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17th January 2009 - I had a lovely day today as I was able to attend the Manchester Championship Show because my wonderful friend, Jackie Taylor, agreed to chauffer me an the dogs and my dear husband, Richard kennel sat, and also took a day off work so we could leave the afternoon before and not have to leave at dawn and drive in the dark on icy roads. On arrival, Jackie and I took care of the dogs and then enjoyed a nice meal. After walking the dogs for the last time, we got to relax in a comfy hotel room and I didn't have to worry about the kennel. Bliss!

It was great to drink in the show atmosphere and to see many friends and acquaintances I haven't seen in a long while. I got to show my 6 month old Tibetan Spaniel, 'Chance' (Anacan Take A Chance On Me), for the first time. He is so cute and a little macho man. It was his first time going anywhere. Well he did me proud and won his class, qualifying for Crufts 2010 in doing so. Jackie kindly kept an eye on the two Canaans I had brought - Ruby and Ami - while I was showing Chance. As Chance was first in the ring at 9:00 am, we had a long wait before the Canaans went in and Ruby and Ami were getting a bit fed up, as were we. 'Ami' (Chancos Charmani At Anacan) only arrived here from Sweden in November and has just turned a year old on the 4th of this month, so I'm sure the long journey to the show, followed by the long wait was a bit unnerving for her. However, we were fortunate in that the judge, Mrs Jan McLeod (Dunline) is a Canaan owner herself and handled the dogs well. Ami stood well, but didn't move out as beautifully as she does at home, so took 2nd in the class. But that still qualified her for Crufts 2010. Our Ruby, only 16 months old, has a few shows under her belt and she showed very well -- so well that she won Best Bitch!

In addition to all this, The Kennel Club has started a new competition which commenced at this show called Top Breeder in Breed. You have to have a team of 4 dogs, all bred by you though not necessarily owned by you, all of which must be shown on the day. I was very pleased to be the first Canaan Dog breeder in the UK to win this award on the day thanks to help from Christine Goldspink, who showed Anacan Maid For Glory At Danehaven & Anacan Sheer Elegance, and Barbara Gold who showed Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, while I took Ruby in. We also received a letter this week telling us that Ruby was the Top Canaan Dog Puppy for 2008. Not a bad start to the New Year!

1st January 2009 - Both Richard and I managed to stay awake to see in the New Year. We made a toast to the future with a glass of sparkling wine and watched the London firework display on telly. The last 4 years have been a trial, thanks to the people next door and their friends up the lane, but despite their best efforts, we are still here. Things are tough, but we still have a lot to be thankful for. We have made a lot of wonderful friends who have given us both moral support and practical support. They have prayed for us and listened to us. They have been their for us when we were low and happy for us when we had small things to celebrate. We are truly blessed.

Though we haven't been able to show our dogs very often over the last 4 years, we still have done well on those occasions when we can show them. And we honestly are just as happy, if not even more so, when the Canaans we've sold to others have their show ring successes, as we are when we win with our own dogs. We are very grateful to them for keeping up the Anacan profile. We are grateful that we have been able to find such wonderful, loving homes for our puppies. We are grateful to have been able to establish a working relationship with Maria Selin in Sweden and Bryna Comsky in America, one that we hope will benefit all of us by the exchange of dogs, offering us all new lines to work with, and thus expanding the genepool in our respective countries.

We are grateful for the opportunities life gives us to help others -- to repay the kindnesses shown to us by being kind to others in need. Life isn't easy, but we all have things to be grateful for. Happy New Year to all of you!

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