Photo Gallery

A 6 wks old Tara & daddy, Ziggy
On the cover, a 6-week old Tara
with her daddy, Ziggy

The photo gallery is in desperate need of updating and I'll undertake to start adding a bit evey month.

Club Show 2012 The Canaan Dog Club of the UK 12th Annual Show April 2012
Dog World Annual 2012 DOG WORLD ANNUAL Ad 2012
Ami's Pups Ami/Hayyim Puppies 6th April 2011
----Puppies at 4 weeks old
Ruby's Pups Ruby/Hayyim Puppies 28th November 2010
---- Puppies at 4 weeks old
----Puppies at 5 weeks old
----Puppies at 7 weeks old
----Puppies at 9 weeks old
Lyndsay's Pups Lyndsay's Pups 2006
Crufts 2004 Crufts 2004 results and photos of the winners
Lottie's Pups Lottie/Remy Puppies 2003
Tara's Pups Tara/Remy Puppies October 2003
Puppy Pics More Puppy Photos
Photos by Carol Ann Johnson Photos of Our Dogs by Carol Ann Johnson
Other people's Canaans Photos of friends and visitors' Canaan Dogs

Last updated on the 26th November 2014