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3rd April 2007 - I've a lot of catching up to do, so here I go. The 18th January Richard and I went to the Manchester Championship Show where the Canaan Dog judge was Mr Tom Mather. We took 3 of our dogs -- Remy (Anacan Masterpiece), Bea (Anacan Glory Bea) and Kefira (Anacan Kefira). Kefira was 1st in a class of 1, Remy was awarded Reserve Best Dog and Bea was both Best Puppy and Best Bitch. We are off to a good start to the year.

On the 10th February my friend, Jackie Taylor, kindly drove me to the Isle of Ely Open Show with Bea and Simene, which gave classes for Canaan Dogs for the first time. The judge was a gentleman from Malta named Daren Zahra. To say I was stunned when he awarded not only Best Puppy, but also Best of Breed to my Bea is an understatement, as amongst the other exhibits was a dog who has won Best of Breed at Crufts 3 times. Mr Zahra was extremely complimentary about Bea and I was a proud mum. I hope she continues to live up to her name.

Canaan Dogs were judged at Crufts on Sunday the 11th March this year. It was touch and go whether or not we could go as my Tibetan Spaniel, Willow, was in whelp and I would never leave her had she not had her puppies. But fortunately for us, Willow delivered 4 beautiful girls on the 10th March. We were also fortunate that, as she has many times now, our friend, Jackie Taylor, was able to kennel sit for us. We had entered 5 of our Canaans under judge, Mr Keith Nathan, and once again Anacan had a superb Crufts! Best of Breed was Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline, owned by Rob & Jan McLeod. 'Jacob', as he is called, is out of our 'Lottie' (Anacan Whole Lotta Class) and was sired by our Digger (The Lion of Judah At Anacan). He looked gorgeous, moved beautifully and was very well handled by Rob. Reserve Best Dog was our Anacan Ziggy (almost 11 years old). Best Bitch, though not bred by us was inbred on our lines and was sired by 'Jacob', a 'Digger' son, and is out of 'Digger' daughter. Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy was our Anacan Glory Bea from last year's litter. In addition, our Kefira won her class and both Remy (Anacan Masterpiece) and Simene (Chancos Simene at Anacan, Imp) were 3rd in a class of 5 -- so we were over the moon! I was also absolutely delighted when Kim Morton, who is an absolute novice in the show ring, won 2nd in Open Bitch, a class of 5, with her 'Naomi' (Anacan Akilah). This was only the 3rd time Kim had ever set foot in a show ring, so we were very proud of her and Naomi.


6th January 2007 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had a lovely Christmas this year, and hope you did as well. Richard's dad spent a fortnight with us, so was here to see in the New Year as well. Dad will be 88 this May, and has a serious blood disorder, so we can only hope that he will be with us again for the holidays next year. However, you must live each day as it comes and be grateful for blessings received. It gave me great joy to see Dad and Richard happy.

Dog-wise, despite the fact that our showing has been limited, we have, for the 5th year running, the Top Stud Dog in the breed for 2006 -- this time with our 'Remy' (Anacan Masterpiece). And to double our pleasure, we also have the Top Brood Bitch in the breed for 2006 -- our 'Lottie' (Anacan Whole Lotta Class). The latter really tickles me as we were looked down on by some for breeding a bitch of a 'wrong' colour, ('Lottie' is tri-coloured) even though she is a beautiful Canaan Dog with superb movement. Well this is the second time 'Lottie' has won the Top Brood Bitch award (the first time being 2002), and we are very proud of her and pleased that she has contributed to the Canaan Dog genepool.

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