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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Simply Irresistible
(Sire: Anacan Ziggy/Dam: Anacan Sheindela)
20th March 2001 - 21st July 2015
Tara, June 2003

Tara was a lovely Canaan with super structure and the most beautiful face. As a matter of fact, her face was simply irresistible, thus her registered name. Tara is very much both her mother's and father's daughter as you can see both of them in her.

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you may remember that we had great difficulty deciding between keeping Tara or her sister, Lyndsay. In the end, Tara went to live with a lovely family with a little girl. However, the little girl developed allergies to Tara, resulting in asthma-like symptoms and two years after leaving us, in April 2003, Tara came back to us. Richard, who is always saying 'no more dogs', was always smitten with Tara and couldn't resist keeping her. (I told you she is irresistible!)

With no ringcraft, and still not well lead-trained, as she was walked on a harness by her former family, Tara'was taken to her very first show ever, Southern Counties Championship Show, 30th May, and to our delight won Best of Opposite Sex in AVNSC Utility under a Finnish judge. We took her to her second show on the 14th June, and she won her class, beating two males---one a World Winner.

Tara continued to surprise and delight us. She whelped an absolutely beautiful litter, sired by our Remy, on the 15th October 2003 and of course, we kept one. I had offered Richard one of Tara's puppies to replace (as much as one can) his deceased Bobby -- the only one of our Canaans he ever felt was truly 'his'. After giving it much thought, Richard decided to accept my offer and chose the puppy who is a spitting image of her mum. He decided to call her Monkey, but she is registered as Anacan Dressed For Success. Monkey qualified for Crufts at her second show ever at 6 months of age. Tara's litter of 5 sired by Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven whelped 29th May 2005 produced Anacan Akilah (Naomi) was Reserve Best Bitch at the 2009 Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom show under Israeli judge, Mr Avi Marshak. Her litter brother, Anacan Beit Shemesh (Sunny) lives in America and has sired 3 very promising litters. And their litter sister Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia (Rosie) has racked up a impressive show record with several championship show Best of Breeds, and Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex at the 2007 Club show under judge, Helen Lightfoot, DC, MMCA, AMC. So you see, Tara was not just another pretty face -- she could produce good puppies as well

Tara & her 2005 litter of pups.
Tara and her 2005 litter of puppies.

Though still out of coat after having her litter, Tara then went on to win Reserve Best Bitch at Crufts 2004 under respected Group judge, Mr Bob Gregory and was Reserve Best Bitch at the Canaan Dog Club of the UK show under judge, Mrs Zena Wallace, the same year, and again at the Club show 2005 under judge, Mr Barry Tookey (who also awarded her Best of Breed at the Bournemouth Championship show in 2004). She has also had numerous Reserve Best Bitches at various championship shows, both in breed classes and in AVNSC.

Tara 2005
Tara March 2006
Tara looking out the window.
Tara - March 2006.

Tara Feb 2007
Tara at Club show 2008
Tara - February 2007.
Tara at the 2008 Club show.

After being retired from the show ring for a few years and entering what are truly her 'senior years', Tara still looked and behaved very well and was another favourite with our visitors. But eventually time catches up with all of us and Tara started looking and feeling her age. She started losing weight and slowing down considerably and started to look frail and we knew the time had come for us to take her to her last visit to the vet, and though we've had to do this too many times with other or our dogs, it never becomes easier. Richard brought her home and buried her next to our Jasmine. It is still difficult to believe she's gone, but we are grateful for the time we had with her and say 'thank you' dear friend for your love and for all you did for us.

For Tara's pedigree click here

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