, and I will report the events to you in time. But everything else has been eclipsed by the events of today as we had to make the awful decision to release our 'Bobby' from this world. She had fought a good fight, but the tumour in her neck was winning. She could no longer eat and swallowing water had become very difficult. She had a few good days in the last couple of weeks, but the last few days were a struggle for her.

I was at work when Richard took her to our vet. He said that as the vet put the needle into her vein, 'Bobby' looked up at him and wagged her tail and then she was no more. I told him she was saying 'thank you'. Richard is devastated as 'Bobby' has been has best friend for 13 years. It will be hard to have a Merry Christmas this year, but we are grateful for the time we had with 'Bobby' and proud of the great contribution she made to the breed while she was with us. Rest well beautiful girl.

17th November 2002 - I thought as you got older you could wind down, but that doesn't seem to be the case. As always, I have too many things to do and too few hours in the day. I am going to skip around here and not put everything in chronological order. First of all we celebrated our "Bobby's" 13th birthday on the 15th November. Sadly, it will probably be her last as she has been diagnosed with cancer. She has had a huge lump on the right side of her neck for several months now. Originally it was thought to be an abcess as it was full of pus and draining. When a course of antibiotics didn't help, our vet surgically opened the area to clean it out and remove the dead tissue. Another course of antibiotics cleared up the infection to a great extent, but the lump and seeping continued. After four courses of antibiotics our vet confirmed his worst suspicion that it is cancer. "Bobby" can eat only a soft diet now and it is terribly sad to see this once majestic dog slowly losing her strength. I don't know how much longer we will have her with us physically, but I can guarantee she will always be with us in our hearts.

On a much happier note, our Canaan Dog Club held it annual open show on the 2nd November 2002 with Mr Doug Kitchener presiding over the ring. There were 28 dogs entered for a total of 56 entries! For a full report you can look at the club website, We are VERY pleased that all bar one of the major winners were bred by Anacan, and the one exception goes back to our line on her sire's side. The main winners are as follows:

Best Bitch & Best In Show: Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna - owner, Lorna Hastings
Best Dog, Best of Opposite Sex, Res Best In Show: Anacan Ziggy - owners, Richard & Ellen Minto
Reserve Best Bitch: Babrees The Milky Way - owners, David & Hazel Braddock
Reserve Best Dog: Anacan Masterpiece - owners, Ellen Minto & Barbara Gold
Best Puppy In Show: Anacan Sheez The One - owner, Ellen Minto
Best of Opposite Sex to Best Puppy In Show: - Anacan Wizard - owner, Pat Phillips
Best Veteran: The Lion of Judah At Anacan - owner, Ellen Minto
Best Beginner: Anacan Little Bit - owners, Martin & Sandra Pesani

A special "thank you" to Karen Reynolds & Stuart Newell and The Pesani Family for supporting the show by exhibiting their new Anacan puppies as it was a first for puppies and owners alike. You did us proud!! A "thank you" also to Elisabeth de Boisgelin for exhibiting her adolescent, "Kookie" (Anacan Dreamweaver) and for going to the effort of making liver cakes for all the exhibits, each individually wrapped and tied up with a bow! It is people like these who help make club events a good day for all.

Last weekend (9th November) Richard & I were in Ireland for a reunion of my mother's side of the family. I met some relatives I knew, and many I didn't even know I had. Richard & I gave up at 2:30 a.m., but some partied on until 8:00 a.m. The next night there were fewer of us, but the merriment went on until 6:00 a.m. We got home Tuesday still feeling a bit tired, but were back at work on Wednesday and using the evenings to make our final arrangements for Discover Dogs, held yesterday and today at Earl's Court. For those of you not familiar with the event, which is hosted by The Kennel Club, each breed club is invited to man a breed booth, which we decorate with photos, etc, and the public come to meet all the different breeds and hopefully learn about responsible dog ownership. Richard had to work this weekend, so missed working the booth for the first time in 7 years. So we both went up Friday night after work to set up the booth and I was up there all day yesterday with Lorna Hastings and two of her Canaans part of the day and the rest of the day with Alison Byrne and two of her Canaans. We were very busy and we had a lot of interest in the breed. The Golds and Doug Bateman are up there today with their dogs and I am sure they will also have a busy, tiring, but rewarding day.

15th September 2002 - Sorry I haven't written for awhile. August was a lost month as my boss was on holiday leaving me in charge, which meant extra hours as well as extra responsibility. I manage the UK's largest canoe & kayak retail shop, Whitewater The Canoe Centre, and take care of all the administrative and contract work, as well as helping out in the shop. I also built and maintain the shop's website which, if you are interested, is I have been speaking to the buyers of our litter born 26th April and everyone is well-pleased. I have received some new photos of the Pesani's 'Izzi' and Melanie Bridges' 'Louie' which I am posting up under "More Puppy Photos" (see TOC).

This month has been quite busy as well. We just got back from Darlington Championship show last night where the highly experienced Israeli Canaan judge, Avi Marshak, officiated in our ring. It has been 25 years since I last showed under Mr Marshak at the Canaan Dog Club show in New York. (See Briel Canaans for photos.) It seems a lifetime ago and, of course, the Canaans I then had are long gone. We had an entry of 24 Canaans at Darlington, the highest yet, but there were a number of absentees.

I am delighted to announce that it was a very good day for the Anacan Canaans as they won 3 out of the top 4 awards. As they offered Canaans a Veterans class, we took 'Digger' off his settee and temporarily out of retirement to make sure they had an entry in this class, not normally offered to our breed, and he came home with a Best Veteran rosette. Our 'Ziggy' was awarded Best Dog and Best of Opposite Sex, while our 'Remy' was given Reserve Best Dog. Lorna Hasting's Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna (a Digger/Jasmine daughter) won Reserve Best Bitch. To top it off, Darlington is the only show I am aware of that gives special stakes-type classes for the reserve winners in each breed. So we put 'Remy' in the Non-CC Reserve Best of Sex Class and he won 5th place, Very Highy Commended, under judge Steve Hall. We were very happy as it isn't very often Canaans get recognition in a large entry of mixed breeds like that. Overall a very pleasing result for Anacan.

Best of Breed went to a lovely sand, almost white, coloured bitch named 'Tanya' (Babrees The Milky Way) owned by David & Hazel Braddock. 'Tanya' is a grand-neice to our 'Ziggy' as her grandmother, Anacan Divine Brown For Babrees, is 'Ziggy's' litter sister. David, who has been quite ill for several month and is just returning to work on Monday, is relatively new to showing. Having never won this high an award with his dog before, he didn't quite know what to do. Richard & I explained to him he had to wait for the Group judging and pointed out where to go, etc. We stayed to cheer 'Tanya' on, along with Lorna Hastings & Richard Kinsey. We in the UK have yet to have a Canaan get a placing in the group ring at a championship show, though our 'Digger' made the cut at Bournemouth 2000. Perhaps it will happen someday soon!


28th July 2002 - I was delighted to receive emails from both the Penney family (UK) and Christine Franklin (Bermuda) today. The Penney's-- John, Carol & Sinead-- have a litter sister to our "Lyndsay" named "Tara". Carol informed me that "Tara" is doing fine and that she and 3-year old Sinead are "thick as thieves". They are very happy with "Tara". As predicted her red colouring is darkening and Carol has promised me some photos, which I will duly post up when received.

Christine tells me that her 3 Canaans are all doing fine. She bought "Hila" (now almost 11 years old) and "Branson" from me, and they have a son from these two named "Luke". Christine tried to email a photo of the boys to me, but has had some problems with her email, so will try again. I look forward to sharing it with you.


26th July 2002 - I wasn't too pleased when I received the following message from my server 3 days ago:

Dear Ellen,

We regretfully inform you that due to the severity of the attack on our network at the weekend and after round the clock efforts by our engineers and data recovery experts, you will need to reload your web pages/data to your hosting account....

So we haven't disappeared, but I had to spend all of Tuesday evening uploading my website again. I think everything is back in order, but if you notice that anything that isn't working properly on the site, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know.

I am pleased to announce that at the half-point of the year our "Digger" is in the lead in the point system for Top Stud Dog and our "Lottie" is in the lead for Top Brood Bitch. "Digger's" daughter, "Amber" (who is out of our "Jasmine" and owned by Lorna Hastings) is still in the lead for overall Top Canaan Dog. We are very proud of our "kids" and it is nice that they get the recognition we feel they deserve.

The only bad thing about being at the top is that there are always people trying to shoot you down. Unfortunately, we have a few people in the breed (along with a few of their friends who are not in Canaans) who are doing everything they can to undermine the work we have done. And they are not satisfied with attacking Richard & I and our dogs personally (in print and by word-of-mouth), but they are doing what they can to destroy the hard work The Canaan Dog Club (UK) has done to promote the breed. This miserable lot are now making every effort to reduce the number of classes the breed is given at the various championship shows.

For those outside the UK, the judging system here is quite different to most of yours. Breed clubs put together a criteria for getting onto their judges' list (which must be approved by The Kennel Club) and a judges' committee selects from the applicants for the list those people they feel are potentially good Canaan judges. To date, only one applicant for the Canaan Dog judges' list has been declined. The show giving clubs in the UK must use judges from the club's judges' list if they give the breed more than 3 classes, which they won't do if Canaans have what they feel is not a sufficient entry at the previous year's show. By not entering the various champ shows and reducing the entry the breed usually has at these shows, this little group hopes to have the classes at next year's shows reduced so people not on our list (and perhaps friends of theirs) can judge our breed. It's all pretty sad, but one can only feel sorry for people who have such a need to win that they will go to any lengths. I wouldn't mind as much if it was just us they were's only sour grapes...but they are damaging the Club's, as well as the breed's creditability, which those of us who love the breed have struggled so hard to build up.

Sorry to vent my anger on you, but sometimes one has to let off steam and inform the public what is going on!


17th July 2002 - Richard & I, along with friends, Patrick & Barbara Gold, went to the World Winner Show in Amsterdam, which took place on the 5th July, going with a dog coach tour group. We were also joined on the coach by Lorna Hastings, who had entered her "Amber" (a Digger/Jasmine daughter) and "Simi" (a Remy son). We took our "Remy" & "Lyndsay". "Digger" had been entered in Veteran's class, but we were unable to take him because he had been castrated. We decided to go along with a coach tour group thinking it would give Richard a break from driving and making it more of a holiday. Wrong! Let it suffice to say we will not be travelling with this tour group in the future.

The show was quite an experience as well. The amount of double handling going on was amazing, as was the fact that people didn't clean up after their dogs. Spectators booed judges and one judge asked to be escorted from his ring by security as everyone of his decisions had been booed. Nothing that exciting happened in the Canaan Dog ring. We were disappointed to learn that the scheduled judge from Israel had been replaced by a Hungarian judge. Lorna had a very good day as her "Amber" won reserve best bitch and the reserve CACIB and her "Simi" won the reserve CAC and Junior World Winner 2002 dog. Our "Remy" was second in the Open Dog class and "Lyndsay" also came home with the title Junior World Winner 2002 bitch. All the UK Canaans were rated "excellent" by the judge.....but we knew that anyway!

All of "Sheindela's" puppies were settled into their new homes before we left for the World Winner Show and the reports I've been receiving back from their new families are all good. This past Saturday, 13th July, we were entered at the South Wales championship show where our "Ziggy" won Best of Breed under well-respected judge, Les Aspin, who also gave Reserve Best Bitch to our "Lyndsay". The Austwick family were entered with their "Cody" (Ziggy/Sheindela son) and daughter, Jennifer did a nice job of handling him. "Cody" is going through his fear period now and didn't want to be handled, but still gaited very well. Fortunately Mr Aspin was very understanding and didn't push "Cody" and so was eventually able to handle him. This kind of good experience will go a long way to ensuring that "Cody" will eventually gain confidence in the show ring.

Sunday The Canaan Dog Club held it's annual Fun Day at the Peacock Inn in Tysoe (near Banbury). Once again we were very fortunate with the weather and the sun shone all day. We got to meet Alison Byrne & Ivan Kaye's new baby boy, Jacob Matthew, and to see how much the lovely Lawrence has grown. The Pesani & Baker families came with their new "Sheindela" puppies, whom they have named "Izzi" and "Blue" respectively. The theme for this year's fancy dress competition was Harry Potter and there were a number of very good entries. The judge couldn't make up her mind and gave out several first places. Our "Digger" was dressed as the character Hermione Granger and our Tibetan Spaniel, "Spice", was the golden snitch. I took some photos and when I get them developed I will post them for all of you to see. Sunday also happened to be my birthday and Barbara Gold surprised me with a delicious homemade birthday cake in the shape of a big "E". There was enough to share with everyone there and still have leftovers! It was a very pleasant day for all concerned.

Almost forgot, we heard from Jouni Viitasalo in Sweden who has "Simi's" litter brother, "Gandalf" (a Remy son out of Alison's Livvi). "Gandalf" will soon be starting his show career and looking at the photos of "Gandalf" Jouni has sent, it should be a very successful one.


17th June 2002 - We've both been very busy at our respective jobs with poor Richard working lots of overtime. And, of course, there has been the World Cup to distract as well. Let's hope England can keep up the pace and defeat Brazil!!

The puppies are growing well and it's hard to believe that they will be leaving us next week after they've been vet checked. Time flies!!! We had everyone who is getting a puppy over to see them the weekend they turned six weeks old, which meant quite a hectic schedule. We are delighted with our puppies new owners. A few of them think will try showing a dog for the first time. Should be great fun for all concerned.

Our good friend, Marlies Menge (Berlin) had a litter on the 26th May--3 girls and a boy--all sand-coloured. They were sired by Anacan Tikvah, who lives in Switzerland with our other good friends, Kurt & Catherine Vogt. Marlies has emailed some photos and the puppies look lovely. We wish her great success with this litter.

Marlies Germanier's (Switzerland) "Tikvah" daughter, "Amira" is growing into a very pretty girl. Catherine Vogt keeps me up-to-date and has posted a number of photos to me. We are very pleased that "Tikvah" has done so well for the breed.

On a sadder note, we had to have our "Digger" castrated 3 weeks ago due to the growth of a testicular tumour. "Digger" is doing well and from the time he came home from the vet, you would never know he had surgery. By the way, our vet, Colin Ellis, is most impressed by our Canaan Dogs. He said that they have the best temperaments of any of his clients. He said the Canaan Dog is the ony breed he can trust 100% never to bite, even when in pain. He really loves working with them. So where temperament counts, the Canaans have it.


27th April 2002 - It's been awhile since I've updated this page, but as usual I have too much too do and too little time to do it in. Richard & I went on a much-needed week's holiday 13th-19th April to Magaluf, Mallorca. The hotel was very nice, well-located and the food was excellent. I slept for 12 hours on our second day there, but after that we walked miles each day and took a few excursions to see some of the island's scenery. Of course I imbibed some of the island's alcoholic refreshments while Richard stuck to Coca Cola. Our hotel "neighbors" turned out to be a super nice couple from Derbyshire and as soon as I get around to it I will post a photo of Derek & Pauline on this site.

Richard was back to work on the Sunday (he does shift work) and I was back on Monday. Then on Friday, 26th April, our "Sheindela" gave birth to six beautiful puppies. (See our Upcoming Litters page.) I was up all the previous evening with her, just cat-napping on the settee as her temperature had dropped that morning indicating a imminent birth. I rang work to tell them I would be late and after she was through and I knew everyone was okay I took a quick shower and was off to work. Needless to say I was exhausted, but happy. Our holiday seems like it was a year ago!


22th March 2002 - To update you on Jasmine, she is doing just fine. She went back to the vet this past Tuesday, just for a check, and there were no problems to be found. For those of you who expressed your concern, thank you.

I did receive a photo of Marlies Germanier's Amira Star of Work (by the Vogt's "Tikvah" out of Marlies' "Syrah") shortly after she was born, and I will share it with you here. We will look forward to watching "Amira's" progress.


Our "Lyndsay" celebrated her first birthday on the 20th. The time has just flown by! She is turning out to be a real beauty with the sweetest nature and, like her big sister, "Lottie", has the ability to make all the other dogs play with her...even "Bobby" who is nearly 12-1/2 years old. I really love little "Lyndsay" and I will try to get some new photos of her soon so I can share her with you.


12th March 2002 - Some exciting news.....Canaan Dogs were judged at Crufts on Saturday the 9th March. There was a record entry of 22 Canaan Dogs, with 4 absentees. Our judge was Mr Ollie Staunskjaer from Denmark who awarded Best Dog to It & Int Champion Velikaya's Lahatutan with Reserve Best Dog going to Rob & Jan McLeod's Anacan The Israelite At Dunline (a Digger/Beulah son). He then awarded Best Bitch and Best of Breed to Lorna Hastings' Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna (a Digger/Jasmine daughter). I don't think I've ever heard as much cheering and clapping at the Canaan ring as when the judge pointed to 'Amber' for the Best of Breed. Reserve Best Bitch went to Lorna's Lorianna Lucky Star (a Gvir/Amber daughter), so Lorna, and ANACAN, had an amazing day. My own Anacan Glory Bound ('Lyndsay') was Best Puppy. As a breeder I am so thrilled to see the dogs I have bred do so well. If the dogs I sell to those who wish to show and breed them do well in the show ring and in the whelping box, then I know I have done my job properly. There is an old saying that "good breeding shows", and I will brag here say that it does show in my Canaans. Thank you Jan, Rob and Lorna for taking such good care of my 'kids'. A full report on the show will be found on The Canaan Dog Club (UK) site,

And speaking of breeding, we left our Sheindela home, even though she was entered, as we have bred her to a handsome young dog named Sheleg Harishon and I don't like to take a pregnant dog to a show. You can read more about this breed on our Upcoming Litters page.

While I'm already bragging, I heard today from Alan Gersman (Virginia, USA) who has U-CD Briel's Isabel P Tiger Pooh, CD, AAD, OA, OAJ, OJC, OGC, OAC, AX, a Canaan I bred while I live in the US. (And no, I don't know what titles all the letters stand for as I have never competed in agility.) On the same day as Crufts, in a class of 31 dogs, Isabel placed 2nd, and his other Canaan, 'Lada' placed 3rd, in the Excellent Standard run at the AKC Agility Trial in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then on the Sunday Isabel qualified in both the Excellent Standard and Jumper runs for her 3rd double Q in her last four trial days!! By the way, Isabel is 10 years old. What can one say but WOW!!!

On a sadder note, today we had to have our 'Jasmine' spayed as she developed a pyometra (a severe uterine infection). When I spoke to the vet a little while ago she told me that 'Jas' was awake and her colour was good. She will keep her on a drip overnight and if all goes well we will bring Jasmine home tomorrow. We also still not have found Gvir. Lorna has had people ring her with sightings, but they have never amounted to anything. I must admit that Richard and I have pretty much given up hope of seeing Gvir again.

7th February 2002 - It's because things have been so hectic here, not lack of news, that I haven't updated this page of late. Our club's AGM was held on the 17th February and as Secretary, that meant a bit of extra work for me. Two days before the AGM, on the 15th February, we competed in the Kent Super Dog competition (opened only to dogs who have won a Best in Show or Reserve Best in Show) with our "Ziggy". We didn't expect to win, and weren't disappointed in that, but went along to show off the breed and have a good time. We are very blessed to have so many good friends and there was 12 of us making up our table: Richard & I, Patrick & Barbara Gold, Lorna Hastings & Neil Pollard, Brian & Norma Barnes, Alison Byrnes & Anne Barclay, and Ron & Pat Parkes at whose show "Ziggy" qualified to attend.

The following week my company had a stand at the International Canoe Exhibition at the N.E.C. in Birmingham. We went up Thursday evening, 21st February, and worked on setting up our stand until 3:00 a.m. We finished up later on Friday, worked the exhibition Saturday and Sunday, then had to pack everything back up on Sunday. We didn't arrive back at the shop until 11:00 p.m. Then Monday morning I was back at work. This past Saturday was the first day I had off in 11 days. We are now trying to get ready for Crufts as Canaans will be judged this coming Saturday, 9th March. I also have a friend coming from Denmark, arriving Friday, and found out today that two more of my friends from the USA will be coming! Never a dull moment.

We heard from Marlies Germanier that her "Syrah" had only one live puppy, a girl, which she will be keeping. She lost a boy and a girl. We were sad to hear that, but we're pleased that the surviving puppy looks healthy and well-made. She is marked very much like her sire, white with tan spots. We look forward to hearing how she turns out.

On a happier note, our "Sheindela" has been bred to a handsome young male named Sheleg Harishon just last week. If all goes as expected, we will be hearing the sounds of puppies around the 29th of April and will be reporting the event right here. For further information, see our Upcoming Litters page.

We have recently had some enquiries questioning the health of the Canaan Dog due to some recent reports in the dog press, as well as on another website, listing several problems. The Canaan Dog is a very healthy breed, most likely because it is not that popular and because of the breed's foundation stock's innate healthiness. No species in this world is completely free of health problems, and some problems have been created by use of chemicals in our food, vaccines, pollutants in the air and our water supply, etc. However, the Canaan Dog as a whole remains one of the healthiest breeds around. Long may it be so!!

7th February 2002 - Marlies Germanier has sent me the pedigree of her "Syrah's" expected litter. To see it click here. As an Anacan dog is the sire, we are, of course, very excited and look forward to seeing how the puppies turn out.

Richard and I are proud of all our 4-legged "kids" and "grandkids", whether they are show dogs or not, but I must admit it is nice to here about their show wins. Though we are not far into the year, we already have some show wins coming in. Lorna Hastings' Nizzana Hadad for Lorriana ("Simi"), a black boy out of the Remy/Livvi breeding whelped last June (see News & Plans archives) won a Puppy Group 2 at the Uxbridge Open Show on the 6th January. I heard yesterday from Lorna that on Sunday the 3rd February at the East Kent Canine Society "Simi" won Best AVNSC Puppy and then went on to take utility group puppy 3! Not a bad start to a show career for this young man.

Rob & Jan McLeod's "Abraham" (Anacan The Israelite At Dunline" won a Group 4 at the Welsh Kennel Club on the 13th January, and then at the Newton Abbot & South Devon CS Open Show on the 27th January their Nizzana Astarte At Dunline ("Hannukah"), who is a litter sister to Lorna's "Simi", won Best NSC Utility Puppy. As I recommended the breeding that produced "Simi" & "Hannukah" and own their sire, I am very pleased to hear of their progress.

We had a bit of a worry with our "Bobby", who was 12-years old in November. Just over 6 months ago she slipped down our very steep stairs, hitting her ribcage on the way down. Shortly after we discovered an egg-sized lump. At first I thought it was a seroma (a blood-filled bruise), but it didn't go away, or grow. We had our vet, Colin Ellis, take a look at it and he told us to just keep an eye on it. It never seemed to grow or bother her, but about two weeks ago she started acting as if her neck hurt her and she cried when she got up. When this went on for another day we became worried and made an appointment with the vet. By the time Richard took "Bobby" to Mr Ellis, she was no longer complaining, but he gave her a thorough exam. He flexed and bent every joint, including her neck and hips, and said she was in excellent condition for a 12-year old and that her hip joints were better than he would expect for an average dog of her age. He decided that she had probably either strained herself somehow, or banged into something as there was no evidence of any problem. He also checked the lump and said it had't grown at all since he last examined it. Richard rung me at work to give me the good news and "Bobby" has been fine since. If only I could age as well as her.

4th February 2002 - Our "Digger" has been invited to the Contest of Champions again this year. We were both surprised and excited as we didn't expect him to be invited two years on the trot. The event, which is a black tie charity function, will be held on the 6th April 2002 and we already have a enough friends to make up a table coming to support us. Should be a good night.

Richard is delighted at having been given a promotion at work. After 11 years of working night shift, he will be going onto days as a result of this move up the ladder. If you've never worked night shift, it will be hard for you to appreciate how little sleep one gets when they try to sleep during the day. This change of shift will be a real boon to Richard's health, as the poor man rarely gets more than 4-5 hours sleep. You just can't keep your batteries charged on that little rest!

25th January 2002 - It's been a busy month for me as I am Secretary of The Canaan Dog Club (UK) and have had to do a couple of club mailing with regard to our AGM to be held on the 17th February. I've also been updating the club website and my boss' company website, so this one has been a bit neglected. So now I will rabbit on a bit.

We had some good news from Catherine Vogt (Switzerland) last week. Her Anacan Tikvah ('Digger'/'Lottie' son) is definitely going to be a father around mid-February. He has been bred to Marlies Germanier's bitch (I am waiting for her details, but I know she is Velikaya breeding) and a scan has revealed at least 4 puppies. Marlies is very happy as she bred this girl to another dog last year and had no puppies. This will be the first Canaan litter to be born in Switzerland, so we are waiting excitedly to find out what she has. I have asked Marlies to send me the details and a pedigree which I will post on this site when received. Before 'Tikvah' was allowed to be used at stud, the Swiss Kennel Club required that he be hip-scored and then evaluated by a judge, whom they chose. Catherine had to drive to this judge's home where a complete evaluation was done on him. Catherine was quite relieved when 'Tikvah' passed with flying colours.

Some more good news, our 'Ziggy' has been invited to the Kent Super Dog charity show to be held on the 15th February at the Winter Gardens in Margate. This show is opened to dogs who have won a Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Best Puppy in Show or Best Veteran in Show at a show held in Kent. 'Ziggy' qualified when he won Best in Show at Gravesend & Medway last June. Then this past week we received an invitation for 'Digger' to compete in the Contest of Champions on the 6th April at the Heathrow Business Hotel. As you may remember, 'Digger' was invited last year as well. This charity dog show is open by invitation only to the top dogs in the country based on the Pedigree point system. We are looking forward to attending each of these events and have a table full of friends coming to cheer us on at both.

It's almost three weeks ago that we had a telephone call from Isak Korn (Denmark) giving us an update on 'Leib' (a litter brother to our 'Remy). We hadn't heard from Isak in quite some time and were a bit concerned. It turned out that Isak had been ill in hospital as his heart has been playing up again. He told us what a wonderful family member 'Leib' is. He said 'Leib' seemed to know that Isak isn't well and is quiet and loving with him. Yet when Isak's son, Daniel, is home from university, he and 'Leib' run around and play and rough house. 'Leib' is well tuned-in to his family's needs. We are delighted that he has lived up to all of Isak's expectations. Isak has promised that he will get some photos of 'Leib' to us soon.

Lorna has pulled out all the stoppers (as they say in the US) in trying to locate 'Gvir'. In addition to the article in the 'Times', she managed to be interviewed on BBC radio and television last week. She also has an ad running in a local paper. As a result she has received a great many calls, some of which do seem to be genuine leads. Let's hope that 'Gvir' is soon home.

5th January 2002 - Had an email from Lorna Hastings today to tell me she had gone to Wood Green & Palmers Green Kennel Association Open Show at Picketts Lock. The judge for AVNSC Utility was Mr N Butcher (Tuttlebees) and her Remy/Livvi son, Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna ("Simi") was 1st in his class, Best Not Separately Classified Utility Puppy and then went on to win Puppy Group 4. All this at his very first show! We are very proud of our beautiful "grandson".

Richard and Ellen are signers and upholders of the Code of Ethics of The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom.

To contact the Mintos you can email them at:

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