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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
(Sire: Anacan Ziggy/Dam: Anacan Sheez The One)
1st September 2007 - 30th September 2013
Hip Score: 4 (2:2)
Test for Degenerative Myelopathy - 'carrier' (not affected)

CDC of the UK Championship attained 2nd August 2011
Pretty Ruby

Our Ziggy was getting older (11 years old) and I really wanted another puppy from him, so decided to breed Ziggy to our Honey, who had never had a litter. The result was a surprising 7 gorgeous puppies -- amongst them our beautiful, red 'Ruby'. Ruby, along with her almost twin brother, Gideon, reminded us so much of her great grandmother, Minto's Libyan Jewel - our 'Bobby'. Yes, she was prettier and typier than 'Bobby', but the colour and the behaviours were very like her, and so she had to stay with us.

Because of our boarding business and other complications, we were not able to get out to many shows during Ruby's early years. When we do get to show our dogs, often it is Richard who goes to the show for me, as someone has to stay and take care of the kennels and I don't drive. Richard doesn't particularly enjoy showing (I'm the one who does), but he does it to help keep our dogs in the show ring for me and for the breed. Despite this, Ruby was Top Canaan Puppy 2007, and she won Best Bitch 4 times and Reserve Best Bitch 4 times up through the end of 2009. Though she was shown only once in 2011 because we were showing her daughters, she was Best Bitch on the day. Then at Crufts 2012 she was Reserve Best Bitch. This was followed by a number of Best of Sex wins, earning her a Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom championship. But more importantly, Ruby produced the most beautiful litter with our Hayyim on 28th November 2010, and one of her daughters, our Anacan Happy Anni, was Top Puppy in the breed for 2011.

Ruby was a delight to live with. Her favourite time was evening when I'm sitting on the couch watching telly. She loved to curl up next to me, her head in my lap. A wonderful friend and companion, as every dog should be, Ruby was also a great ambassador for the breed. Losing her was a great shock. She had only just won Best Bitch at the Darlington show 2 weeks prior to falling ill. All her blood tests came back normal and our vet was sure it was a neurological problem (she kept circling to the right, crying and eventually stopped eating). An MRI was out of our reach price-wise and our vet said it would only show what was going on in her brain (he suspected a tumour), but would not necessarily lead to a cure. We had to make the terrible decision to euthanise her. We are still hurting as Ruby was the most wonderful, loveable dog you could ever ask for. We are grateful for the time we had her and for the decision to keep two of her daughters, Anni and Silhouette, thus enabling her to live on through her offspring.

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