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December - The British Utilities Breed Association championship show in December is the last show of the year that puts on classes for Canaan Dogs. This year's judge, Mrs Christine Hughes, put the final seal of approval on our Hayyim, who was once again Best of Breed and finished the year off undefeated in the ring. And to add icing to the cake, our Anni was awarded Best Bitch! It was a very good day for Anacan.

November - Quiet month on the show scene. We shipped one of our Tibetan Spaniel puppies, Mr Tumnus, to very good friends, the Franklins, in Bermuda. I always worry about shipping and never rest until I hear that they have arrived safely, but I knew Tumnus was in very good hands with Liz Cartledge's staff at Ryslip Kennels who handled the shipping for us. Tumnus is now enjoying life in Bermuda playing with the Franklin's 'Ella', a Canaan Dog they got from us who is a sister to our 'Izzy'.

Richard always helps me celebrate Thanksgiving day, on a smaller scale than I would have back home in the US. This year Richard cooked a meal for me, which was lovely --- and I didn't have to do the washing up!

October - On the 2nd October Richard took me to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield to have a vertebroplasty on two of my collapsed vertobrae. Bone cement is injected into the vertebrae to stabilize them. It is kind of like putting an internal cast on them. It was hoped the procedure would also alleviate some of my pain. The procedure went well, but the pain remains as acute as ever. Richard said I am standing a bit straighter, but I am still limited in my abilities to do the work I should be doing. Poor Richard is up at 5:00 am every morning in order to do the kennel work before leaving for his other full-time job, and when he comes home he has to go back out to do the evening walks. During the day I clean, feed and walk the dogs, but it takes me longer than it used to. I guess I am blessed to be able to do what I can do.

On the 10th we made the decision we had been putting off, and that is taking our wonderful Lottie to the vet for the last time. She would have been 16 in January and though not ill, age had really caught up with her and she had become frail, somewhat senile and suffered incontinence. I will always think of her as the beautiful, strong and incredibly obedient and loving dog she was in her prime. It is hard to believe that she is gone.

We went to the South Wales Kennel Association Show in Builth Wells on the 11th. Ken Bartlett was judging the breed and once again Hayyim took top honours with Martin Moulding Anacan Abu Ghosh taking Res Best Dog. Best Bitch was the Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia and our Happy Anni was Res Best Bitch. We had a very nice day and I enjoyed visiting with Barbara and watching the group judging with her. I'm glad this month is nearly over.

September - This month was one of highs and some very bad lows. On the 13th we went to the Darlington show where Mrs Jackie Kitchener was judging the breed. Hayyim continued his undefeated ways and was Best Dog & Best of Breed and our lovely Ruby was Best Bitch.

Two weeks after Darlington, on the 28th, we had to say our final farewell to our sweet 'Honey' (Anacan Sheez The One) who had succombed to cancer. Then 2 days later, on the 30th we had to make the awful decision to have our beautiful Ruby euthanised. (See their pages for a full report.) It was a devastating blow to us and we are still reeling from it.

August - I got to go to a couple of shows this month. We have a terrific kennel sitter, Bethany Rymer, and we can go out for the day and not worry about the dogs at home. On the 6th we went to Paignton where Canaans were judged by Mrs Jill Peak. Our Hayyim was once again Best Dog & Best of Breed and Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh (Moshe) going Res Best Dog. Patrick & Barbara Gold's 'Rosie' (Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia) was awarded Best Bitch. Another good day for the Anacan Canaan Dogs.

The 25th was a very tiring but rewarding day for us as our Ami delivered two healthy puppies, a boy - Shimron, and a girl - Divina. We are keeping the girl. This was followed a few hours later by our Tibetan Spaniel, Lola, delivering 4 beautiful puppies - 2 boys and 2 girls. We never planned to have two litters at once, nevermind on the same day, but it just worked out that both Ami and Lola came into heat at the same time and were bred on the exact same days. You couldn't have planned it.

On the 29th we were at the Welsh KC Show in Builth Wells where Mr Derek Smith presided over the Canaan Dog ring. The results were a repeat of Paignton with the addition of Anacan Silhouette going Res Best Bitch. Hayyim is now so far ahead, he cannot be beat for the Top Dog award. We are very grateful to Hayyim's breeder in the USA, Bryna Comsky, for sending this wonderful dog to us.

July - On the 7th we went to the East of England Championship Show even though they do not have classes for the breed as it is one of the closest shows for us. We entered AVNSC and were up against Japanese Akita Inus and Eurasiers. Our girls, Misha & Silhouette took 1st and 2nd in their respective classes, and the judge, Mr A Easdon, awarded our Hayyim Best Dog & Best of Breed and said Hayyim was the best Canaan Dog he's ever seen. Quite pleasing result.

We held the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's annual Fun Day at our place on the 21st and we had a really good day. 27 people attended, along with their dogs, not all of which were Canaan Dogs. We had a barbeque and played games with the dogs, such as musical mats, bobbing for sausages and a sack race. Richard did two quizzes that were quite challenging. The highlight is always the fancy dress competition (we dress up the dogs, not the people). This year's theme was "50 Years of Dr Who". The winner was our 'Misha' dressed as a scary 'weeping angel'. In 2nd place was Ed Gray & Rachel Cossins 'Ada' dressed as 'K-9'. In 3rd place, with the most laughs, was my Tibetan Spaniel, 'Aslan' as a 'Dalek' (you had to be there). We also held a raffle with some great prizes on offer. David Roll and his son, Josh, came along to pick up their new puppy, Nala and Josh had fun participating in the games with a Tibetan Spaniel named Leo loaned to him by our good friend, Freda. All in all the day was a big success and several of the attendees said they were looking forward to next year's Fun Day.

June - No shows this month, but we've been busy looking after Bea's puppies, who are growing rapidly and are looking very good indeed. Their new owners to-be are excitedly waiting for the day they can take their new family member home so I've sent them my Canaan Care booklet to give them some reading to help with their preparations. The puppies' personalities have all emerged and I believe I have the right puppy matched to the right home, which is very important to us.

Because we still have a couple of families on our waiting list we decided to breed a second litter this year and have just repeated the breeding of our Izzy to our Ami. This breeding produced 5 gorgeous puppies last year and we are hopeful they will produce puppies of equal quality and temperament again this time. Puppies are due at the end of August and I'm looking forward to then.

Our summer (or lack of) has been a disappointment so far. We are holding our annual Fun Day for the Canaan Dog Club of the UK here on the 21st July. We were very lucky with the weather for last year's Fun Day and hope that summer will decide to arrive in time for this year's event.

I have questioned my GP about a new procedure for my back problem I recently read about in the paper. He had no knowledge of it but said he would refer me to a consultant. To that end I have already been given an appointment with another spinal surgeon in Sheffield next month. If he could help me stand up straight again and hopefully also enable me to run around the ring with my dogs again, that would be wonderful. I've put it in God's hands, so we'll just have to see what happens.

May - This was a very busy month both show-wise, and in the boarding kennels over the bank holiday. On the 12th May Richard took Hayyim & Anni to The National dog show under judge, Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann. Once again Hayyim was Best of Breed and Anni took Reserve Best Bitch. Richard's next stop was Edinburgh, Scotland for the Scottish Kennel Club show on the 18th May where Mrs S J Hattrell presided over the ring and awarded Hayyim another Best of Breed and Anni a Reserve BB.

After my staying up with her most of each night since the preceding Monday, Bea presented us with 6 gorgeous puppies sired by Hayyim -- 2 boys and 4 girls. Unfortunately we lost one of the girls at two days of age, but mum and the remaining 5 are thriving. We had a nice spread of colour as well with one boy white with black patches and one red boy with white trim. There are two black girls with white trim, very like their sire, and one girl who is white with black patches. This time around we have more buyers (all wonderful homes we have vetted) than puppies, so we plan to have a second litter this year.

On the bank holiday Monday, 27th May, Richard left me (at my bequest I must say) with a full kennel and a new litter of puppies to take care of, as well as our other dogs. But it was all worth it when judge, Bob Gregory, awarded Hayyim his 5th Best of Breed this year. Anni was again Reseve BB. Anni is just too attached to me to show as well as she should if I'm not there with her, so we will have to work on that, but I'm not worried as it will come in time. Canaans are a slow-maturing breed, mentally as well as physically. Anni is a gorgeous Canaan with a lovely temperament, and the is only Canaan Dog in the UK to ever have a perfect hip score of 0/0. Like her sire, Anni probably won't come into her own until she is about 5. I can wait if necessary.

April - Getting ready for the Canaan Dog Club of the UK's annual single-breed open show took a week as I could only bathe and groom a couple of dogs each day. Each year we've entered as many dogs as was needed to make an decent entry for the judge and this year we entered 10 which is a lot of dogs to get ready, transport and try to show. This year's judge was Mr Chris Quantrill. Though he doesn't own a Canaan Dog he has supported the breed for a long time and is, with his wife Janet, a member of the club. Anacan dogs did very well with a 7-month old Izzy/Ami son, Anacan Abu Ghosh, winning Best in Show, his dad winning Reserve Best Dog and his mum winning Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show. For full results and the judge's critiques, visit the Club's website 13th club show page

March - Time for Crufts! This year the breed was shown on Friday the 8th March and we had entered 5 dogs under judge, Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews. Gili's breeder, Inna Blayvas from Jerusalem, handled Gili for me and Richard handled the 2 boys - Hayyim and Izzy, and I stacked the girls, Anni and Ruby. Richard ran Anni around for me gaining her a 1st place and I shuffled around with Ruby to 2nd place. With Hayyim's breeder, Bryna Comsky, who had come over from Chicago to watch, sitting ringside, Richard handled Hayyim to Best of Breed and our Anni to Reserve Winners Bitch. We were thrilled to say the least! Richard and Hayyim also looked good in the big Group ring. You can see them in the group ring on youtube

Bryna came home with us Friday night and visited with me until Sunday afternoon. It was great catching up and talking Canaans, of course!

On Monday the 11th I got a first breeding with Hayyim and our Bea. This is a repeat of the breeding that produced our Izzy and Misha. Puppies should be due around the 13th of May and I can hardly wait.

February - On the 18th Richard took Hayyim and Ruby to the Manchester Championship show for me and handled Hayyim to Best of Breed and Ruby to Best Bitch under judge, Mrs Brenda Banbury. Thank you Richard and Mrs Banbury!

Not such good news from my GP, I have osteoporosis of the spine and ostopenia (beginnings of osteoporosis) in my hips. He has given me calcium and vitamin D and a bone strengthener. I was devastated by the news for a day, but decided to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best. There are lots of people worse off than me, but I sure wish I could handle my own dogs.

January - My GP sent me for a bone scan on the advice of my spinal surgeon as I've not had any pain relief from the epidurals. I was also sent to the pain management clinic where I was prescribed something for nerve pain. Let's hope it works.

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