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Ellen Minto

Canaan Dog Breed Notes 2007
(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited.

Submitted 11th December 2007

Have you seen the Crufts ticket booking form? It is headed by a photo of Rob & Jan McLeod's 'Jacob' (Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline). It was taken in the Crufts' group ring this year show just prior to 'Jacob' being assessed by Albert Wight. What a nice bit of profile raising for the Canaan. There are still too few people working to promote this fascinating breed, so it can use all the positive promotion it can get. Thank you Kennel Club!

There were no Canaan Dogs entered at LKA this year, so the show year ended for the breed with BUBA. With several new owners waiting for their Canaans to be old enough to take into the ring, I am hoping we'll see a lot more of them at the shows in 2008.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, and health, happiness and success in the coming New Year!

Submitted 5th December 2007

I've just been sent the critiques from the Canaan Dog Club of the UK Open show, which was held on the 14th October 2007, and judged by Mrs Helen Lightfoot, DC, MMCA, AMC.

Helen writes: “Thank you for a good quality entry and the good humour of the show. Each time I judge, the type and quality of the dogs becomes more consistent and the way that the dogs cope with the show ring improves.”

Veteran Dog/Bitch (Entries: 3, Absent: 0)

1st: Richard & Ellen Minto's Anacan Ziggy. Black and white with tan trim dog. In very good condition. A correct wedge-shaped head with oblique, almond eyes and correct ears in set and shape. Balanced angulation front and rear, he moved with drive and a level topline.
2nd: E M Minto's Anacan Sheindela. Sand bitch. A typical “cautious disposition”. Now has a dipped topline on standing, but still sound with drive on the move. Tail carried over back on move, has correct high set, a nice double coat.
3rd: Patrick & Barbara Gold's Anacan Athtar at Amicitia.

Puppy Dog/Bitch (Entries: 0)

Junior Dog/Bitch (Entries: 0)

Beginners Dog/Bitch (Entries: 1, Absent: 0)

1st: Kim Morton's Anacan Akilah. White with sand patches, bitch. Nicely constructed, wedge-shaped feminine head. Smooth driving movement with good balance front and rear angulation. Slightly long in ribs, but forgiven as a bitch.

Breeders Dog/Bitch (Entries: 1, Absent: 0)

1st: E M Minto's Anacan Glory Bea. White with sand patches, bitch. 18 months old, with a nice head and large wide-set ears. Good front and rear angulation, a cube loin and correct length of ribs, nice coat and sound on move. As she matures she should “grow into” her ears to make an impressive mature bitch.

Post Graduate Dog (Entries: 1, Absent: 0)

1st: Julie Nicholl's Anacan Future Legend. With with tan patches. A very smart 18 month dog, shown well. Excellent wedge shaped head, correct size with nice expression. Effortless on the move, well muscled and in good condition. Pushed hard for BIS, but not quite mature yet. One to watch I am sure. RBD, RBIS.

Limit Dog (Entries: 3, Absent: 1)

1st: Gold's Anacan Athtar at Amicitia. White with sand patches. A nice wedge shaped head, with length of muzzle to stop equal to length of stop to occiput. Well laid back shoulders, but very weak behind in movement. No rear drive or much extension of hind legs.
2nd: Christine Powley's Sheleg Harishon at Danehaven. White and sand dog. Short in muzzle and straight, but balanced angulation front and rear, thus not as economical on energy in the trot. He is in super condition and well shown.

Open Dog (Entries: 1, Absent: 0)

1st: R & E M Minto's Anacan Masterpiece. White and sand. An excellent mature male head with correct ratio of muzzle to head. Balanced front and rear, powerful and smooth in movement. Good double coat, well shown. BD, B. Vet, BIS.

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries: 5, Absent: 0)

1st: Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia. Cream. Wedge-shaped head, correct ear and eye set, obviously feminine. Nicely arched neck set, well laid back shoulders. Well muscled, sound and smooth with level topline on the move. BB, BOS
2nd: Morton's Anacan Akilah. Is litter sister to 1. Weaker topline as longer in loin than 1, but moves with drive. Is not as fit and muscled as 1, which compromised her movement. Another super correct but feminine head. RBB
3rd: Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory.

Limit Bitch (Entries: 4, Absent: 0)

1st: Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia.
2nd: Morton's Anacan Akilah.
3rd: Powley & Minto's Anacan Sheer Elegance.

Open Bitch (Entries: 3, Absent: 0)

1st: E M Minto's Anacan Simply Irresistible. White with red patches. A fully mature bitch with correct but feminine head. Balanced angulation, well laid back shoulders, arched neck and well sprung ribs. Light, but with drive, on the move.
2nd: David & Julia Close's Anacan Touch of Class At Arikara. Tan. A nicely proportioned outline on standing, correct head, but moved very close behind today with no drive.
3rd: E M Minto's Anacan Whole Lotta Class.


1st: Powley's Sheleg Harishon at Danehaven. All progeny moved well with correct heads and coats. RBIS, BB, RBB were sired by this dog. (BB & RBB are both out of first in Open Bitch).
2nd: E M Minto's Anacan Whole Lotta Class. Another consistent group of offspring with nice heads, but a tendency to be less angulated in hind.
3rd: R & E M Minto's Anacan Ziggy.

Mrs P Noujaim was the Canaan judge at the Nordic Open Show. Pam O'Loughlin's “Dezi” (Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta) was awarded BOB, with RBOB going to Anacan Sheer Elegance (“Ellie”), co-owned by Christine Powley (Goldspink) and Ellen Minto.

Mr Rodney Oldham judged Canaan Dogs for the first time at BUBA, the last championship show of the year that offers classes for the breed. Mr Oldham found his BD & BOB in Pam O'Loughlin's “Dezi”. RBD was Mr & Mrs Rob McLeod's “Jacob” (Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline). BB went to Anacan Sheer Elegance and RBB was Christine's Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven (“Summer”).

Submitted 15th November 2007

At the Canaan Dog Club of the UK Open Show last month we were given the delightful news that Julie Nicholls and her partner, Simon Hughes, decided to get married on a recent holiday in Las Vegas, telling no one until they came home. May I extend my congratulations to the newlyweds and best wishes for many years of wedded bliss!

On a sadder note, long-time Canaan Dog supporter, Meg Harris, has had to go into a care home. I know it would brighten her day to receive cards and letters from those of you who know her both from her time in the Canaan Dog Club of the UK and also from the days when Meg bred Daschunds with Gina Pointing (Mornavega). You can write to Meg at: Roxburgh House, Warwick Road, Kineton, Warwick, Warks CV35 0HW. Please don't forget her at Christmas.

The breed was once again represented at Discover Dogs at Earls Court. Volunteers manned the booth enabling visitors to meet and interact with Canaan Dogs -- most for the very first time -- ask questions about the breed and take away a handout with breed information. The Saturday visitors met Richard Minto and 'Tara' and Julie Hughes and 'Tiras'. Both dogs did a super job of meeting and greeting a reported 50+ children during the course of the day, along with their parents. Patrick and Barbara Gold and their 'Simba', 'Athtar' and 'Rosie' graced the booth on Sunday, helped out by Christine Goldspink. Again, the dogs got to meet and greet a great number of people and did the breed proud. This is an important event as it does a terrific job in educating the public about responsible dog ownership.

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? A Canaan Dog calendar would make a great gift at £7.95 plus postage. If interested, contact me.

Submitted 18th October 2007

On Sunday, the 14th October, the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 7th annual single-breed open show. The judge was Mrs Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA, a founder member of the club and a former Canaan Dog owner who taught her Canaan to pull a sled with her Husky team.  There were 19 dogs entered for 25 entries with 1 absentee.  The results follow:

  Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best in Show - ANACAN MASTERPIECE ('Remy'), 8-year old dog, bred by Ellen Minto and owned by Richard & Ellen Minto, Sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan; Dam: Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn.  This was the second time Remy has won this show.

  Reserve Best In Show - ANACAN FUTURE LEGEND ('Tiras'), 18-month old dog, bred by Ellen Minto and owned by Julie Nicholls (her first show dog), Sire: Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven; Dam: Anacan Glory Bound

  Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex - Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'), 2-year old bitch bred by Ellen Minto and owned by Barbara & Patrick Gold, Sire: Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven; Dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible

Best Beginner - ANACAN AKILAH ('Naomi'), 2-year-old bitch bred by Ellen Minto and owned by Kim Morton, Sire: Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven; Dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible

  There were no puppies entered, as there were none old enough to be entered.


1st - Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven, bred by Mr I & Mrs A Schonwald and owned by Christine Powley Goldspink
2nd - Anacan Whole Lotta Class, bred & owned by Ellen Minto
3rd - Anacan Ziggy, bred by Ellen Minto & owned by Richard & Ellen Minto

Many thanks to Pedigree for providing food vouchers for BIS, RBIS and BPIS; placement cards and ring numbers for the show.

After the show was over, Mrs Lightfoot gave a very informative and enjoyable talk and demonstration on McTimmoney chiropractic, of which she is a practitioner. It was quite enlightening as Mrs Lightfoot explained that a dog's gait can be affected by slight deviations in spinal or pelvic alignment, brought about by dog just being dogs and roughhousing with each other. This is often demonstrated when a show dog starts to fidget and won't leave its foot where you placed it, or it suddenly isn't moving as well as it used to. There was a lot of other helpful information which was much appreciated by the audience.

From across the pond comes the news that Cheryl Hennings' (Cherrysh) Canaan bitch, Ch. Cherrysh Crown of Jewels, was Group 1 at the Lawrence Jayhawk KC show and 2nd in the Group at a show the following day - owner handled. This is quite an accomplishment as the group rings in the US are populated with professional handlers who are difficult to beat. Alan Gersman's 'Minnie' also had a very good weekend in Gloucester, VA placing 3rd in JWW and 4th in STD in the agility trials there.

Submitted 7th October 2007

We've had some news from 'down under'. Christina Miller, formerly of Georgia, USA, emigrated to Australia last year taking her Canaan Dogs with her -- the first to arrive in Oz. On the 28th September, she made some breed history when two Australian Champions were made at the Royal Melbourne Show under US Judge Dianne Anderson. Am. Ch. River Rock Light my Way, "Samwise", owned and bred by Chris was awarded the Dog Challenge and Best of Breed to complete his Australian Championship. Am Ch. D&J Ha'Aretz Vertigo at River Rock, "Vala", owned by Chris and bred by Donna & Robin Davison was awarded the Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed to complete her Australian Championship. Chris wrote that the breed was very well received by the general public.

From the USA comes the news that Alan Gersman's 'Minnie' (Mazel Tov's Minnie from Minnesota) spent the month of September competing in USDAA Trials and earning both her Advanced Gamblers and Advanced Jumpers Titles. Minnie will be the second true Canaan Dog to compete at the Master's level in USDAA. His 'Isabel' (whom he got from me when I lived in New York) was the first CD and is still alive and kicking and will be 15 years old in 4 weeks time. In Texas at the south central regional 'Minnie' teamed up with a Border Collie and qualified in the Versatility Pairs and then earned a bye into the Performance National Semi-finals at the USDAA Championships in Arizona the first weekend in November. On the 30th September, 'Minnie' placed 2nd in the Perf. Speed Jumping in Carmel, NY earning her first cash prize.

Congratulations to Chris and Alan and their wonderful Canaans!

Submitted 19th September 2007

The weather was windy, grey, and threatening looking at Darlington Championship Show for the Canaan Dog judging, but fortunately, it remained dry. Mrs Jill Peak presided over the Canaan Dog ring for the first time and had an entry of 9. BD & BOB went to Lorna Hasting's AKC & Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star. RBD was James Rogerson's Lorianna Light My Fire. BB & BOS was Anacan Sheer Elegance, owned by Christine (Goldspink) Powley & Ellen Minto. RBB was Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam and BV went to Anacan Milk and Honey at Dunline, owned by Rob & Jan McLeod.

The Canaan Dog Club of the UK has produced its first calendar, for 2008, and will have it available for sale at it club show on the 14th October at Little Canfield Village Hall, Dunmow, Essex. It is a lovely calendar, and functional as well as there is plenty of room to write in those important events in the date boxes. For information on how to obtain one, please feel free to contact me.

Submitted 13th September 2007

Julie Nicholl's 'Tiras' (Anacan Future Legend) has enjoyed another recent win. At the City of Birmingham show he went BD and BOS in AVNSC Utility under judge, Mr Ken Sinclair. Congratulations!

I was very sorry to read of Mike Stockman's passing. Though I cannot say he was a big Canaan Dog fan his feelings towards the breed did mellow a bit over the years, particularly after judging them at one our the Canaan Dog Club of the UK's Rare Breed Match's and then again in AVNSC at LKA. It's hard to believe we won't be seeing him around anymore. Our condolences to his family.

The Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc held its National Specialty on September 7th. There were 48 Canaan Dogs entered with a total of 89 entries, including 5 entries in obedience, 7 entries in rally and 10 in the Parade of Title Holders. Breed and Junior Showmanship was judged by Mrs Pat Hastings; Junior/Senior Puppy Sweeps and Veteran Sweeps was judged by Mrs Carol O'Brian; and Mr Richard Strong judged Obedience and Rally. The results follow:

BOB - Ch Desert Star Running Miles, dog, owned by Rosette Davilla-Sargent
BOS, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Puppy - Mad River Cool Breeze Blowing, owned by Rosette Davilla-Sargent and Charles Sargent, MD
Award of Merit Recipients:
Ch. Rosendog's He Who Must Be Named, owned by Judy March Rosenthal & Amanda M Pough
Ch. Mad River Ladies First, owned by Cynthia Grupp
Winner's Dog - D & J Ha'Aretz Tip Top Dog, owned by Jackie & Donna Davison
Reserve Winner's Dog - Ha'Aretz Hayyim, owned by Bryna Comsky
Reserve Winner's Bitch & Best Bred-By Exhibitor - Renegade Camber, owned by Renee & Evan Kent
Best Veteran - Ch Arayl's Magic Springtime, CD, RN, owned by Norma Bennett Woolf & Thomas S Woolf
Best Junior Handler - Kaitlyn Carlson showing Ch Bless-Ed Be Cherrysh Patriot
Best in Jr Puppy Sweeps & Best in Sweeps - Mad River Cool Breeze Blowing
BOS in Jr Puppy Sweeps & Best in Sweeps - D & J Ha'Aretz Sparkle, owned by Jackie & Donna Davison
Best in Sr Puppy Sweeps - Eastland Salina So Special, CGC, owned by Annette Israel, David Golden & Cynthia Dodson
Best in Veteran Sweeps - Ch Pleasant Hill Alexandra, owned by Donna L Dodson
BOS in Veteran Sweeps & 1st Stud Dog - Ch Lahat Me Shaar Hagai, owned by Cheryl Hennings
1st Place Brood Bitch - Ch Pleasant Hill Hinda M. Rosendog, CD, owned by Judy March Rosenthal

There were no qualifiers in Obedience.

Rally Novice B, 1st Place - Dayspring Amos Anatoly, CGC, owned by Annette Israel
Rally Advanced A - No qualifiers
Rally Advanced B, 1st Place - Ch Arayl's Magic Springtime, CD, RN
Rally Excellent B, 1st Place - Fuligin Ged Tycho, CGC, CDX, RA, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, CDCA HC,V, owned by Jennie Larkin & John Relph
Congratulations to all the winners!

Submitted 30th August 2007

When I read that the UK Dogue de Bordeaux Club is about to fold due to lack of committee members, I thought, what a shame. Club member rarely take the time to realise how much time, effort and money is donated to clubs by committee members, or to be grateful for these people, without which the club folds. Due to lack of willingness to help, many smaller clubs have to allow husbands and wives onto the committee, as does the Canaan Dog Club of the UK, for which they are often criticised. But until enough members are willing to give of themselves to keep the club running, what other course can be taken?

Just a reminder, entries for the Canaan Dog Club of the UK Single-Breed Open Show close on the 14th September. If you are interested in attending and haven't received an entry form, please contact the Show Secretary, Mr Chris Quantrill.

The sun shone as Mrs Judith Robin-Smith presided over the Canaan Dog ring at the Welsh Kennel Club show. She had 9 entries with 1 absentee. BD & BOB was Lorna Hastings' AKC & Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star. RBB was Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline, owned by Rob & Jan McLeod. BB & BOS was Anacan Sheer Elegance, co-owned by Christine (Goldspink) Powley & Ellen Minto and RBB was Christine's Anacan Maid For Glory At Danehaven. Congratulations to all the winners.

I was very saddened to read of the passing of June Freeman who was a fan of the Canaan Dog breed and judged them on a number of occasions. Mrs Freeman was a lovely person and a good judge. We shall miss her.

Submitted 15th August 2007

At Bournemouth Canaan Dog judge, Jane Heritage, had an entry of 8 with 1 absentee. A well-deserved BD & BOB was awarded to Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta ('Dezi'), who has been having a very good year. RBD went to Lorna Hastings' AKC & Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star ('Blaze'), with the bitch she co-owns with Sue Coombes, Lorianna I Will Survive ('Georgie') taking BB and her 'Maddie' (Lorianna Call Me Madam) going home with the RBB award. I understand that Lorna is moving house shortly and we wish her best of luck in her new home.

The Canaan Dog is not, nor will it ever be, in the list of most popular breeds. To quote Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai, Israel), who is recognised as the world's foremost authority on the breed, having actually worked with the breed's founder, Dr Rudolphina Menzel: “One of the most unique points of our breed is its very special temperament. Not everyone can learn to live with this temperament, but for those of us that do, we find subsequently that it is hard to live with other breeds with more ordinary behaviour patterns.” Richard and I have tried to get this across to TKC, judges, breeders, owners, exhibitors, but often feel as if we are banging our heads against a wall. Some say the breed hasn't progressed because it still exhibits wariness. I say the breed has progressed because it was less than a decade ago that very few people in this country had even heard of a Canaan Dog. Our job, as fanciers of the breed, is to preserve the breed and not to change it, and that is what is what the majority of owners in this country want to see happen. Breeders should search for people who want a Canaan Dog for what it is, not what they want it to be. If someone cannot live with the Canaan Dog's natural temperament, there are a multitude of other breeds to choose from! Myrna said to me, “The temperament issue is a problem; everyone these days seems to think that every dog should behave like a Labrador.” And to quote a very important point from her article on temperament, “We should not penalize those Canaans that still show extreme reactivity, however, but try to help them with their adaptation to modern life. To the contrary, I think that we should penalize any Canaan that does not show basic traits of caution and suspicion. A dog that is friendly to everyone in all circumstances, unafraid of anything new or strange, and calm and accepting of everything is not a Canaan!” I say 'Amen' to that! If you wish to read the entire article, you can do so on Myrna's website, http://myrnash0.tripod.com/shaarhagai-canaandogs/index.html

Submitted 2nd August 2007

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom seems to be always lucky with the weather when holding its events, and their annual Fun Day, held on the 28th July, was no exception. I must say everyone was holding their collective breath, what with all the rain we've had, but the sun was shining and the weather was pleasantly warm. The fab hostess for the event was Christine Goldspink (Danehaven), who had invited the club to use her farm for the venue. This meant more than ample parking and plenty of room for the games. In addition to various games, such as musical mats and dunking for sausages, there was a fancy dress competition for which the dogs are dressed according to a designated theme, which this year was 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. First place and winner of a lovely silver goblet was Julie Riches' 'Abraham', dressed as a dead ringer for Captain Jack Sparrow. 2nd place went to Kim Morton's 'Naomi' and 3rd to Ceri Collen-Boot's 'Sam'; both dogs dressed as pirates' mates. There was a delicious barbeque to which everyone contributed and one of the best raffle tables I've ever seen. It even had a copy of the new Harry Potter book! In addition, Ceri, who raises carnivorous plants, had a plant stall, the proceeds of which she donated to the club. I went home with a Venus Flytrap and a Jack in the Pulpit, as I've always wanted some carnivorous plants to eat any flying pests. The raffle and plant sale raised more money for the club than any in previous years, which was a bonus. The new Canaan Dog owners said they really enjoyed getting to meet other owners and their dogs for the first time. All the dogs were very well behaved and I must say the owners weren't bad either. It was a very pleasant afternoon for all concerned.

Julie Nicholls had some exciting news for me. At East of England her Tiras (Anacan Future Legend) was Best AVNSC Utility out of the Junior class. A bit of the shine was taken off the win when in the group, in which Tiras behaved beautifully, they announced him as an Akita Inu. Julie said they did apologise later for doing so. When one considers that Tiras, who is 15 months old, is Julie's first show dog, they have been doing extremely well. Julie also informed me that Tiras will be taking part in the agility dog display team at Cromer Carnival on the 11th August. What a great way to help promote the breed! If you live in the area, why don't you support them by going along.

Just a reminder, the first deadline date for DOG WORLD ANNUAL 2008 is September 23. Show off your Canaan Dog to the world in this highly regarded publication. Those who get their copy and payment to us by that date can take advantage of substantial discounts. Full details can be found most weeks within the paper, on www.dogworld.co.uk, by emailing annual@dogworld.co.uk or by contacting the office on 01233 621877.

Submitted 18th July 2007

It is with great sadness that I report the death of my beloved father-in-law, Peter ('Jock') Minto. Jock was a wonderful man and we got along like a house on fire. He owned our Digger's brother, Jake, and was a member of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom since 1995. Though he could not take an active part in club affairs due to being full-time carer for his Richard's invalid mum, until her death 4 years ago, Jock was always quick to defend the breed and to explain the breed's character to anyone who questioned it. His funeral will be held at Hanworth Crematorium, Middlesex at 2:00 pm on Monday, 30th July for anyone wishing to attend.

At SWKA, Canaan Dog judge, Mrs Mary MacPhail, had 6 entries. BD & BOB was awarded to Pam O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta. RBD was Nizzana Ganymede, owned by Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne. BB was Lorna Hastings' Lorianna Call Me Madam and RBB, also owned by Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne, was Talither Bat Me Babrees.

The Paignton & DFS Canaan Judge, Mrs Jan McLeod (Dunline), was kind enough to send me the results and her comments as follow: “CD's were to be 2nd in the ring and right up to the closing minutes of the Chow judging it was impossible to guess what the weather would do. Luckily, although conditions were "damper" than we'd have liked (and paperwork rather soggy), I was able to assess the breed without running for cover. The previous judge had wasted no time so, unusually, the CD's were in at midday and we were allocated a large, level ring. The entry was 9 making 9 with 1 absentee and some new faces came through for the top awards. Bests of sex went to litter mates Rogerson's Lorianna Light My Fire (D) and Coombes & Hastings' Lorianna I Will Survive (B) with the bitch getting the nod for B.O.B. Res. Bests of Sex were littermates Coombes' Lorianna Ever Reddy (D) and Hastings' Lorianna Call Me Madam (B). Disappointingly there were no puppies.”

My postscript to the above - to my knowledge, there are no puppies quite old enough for the ring at the moment. Presently, there are only two active Canaan Dog breeders in the country, one of them being me. Our breed suffers a true 'Catch 22'. Being a rare breed, and not suitable for everyone, good suitable homes are hard to come by, which can be discouraging to someone considering being a CD breeder. But on the other hand, for the health and diversity of the breed, more good breeders are needed. After 23 years in the breed, I've seen exhibitors and breeders come and go and I, personally, am hoping that before my time is over I can find a few people who have a love and a passion for the breed and are willing to continue the battle to preserve and promote the natural Canaan Dog.

The Israel Canaan Dog Club of America held its national specialty show this past weekend in conjunction with the UKC (United Kennel Club) shows. The results are as follow: BOB & Champion of Champions - Cherrysh Mi Corazon Miracle, owned by Alla Geretz & Cheryl Hennings. Reserve Champ of Champs - Cherrysh Crown of Jewels, owned by Cheryl Hennings. Best Male - Babrees Pardon My French, owned by Victor & Wendy Sanchez. Best Female & Best of Winners - Cherrysh Day Star Diamond, owned by Cheryl Hennings. So it was a fabulous specialty for Cheryl Hennings. Well done to Cheryl and all the winners!

Submitted 14th June 2007

A few weeks ago I said I would tell you at length the problems with our next-door neighbours, and the Council, that Richard and I have been going through for the last two years. The reason I wanted to tell my readers is two-fold: 1) to explain why we haven't been to many shows last year, and none since Crufts this year (we are not boycotting any judges to put your mind at rest); and 2) because what has happened to us could happen to any one of you.

Two and a half years ago, Richard and I purchased a small boarding kennel and cattery in Lincolnshire and moved up from the Heathrow area thinking I could run the business and we would finally have a nice place for our dogs and room to have a better breeding programme. How wrong could we have been? Let me preface this story with the fact that this kennel has been here 16 years and our neighbours only moved here from Luton 4 years ago. After living here one week, the problems began and our neighbours from hell (hereinafter referred to the “nfh”) started complaining. They complained about where we left our bin bags on collection day – we left them in our designated spot, but it was too near their house according to them. They complained about us incinerating kennel waste, even though we were licensed to do so. When we got a firm to haul the waste away instead, they complained about where the lorry that came to collect it parked up for those few moments. They also complained to the Council about the noise of our dogs barking, which eventually resulted in us having a noise abatement order placed on us, an expensive legal battle, and huge court costs and fines – all this even though the loudest sound that was recorded was 62 decibels – the level of normal conversation!

I've been harassed and threatened, but nothing could be done about that because there were no witnesses. We've had our road sign cut down, our phone lines cut and there is a big sign in the neighbours yard “informing” the public that the Council has placed a noise abatement order on us for excessive dog barking. Every police officer that has come here has remarked on how quiet it is, as have our customers and visitors. And when it was said to the “NFH” that they should not have moved next door to a kennel if they did not want to ever hear dogs barking, they tried, quite successfully, to make a case that it was our Canaan Dogs that were causing the problem – even though they live in the house with us and an acoustics expert said any barking in our house could not be heard in theirs. They never bark unless they have reason.

The dogs in the kennel bark when a new dog comes in or goes out, but as we are a small kennel, this does not happen every day. There can be a bit of barking at feeding time or when we do one of our 3 daily walks of the boarders, but it is of short duration and not that loud. Our neighbours on the other side of us, who have lived here for 14 years and 26 years respectively, are supportive of us. Yet the courts decided against us. At one time if a business had been in existence for 10 years or more, one could not move next door to it and make a complaint. That all changed in the last 5 or 6 years and one person could destroy a business – whether it be a kennel, a garage or a pub. The law states that it is down to the individual Environmental Health Officer to determine if the noise constitutes a nuisance. Referring our case to another Council's EHO, we were told if we lived in their district, we would not have a problem.

Why tell you all this? Anyone of you could be targeted. There are a lot of mean-spirited people out there, and the animal rights lobby is gaining more strength all the time. Their agenda is to prevent the ownership of any domestic animals. Dog people tend to bury their heads in the sand, not wanting to draw any attention to themselves. But if you get a new neighbour who doesn't like dogs, you could potentially find yourself in the same situation as us. TKC must do more to get the anti-dog laws changed, and all of you must get involved before it is too late. Before you know it, you won't be able to keep or breed dogs, never mind show them. We need to organise and get to work and we need to do it NOW! God knows, I am willing to help, but we need younger, smarter people to get this off the ground. Those with a legal background would be of tremendous help. Let me hear from you and let's get the ball rolling.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom will be holding their annual Fun Day and barbeque on Saturday, 28th July on Christine Goldspink's premises, Danehaven, Court Green Lane, Foulsham, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 5PS. Christine said you are welcome to bring a caravan, should you want to come up a day early or spend the night. There will be all the regular games, along with some new ones. There is a fancy dress class for the Canaans and this year's theme is “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The fun commences at 11:00 a.m. All are welcome. Prizes for the raffle table would be gratefully accepted.

The CDC of the UK's annual open show will be held on the 14th October 2007 and this year's judge is Mrs. Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA. Pedigree has kindly donated some food vouchers for BIS, RBIS and BP, as well as ring cards and prize cards. After the show, Mrs. Lightfoot, who is a McTimmoney chiropracter, will give a talk and demonstration of her practice. I can attest that this is very interesting. The venue for the show is Little Canfield Village Hall, Canfield, Dunmow, Essex CM6 1TD. The start time will be 12:00 noon.

I had an email from the acting secretary of the British Canaan Dog Society (proposed), Anne Barclay, asking me to report that Lorna Hastings is hosting an Agility Training Day for all beginners on Sunday 1st July 2007 in support of the British Canaan Dog Society (proposed) at Heronsdale Farm, Wanden Lane, Egerton Forstal, Kent. For more information or to book a place Lorna can be contacted on 01233 756565, mobile 07774838505 or by email lorianna@tinyworld.co.uk. Also, the society will be holding it's Annual Rally and Match on Sunday 5th August 2007 at Willowdale Farm, Moyses Bank, Marshland St. James, Norfolk. It will be run in conjunction with eye testing with Prof. Peter Bedford. Eye testing commences at 10.00am and the Rally at 11.00am there will be a BAR-B-Q, raffles and competitions. All breeds are welcome not just Canaan Dogs, for more information or to book eye appointments contact Anne Barclay (Acting Secretary) on 01303 259739 or alternatively by email: bcds-sec@thecanaandog.co.uk

Submitted 31st May 2007

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Tony Hughes (Rosendale) after a long illness. Tony and his wife Christine, though not Canaan Dog owners themselves, took a great interest in the breed and have been members of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom for a number of years. Many of you will have known Tony from all the stewarding he did and took great pleasure in. Tony will be greatly missed by many as he always had a smile or a hug for you when he saw you. Cards of condolence can be sent to Mrs Christine Hughes, Rosendale, 47 Hillside, Cimla, Neath, Glamorgan SA11 1TL.

Thanks to Julia Close for the results of the Bath Championship Show Canaan Dog judging. Mrs Jane Lilley presided over the breed ring for the first time. She had 6 dogs entered for 7 entries. BD & BOB went to Lorna Hastings' Am, Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star. RBD was Rob and Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline. BB went to Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam and RBB went to Dave and Julia Close's Anacan Touch of Class at Arikara.

When I can, I like to watch on telly “The Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan from California. Those of you who have seen it know that at his dog psychology centre he has a pack of over 40 rescue dogs made up of mostly Pit Bulls and Rottweillers and similar breeds. Yet he has these 40 dogs loose together in his compound and often uses them to assist when working with dogs with behavioural problems. I found a recent episode very interesting as it showed Cesar working with an Akita cross found in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The dog was quite aggressive and they were hoping to rehabilitate it so it could be rehomed, should the original owner not be found. He took it to his compound and let it loose with his pack. Cesar pointed out that the Akita X's tail was curled up over its back, which he said was a sign of dominance. He said he had worked hard to get the dogs in his pack to carry their tails down and level with their back -- a sign of submission to his authority -- and this Akita's body language was causing some of the other dogs' tails to go up. When teaching our Canaan Dog breed seminar, Richard and I explain that, contrary to what the KC standard says, the Canaan Dog does not always have its tail over its back on the move, nor should it necessarily do so -- even though it may look nice. A Canaan that has its tail right up is showing dominance. If you watch the Canaan ring, most of the dogs will have their tails down and level with their backs on the move, showing submission to their handler's authority. So I was very pleased to hear someone of Cesar Millan's status confirming what we teach.

Submitted 24th May 2007

Mrs R C Wright was given the honour of judging Canaan Dogs at SKC and attracted an entry of 8. It was a very good day for Lorna Hastings as Mrs Wright awarded BD & BOB to her Am Ch Lorianna Sirius Star and BB to her Lorianna Call Me Madam. Thank you to Christine Goldspink for the results.

Alan Gersman (USA) writes that the Canaan Dog Club of America has created in memory of his late agility Canaan the “Lada-L Memorial Trophy” to be offered at future CDCA - AKC Agility Trials. Alan and his Canaans have set the bar for agility performance and it is befitting that such an award has been created. Let it be an inspiration for other Canaan owners to get their dogs out in the performance arena.

Submitted 17th May 2007

Canaans were judged on the 11th May at Birmingham National. Judge, Miss Jean Lanning, had 6 absentees, which included 3 of my dogs due to personal problems on the day. I am so sorry to have missed it. BB and BOB was awarded to Dave and Julia Close's Anacan Touch of Class at Arikara. 'Leah' has had BB and BOS on several occasions (including BB at the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's Open Show in 2006), so she was really due this win, her first BOB. Congratulations! Miss Lanning awarded BD and BOS to Rob and Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline (Jacob). Miss Lanning was very complimentary about her winners and asked if they were related as they moved so similarly. As it happens Leah and Jacob are a bit more than half sister and brother as they share the same dam, Anacan Whole Lotta Class, and Leah's sire, Anacan Masterpiece, was sired by Jacob's sire, The Lion of Judah At Anacan.

As mentioned above, Richard and I have had to miss quite a few shows over the past two years due to problems with our next-door neighbours over our dogs -- keeping in mind we are running a licensed boarding kennel. As what we have been through can happen to any one of you, whether you own one dog or a kennel full of dogs, and as the animal rights extremists are being successful at getting anti-dog legislation pushed through both here and abroad, I will write a lengthy article about our problems for publication in the near future. Perhaps it can be a catalyst to get dog owners to start working together to protect our precious rights.

Submitted 26th April 2007

Richard (Minto) attended Zena Wallace's funeral on behalf of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. The family had requested that a representative of each of the three breeds that Zena was most involved with, i.e. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Manchester Terrier, and Canaan Dog, be in attendance to form an honour guard for the coffin. Richard took our old “Beulah”, nearly 13 years old, both because Zena knew her and she could be trusted to walk sedately with the two terriers. With the Staffie at point and the Manchester and Beulah directly behind, the dogs and their handlers walked in front of the coffin from the hearse to the crematorium. This was a fitting and touching acknowledgement by the family to the importance that dogs played in Zena's life. At the suggestion of Lez Mozley, who knew Zena well, the CDC of the UK is having a tree planted in Israel in Zena's memory.

  The word 'type' is often used in critiques. According to the glossary of canine terms, “Type is the characteristic qualities distinguishing a breed.” Breed standards do offer room for interpretation in many areas, and even in the most established breeds one can see differences that some people, in my opinion, misinterpret as differences in type. For example, in breeds, such as the Canaan, where the standard allows for variation in height (the Canaan standard allows for a dog or bitch to stand between 20”-24”), a dog at the bottom height allowed for the standard and a dog at the top of the standard are not two different types. Yet I have read critiques which say that “so and so was of the smaller type” or “so and so was of the larger type”. Judges, please be careful how you use that word.

  According to the FCI standard's General Appearance clause, the Canaan Dog is “A medium sized, well balanced, strong and square dog resembling the wild dog type. Strong distinction between the sexes.” (Italics are mine.) In this country we have tried to get the phrase pariah dog type, as well as, “should look like it has potential for survival in the desert”, incorporated into the General Appearance clause, because these phrases help to give one a good mental picture of what Canaan type is. In Myrna Shiboleth's book, the israel canaan dog, Myrna explains, “Despite their immense geographical range, pariahs and dingo like dogs show considerable similarity. They are animals of medium size, mostly very powerful for their size, often tawny or reddish although some are black or spotted. The coat is usually of medium length, harsh and thick. Pariahs commonly have prick ears that turn obliquely outward rather than stand perfectly straight.” She goes on to say that, “In the Middle East alone, there is a range from the heavy, very thickly coated Syrian herding dogs, through the medium built, medium to short-coated Canaan, more refined in build and head shape, to some extremely refined types found in Egypt and Sinai, seeming to hold a halfway position between the Canaan and the desert sight hounds.”

  Professor Menzel, the breed's “founder”, described two recognizable types of Canaan which she called the “collie type”, which refers to the Border Collie due to similarities she discerned in the skull shape of the Canaan and the Border Collie; and the “dingo type”, which she considered a more primitive and less developed type of the breed. The original breed standard adopted by the FCI in November 1966 recognised both types, but in later revisions of the standard the “dingo type” was eliminated as Dr Menzel felt that the “collie type” was the final result of evolution and the ideal type.

  Congratulations are in order to Julia and David Close as their daughter, Becky, presented them with their first grandchild, a beautiful girl. Josie Leigh arrived in the early hours of 24th April weighing 7 lbs 4½ ozs. The Closes are besotted with their new granddaughter and we share in the family's joy.


Submitted 10th April 2007

Dunstable & District Open Show, held on Easter Monday, saw Mr Chris Quantrill (Seejaycue) judging Canaan Dogs for the first time. Mr Quantrill drew an entry of 13 Canaans with 2 absentees. BOB was awarded to Barbara and Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'), who went on to win a Utility Group 3 under judge, Mr Peter Jolley (Rubio). RBOB went to Lorna Hastings' Am Ch Lorianna Sirius Star ('Blaze'). BP went to Christine (Goldspink) Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory At Danehaven ('Summer'), ably handled by her daughter, Kim. Then, under judge Peter Jolley, 'Summer' went on to win the Utility Puppy Group. Well done to Barbara and 'Rosie' and Christine, Kim and 'Summer'!

  Apparently in the USA there has been considerable discussion over the last couple of years about the possible realignment of the groups or the creation of new groups, including a Northern/Primitive breeds group. The Canaan Dog Club of America Board of Directors is discussing this issue at the request of the AKC and have asked Canaan Dog owners over there for any thoughts they might have on this matter. Having been on the Board of Directors when the Canaan Dog was originally put into the Herding Group in the US (we had a choice of Working or Herding), I know that a large part of the reasoning for putting them in that group was because of the, at the time, new dangerous dog laws over there. It was felt that there was less chance of the breed being targeted by these laws if there were in the Herding Group as most of the 'attack' dogs were in the Working Group. Many of the Canaan people in the US do not accept that Canaan Dogs are part of the Spitz family, albeit southern spitz and some have recently voiced the opinion that 'primitive breeds' might also be thought of as being vicious. So it will be interesting to see what comes of this discussion, if anything, in the future.

  As anti-dog feeling is growing, along with the strength of the animal rights activists, in this country as well, we should all be concerned about our dogs being targeted by dangerous dog laws, or any other anti-dog, anti-breeder legislation. The fact that the Canaan Dog is territorial can be interpreted, by those who wish to do so, that they are dangerous, when they are not. Nor are they any more dog aggressive than many other breeds. None of these traits is a problem when they have responsible owners -- again the same being true for any other breed. At the moment dog breeders and exhibitors in California are fighting against AB 1634, a bill that would force spay/neuter of all dogs and cats past the age of 4 months unless certain criteria are met. These criteria are all but impossible to meet for a pup that is four months old. They include: 1. Proof that the breeder runs a legitimate breeding business (not possible if you breed in your home and don't live in an area zoned for business); 2. Proof that the dog is a "valid" purebred and is actively showing or is actively participating in search and rescue, police work, or service work; 3. Purchase of an intact animal permit from the local jurisdiction; 4. Acquisition of a veterinarian's certificate that says the dog should not be sterilized for medical reasons. (This certificate must be renewed periodically.) This is scary stuff as how long before something like this reaches our shores I wouldn't want to lose my beloved Canaan Dogs, or the right to responsibly breed or exhibit them, as I am sure you wouldn't want to lose these rights. . I think time is running short and we dog lovers better get our heads out of the sand and start working together, along with TKC, to form a strong coalition to battle these anti-dog laws before it is too late.


Submitted 2nd April 2007

The funeral for former Canaan Dog Club Committee Chairman and championship show judge, Mrs Zena Wallace, has been organised for Monday, 16th April, 2:00 pm at Mansfield Crematorium, Nottinghamshire. All are invited. The family requests that no wreaths be sent, as Zena did not like wreaths. However, cut flowers are welcome, as are donations, which will be split between the rescue funds for Zena's personal two breeds, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Manchester Terrier. There will be a reception following the funeral. If you planning to stay for the reception, kindly advise the family for catering purposes by phoning Mrs Delia Hemsel.

Submitted 28th March 2007

It is with great sadness that I report the sudden passing of Mrs Zena Wallace (Claywall). Zena was the Chairman of the Committee of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom from the 5th July 1992 to 30th April 1995 and was a great supporter of the breed. Zena was generous to a fault in donating shields and rosettes for Canaan Dog classes at various shows. We were fortunate to have her judge the club show in 2004, an honour of which she was very worthy. I understand from a close friend of Zena that the details of her funeral will appear in this paper as soon as they become known and we expect that there will be many, many people who want to pay their last respects. The dog world will be poorer for her loss, and the Canaan Dog Club has lost a great friend.

Thank you to Barbara Gold for sending me the following show results. Christine Hughes wasn't able to fulfil her judging assignment at the BUBA Open Show due to having come down with a bad case of the flu. When I spoke to her on the Sunday, she was feeling a bit better, but in all honestly, still didn't sound that brilliant. Luckily, Juliette Cunliffe was able to save the day by stepping in to judge the Canaans. Ms Cunliffe awarded BP and BOB to Julie Nicholls' Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras'). Julie is a new Canaan Dog owner/handler, so it made her win very special to her. Res BOB went to Sue Coombes' Lorianna Ever Reddy ('Red') from the OD/B class. Gravesend and Medway Open Show was held the next day where Mrs Norma Barnes was judging Canaan Dogs for the first time. Mrs Barnes' choice for BOB was Lorna Hastings' Am/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star ('Blaze') with Res BOB going to Lorna's Lorianna Call Me Madam ('Maddie'). Congratulations to all the winners and their handlers!

I was also saddened to hear that Christine Hughes' husband, Tony, is still in hospital, since the 29th December, after suffering multiple heart attacks and a stroke and that his prognosis is not good. Tony always loved stewarding, so I know he is known to many of you. If you would like to send cards to Tony, send them to: Mr Tony Hughes, Rosendale, 47 Hillside, Cimla, Neath, Glamorgan, SA11 1TL.

Submitted 14th March 2007

We really were blessed with glorious weather for Crufts, making the long walk from the car park with dogs and gear a lot more pleasant. As I mentioned in a prior column, the woman I got one of my first Canaan Dogs from, Bryna Comsky, was over from Chicago as a spectator and it was wonderful to be greeted by her when we reached our benches. We spent most of the day together talking about Canaan Dogs. We did have a long wait to get into the ring as our judge, Mr Keith Nathan, had a large entry of Toy Poodles to judge before he did the Canaan Dogs, so dogs and handlers were getting a bit fed up by the time we got into the ring. You really couldn't go look around the show, as you didn't know when we would be called into the ring, which was a bit disappointing.

Mr Nathan attracted an entry of 20 dogs, with 4 absentees. I was absolutely delighted when he awarded BD & BOB to Rob and Jan McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline ('Jacob'), who is a son of my 'Digger' (The Lion of Judah at Anacan) and 'Lottie' (Anacan Whole Lotta Class). RBD was our 10-1/2 year old, Anacan Ziggy out of Veteran's class -- a half-brother to our 'Digger'. BB was Lorna Hasting's Lorianna Call Me Madam who was sired by 'Jacob' and is out of Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna -- a 'Digger' son and daughter. RBB & BP was my Anacan Glory Bea -- a 'Digger' and 'Ziggy' granddaughter. Talk about consistency! 'Jacob' did the breed proud in the big ring. Someday a Canaan will get a championship show group placement and this may be the dog to do it. He is every bit his sire, but a bit better.

As I had won classes with two of my bitches, Bryna got to take one of them back into the ring for me in the challenge, as I wanted her to be able to tell everyone back home that she had shown at Crufts. She was a bit nervous, but I think she was pleased to be in there just the same. Kim Morton, who is just recuperating from a serious illness, was awarded 2nd place in OB with her Anacan Akilah ('Naomi'), and as this was only the 3rd time Kim had ever set foot into a show ring, she was thrilled.

While we were waiting to go into the ring, the BBC sent around a film crew to interview Lorna Hastings, who was grooming her dog, Lorianna Desert Storm, while they filmed. I couldn't hear the interview from where I was standing, but friends who saw it on the telly said Lorna did a good job of telling the interviewer and the public about the breed. I think it is high time the breed got a bit of publicity, so well done to Lorna.

Discover Dogs was a big success, as always. Thanks go to all those who manned the booth and chatted with the public about our breed. Thursday the booth was opened by Martin Moulding with 'Manny', and he was later joined by Richard Minto and 'Monkey', Barbara Gold with 'Simba' and Jane Bateman. Martin and 'Manny' were back again on Friday and he was joined by Patrick Gold with 'Athtar' and Doug Bateman. Saturday Sue and Claire Coombes were the early crew with their 'Red' and 'Georgie'. They were later joined by Alison Byrne and Anne Barclay with 'Tali' and 'Spencer'. Martin and 'Manny' were back again on Sunday and they were joined by Julie Riches and Ceri Collen-Boot with 'Sam' and later Patrick Gold and 'Simba'. They were all wonderful representatives for a wonderful breed.

Submitted 14th February 2007

Isle of Ely Canine Society gave classes for Canaan Dogs for the first time this year. Unfortunately, they were advertised under Working Group, so not many people knew about them. I only found out about them from Christine Goldspink on the closing date. Christine had already let the secretary of the society know about their error and they sorted it out with TKC. The Canaan Dog judge, who was very familiar with the breed, was Daren Zahra (Urquhart Kennel) who hails from Malta. Mr Zahra had six Canaans to go over, two in each of the classes offered. I was quite happily surprised when he awarded both BP and BOB to my 10-month old Anacan Glory Bea. When he congratulated me he was very complimentary about 'Bea'. I can only hope she continues to live up to her name.

At the same show Junior Handling, 12-16 year old was won by Kim Goldspink handling her mum's Canaan Dog, Anacan Sheer Elegance. Well done Kim! Kim is an excellent handler and can show up a lot of adults with her skills in the ring.

Canaan Dogs were exhibited at the Westminster KC show in New York on the 13th February. As you may know, only champions can be shown. The top 5 of each breed are invited and then entries are accepted until the limit of 2500 dogs is reached. This year's winners follow:
  • BOB - Ch Mad River Ladies First (B); breeder/owner: Cynthia Grupp
  • BOS - Ch Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara (D); breeder: Donna L. Dodson; owner: Pamela Stacey Rosman
  • Award of Merit - Ch Rosendog's He Who Must Be Named; breeder: Judy March Rosenthal; owner: Judy March Rosenthal & Amanda M Pough
You can watch a video of the judging on the AKC website: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2007/results/breed/index2.html#herd

Submitted 8th February 2007

Recently and open show decided to give classes for Canaan Dogs for the first time, but listed them in the Working Group, so most Canaan owners didn't realise that they were giving us classes. This again brought to my attention how little understood our breed is. Though a member of the Spitz family, the Canaan Dog is part of the Southern Spitz group, and not the Northern Spitz, who are mainly working breeds. Because so many people think, “a Spitz is a Spitz is a Spitz”, and as a Canaan Dog is Spitz breed, they have misconceptions about the Canaan Dog. We also have those who still, even though the breed has world-wide recognition, like to insult the breed by calling it a mongrel

In their paper, “Observations On The Pariah Dog”, the breeds founder, Dr Rudolphina Menzel, and her husband, Dr Rudolph Menzel, wrote, “The pariah dogs of the Orient are not a cross-bred mixture but a quite characteristic and well-circumscribed group of natural breeds, closely related, although differing widely on points.”

The Menzels divided the Pariah Dog into five types and classified the Canaan Dog as Type III (Collie-like). They wrote, “Type III, Light medium Type, comprises those dogs most easily compared with a medium-coated collie, and varying in type between the collie and the Arctic sledge dog.” They go on to say, “They are mostly square in build, with the belly “tucked-up” under the loins; they have nobler necks than Type II, often a typical mane, and (even when short-haired) a more or less bushy tail, carried, as with preceding types, curled across the back when in a state of excitement.”

They describe the character of the pariah dog (very different than that of the Northern Spitz) saying, “studied in the light of standard conceptions, displays as its most prominent qualities (a) distrustfulness, with consequent high standard of watchfulness; (b) sharpness, and (c) a disposition to be highly amenable to training, the last being based on highly-developed handiness.” They also said, “It is an open question so far as to whether the breed-group of the pariah dog is in an ascending development from the wild dog to the domestic dog, or vice versa. There is considerable probability that both developments may exist.”

The Menzels encouraged the use of the Pariah-dog, especially the native population, the Canaan Dog, as Herd-dog and Watch-dog. Because of this, in the USA, the Canaan Dog Club of America requested that the breed be put into the Herding Group upon gaining AKC recognition, and a number of Canaan owners there have herding titles on their dogs. Their “handiness” also makes them an excellent agility dog. I look forward to the day when we have owners in the UK participating with their Canaans in herding and agility.

Submitted 31st January 2007

I heard from Alan Gersman (USA), that starting January 1, 2007 AKC has added another agility event and that is the FAST Class. In 3 straight days this past weekend his Canaan Dog, Minnie, (Mazel Tov Prtmjl Minnie Pooh) has earned the first FAST title for a Canaan Dog finishing with a 3rd place on Sunday. All dogs must start at the Novice level so the class had almost 90 dogs (all breeds) competing, most of which are from the Excellent Level. Minnie will be 2 years old on the 18th February and this is her 11th agility title!!!

On these shores, Kim Morton, of whom I spoke last week, told me that she went to the Lichfield Canine Society Open Show and said she “showed 'Naomi' (Anacan Akilah) in AVNSC PG and Open and got two second places and reserve best AVNSC, despite my poor handling skills! The judge was very encouraging and advised me to get some training as she said she liked Naomi and that she was worthy of showing, so I was very happy with that. Needless to say by the time Monday came I had located a class and Naomi and I went along on Monday night for our first session. She was a little jumpy initially but she became very relaxed in the surroundings and did herself proud with her performance and sociability and I can't wait until next week so that I can learn to do her justice and learn to be a decent handler!” So you see how a bit of encouragement from a judge can mean so much to a novice handler. Without encouragement, so many people come into and shortly leave the show scene. Those of us who have been around a while should always remember that and be kind to newcomers.

Submitted 24th January 2007

Getting to the Manchester Championship Show on the Thursday was quite a trial, taking Richard and I four hours to get there. We almost turned back halfway there when the driving rain cut visibility down to almost nil, but we drove out of the worst of it and decided to continue on. The weather did have an impact on the entry though as two of the exhibitors from Kent rung Barbara Gold to let her know that they had been stuck in traffic for over two hours and were turning back as they had no chance of getting to the show on time. Though slightly down on quantity of entries present, judge, Mr Tom Mather, had a very high quality entry to go over. He had an excellent approach to the dogs and allowed us to move them around the ring long enough to appreciate their movement. In the end Mr Mather awarded BD & BOB to Pam O'Loughlin's 'Dezi' (Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta). RBD was Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy'), co-owned by Richard and I. BB & BP was my Anacan Glory Bea, who was making her second outing in the show ring. Last, but not least, RBB went to my Anacan Kefira. Kim Morton had braved the winds and rain to come cheer us on, as she is now feeling much better after recuperating from her chemotherapy. Having kept in touch by phone and text, it was so lovely to actually see her again. A newcomer to Canaan Dogs and the show ring, Kim had qualified her 'Naomi' (Anacan Akilah) for Crufts at Manchester last year when she fell ill and was unable to show her dog for the rest of the year. We look forward to seeing them both in the ring, healthy and happy, during 2007.

I heard from Bryna Comsky (Ha'Aretz - USA) that she would be coming to Crufts this year as a spectator. Both Bryna and Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai - Israel) got their first Canaan Dogs from the Spatterdash Kennels in the USA over 35 years ago - Spatterdash Dreidle and Spatterdash Gimel Wafi respectively. Myrna took Wafi to Israel with her when she emigrated there in 1969. Bryna said Gimel Wafi was bred once in Israel, and dogs from the Shaar Hagai co-op kennel in Israel trace back over 400 times to her. Back in the USA, Bryna's 'Dreidle', with the help of her Spatterdash Limor, laid the foundation of the well-known and successful Ha'Aretz line, from whom my Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel came from. Though we keep in touch by email, it has been about 8 years since I last saw Bryna, so am looking forward to her visit and the chance to learn more from her.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's 2007 Judges' List is now available for show secretaries. The judges' names and the list on which they appear can be found on the club website, www.canaandogclub.co.uk. A copy of the list with the judges' contact details will be sent to the secretaries of those championship shows that schedule classes for the breed. If there are any other show secretaries that require a copy, get in touch with me and I will send a copy to you.

I've also recently heard from Alan Gersman (USA), who has done so fantastically well in agility with his Canaan Dogs, that he may be coming for a visit this coming August. Alan writes that he and 'Hummer' (alas, not one of his Canaan Dogs, but his Border Collie) have been invited to compete in Norway at the end of May and in the UK at the Cruft's Qualifier at the East of England showground in August.  He said that the week following the Cruft's Qualifier is The Kennel Club International Agility Festival in Ipswich, which he would also like to participate in. Perhaps if any of my readers will be attending or participating in any of these events, they would you kindly contact me, particularly if they have any tips that would help make Alan's experience here a better one. Thank you!

Submitted 3rd January 2007

It's Crufts time again and the excitement is mounting. The thought of getting your dogs ready, the journey to the NEC, and making one's way from the car park in through the crowded halls is quite daunting. Yet once inside, it seems all worth it. I tell all my friends that one must experience Crufts at least once in a lifetime, as you cannot really relate the atmosphere in the telling. This year's Canaan Dog judge, Mr Keith Nathan, as attracted an entry of 20 dogs, and I, personally, am looking forward to finding out if there will be any foreign dogs amongst them.

Discover Dogs has been a growing attraction ever since its inception and I am pleased to say that our breed has been represented there for the last 9 years. It has given Canaan fanciers the opportunity to explain our breed's character in-depth to an interested public. I am proud to say that we can let children safely interact with the dogs brought along to represent the breed in the booth -- an important bit public relations after the incidents with other breeds, blown out of proportion by the press. When one considers the millions of dogs kept by people around the world, there is only a very small percentage of pets involved in tragedies involving attacks on children. And these, when looked into, have often been provoked. Getting off my soapbox, Discover Dogs is a very important educational event and it indeed has a place at the greatest dog show in the world.

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom, which is celebrating it's 15th anniversary this year, held its AGM on the 25th February. The following people were elected as officers and committee members: Chairman - Mr Richard Minto; Vice-Chairman - Mr Patrick Gold; Treasurer - Mrs Christine Goldspink; Corresponding & Recording Secretary - Mrs Ellen Minto; President - Mrs Gina Pointing; Patron - Miss Karina Le Mare; Committee members - Mrs Barbara Gold, Dr Sarah Hemstock, Mrs Jan Quantrill and Mr Chris Quantrill.

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