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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

(Sire: Caiser Samorodok at Anacan (Imp Pol)/Dam: Anacan Glory Road
Date of Birth: 2nd November 2017
Anacan Poetry in Motion
Poppy in our field at 7 mos of age.

The only girl in a litter of 3, Poppy has been such a delight to live with. She's been the best behaved puppy we've ever had never chewing on things she shouldn't, playing nicely with out Tibetan Spaniels, quietly chewing on her nylabone when left to her own devices, jumping into your lap for cuddles, and she doesn't get carsick either. Her only naughty behaviour is putting her front feet on the counter or dining table to see what is there. (Well, none of us is perfect.) But overall she really is such a good girl.

We have also been so very pleased with her results in the show ring as she has not only been Best Puppy the 3 times she's been shown to-date, she has also been Reserve Best Bitch all 3 times, winning over another puppy and adult bitches. In a recent show critique from the Scottish Kennel Club championship show when Poppy was 6 most old the judge, Mr Mike Gilchrist, wrote of her the following: Minto's Anacan Poetry In Motion. Head well-proportioned for age, reflective of gender, but naturally has some development needed to finish it. Dark eye with dark rims and correctly set ears. Shoulders well laid, forelegs straight and parallel, slight slope to pasterns, carries her topline well both moving and standing, adequate depth of chest for age, beginning to muscle nicely at rear. Her kennel name is reflective of her movement, steady, rhythmic, almost relentless. We have high hopes for her continued success in the show ring, but in any case she is a well-loved member of the Anacan family.

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