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December - 5th - British Utility Breeds Association is the last show of the year that has classes for Canaan Dogs. This year our judge was Mrs Roberta Wright and she too awarded Best Bitch & Best of Breed to our 'Phoebe'. Best Dog was 'Izzy' and Reserve Best Dog went to Peter & Maddy Mills Anacan Super Samson, an Izzy/Gili son. Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy was 'Samson's sister, our 'Dawn'. This finished the year with our 'Phoebe' as Top Canaan Dog 2015.

November - A quiet month with no news to report.

October - On the 11th we took the dogs to the South Wales Kennel Association where we showed under Jane Paradise. Once again 'Phoebe' was Best Bitch & Best of Breed; 'Izzy' was Best Dog & 'Dawn' was Best Puppy.

September - After 5 days with no broadband another BT engineer was due to come to check things out, again, when all of a sudden the broadband started to work. As of today (the 9th) it is still working and hasn't dropped once. I cancelled the engineer's visit and no explanation was given to us. It seems to us that the problem was at the exchange after all, but we are contactable by email again. Let's hope it lasts.

On the 19th we went to the Darlington championship show where Mr David Robbins awarded our 'Phoebe' (Anacan Glory Road) Best Bitch & Best of Breed. 'Izzy' (Anacan Issachar) was Best Dog and our 'Dawn' (Anacan Bring the Dawn) was Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy. A very good day.

August - Our broadband was off for 3 days! Another phone call and I was told the problem was at the exchange. I knew that. However, they sent another telephone engineer who again said our equipment was fine. Our broadband was off and on for a few days and then on the 13th - it was on! It stayed on for 3 days and went off again, but this time for about a half hour and then back on. We've had it drop for a short time a few times now, but it is on most of the time. Hooray!

We're still waiting for our Anni to come into season so we can breed her to Martin Moulding's 'Moshe' (Anacan Abu Ghosh). I thought she would be in last month, but she will come in when she's ready. I can't wait!

On the 4th Richard took the dogs to the Paignton championship show (which is held in Exeter) and due to the distance - a good 5 hour drive - drove down the day before because it is just too much for him to drive round trip and show the dogs. The judge, Shaun Watson, wasn't very interested in judging our breed, so I don't know why he took on the judging assignment. He wanted to just rush through it. We pay our entry fees and in this case (and most cases) have a long distance to travel to ge to the show, but even if that wasn't the case, the breed deserves the same respect as any other breed. Saying all this, Best Dog & Best of Breed was awarded to our Izzy and Best Puppy & Best Bitch was our 'Luna', with Phoebe taking Reserve Best Bitch.

On the 23rd we arose at the break of day in order to get to the Welsh Kennel Club on time as it is nearly a 5-hour drive for us and we had to allow time in cae the bank holiday traffic caused delays. However, we were very fortunate in that the traffic was flowing normally (but glad we weren't going in the opposite direction which was just crawling). This was the last show with classes for our breed into which our Luna could be entered as a puppy as she will be a year old on the 11th September. (She has enough points towards the Top Puppy award that it will be very difficult for another puppy to now beat or even tie with her. ) Our judge, Mr Martin Freeman, awarded Best Dog & Best of Breed to our 'Izzy', Reserve Best Dog was Martin Moulding's 'Moshe', Best Bitch was our 'Phoebe' and Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy was 'Luna'. We stopped for at a Harvester on our way home and had an enjoyable meal which set us up for the rest of the drive home.

July - Well on the 11th we took Dawn to her first show, the East of England championship show, at which she and her brother, Samson, both qualified for Crufts 2016. Not only that, Dawn won Best Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch! We were over the moon with the result as it was more than we had expected. The judge, Mr Tim Ball, wrote a very nice critique on her which you can read on her page Dawn

On the 19th we held the annual Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's Fun Day here and it was a great success with 23 people and 10 Canaan Dogs (and a couple of my Tibetan Spaniels and our kennel sitter's Westie) taking part. Though the day started out dismally with early morning rain, the sky cleared and the sun came out before everyone arrived. Richard did the honours on the barbecue and we had sausages and chicken along with the many side dishes and deserts people brought to share. We played all our usual games and we had 5 entries in the fancy dress competition, the theme for which was 'Superheroes'. I pleased to say that in first place was our 'Misha' dressed as Wonder Woman. In second place was the Young's 'Harley' (Anacan Gideon) as Captain America and in bronze position was Nicole Bechirian and Andy Smith's 'Lexi' (Anacan Petach Tikva) as Batman.

Misha as Wonder Woman
'Misha' as Wonder Woman
Harley as Capt America
'Harley' as Capt America
Lexi as Batman
'Lexi' as Batman

Still no joy with our broadband. It comes on for a short time - 5 minutes or so - and is off again. Will this ever be sorted?

June - Bryna Comsky tells me she is very happy with 'Song' (Anacan Beautiful Song), a sister to our 'Dawn', who we shipped to Bryna last month. 'Song' took the long trip in her stride and Bryna has big plans for her. We are so happy that all is well and look forward to hearing about Song's progress.

There are no shows this month, but there is always something to be done when you run a boarding kennel & cattery. We also have to start working on the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom annual Fun Day, being held here again, this time on the 19th July. Richard has to get the field mowed short where the event is taking place and this is a all-consuming job as he has very little time in which to do this. And as our riding mower 'died' over a year ago, he is doing this all with a regular lawn mower.

Still having problems with our broadband. The BT customer service guy confirmed our line had dropped 200 times (yes, 200!) between May and early June. The service is getting worse and I've already had a broadband engineer and a telephone engineer here, both confirming there is nothing wrong with our equipment. The one disadvantage living in a rural area is it is difficult to get broadband service (and forget about speed), and there are only 3 service providers who service our area - BT, EE & Sky. Trying to keep patient.

May - This is a busy month show-wise with three championship shows that give classes for our breed. On the 8th Richard & I took Izzy, Phoebe & Luna to The National. The judge this year was Mr Keith Nathan. Izzy won Best Dog & Best of Breed with Reserve Best Dog going to Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh. Best Bitch was our Phoebe with Best Veteran and Reserve Best Bitch awarded to Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia. I showed Luna and she was Best Puppy, and she, along with Izzy & Phoebe, had a wonderful critique from Mr Nathan which you can read on her page Luna. So it was a nice day's outing for us.

Richard & Max were manning a breed booth at the London Pet Show at the Excel Centre in London on the 10th. He drove down on the 9th and delivered an Izzy/Gili daughter, Anacan Beautiful Song, to Liz Cartledge's Ryslip Kennels who were handling the Song's shipment to Bryna Comsky in Illinois, USA. 'Song' was to be flying out on the 12th and Liz arranged all the paperwork and veterinary checks needed prior to shipping. We have used her services a couple times before this and were always happy as we were once again in this instance. Richard & Max were joined by Maddy Mills at the booth and they enjoyed sharing information on the breed with the public. Max is always a big hit as he is a very outgoing Canaan Dog. He is so well liked we have given him his own Facebook page, Max - The Discover Dogs Canaan Dog - at Peter Mills suggestion. It was a tiring day, but Richard really enjoys doing Discover Dogs.

12th - 'Song' is flying to the USA and I am always a bit worried until I hear from the puppy's new owner that they have arrived and everything is all right. In this instance the new owner, Bryna Comsky, is someone I've know for 30 years now. I got my first top-winning Canaan Dog, Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel, from Bryna as well as our wonderful Hayyim who we currently own. Song is a granddaughter of Hayyim on her sire's side and is a beautiful girl, white with black patches and ticking, with a great personality. She gives Bryna some new lines to work with on her mother's side and I am hopeful she will make her mark in the show ring over there as well.

On the 14th Richard drove up to Edinburgh, Scotland with the dogs to do the Scottish Kennel Club show the next day. It is a 6 hour drive from our place and Richard did not want to do a round trip after being at the show all day -- it would just be too much for him. Obviously we couldn't have a kennel sitter overnight so I stayed home. Disappointingly for the judge, Mr R A Rowe, our were the only 3 Canaan Dogs entered, but at least he had some quality dogs to go over. He awarded Izzy won Best of Breed, Phoebe won Best Bitch and Luna won Best Puppy.

The Bath championship show was on the 25th and I accompanied Richard & the dogs. This time our judge, Richard Kinsey, found his Best Dog & Best of Breed in Julie Hughes' Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras') with Martin Moulding's 'Moshe' winning Reserve Best Dog. Best Bitch was our 'Phoebe' and Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch was our 'Luna', once again shown by me.

It seems that this year only Anacan-bred Canaan Dogs are showing up in the ring and I don't know why that is. It is important that everyone with a show-worthy Canaan Dog gets them out at least at a few shows to help raise the breed's profile. Yes, as a breeder it is nice for me to see dogs' I bred in the ring and winning, but it would be so much nicer if other dogs were in there as well.

Oh, by the way, we decided to keep the Izzy/Gili daughter we call 'Dawn' (Anacan Bring The Dawn). We have entered her in her first show in July and got the Peter & Maddy Mills to enter her brother, 'Samson'. It will be a nice family reunion.

We have always had problems with our broadband dropping from time-to-time. BT says its because our house is the furthest from the exchange. I don't quite buy that as they can provide the service some of the time, so why not all of the time? This became a big issue this month when our broadband started to drop very frequently and for long periods of time -- sometimes as long as 12 hours. I've been on to them a few times this month, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, if you email me and do not get a response, don't get angry, try again, or better yet, telephone me. Evenings after 7:00 pm is best as I'm in and out all day doing kennel work.

Anacan Bring The Dawn

April - We found a new kennel sitter! Jacob is reliable and great with the dogs, so I am now able to get to some of the shows this year. Hooray!

On the 4th, Edward & Rachel Gray came to pick up their Izzy/Gili daughter, Anacan You Are My Joy. 'Joy' joins the Gray's 2-1/2 year old Canaan Dog, 'Ada' (Anacan Kfar Nakhum), who is also an Izzy daughter out of our Ami. It's a great home and, obviously, they love their Canaan Dogs.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 15th Annual Single-Breed Open Show on the 19th and this year's judge was Mr Ken Bartlett. As usual, Richard hired a van from work and we took 10 dogs to help make a good entry. (See below)

Canaan Dogs of Anacan
Canaan Dogs of Anacan
L-R: Top - Luna, Ami, Misha
Bottom - Izzy, Bea, Max
L-R: Top - Divina, Anni
Bottom - Phoebe, Hayyim

We had a lot to do. With the help of Peter & Maddy Mills, Martin Moulding & Patrick Gold, Richard got the ring and judge's table and trophy and raffle tables set up while I walked dogs. I then got everything into the kitchen as I had taken pre-orders on rolls and I had a special lunch and dessert for the judges to get ready. The athmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The results were most pleasing for Richard and I as Best Veteran, Best Dog & Best in Show was awarded to our Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA). Reserve Best Dog was Hayyim's son, our Anacan Issachar (izzy). Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex & Reserve Best in Show was my Anacan Glory Road (Phoebe), a Hayyim daughter. Best Puppy in Show & Reserve Best Bitch was Izzy's 7-mo old daughter Anacan Dark Side of the Moon (Luna) shown by me. That's keeping it all in the family.

All photos below courtesy of Dave Sands

Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA)
Anacan Issachar
Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan
Best Veteran, Best Dog & Best in Show
Anacan Issachar
Reserve Best Dog
Anacan Glory Road
Anacan Dark Side of the Moon
Anacan Glory Road
Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex & Reserve Best in Show
Anacan Dark Side of the Moon
Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch

To top it off, the Club gives trophies for the Best of Breed at various shows throughout the year and also points trophies won on the basis of how many points the dog has won by its various wins throughout the year. These are all perpetual trophies - you keep them for a year, having the dog's name and the year engraved on them, and return them the following year. Almost embarrassingly, our dogs won all but one of the trophies - that being the Best Beginner which went to Jeremy Young and his dog 'Harley' (Anacan Gideon), so still all in the family.

Ken Bartlett, Ellen & trophies
Jeremy & Harley
Judge, Ken Bartlett & Ellen with some of her trophies.
Jeremy Young & Anacan Gideon (aka 'Harley')

March - 8th - This month is all about Crufts. I've attended every Crufts since 1995 and I look forward to going every year, but this year it was not to be. We couldn't get a kennel sitter and I had to remain home as I don't drive and I can't show the dogs. So once again, RIchard took our 3 entries for me setting off at 6:30 am. He then had to struggle on his own to get the crates, gear and dogs from the car park into the NEC and was knackered by the time he did all this. However, he had plenty of time to recover as the Canaan Dogs were very late going into the ring. They had already called for all Utility Best of Breeds to get to the collecting ring before our breed classes had even started being judged. Richard told me the atmosphere around the benches and in the ring was very pleasant and despite all the hassle of getting there and having to wait so long, he actually enjoyed himself. This year the breed judge was Mr Chris Quantrill (Seejaycue), who drew an entry of 9 which included one Israeli entry who was BOB at Crufts in 2012. There were 2 absentees both dogs the same owners. Best Dog & Reserve Best of Breed was my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy). Reserve Best Dog was Martin Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'), who is an Izzy son. Best Bitch & Best of Breed went to my Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe') who is from a repeat of the breeding that produced Izzy. Reserve Best Bitch was the 9yr old veteran, Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie') owned by Patrick & Barbara Gold. I was waiting and waiting to hear the results and kept looking on the Fosse Data show results site when at approximately 17:20 the results popped up causing me to let out a scream of excitement. It was another great day for Anacan Canaan Dogs. I didn't get to speak to Richard until after the group judging, which I watched on the Crufts website. He was thrilled that Phoebe behaved so well in the big ring as we are always conscious that whichever Canaan Dog is shown on the telly is a representative for the breed. So despite not being able to be there myself, I had a great day and from what I understand, so did the other exhibitors and that is what it's all about.

All the photos below were taken at Crufts 2015 by Israeli photographer, Yossi Guy.

Anacan Glory Road
Anacan Issachar
Anacan Glory Road
Best Bitch & Best of Breed
Anacan Issachar
Best Dog
Anacan Abu Ghosh
Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia
Anacan Abu Ghosh
Reserve Best Dog
Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia
Reserve Best Bitch

In his critique of Phoebe, the judge, Mr Quantrill, wrote the following: 1st Best Bitch & Best of Breed, Mrs E Minto:- Anacan Glory Road Beautiful sand on white colouring giving this gracefully moving bitch elegance and poise that caught the eye all the time. At 3 years of age she has matured into a very elegant and graceful bitch of top drawer quality. Superbly correct wedge shaped head, lovely clear dark almond eyes, correct shaped ears held superbly, excellent dentition, lovely shaped neck gracefully leading to first class shoulders and well boned forelegs, excellent pasterns and nice tight cat fee. Good correct depth and width of chest, good spring of rib, lovely level top line held perfectly on the move, beautifully shaped rear quarters with just enough angulation and muscle, moved straight and true both coming and going and held tail in graceful flowing movement. Would really like to see this dog moving freely over a vast expanse as I am sure she would look superb. Excellent and so pleased to give her the Best of Breed. Definitely one of the best Canaan's I have had the privilege to be able to see and judge.

Entries at Crufts 2015
Group shot of all the entries at Crufts 2015.

On the 15th, James & Ania Levy and son, Oscar came to pick up their Izzy/Gili daughter, Anacan Delightful Delilah, who they are calling 'Snowy'. They had been on holiday and, quite rightly, postponed collecting her until they returned. 'Snowy' looks very much like a female version of her brother, Samson, so it will be interesting to see if the strong resemblance continues into adulthood.They are both very beautiful and typey Canaan Dogs, so that would be a good thing if they do so.

February - On the 12th, Peter & Maddy Mills came to pick up their Izzy/Gili puppy, Anacan Super Samson. He was the first to fly the nest. Richard originally met the Mills when he was doing Discover Dogs with our Canaan, Max. They fell in love with the breed and made it their mission to learn all they could before deciding to get a dog. They came to every Canaan Dog event and also came to visit us a couple of times so they could meet all of our dogs. We became friends over the 18 months from first meeting until Samson was ready to go home with them. We are very happy that this is a good home for a Canaan Dog and we know we'll be getting to see him from time-to-time.

On the 15th Richard, Nicole & young Matilda Judd picked up their Izzy/Gili daughter, Anacan Rainbows Promise, who they are calling 'Dixie'. They are a lovely family introduced to us by mutual friends and I think 'Dixie' will be a wonderful addition to their household and that they will be a good, loving family for her. I can hardly wait until the Canaan Dog Club of the UK Fun Day, which we hold here each year, as the Judds said they will come and I will get to see 'Dixie' again.

No dog shows this month, which is for the good as the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's AGM was held on the 22nd and with being Hon. Secretary (since 1996) there was a lot to be done to get ready for the meeting. This is not a role I covet, but until someone comes along not only willing to do all the work involved, but who is dedicated to the promotion of the club and welfare of the breed I am stuck in this office. There is a lot more I could say on the subject, but I will leave it at that.

January - I can't believe another year has gone and a new year begun. When you work 7 days a week, 365 days a year, they all seem the same somehow. Well Manchester championship show is the first show of the year that gives Canaan Dog classes. Once again I stayed home to 'man the fort' so to speak while Richard took our crew to the show. Mr Ernie Paterson was our judge and Best Dog & Best of Breed was awarded to my Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') with Best Bitch going to his younger sister, Anacan Glory Road ('Phoebe'). Best Veteran went to Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'). So it was a good start to the show year for the Anacan Canaan Dogs.

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