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Anacan News, and Plans Archives 2004


1st August 2004 - It's be ages since I last updated my website -- the result of leading a too busy life. However, I now have a bit more time on my hands as I was made redundant on the 1st July. Losing one's job is quite traumatic, as are the financial worries. It isn't the easiest thing to find something at this stage in my life, but I am confident that, with my work record and skills, something will turn up. In the meantime, I have started sorting out the mess that is my house, repeated the breeding of our 'Remy' and 'Lottie' (puppies due around the 6th September), and also had the pleasure of whelping my first UK-born litter of Tibetan Spaniels this past Monday, 26th July. (My "Willow" had one boy and one girl and they and mum are doing very well.) I finally now have more time to work with my Canaan Dogs, who have done very well considering how little time I've had to train or socialise them in the past.

On the 19th June Richard & I held an "Anacan Day" to celebrate my 20 years in Canaan Dogs. We invited all our puppy owners and were happy to have the overseas owners send photos of their Anacan Canaans to represent them on the day. I had hired the venue back in February, St Leonard's Church Hall in Watlington, Oxford, as it has lovely grounds. Though it drizzled a tiny bit, we were quite lucky with the weather and were able to play some games with the dogs outside. There was music and plenty of food. I had a book with all of my litters in it, with sire and dam pictured. People had a good time making acquaintance with the owners of their dog's littermates and we took some "family" photos. Most of all, it was my way of saying 'Thank you' to all the wonderful people who have provided loving homes for my Canaan Dogs over the years. Without them, I could not continue breeding. I am very blessed indeed!

We've had to cut back on our showing this year, but we've made the effort to exhibit at a number of shows since Crufts. Our 'Tara' and 'Monkey' have both done quite well. On the 31st March we went to the Gravesend & Medway Open Show where judge, Mrs Pearl Chadwick, found her Best of Breed in our 'Remy' with Reserve Best of Breed going to our 'Ziggy'. We were very pleased when 'Remy' was shortlisted in the Best In Show ring by Mr Bob Cross. Canaans were judged by Miss Juliette Cunliffe atThames Valley Open Show where 'Monkey' was not only awarded Best Puppy, but also went on to win a Puppy Group 3. At The National championship show on the 7th May, judge, Bryn Cadogan, awarded our 'Tara' Reserve Best Bitch and our 'Monkey' Best Puppy, with Best Brace going to the team of 'Tara' & 'Monkey'. At the Scottish Kennel Club championship show on the 15th May, judge, Mrs M Mulholland, awarded 'Tara' Best Bitch and 'Monkey' was once again Best Puppy. At Bath Canine Society Championship Show on the 31st May, judge, Mrs C Coxall, 'Tara' was once again Reserve Best Bitch and 'Monkey' Best Puppy. Canaans showed in Any Variety Not Separately Classified (AVNSC) at Southern Counties champ show, which was on the 4th June and judge, Johan Juslin, awarded 'Monkey' not only Best Puppy, but also Best Bitch! At Windsor champ show on the 3rd July we were once again in AVNSC and 'Monkey' placed first in Puppy Bitch with an entry of 4.

We were off to South Wales champ show on the 9th July where judge, Mr Martin Freeman, awarded 'Ziggy' Best Dog & Best of Opposite Sex on 'Ziggy's' first outing this year. 'Monkey's' litter sister, 'Leah' (Anacan Touch of Class), owned by David & Julia Close, walked away with Best Puppy this time. We also got the opportunity here to meet up with Martin Moulding who has Anacan White Knight ('Manny') - a litter brother to 'Monkey'. Martin is training 'Manny' for obedience and he showed me a photo of him & 'Manny' which appeared in the 25th June edition of "Dog Training Weekly", along with a short paragraph on the breed. The photographer/author had never seen a Canaan Dog before and came over to speak to Martin, attracted by 'Manny's' good looks. Martin is over-the-moon with 'Manny' and we look forward to when he is ready to make his debut in the obedience ring! The 14th July was my birthday. It was also the Paignton & District champ show. Judge, Robert Dore awarded Best Dog & Best of Breed to our 'Remy', with Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch once again going to 'Monkey'. That's it now until the Bournemouth champ show on the 15th August.

We would like to congratulate Lorna Hastings, owner of 'Remy's' son, Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna ('Simi') who is the first UK-born and bred Canaan Dog to finish his German championship! Lorna's 'Star' (Lorianna Lucky Star) has also been on a winning streak and is in lead for Top Canaan Dog this year. 'Star' was bred by Lorna out of our Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna and was sired by our Gvir Me Shaar Hagai At Anacan, who is in the lead for Top Stud Dog this year. We are proud that ALL the top Canaans in the UK have ANACAN in their pedigree.

I am starting to re-vamp part of this website, adding full pedigrees, new photos and, hopefully, making it even easier to navigate. Thanks for your patience!


16th March 2004 - I've already broken my New Year's resolution to keep this site updated weekly. I guess I lead too busy a life. (If only I could give up working!) We've been getting regular reports back from the owners of our last litters and everyone is very happy. I will, in time, be posting the photos I've received, including those of the one we kept, Anacan Dressed For Success ("Monkey") who is by our "Remy" and out of our "Tara". "Monkey" is actually Richard's dog. Richard has always felt that our "Bobby" was the only one that was "his" dog, so when she died it really hurt him. So I decided to offer him a puppy to be "his", to do with as he liked, and he chose our "Tara" look-alike. "Monkey" (he chose that name, not me!) is living up to her name and is a real monkey, and Richard loves her.

For more exciting news - Crufts 2004 was our first show for the year and it was an extremely successful one for ANACAN. Best of Breed was our "Remy", Reserve Best Dog was "Ziggy" and Reserve Best Bitch was "Tara". The Best Bitch, who is owned and bred by Lorna Hastings comes out of Anacan stock. So Anacan had a marvelous day. (Click here for photos and full results of Crufts.)


1st February 2004 - An extremely belated Happy New Year! As usual, life has been hectic in the Minto household, but I have resolved to set aside at least one day a week to update my website in future. All of the puppies from our last litters are happily settled into their new homes and we couldn't be happier with the homes they are in. The last of the puppies, Anacan Simply Red ("Tenga") went off to Sweden only two weeks ago, as Swedish importation law states that the puppy has to be microchipped and vaccinated 30 days before coming into the country, and the importers must be licensed as well. So having "Tenga" here for that extra month made it even tougher on me to say goodbye as, you can well imagine, as I had become very attached to her by the time she left us.

We are very fortunate in that we have already received a large number of photos of the pups from Lottie & Tara's litters, and I will share them with you in our photo album as soon as possible. I also have a number of photos from friends that need to be shared. All in good time.

We are trying to get both ourselves and our dogs ready for Crufts. We will be showing on Thursday, 4th March. Perhaps some of you will be there to cheer us on.

The members of The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom have voted to send a proposed revised standard to The Kennel Club. As a matter of fact, they voted twice -- a postal vote last June 20th which gave overwhelming support of the changes, and then, at The Kennel Club's insistence, at a Special General Meeting held on the 16th November 2003, where again the vote was in the large majority in favour of the changes. Ridiculously enough, at least in my opinion, the most resistance came from the few against the change to allow all coat colours bar brindle. As all the coat colours and patterns have been interbred right from the beginning, unlike other breeds, there are no genetic problems associated with coat colour in our breed. This, coupled with the fact that we do have a small genepool, makes one wonder why anyone would want to exclude an otherwise excellent dog from the show ring or a breeding programme because of coat colour. The breed's "founder", Dr Menzel, said in letters to Connie Higgins and in her original breed standard that black and tan and grey coats were undesirable "for the time" (note she didn't say forever) in order to differentiate the Canaan Dog from other European breeds while the breed was being established. This was a long time ago and the breed is now as well-established as a rare breed can be in Europe and the USA, as well as in Israel. To disallow certain coat colours due to one's own prejudices is very short-sighted. We shall just now have to wait and see.

Next Sunday I am off to a breeders' seminar being put on by The Kennel Club. Richard bought me the tickets as one of my Christmas gifts as I had mentioned I was very interested in it. I'll be sure to let you know about it. Hope you all have a good week.

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