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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

(Sire: Am Ch Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA)/Dam: Anacan Sheeza Gem)
Date of Birth: 28th November 2010
Hip Score: 8 (5:3)
Silhouette at 3 years of age

It was a delightful dilemma. Ruby gave us 6 beautiful puppies - 1 boy and 5 girls - but which girl to keep? Anni's colouring caught one's eye, along with her wonderful temperament and beautiful type, but her black sister, Silhouette, had such a beautiful head and lovely conformation and movement as well. The solution -- keep them both!

Silhouette (aka 'Silly') is square, typey, moves with fluidity and her black coat glistens. She is very much a Canaan with just the right amount of wariness of strangers, and wriggly, 'silly' affection for all she knows. She and I have a special attachment and I love to watch her wagging her entire body as she bounds over to greet me. Still in her sister, Anni's, shadow in the show ring, we have great hopes for this gorgeous girl, both in the show ring and, more importantly, in the whelping box. Watch this space!

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