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I've not updated my news page in a long, long time and I apolgise for that. 2011 has been a very good year for Anacan. We are now in the position of being unbeatable for the following awards: Top Canaan Dog Breeder 2011 (Mrs E M Minto); Top Canaan Dog Puppy 2011 (Anacan Happy Anni); Top Canaan Dog Brood Bitch 2011 (Anacan Glory Bound). So what I am going to do is just give a synopsis of this year to-date, including show results, month-by-month.

January - We took our Izzy (Anacan Issachar) to the Manchester Championship Show on the 21st where judge, Mrs Roberta Wright awarded Izzy Best Dog & Best of Breed. This was Izzy's 2nd BOB, having been awarded his 1st at the British Utility Breeds Assoc Champ Show 4th December 2010. Reserve Best Dog was Julie Hughes' Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras') and Best Bitch was Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie').

Our Lottie turned 13 years old on the 17th of the month. Unbelievable how time flys. I can still remember when she was a youngster.

February - Hayyim was 4 years old on the 13th.

March - A very difficult month for us as we had to make the decision to euthanise our wonderful Ziggy on the 3rd. He was the greatest dog ever and so, so missed.

Utility day at Crufts was on the 13th and the breed was judged by Rodney Oldham. We took our Izzy and his mum, Anacan Glory Bea. Izzy won his 2 classes, but it was Bea who came home with honours-- Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex. We were very proud. We also got to meet Hegge Jacobowitz, a Norwegian Canaan breeder, and her daughter, who had come to watch. She fell in love with our Izzy.

April - On the 6th of the month, Ami presented us with her first litter, sired by our Hayyim -- 2 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. One dog was white with black patches and the other black with a bit of white trim, like dad. One girl was white with black patches and the other white with red patches. We had some wonderful homes lined up for all of them and they are all now thriving.

On the 10th April the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 11th annual single-breed open show. The judge was Barry Blunden. Reserve Best Dog and Reserves Best In Show went to our Am Ch Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan. Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sext was our Anacan Kefira, who had previously won this placement when Israeli judge, Avi Marshak judged the club show in 2009. Best Junior went to our Anacan Issachar.

On the 13th of the month our Bea turned 5 years old.

May - We got the sad news from Bermuda that Ziggy's brother, Branny (Bda Ch Anacan Cause To Celebrate) had gone on to meet Ziggy at Rainbow Bridge on the 2nd.

On the 6th we went to The National Championship Show with Izzy and Bea and the judge, Mrs Judith Robin-Smith thought enough of them to award Izzy BD and BOB and Bea BB and BOS!

June - Our Shandy (Anacan Sheindela) turned 15 years old on the 1st. This special, quiet girl has contributed so much to the breed through her offspring and at 15 still looks beautiful.

July - A quiet month Canaan-wise. I celebrated my birthday on the 14th. Yes, I was 21 again -- I wish.

August - Utility day at the Paignton Champ Show was on the 2nd. I went to the show with some friends while Richard held down the fort at the kennels. Along with some Tibetan Spaniels I took our Ruby (Anacan Sheeza Gem) and her two gorgeous daughters by Hayyim, Anacan Happy Anni, who is red like mum, and Anacan Silhouette (aka 'Silly'), who is black like dad. It was the puppies first show and a baptism by fire as it was a 5 hour drive just to get there! The judge, Bob Gregory, gave Best Bitch to Ruby and Best Puppy to Anni.

The 6th was another very sad day for Anacan as we said goodbye to our lovely Shandy. Her ash-filled coffin is on our window ledge, along with all the others who have gone before her. Sleep well Shandy.

On the 21st we went to the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show where judge, Juliette Cunliffe, awarded our Izzy Reserve Best Dog and Anni Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch. Best Bitch was the Gold's 'Rosie', so it was all in the family.

September - The 1st was Ruby & Max's 4th birthday. Treats all around!

On on the 6th Keffy (Anacan Kefira) became a 'senior citizen' when she turned 7 years old.

I am delighted to report that at the Darlington Championship Show on 16th September 2011 under eminent Israeli breeder/judge, Mrs Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai), our Anacan Happy Anni was Best Puppy, Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex! In addition, our Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') was Reserve Best Dog; Patrick & Barbara Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie') was Reserve Best Bitch; and Anacan Sheez The One ('Honey') was Best Veteran. A great day for the Canaan Dogs of Anacan!

On the 27th we celebrated both our wedding anniversary and Richard's birthday with a lovely meal out while our friend, Jackie, kennel-sat so we could go out.

October - Our Remy turned 12 years old on the 7th.

On the 8th we went to the South Wales Kennel Assoc Champ Show where judge, Tom Johnston, awarded our Izzy RBD and Anni BP & RBB.

On the 16th Richard & I gave a judges' breed seminar for the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom, which we held at our house as there were not many in attendance. Everyone who came throughly enjoyed it and told us they had learned a lot about the breed.

On the 21st, after sitting up all night with her, Bea started delivering her puppies, with the 1st born at 5:28 am and the 6th, and last, born at 9:40 am. Just over 4 hours to deliver 6 puppies! Not bad. There are 5 girls and one boy and they look lovely. We have more than enough good homes on our waiting list for these puppies, so we will soon make plans for our next litter.

On the 27th we were off to the Midland Counties Champ Show where the judge was former Canaan Dog owner, Mrs Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA. BD & BOB was awarded to our Izzy with RBB going to Julie Hughes' 'Tiras'. BB was the Gold's Rosie and RBB our Keffy. BP was Anacan Silhouette. Another good day for Anacan dogs! Our next outing will be the last champ show of the year that gives classes for Canaan Dogs, British Utility Breeds Association (BUBA).

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