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Write-Up On the Canaan Dog for the DOG WORLD*,
All Breed Standards/Buyer's Guide 1988

By Ellen Minto (then Klein)

This may not be re-printed without the author's written permission, as has already been done, in part, by some offenders who didn't even have the decency to credit the author. Future offenders will be "named and shamed".

The Canaan Dog is a natural, unspoiled breed still found wild today in the deserts of its native Israel. Designed by nature for survival, the Canaan Dog is a versatile herding/guarding/companion dog.

Medium-sized, possessing a short "wash and wear" coat and an innate cleanliness, the Canaan Dog makes a wonderful housedog. They are superior natural watchdogs, alert to anything out of the ordinary and especially protective of children. The Canaan Dog is fiercely loyal to his family and is willing to commit himself to a relationship with his owner "til death do us part"---a rare attribute in our society.

The Canaan Dog's athletic grace is breathtaking; their ability to track in adverse conditions is noteworthy; and the ease of their ground-covering stride is a joy to watch. The Canaan Dog is making its presense felt in the show and obedience rings and in special households throughout the United States.

C.C.A. Ch Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel made his show debut at seven months of age at the 1985 National Specialty in Ohio where he went Best Puppy in Show under the well-known and respected judge, Mr Maxwell Riddle. Two years later at his second National Specialty, "Ariel" went Best in Show under judge Mr Avi Marshak of Tel Aviv, Israel. To prove he wasn't "just another pretty face", "Ariel" also won the Stud Dog Class at the '87 National. He went on to finish his championship three shows later, undefeated, under the charming Mrs Alfred (Esmee) Treen. "Ariel" exemplifies the type and temperament being bred in this country today, and he follows his sire (C.C.A. Ch Ha'Aretz Ayen Aleph J. Macabee, 1986) and his grandsire (Spatterdash Dreidle 1980) as breed representative in the Dog World Breed Standards issues.

If you would like to take the "Canaan Challenge", or would like more information, contact the C.C.A. Secretary at the address above.

Author's note: If you would like to take the "Canaan Challenge" in 2001, contact me, Ellen Minto

* Not to be confused with the DOG WORLD newspaper in the UK. The DOG WORLD referenced is an American monthly magazine.
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