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Canaan Dog Breed Notes 1999

(As submitted by Ellen Minto to DOG WORLD and unedited)

As the Canaan Dog enters the Millennium it also begins its 30th year of breed recognition in the UK. When Connie Higgins received word from TKC that the Canaan Dog would be recognised as of December 1970 she was thrilled that all her efforts had paid off. Connie had high hopes that the Canaan would soon achieve recognition by the general public as well. Her hopes were temporarily dashed when a serious illness resulted in her confinement in a wheelchair, thus ending her active involvement in the breed.

Then in 1981 a young woman named Ruth Corner returned from working with Myrna Shiboleth at Shaar Hagai kennels in Israel, bringing with her two pregnant Canaan bitches that whelped in quarantine and were then returned to Myrna. One of the puppies, Kensix Khameshee, went to Marjorie Cording and Mary MacPhail and was shown extensively for a time racking up 6 Crufts BOBs in the process. Unfortunately, due to personal problems and illness, Ruth also had to give up her involvement in the breed.

Then in 1994 I came to this country, bringing with me ten years of experience in the breed. Several months after Richard and I married, his "Bobby" (Minto's Libyan Jewel) and her litter were registered by TKC, adding some important new lines to the breed. In 1995 the breed was in danger of losing its Rare Breed status unless we were able to get our registrations up to 50 dogs. A litter bred by Jan Smith and Lez Mozley, out of which came our Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn, added 7 to the total and the registration of "Bobby" and her litter added another 7 bringing registrations up to 53. We did it! The Canaan kept its Rare Breed status. With a few additional litters in the interim from Canaan Dogs of Anacan and then Ian and Jill Terry under their Babrees affix, registrations have now reached 89---an increase of 35 dogs in 4 years!

1999 has been a banner year for the Canaan Dog in the UK. January saw the birth of our award-winning website. Several new faces started showing up in the ring with their Canaans. Our largest entry to-date, 14, was judged at the Bournemouth show. From the one championship show that gave us classes when I arrived in this country, 1999 saw 5 championship shows with classes. Next year we'll be adding another with South Wales Kennel Association. 1999 saw Sivan Me Shaar Hagai (sire of our "Digger" and the Terry's "Beth") become the first Canaan to qualify for the Pedigree Top Stud Dog award, and Minto's Libyan Jewel (dam of our "Digger" and "Ziggy") become the first Canaan to qualify for the Pedigree Top Brood Bitch award. This is very fitting, as these are the two Canaans responsible for the revival of the breed in this country. "Bobby" has contributed to the breed on an international basis and now has children and grandchildren in six countries. One of "Bobby's" children, The Lion of Judah At Anacan (better known as "Digger") has been campaigned heavily for several years doing a tremendous job of raising the breed profile in the UK and winning Pedigree's Top Canaan Dog for 1996, '97 and '98 and BOB at Crufts '99 in the process. Another son, "Branson" was the first Bermudan breed champion, and at 3-1/2 years of age has 8 Herding Group placements to his credit.

May 27th 2000 will see the First International Canaan Dog Working Party being held here. The idea for holding it can be credited to Richard Minto and we already have promises of representation from Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Bermuda, Finland and the USA. Once it get off the ground, the Working Party should have far-reaching effects in helping to protect, preserve and promote our wonderful breed.

The Canaan Dog will enter the Millennium secure in the knowledge that its fate is in good hands. The prospects for continued growth both in this country and globally are high as more people learn to appreciate its unique character, intelligence, athletic grace, adaptability to different tasks and genetic health. And we who love and cherish the Canaan are confident that the setbacks that it is suffered in the past in the UK are well behind it. Happy New Year and Happy New Century to the Canaan Dog and all its loyal friends!

Myrna Shiboleth flew over from Israel on the 28th November to pick up her puppies from Jill Terry. After driving me up to and back from Stafford for a judging assignment I had that day, and stewarding for me as well, poor Richard then had to head down to Gatwick to collect Myrna that evening. Myrna spent the night with us before heading up to Jill's the next day. Whilst at our house Myrna complimented us on the size, substance and quality of the Canaans we are producing in England (and she is not generally given to compliments) and on the growth and activity of the Canaan Dog club here. She was amazed when she found Israeli dogs on our website that she hadn't even known about and couldn't get over the size of the site and the information it contained. When asked to help us choose a puppy from our most recent litter we were gratified when Myrna said she would have to run them on until they were 3 or 4 months old before making a choice as they were all so even in quality. It was nice to get a pat on the back from someone who is recognised as an authority on the breed.

BUBA is the last championship show of the year that gives classes for Canaans and so Richard and I made our way back to Stafford for the second week on the trot. Our judge was Mr Doug Kitchener who found his BD and BOB in our Anacan Ziggy and BOS in our Anacan Sheindela. "Ziggy" is now officially the Pedigree Chum/Dog World Top Canaan Dog for 1999 and his dam, Minto's Libyan Jewel ("Bobby") is the first Canaan to qualify for the Pedigree/Dog World Top Canaan Dog Brood Bitch. We are well pleased to say the least.

However, group placements still elude the Canaan Dog in the UK while the American Canaans keep on racking them up. US Canaan breeder, Donna Dodson (Pleasant Hill) informed me that on 27th November, Pleasant Hill Pretti Spiffi, received a Herding Group 4 placement, handled by co-owner Kristen Jackson under judge Mrs. M. Gauger at the Tuscaloosa KC in Montgomery, Alabama. Well done to Kristen and "Spiffi"!

We all have a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which is the love so freely given to us by our wonderful Canaan Dogs. Let's not forget them in all the holiday hustle and bustle. They too deserve a little overindulgence and fun, so don't forget them while you're busy celebrating. Happy holidays to all of you and may the new century give us all lots of new beginnings, new challenges and much joy!

Our breed seminar held on the 21st November went over very well with 14 people in attendance. We had a number of compliments on the day and two phone calls since, with a booking for the next seminar we hold. Along with videos of Canaans in the wild, at the World Show in '98 and at an Israeli show, we also have our own illustrated breed standard. Additionally, we were able to show the attendees a litter of Canaan puppies—something very few people in this country have seen. I believe everyone went away with a better understanding of our breed. But I must say that the catering by Barbara Gold and her mother, Kate Poxon, was the icing on the cake! Everyone commented on how lovely it was to be treated to a delicious hot meal with a decidedly Middle Eastern flavour as we were served kebabs, spiced rice, pita bread, hoummos and salad. It was worth coming to the seminar just for the food. Patrick Gold was found busy with kitchen duties and was a tremendous help. Thanks also goes to Jill Terry who organised the event, sent out the invitations and did a superb job of the printing and to Meg Harris for arranging the venue.

The show season is soon drawing to a close, along with the century, with only the BUBA show on the 4th December to determine the Top Canaan Dog for 1999. It has been a very interesting year with several more shows giving classes for the breed and more Canaans and handlers in the ring. There will be at least three, possibly four, more Canaans in the ring next year, so our numbers continue to grow. I personally am going into the Millennium quite happy with, and proud of, what has been accomplished in the promotion of the Canaan Dog in the last five years.

Just received an e-mail from our friends in Switzerland, Catherine and Kurt Vogt, who have a red and white litter sister to our "Ziggy", Anacan Song of Joy. "Simcha" (as she is called) has just had the results of her blood test following her rabies vaccination and all is well. The Vogts are planning to bring "Simcha" along next May when they come to the first International Canaan Dog Working Party. Though she hasn't been trained for the show ring yet, we are hoping they will enter her at the Bath show next May bank holiday weekend. How nice it would be to have our first "overseas Canaan" actually be a dog that was born in England!

Also heard from Bryna Comsky in the USA that her AKC Ch Hadar Ha'Aretz Happy Paws just won her 8th group placement, with a third in the Herding Group under judge, Mrs Dorothy Welsh, on 20th November. "Paws" has been on quite a roll as she has earned all these group placements in just a few months time.

Would love to hear your news and views.

It is quite interesting how the Canaan Dog in the UK, small a group as it is, is attracting more and more attention internationally. In just the past week I have received requests for information on the breed, breeders and our club from Denmark, Holland, France and the USA. It reminds me of the title of an old book, "The Mouse That Roared" as, though we are a numerically small breed, we are making our presence known. How has that come about? Perseverance I would say is the main factor, along with being allowed to publish breed notes in this highly-regarded publication, advertising by several of us in the same, participation in Discover Dogs, our website and attendance at dog shows. We are very truthful about our breed, with no apologies I might add, and I feel our Canaans are exhibiting a depth of quality unequalled by any other Canaan community. A mighty boast, but a truthful one.

Once again I wish to make some comments on the Canaan Dog temperament, this time focusing on "dog aggression". In my opinion I think that in talking to perspective Canaan owners we have emphasised too much the possibility of same-sex dog aggression in the Canaan. Dog aggression is common in most breeds—Canaan people are just more open about it. I've seen some terrible fights outside the Akita and Rottweiler rings at shows, both here and in the USA. My Tibbies can be horrors at times and how many of us have laughed when we've seen a little Yorkie twirling at the end of its lead while lunging and barking madly at another dog? So size isn't a factor. Unless the dog is posing a threat to humans and is completely out of control, (and it is a rare, rare Canaan that is people aggressive) why should we expect our dogs to get along with every dog they meet--people sure don't! I have a couple of male dogs that would kill each other if I let them run together, yet all that separates them in the house is a baby gate. They respect that as the boundary of their respective territories. Outside on lead, they can be walked side by side as they are not on their own territory and have nothing to protect. (They can also get protective of "their bench" at a show after being left on it for a time.) And while they may bark aggressively at a strange dog, they are never out of control. My husband and I feel this is quite acceptable. After all, if a strange man came up to you and put his arm around you, you would probably punch him in the nose, or at least most of you would.

In the wild only the alpha dogs and bitches breed (the strongest, the fittest, and the smartest). By selectively breeding the beta dogs to "improve" temperament, you will, in time, introduce health problems and lower intelligence as these are the dogs nature did not intend to be bred. Look at all the health problems (including things like rage syndrome) introduced by man's selectively breeding for the show ring (to please judges who know nothing and care nothing about the breed). I would hate to see the Canaan fall victim to this way of thinking.

News and views are welcome.

Just received an e-mail from Christine Franklin in Bermuda telling me that "Branson" (Anacan Cause To Celebrate, who is a litter brother of our "Ziggy") won a Herding Group 4th at the Bermudian shows on the 7th November under the renowned judge, Mrs Michelle Billings. This is Branson's 10th group placement. When you realise that shows are held only twice yearly in Bermuda, March and November, this is no mean accomplishment. Suffice it to say Richard and I are very proud "grandparents". (And Richard keeps reminding me that "Branson" was the one he wanted to keep.)

DISCOVER DOGS goes from strength to strength. Richard, "Ziggy" and I were there early on the Saturday to set up and decorate the breed booth and had a chance to speak to a few people, including another fellow New Yorker. We then had to rush off late morning so we could attend a wedding of a friend. We were relieved of our duties by Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye with their "Livvie"—their first time—and they were accompanied by the seasoned DD breed representative, Jill Terry who brought along "Livvie's" mum, "Evie", and brother, "Benji". It was great for the visitors as they got a chance to see some of the coat colour variations of Canaans – sand, red and white patched and black and white patched. We were a bit late arriving Sunday morning but our breed booth was already in the good hands of Patrick and Barbara Gold with "Simba" and Doug and Jane Bateman with their "Sheba". Once again interest was high and the so was the intelligence of the questions asked. I believe the Canaan Dog has made a few new friends.

The only thing that marred the event, in my opinion, was the mess left on the pavement leading from the car park to Earl's Court. The worst of it is people who are supposed to be teaching the general public responsible dog ownership left them there. What kind of opinion will this have made on the people who live and work around this area? Shame on them! I'm proud to say that all the Canaan owners involved in this event are never found without a pocket full of baggies—and they use them as well!

As we are toying with the idea of entering "Digger" at the World Show in Milan next June I visited TKC booth at DD and picked up the latest release from MAFF regarding the passport for pets scheme, which is not quite sorted out. Once it is, it will be interesting to see if we get some of the Canaans from the continent at our shows.

Please send your news and views, as well as topics you'd like me to discuss.

The Canaan Dog Club's 7th Annual Inter-Club Rare Breed Match held on the 17th October was another success—even though a Canaan, yet again, did not win Best In Match. Ten Canaan Dogs were in attendance—8 on the team and 2 "cheerleaders". One of the "cheerleaders" was "Chivvy" (owned by Elisabeth de Boisgelin), who at 13 years of age looks and acts years younger. Judge, Karina LeMare, gave Best Canaan Dog in match to our 7 year old Gvir me Shaar Hagai at Anacan, handled for us by good friend Barbara Gold. Best of the Reserves was also a Canaan, Jill and Ian Terry's Babrees Benjamin D'Israeli.

In the USA there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Canaan puppy enquiries recently. Many of these enquiries are from people who "want a dog like John Kennedy Jr's", apparently as a result of articles in various newspapers and magazines over there which revealed that he and his wife owned a Canaan Dog. There is a lot of concern in the USA that those people wishing to own a breed with "celebrity status" will eventually be the cause of puppy farmers getting hold of some Canaans in order to cash in on the demand. Personally I don't believe the breed lends itself well to exploitation for many reasons. Not the least of these reasons is that because ours is a numerically small breed, we know the whereabouts of just about every Canaan. Time will tell the story. As an addendum to the tale of JFK's dog "Friday", I recently found out that he is now living in Portugal with some friends of the Kennedys.

Some more good news for the Canaan Dog…the South Wales Kennel Association has agreed to schedule classes for the breed at their championship show 6-9 July 2000. This brings the number of championship shows, which gives the breed classes up to six. When I started showing over here in 1995 there were only one championship show which gave us classes—BUBA. I think the breed is making tremendous strides. Well done!

Group placements for Canaans seem to be coming in fast and furious from the USA. Dayspring D'Ror bat Ha'Aretz, owned by Donna and Jackie Davison, took Group 4 on the 16th October under Judge Mr. Charles E. Trotter at Crab Orchard Kennel Club, DuQuoin, Illinois. On the same weekend Ch. Mad River Walk on the Wild Side was awarded a Group 4 at the Chico Dog Fanciers Association show in Yuba City, California by judge, Mrs Bette Krause. "Wily" is owned by Sandra Sailer and bred and co-owned Cynthia Grupp.

I heard that Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai Kennels) will be coming over from Israel in November to pick out the two puppies she gets from Jill and Ian Terry's "Layla". I also understand Myrna may be attending our breed seminar. That should be quite interesting, as she has been the primary breeder of Canaans in Israel for over 23 years.

A bit of news this week….our Beulah and Digger have produced a litter of 4 boys---3 sand-coloured and one black. Unfortunately, due to some complications Beulah had to be spayed, but she and the 4 boys are all doing fine now.

The Canaan Dog Club web site won the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award on the 9th October. Take a look on http://www.anacan.demon.co.uk As this was our first attempt at building a web site, Richard and I are very happy indeed. Richard does all the technical part of the web building and I do all the writing. Special thanks to Tom and Jane Tweedy for the kind assistance they gave us in the very beginning when we had no idea of what we were doing.

As Richard and I were unable to attend Pinxton and District open show on the 9th October Jill Terry kindly let us know that the scheduled judge, Ray Blackmore, had to bow out at the last moment as his mother was rushed to hospital. We hope that she is on her way to recovery by the time you read this. Mrs Pat Parkes was able to step in as a replacement judge and she found her BOB in Jill and Ian Terry's Babrees Benjamin D'Israeli ("Benji") with BOS going to their Babrees Bethea Batyam ("Beth").

From the US comes the news that Ch Hadar Ha'Aretz Happy Paws placed Third in Herding Group under Col. William F. Gish at Greater Freeport Illinois Kennel Club on Sunday, October 3, l999. She is owned by Bryna Comsky and handled by Nancy Martin. This is her fifth Group Placement. Then on October 11th AKC Ch. Pleasant Hill Pretti Spiffi, owned by Donna Dodson, took a Herding Group 3 under Judge Mrs. Beverly Capstick, handled by her co-owner Kristen Jackson. A well-deserved congratulations to both Canaans!

We have had an interesting discussion on our Canaan chat list on the Internet with regard to training Canaans. An American, who has done very well in the obedience ring with his Canaan, had a problem outside the ring with one of his dogs running away. He questioned why we never have this problem and whether it was an issue of personality. I feel this particular person's training methods are inappropriate for a Canaan and I replied to him as follows: We don't think it is personality as such, but rather a person's attitude towards their Canaan that makes all the difference. If one views their Canaan as a possession theirs will not be a successful relationship. A Canaan must respect their leader and if they do, they will follow their leader's commands. When you think of the wild pack, there is an alpha dog that leads the pack. The rest of the pack rely on their leader for protection and in return for that security they give their allegiance. I believe that a Canaan must feel secure in the knowledge that you are always going to be its safety net--you will protect it from scary and dangerous things. If they respect you and feel safe with you, they will give you their allegiance. Training becomes far easier. On the other hand if one "demands" obedience from their Canaan-- just as a child who experiences harsh discipline-- the minute they see a way to escape, they will. Richard and I do not feel we "own" our Canaans, rather we live with them as friends.

Love to hear your news and views.

You can tell Richard and I have been on holiday for the last two weeks, as it hasn't stopped raining. We did however have a lovely time in Wales at the Utility Breeds of Wales Association show. An inaugural member of The Canaan Dog Club, Mrs Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA, had her first opportunity to judge the breed. She found her BOB in our "Digger" (The Lion of Judah at Anacan) so we got to take home the Claywall shield for the third year in a row. BOS went to our "Lottie" (Anacan Whole Lotta Class). It was a pleasure to go under a judge who really knows and understands our breed. Helen asked us to not hold the dogs' tails up over their backs when stacking them as she feels that they look better with their tails held naturally. I liked that and think the dogs did too. We got to chat with Helen over a cup of coffee after the judging and she gave detailed explanations of why she placed the dogs the way she did. She is a very knowledgeable lady with a lot of information to offer. Helen then entertained us with stories of her recent trek in Morocco and her visit with the Berbers where she saw a number of Canaan-type dogs.

Heard from Bryna Comsky in the USA that her Ch. Hadar Ha'Aretz Happy Paws placed fourth in the Herding Group (where they are shown in the USA) at Manitowac County Kennel Club Dog Show under Judge Mr. Charles H. Muloch on the 21st September. Then, on the very next day "Paws", as she is known, placed fourth in Group under Judge Mrs. Francine Schwartz at Packerland Kennel Club! This is very good PR for the breed indeed.

We've been getting a number of enquiries regarding our breed as of late from people thinking of acquiring one. We are very protective of our Canaans as placing one in the wrong hands (and by that I mean the wrong hands for the breed not for a general dog owner) can do a lot of harm. Canaans are very pack oriented and have a strong sense of community and territoriality. If the owner does not understand this and gives off the wrong body language or responds incorrectly to he Canaan's different stages of development, they will invariably end up sending the dog back. You then have a lot of work on your hands restoring the dog's confidence and correct place in the pecking order. So if any of you out there happen to be one of these interested people and we question and try to put you off, please don't take offence. We are doing so for both your sake and the dog's sake as we feel people should take the time to learn enough about the breed they are interested in before considering getting one.

That leads me to remind all of you that DISCOVER DOGS is coming up at Earl's Court on the 6th and 7th November. Once again the Canaan Dog will be represented and we invite you to come and meet them if you've never done so before.

Jill and Ian Terry are very excited as their Layla me Shaar Hagai presented them with six new puppies on the 18th September and amongst these are the first three black Canaan Dogs to be whelped in the UK. It wasn't long ago that the judges and general public here didn't even know that Canaans came in colours other than sand. Now our show ring has become quite colourful.

The Eskimo Dog Club held their first Fun Day on the 12th September and invited the Canaan Dog Club to attend as we've had a good rapport with them for many years. Richard and I, Barbara and Patrick Gold, Kate Poxon and Michelle Powell represented the CDC. Richard and "Sheindela" won the musical mats and Patrick and "Simba" won the best six legs. My honorary Canaan—"Spice", a Tibetan Spaniel, won the waggiest tail competition. There were super prizes for each competition and the raffle table was terrific as well. I went home with a new slow cooker! I must mention Eileen Whittle's wonderful cakes as they showed up on my scale the following morning when I weighed myself.

Mr David Close, new to the CDC judges' list, will be judging the breed for the first time at the Nordic Show on Saturday 20th November. I encourage all Canaan owners to give him a nice entry. The Claywall Trophy, donated six years ago by Zena Wallace, will be there to be won by the BOB Canaan.

From overseas-- Alan Gersman (USA) reports that his "Isabel" got her AKC: Agility Excellent (AX) title on 17th September with a 2nd place finish, and on the 19th September she got her 1st leg towards her AKC Master Agility Excellent (MX) and her 1st leg towards her AKC Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) title with a 2nd place finish. Riikka and Esko Turunen (Finland) also had some excellent news. The Finnish Canaan Dog Club held their first specialty show on the 24th July and BOB was JWW-98, FIN CH Kirifix Immodest Love; BOS was INT & FIN & N & S CH Waltzun Romeo and BD 2nd was Anacan Diplomat at Kirifix, all owned by Riikka and Esko.

The fact is there are no Canaan Dog judges in this country, with the exception of Mary MacPhail and myself, who even own a Canaan, nevermind have bred or exhibited one. So I find myself in utter amazement when individuals make "pronouncements" as to what is correct or incorrect in our breed when I know they've made little or no effort to ever learn anything about the Canaan.

Over the last couple of months there has been some comments on size. TKC interim standard, the Canaan Dog Club standard and the FCI standard ALL say the Canaan is "medium-sized" with "moderate bone". The only other comment on size is "height 50-60 cm (20-24 in). and weight 18-25 kg (40-55 lbs). The FCI standard adds to this "males may be considerably larger than females". The Canaan should be athletic and graceful in build—like a runner rather than like a boxer. The standards do not differentiate between the height and weight of a dog and a bitch, but they all state that the Canaan should be "well-balanced". This means (at least it does to me and most of the breeders I know world-wide) that a Canaan's height, weight and bone should be in such proportions that it looks well-balanced. Thus, for example, a 21-inch male that looks masculine and isn't overly heavy nor "weedy" for his size is correct, as would be a 23-inch bitch that is obviously feminine. All three standards do state that "there should be a marked distinction between sexes". You should be able to tell a dog from a bitch with no difficulty.

The Canaan standards also all say that their head should be "well proportioned wedge shape of medium length, appearing broader due to low set ears." What is meant by wedge shaped? It means when viewed in profile the head is triangular, but not necessarily of equal dimensions. The interim standard says "length from muzzle to stop approximately equal to length from stop to occiput". Though neither the FCI nor CDC standards give these dimensions they are probably about right. However no mention is given to the width of the head—how wide the triangle should be—in any of the three standards. So how long is a piece of string? This is where overall balance comes in. The overall size and proportions of the dog must be taken into consideration before a pronouncement can be made that a head is too broad or too narrow.

One other comment, in all but TKC interim standard it is stated "correct movement is essential". As the Canaan Dog's main function in life is survival there is just cause for this to appear in the standard. Besides, I have always contended that if a dog is put together correctly, it will move correctly. In addition, every other standard declares as a fault "anything that would detract from his potential for survival as a desert animal"—a phrase of paramount importance which TKC (but fortunately, not all judges) has decided to disregard.

We show our Canaans because we are proud of what they are. We have not, nor do we intend to change them to suit those judges who frankly do not give a damn about our breed.

I got told off at the City of Birmingham show by Anne Roslin-Williams for not giving the dogs' "Christian" names in my breed notes as she is trying to follow who is doing what. (I must admit I was hugely complimented that she reads them.) Therefore, I must apologise to all my readers who are having the same problem and, duly admonished, I shall give the results of this show quoting full KC names.

AVNSC Utility at the City of Birmingham consisted of seven Canaans, so it was, in all but name, a breed class for us. Perhaps we shall petition the club to give us classes in the future. Zena Thorn-Andrews presided over the ring and her top award of Best AVNSC went to Doug and Jane Bateman's bitch, Babrees Beersheba Delight ("Sheba") handled by Jane. This was Jane and "Sheba's" third ever show so they were thrilled. I benefited as well as Doug bought the drinks afterwards! BOS went to my The Lion of Judah at Anacan ("Digger"). Res BB went to Ian and Jill Terry's Babrees Bethea Batyam ("Beth") with Richard and my Anacan Ziggy ("Ziggy") taking Res BD. Though she didn't do anything in the Group ring, "Sheba" got a good looking at which was very pleasing.

It was nice to see Pam O'Loughlin around the ringside again. She hasn't gone off the idea of having a Canaan and is waiting for a puppy from Jill. We have gained so many truly nice people in the breed over the last few years and consider ourselves very fortunate. It is a real pleasure to go to a show, or a fun day, and spend time with Canaan people. We are happy that Pam and her other half, David Neville, will be joining us.

We are presently in the process of planning another breed seminar. The tentative date is Sunday, 21st November at the Tysoe Village Hall. As soon as everything is confirmed we will publish the details in here. If you would be interested in attending you can telephone either myself evenings or Jill Terry days. Jill's number is 01354 740547.

I don't understand why, but a number of people when judging our Canaans feel that they must throw something in the air or make a noise in order to get the dogs to use their ears. No where in TKC standard or the CDC standard, or any Canaan Dog standard does it say the dogs must use their ears. A Canaan is just as likely to lay its ears back in response to such antics and a young dog might startle. That is exactly what happened to a puppy this year when the judge threw a box of Tic Tacs in the air. Just a reminder to any judge, or hopeful judge, who happens to be on the internet, the Canaan Dog website is full of facts, has the CDC standard and loads of photos from all over the world. It is worth a visit. The address is http://www.anacan.demon.co.uk

Would love to hear your news and views AND constructive criticism is welcome.

Diane and Steve-Lloyd Andrews new baby girl arrived on the morning of 31st August and Dana weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. Diane actually rang me from the hospital herself to let me know. She and the baby are doing fine and the family is ecstatic. Congratulations!

The CDC is compiling a club handbook for the year 2000, its first attempt at such an undertaking. Jill Terry is in charge and she told me the response to-date has been very good. Pet Canaans are as welcome for inclusion as are show dogs. For more information you can contact Jill on 01354 740547 before 8 p.m.

Got word from the USA from friends Alan and Sylvia Gersman that their "Izzy" (U-CD Briel's Isabel P Tiger Pooh, CD, AAD, OA, OAJ, OJC, OGC, OAC, 1/3AX, 2/3 EAC, 2/5MP, 1/5 MS) is the first Canaan Dog to perform at the highest level in the three major agility organisations in the USA! And in the 3 years she has been performing in agility she has never knocked a bar off a single jump. "Izzy" was bred by me (Briel was my affix in the USA). Her sire is my Gvir—who came to England with me—out of a bitch I bred named Briel's Hatikvah Bat Ariel. "Tikvah" this year won a second place in the Brood Bitch class at the CDCA National Specialty, as well as the Veteran Bitch class at the ICDCA National Specialty. It makes you feel very proud when you hear that your "kids" are doing so well.

A charter member of the CDC, Helen Lightfoot, BA, DC, MMCA, will be judging Canaan Dogs at the Utility Breeds Association of Wales Show in Brecon on the 26th September. This will be Helen's first opportunity to judge the breed. As this is a fun show and Helen is such a great personality it should be an enjoyable experience for all who attend.

Would love to hear from you.

The American parent club for the Canaan Dog, the CDCA, held its national specialty on the 30th July l999 in Waukesha, Wisconsin with an entry of 41 Canaans. The judge for Puppy Sweepstakes was Mrs Norma Baley. She awarded BOB to Ha'Aretz Pei Mishacam owned by Bryna Comsky with BOS going to Pleasant Hill Pretti Spiffi owned by Donna Dodson and Kristin Jackson. Mrs. Chris Walkowicz judged regular conformation classes. Her BOB was CH Mad River Walk on the Wild Side owned by Sandra Sailer & Cynthia Grupp and BOS went to CH Hadar Ha'Aretz Happy Paws owned by Bryna Comsky. Congratulations to all!

There were 5 Canaans entered in AVNSC at the Welsh Kennel Club show. As there were only two classes offered, JD/B and OD/B, it made it difficult for us to show our Canaans, which were the only breed entered. Jill and Ian's "Beth" stood alone in JD/B and went on to win BB with our "Digger" taking Best AVNSC. Our judge, Mrs Valerie Foss pleasantly surprised us, as she seemed to take a delight in judging the Canaans. She told us afterwards that she had been invited to Israel to judge gundogs and had seen the Canaans over there and had an opportunity to speak to Myrna Shiboleth, the primary Israeli breeder. As a result Mrs Foss was well versed in the breed. She even echoed what we always say, "if you want a Golden Retriever get one, but don't try to turn the Canaan into one." She commented on how she had never seen such excellent fronts on dogs as we were exhibiting saying it was due to the breed being "natural" and not ruined by trying to make it into a "show" dog.

Unfortunately for the very first time, as Mr Quinney was doing the Utility Group at WKC we did not stay for it as we felt there was no point in exhibiting to someone who has an apparent dislike of the breed. Instead we went back to Jill and Ian's caravan and visited with Pam O'Loughlin and her other half, David. Pam is very interested in getting a Canaan puppy from Jill to show, despite warnings from all of us on how difficult this can be. Pam views it as a challenge so, hopefully, she will be added to our every increasing circle of Canaan exhibitors in the not too distant future.

I've been asked to share the following with you. 'The East Midlands Social Region of the Irish Setter Breeders Club, is holding a seminar on SUNDAY 31st OCTOBER at Brailsford Village Hall with Janet Williams B.Sc. HON. M.Sc. M.E.I.S. speaking on 'GENETICS-THE BASICS OF BETTER BREEDING' and Catherine O'Driscoll speaking on 'VACCINATION-WHAT THE VETS DON'T TELL YOU'. Tickets for the seminar include coffee on arrival, buffet lunch and certificate of attendance. The ticket also entitles the holder to 1 copy of Catherine O'Driscoll's latest book, 'WHAT VETS DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT VACCINES' for £5, normally retailing at £16.45. The tickets must be bought in advance and cost £10 per person and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. They are available from following Michelle Webster: 01472-601145; Chris Schofield: 01246-418624; Miss S. Lennox : 01629-582568; or E-mail Michelle at hoflynn@aol.com

Would like to hear from some of you out there.

Utility day at Bournemouth started out nice and sunny, but shortly before Canaans were due in the ring the skies opened up and let loose with a torrent of rain. Our judge, Keith Nathan, offered to wait a while in order to see if the rain let up enough to judge the dogs outdoors. Both the exhibitors and judge agreed that they would prefer to be outdoors as the wet weather ring was far too small to allow the dogs to show themselves at their best. Luck was on our side and the rain slowly let up. We'd all like to thank Dave Adams for jumping in at the last minute to act as steward for our ring. Dave said he would gladly steward for Canaans again as he thoroughly enjoyed the "cabaret" put on by Jill Terry. Jill had come to the ring wearing sandals and found she could not run in the wet grass wearing them so she had to cast them aside. Whilst running around the ring in her bare feet Jill took a tumble. With only her pride hurt, Jill joined in the laughter. However, Jill managed the same trick again when she came back in for her second class! We all agreed to get her spiked shoes to wear in future.

Mr Nathan was thrilled with his entry of 14 Canaan Dogs—our largest entry to-date. He found his Best Dog and BOB in our Anacan Ziggy. This has put "Ziggy" in the unbeatable lead for the PEDIGREE/DOG WORLD Top Canaan award, to our delight. Best Bitch and BOS went to Jill & Ian's homebred, "Beth" (Babrees Bethea Batyam) RES BD was our 7 year old "Gvir" (Ziggy's sire) ably handled by our friend, Barbara Gold who is working with Gvir until she can get her own "show" Canaan. Res BB also went to a veteran, Gina Pointing's "Golda" (Queen of the Orchid at Mornavega) who at 10 years of age still looks lovely and moves beautifully! It was only their second show ever but Allison Byrne and Ivan Kaye qualified their "Livvie" (Babrees Bright Blaise) for Crufts. Well done! Special mention also of Michelle Powell's "Kelsey" (Babrees Bright Blaise) who ran a close second to her sister, "Beth". Diane Lloyd-Andrews sat at ringside as she was three days from the due date of her first child but was not about to miss the show! Hubby, Steve reluctantly ran around the ring with "Amber" (Anacan Forever Amber), but what a good job he made of it! By the time I write my next set of notes we should know if their "junior handler in the making" is a boy or a girl!

Finger crossed as Jill & Ian have just recently bred their "Layla" and we have also just bred "Beulah". With luck there will be some new Canaan puppies entering the world around the beginning of October and, hopefully, several more in the ring next year!

News from the States, American member of the CDC, Bryna Comsky wrote that her Canaan bitch, Ch Hadar Ha'Aretz Happy Paws won Group 2 on 16/8/99 at the Greater Racine Kennel Club Dog Show at Lake Michigan in Wisconsin under Judge Mr. Norman Herbel. Way to go Bryna and "Paws"!

Would love to hear your news and views.

Another tragedy has hit the Kennedy family. Even though the public knows so much about this family, it is a little-known fact that John Jr and his wife owned a Canaan Dog. His name is "Friday" and he is a black and white male that was purchased from Donna Dodson in Illinois. Through her contacts Donna has been checking up on Friday ever since his owners' untimely death. As Friday was a much-cherished member of the family, his welfare is assured.

Jill Terry had a very unhappy occurrence at the recent Leeds show where the judge saw fit to withhold placements from the two dogs entered in AVNSC—Jill's "Beth" (who you all know has been doing very well and has two group placements to her credit) and a Schnauzer who has a creditable show record as well. When Jill questioned Mr Quinney as to why he withheld he answered, "because your dog is wary." When Jill came back with "but the standard requires them to be wary", Mr Quinney replied, "I know, but I don't like it. You should change the standard." I was under the impression that a judge was hired to judge by the KC standard, not by what they like or don't like.

The CDC Fun Day was another success---everyone had fun! We were happy that our record of three non-rainy days for this event was unbroken, but I think the weatherman went a little OTT, as it was stiflingly hot! This year's theme for the fancy dress was Star Wars and I'm proud to say that first place went to our Lottie dressed as Princess Leia, Episode 3, second place to Digger as Obi-Wan Kenobi Espisode 1, and third place to Patrick and Barbara Gold's Simba as a Jedi warrior. Many thanks to Carol and Eric Minto for creating the lovely certificates for the fancy dress and to Rob and Hannah Thompson (Silverdale Kennels) for donating the doggie chews. Everyone went home with something, and some of the raffle prizes were a little more than "something".

Just received word via the CDC website guest book that the Canaan Dog has just been recognised in Australia and placed in the Non-Sporting Group (similar in makeup to our Utility Group). The only thing is there are still no Canaan Dogs in Australia! Hope we can do something about that in short order.

The Canaan Dog Club annual Fun Day will be held on Sunday 1st August on the lawn of the Tysoe Village vicarage (wet weather venue: Tysoe Village Hall). The Fun Day gives all the non-show people a chance to feel part of the club. Well-known local artist, Rosalie Jordan, will act as "judge" for all the games. The theme for the fancy dress competition this year is Star Wars. There are small prizes for the winners of each game and there is no charge to participate. Donations to the raffle table are most appreciated. Starting time for all the merriment is 1:00 p.m.

Most of the judges on the CDC judges' list have returned their tests and they have all done very well. However the one question that most got wrong was one on the correct tail carriage for a Canaan on the move. Most marked "carried curled over the back" as the correct answer when the standard says, "curled over the back when alert or excited". On the move a Canaan will use its tail like a rudder and it often is carried low with an upward swirl at tip or extended at speed. I questioned the primary breeder in Israel on Canaan tail carriage, as this point has been a bone of contention. Myrna Shiboleth replied: "I would prefer to see a dog carrying his tail over his back, but would not penalise him for not doing so, as long as the tail set was correct." We still have judges that will penalise a dog for not carrying their tail curled over the back. Whilst, admittedly it does look very pretty when you have a dog that does this (my Canaans usually carry their tails this way in the back garden) we are hoping that judges will learn to look at the whole dog and not give penalties where penalties aren't warranted.

Richard threw a surprise birthday party for me to prove to me how many friends I have made in the five years I've been in this country. He arranged it at a local restaurant in Shepperton we both enjoy and had to stop at 36 guests, as that was all the room would hold. Naturally the bulk of the guests were friends I've made in the dog world. And what super friends they are! Thank you again everyone.

Had some bad news from back home. One of my Canaan bitches that I entrusted to some friends when I came over had to be euthanised as she had developed cancer of the bowel. "Jessie" (CCA CH Geva's Jessie of Briel, CD) was 12 years old. She came to me as a 10 week old puppy-- a lovely red and white with lots of personality and a joy to live with. She won BB at her first national specialty at just 6 months of age and her ears still tipped! When Alan and Sylvia agreed to keep her for me "Jessie" went to live with her grandaughter, Isabel who is the highest agility-titled Canaan in the world and number two all-breeds in the US. "Jessie" was trained for obedience by Alan at 7 years of age and gained her obedience title of Companion Dog (CD) in 3 consecutive shows. She had only one litter - 7 puppies - sired by my Ariel. Her children and grandchildren have all done very well and have been a plus for the breed. She will be missed.

I must say Richard and I really enjoy the Welsh shows. The show committees are so friendly and the overall atmosphere is so relaxed that most people actually seem to be enjoying themselves. Back home in the US I've seen a number of people wearing T-shirts that say, "Are we having fun yet?" Dog shows are supposed to be fun, but there are times you wouldn't know it. Canaans were in AVNSC at South Wales Kennel Association. I always enter AVNSC with a bit of trepidation, but we wanted to go to South Wales so we entered. To our pleasant surprise our judge, Dr Arthur Sneeden, (who has never judged Canaans before) was courteous, friendly and very interested. We all had a nice chat with him after the judging and he told us we should all come up to Scotland sometime. Best AVNSC went to the Silky Terrier Limartine Reddy Teddy Go To Perlhaze. We've met her and her owner, Mrs H Wills, at SWKA for the last few years and take it in turns to go Best AVNSC. Our Digger was BD and BOS with our Ziggy going Res BD and Jill and Ian's Benji getting a 1st in Junior Dog and Best Puppy. Our Lottie at 17 months is no longer in contention for BP but she got a 1st in Junior Bitch. We are hoping to possibly have classes for our breed at this show next year.

On our Canaan chat list on the internet we've had a newcomer from the US come on and say the Canaan is a "new breed" which began with the Menzels 60 odd years ago. He also claims that the wild-born and Bedouin dogs are not Canaans because they are not registered. As the first Canaan registered in this country was wild-born in Syria, and as I have the actual letters that Dr Menzel wrote to Connie Higgins, who owned this dog, saying that Shebaba was indeed a Canaan of very good quality and of the collie-type, I have had a few words with this person (as though who know me would imagine). I have actually met this person about 7 or 8 years ago when he was new in the breed and I am amazed at how quickly he has become an "expert". This happens all too often in most breeds and often to their detriment.

Most of the judges on our judges' list have returned their tests and I am pleased to say that they ALL have done very well. I know I have knocked some judges in recent breed notes, but there are a number of good ones out there. Many thanks to all of them for their interest and sincere efforts in doing a good job!

The Canaan Dog Club Fun Day will be held on the Tysoe vicarage lawn on Sunday 1st August. Our "judge" for the day will be Rosalie Jordan, a well-known local artist and resident tutor at the Kineton Art Group. There is no charge to enter the fun classes (no show classes on this day). The theme for this year's fancy dress is "Star Wars". Raffle tickets will be on sale on the day.

Richard and I had a great time at the wedding of Rob Thompson and Hannah McGregor, CDC members and managers of Silverdale Boarding Kennels. Silverdale has graciously acted as a rescue kennel for a few Canaan Dogs who have needed re-homing. It is also where we board our own Canaans on those rare occasions we get away for a few days. Of course the wedding reception was quite a "doggy" event. We saw Rob's sister, Maggie DeRosario (formerly Embleton) for only the second time since she left Silverdale a few years ago. She was looking terrific and is very happy with her new husband. She told us she is soon re-entering the world of dogs, which is great news. Terry Nethercott (who acted as an usher at the church) was rarely off the dance floor at the evening reception—and quite the dancer he is! The happy newlyweds were off for a week in the Lake District, but HAD to be back on time for the Windsor show.

It is gratifying that more and more people are recognising the Canaan Dog when they see them. It goes to prove that all the hard work being done by our dedicated and passionate core of CD fanciers is paying off. It is also appreciated when someone comes up to you at a show and asks what breed it is as, the fact remains, not many people have actually seen a Canaan Dog in this country. I think its great when you meet people who want to learn. BUT when you have someone judging the breed that refers to an exhibit as a Husky that is pretty sad. (This actually happened recently.) I've said it before and I'll say it again, if a person doesn't like the breed, knows nothing about the breed and isn't willing to learn, then for goodness sake do not accept any judging assignments for the breed!

Sorry if you have had difficulty in trying to reach me. We have had a problem with our phone exchange for a few weeks, but they have finally been sorted. Thanks to all of you who have recently made it known to me that you actually read my notes. Please feel free to comment on them, pro or con. Love to get your news and views.

Bath is the third championship show of the five that give classes for Canaan Dogs. This year Mary Deats (Aradet) of Schipperke fame presided over our ring. Ms Deats' choice for BOB was Jill & Ian Terry's and Myrna Shiboleth's Layla me Shaar Hagai with BOS going to Richard and my Anacan Ziggy. Jill and Ian had a fantastic day as their young male Babree's Benjamin D'Israeli went Reserve Best Dog, and his litter sister, Babree's Bethea Batyam was Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy. With the exception of Benji (white and red) all of Ms Deats' choices were either black (Layla) or black and white (Beth and Ziggy). When you realise that up until two years ago most people in this country didn't know Canaans came in colours other than shades of sand, it was amazing to see such a 'colourful' ring.

I was happily surprised to run into Israeli judge, Avi Marshak, at Bath. It is a small world! I met Avi 12 years ago when he came to New York to judge the Canaan Dog Specialty held on the grounds of my home there. We had 35 Canaans that day which was a big entry at that time. My Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel won BIS and the Stud Dog class and I also won the Brood Bitch class with his mate, Beth Din's Tabatha Beruriah. Avi has also done a breed assessment for The Canaan Dog Club here a couple of years before I came to this country. This time he was over to judge Rottweillers, Borzoi and Ibizan Hounds at the Bath show.

We did a bit of catching up and found out that Avi had just given the Canaan Richard and I sold to Finland (Anacan Diplomat at Kirifix) his second CAC! As "Andy" is only 16 months old he cannot get his third CAC to finish his Finnish championship (say that fast three times!) until he is two years old. Avi is on the CDC judges' list so we hope that he will get a chance to judge the English Canaans in the not too distant future.

Have been having some interesting chats about Canaan temperament on our Canaan internet discussion list and am happy to report that the vast majority who have Canaans do so because they LOVE their natural, wary temperament. With their permission I would like to print some of the comments that came across the list in a future column as a follow on to my previous discussion of the breed temperament.

In the meantime, please send me your news and views.

Judge, Sarah Hemstock, had an entry of 9 Canaans at Birmingham National. Sarah's mother, Jo Hemstock (Jolihem) was Treasurer of The Canaan Dog Club until her illness forced her to give up the position, and Sarah was on the committee of the club until her studies no longer allowed her the time to participate. So even though she does not currently own a Canaan, Sarah has a very good knowledge of the breed. She found her BOB in Anacan Ziggy, owned by Richard and myself, with Jill and Ian Terry's Layla me Shaar Hagai winning BOS. Reserve Best Dog was our "Digger" and our "Lottie" was Reserve Best Bitch. Best Puppy went to Jill and Ian's Babrees Bethea Batyam.

Unfortunately Jill and Ian's "Benji" was absent due to having swallowed a chunk of concrete which lodged in his intestines. This resulted in Benji undergoing emergency surgery to retrieve it. It was truly a close call for him and had Jill not been so observant or had she delayed another day in taking him to the vet, she would have lost him. But he came through the surgery with no problems and Jill said she had quite a time keeping him quiet, as he is a bouncy, happy lad.

Can't say that any of us were very happy with Birmingham's new showgrounds. This is, in my opinion, usually one of the nicest shows to attend. But this year the layout was poorly designed, as we had to walk for ages from the entrance to our benching area, all the concessions were spread out, and the BIS ring was stuck sort of inconspicuously out of the way. They also had unfortunate luck with the weather, which turned the aisles in the benching area into a quagmire. We saw a number of cars being towed out by a tractor at the end of the day. Lucky for us the Canaans are not a coated breed.

After a long lapse Richard and I have finally heard from Tomas Janowicz in Poland who has a Ziggy/Sheindela son, "Norris". Oddly enough it was at Crufts, while manning the Discover Dogs booth, Richard met a man from Poland who said he had a friend with a Canaan. Of course, as it is the only Canaan Dog in Poland, we knew it was ours. Richard told the man we'd love to hear from Tomas and he said he would be in touch with his friend and encourage him to contact us. True to his word, we received a letter and some photos a few weeks ago. Mr Janowicz apologised for his lack of contact and said he and his wife are over the moon with Norris. From the photos, we are very pleased with the way he has developed. It sometimes is a small world!

Would love to hear some feedback from my readers!

I hope you'll bear with me while I have a bit of a moan about judges this week. In my honest opinion I believe I am speaking for the owners of most rare and import register breeds as well as Canaan Dog owners. In its wisdom TKC has long ago decided that those of us classified as rare breeds are ineligible to win KC championships. The fact that in AVNSC we often go up against (and sometimes win over) champions in other breeds seems to hold no sway. Our dogs are just not worthy of championships no matter what their accomplishments are. And unless you are in one of those 'elite' rare breeds that has someone with loads of money and influence, you may as well not hang around for group judging unless you like being ignored.

It costs the owner of a rare breed or import register breed just as much to attend a show as it costs the owner of any other breed. As our dogs cannot win any titles it is just a passion for our chosen breed that keeps us striving (in my case for the last 15 years) in the hopes that one day the judges will give our dogs the same respect as they do any other breed. However time and again, especially in the case of AVNSC, you get people who are so hungry for their 15+ minutes of fame in the ring that in their arrogance take on judging assignments for which they really have no qualifications or interest. Even though they surely know what breeds they will be judging they don't take the time to even read the standards of, and learn something about, the breeds they will be judging. How dare they! Last year at one show at which there was only Canaan Dogs entered in AVNSC the judge (who is a name and does group judging) said to me, " I know nothing about this breed; you'll have to teach me." We drove quite a distance to be treated like that. It is an insult to the breed, to the owner and to those ethical, serious and interested people who strive to learn all they can but are not offered judging assignments because they don't have the right face or the right circle of friends.

What these kind of people who hold themselves up as judges do in the ring can often have deleterious effects on a breed. They are more interested in keeping on the right side of certain people or making a favourable impression on those outside the ring than in doing the right thing. As there are many exhibitors who will only breed for what's winning irregardless of what the standard says the result has been the ruination of many a breed. Why aren't these judges being held accountable? It seems that the judge who is also a true dog lover, who can admire a breed for its uniqueness, is also becoming a "rare breed".

TKC, again in its wisdom, has refused to amend the Canaan Dog breed standard as proposed by the majority of the membership of The Canaan Dog Club. The interim standard now in effect is "illegal" in that it has never been voted on by the CDC membership. The proposed amendment was first sent to TKC in May 1995 but nothing was done with it until I chased it in 1997. However, unbeknownst to the club the person who was secretary in 1995 sent in the wrong draft of the amendments and it was this incorrect version that TKC accepted. When notified of what happened The Canaan Dog Club was asked to re-submit the correct version and subsequently asked to submit a rationale for each of the requested changes, which was done. After a period of time the club was told that they would have to hold a ballot of the CDC membership to see if they approved the proposed amendments. This also was done with a record response, only one of which was a negative vote. Time went by and the club was told the amendment was before the Breed Standard Committee and then that it was going to the General Committee. This went back and forth and finally we were told the TKC would not accept our amendments because they had only changed the interim standard the year before. The fact that it wasn't the standard that the memberships wanted or voted on and that there were some serious errors in it doesn't seem to matter. Perhaps our first meeting of the International Canaan Dog Working Party next May will prove to those sitting in judgement of us that we do know what we're talking about.

Margaret Day, a native of England now living in Canada, came to visit us on Sunday at the request of her daughter, Helen, who found us on the web. Margaret and her husband are the owners of a 17-year old Canaan Dog, Sadie, who they inherited from Helen when she went off to university. Helen, who has now moved from home and is attending university in Calgary, has a 9-month old Canaan puppy, Gemma, whom she acquired from a person in California. Margaret was kind enough to bring along photos of both Canaans. Sadie is a rough coat (similar coat to a rough collie) and so was non-breeding quality from the start, but as she was only wanted as a companion so it made no difference. She has been a very cherished member of the Day family for a long time and Margaret and her husband are thinking of getting another Canaan to replace Sadie when her time with them comes to an end. We tell people that 15 years plus is the average life span for a Canaan rather than the exception and it was nice to meet someone who has a still active geriatric Canaan. It just goes to prove that nature knows best.

Jill and Ian Terry have had some super show ring results with their puppies. At Norwich and Norfolk on the 11th of April their "Beth" (Babrees Bethea Batyam) got a Puppy Group 4 under judge Mr Terry Medlow. Congratulations!

We've recently been involved in some on-line discussion on puppy socialisation and had some words of wisdom from an American Canaan owner named Julie that I would like to share: "Sometimes shy or nervous dogs can actually be made less social when they aren't protected from their perceived threats. When Eli first went to puppy class, he spent most of the first class under my chair. I didn't force him out but rewarded him when he came out on his own and told him what a good, brave boy he was. As he's gotten older, I've continued to reward to him for calmness and interest in things and encourage him to approach new things, but I don't force him. If I had forced him into being close to other dogs and not giving him an escape, he could have lost his trust in me and become defensive and aggressive to protect himself. It's important for socialisation to move at a pace where the puppy can succeed, not be overwhelmed or frightened. I think socialising is very important, but exercising caution is also important for the puppy's sake."

While Julie's words hold true for all dogs, she's given very important advice to Canaan owners in particular. Our breed's survival instincts have not been buried under generation of domestication so their reaction to 'perceived threats' are stronger than in more domesticated breeds. If any of you reading this run a ringcraft at which you have a Canaan attending, please keep Julie's words in mind.

This year the BUBA Open show was, for the first time, held on a Saturday (20th March). Most likely because not everyone was aware of the change of date, along with it coming so soon upon the heels of Crufts, overall entries were down. However it meant the Canaan Dog entry was up, as most of our exhibitors cannot make mid-week shows. Our judge, Mr Peter Jolley, was a pleasure for both dog and exhibitor to show under. His gentle and patient approach is perfect for our breed. Mr Jolley's BOB was our Digger (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) and his BOS was our Beulah (Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn). Best Puppy was a gorgeous male puppy bred by Jill and Ian Terry, Babrees Benjamin D'Israeli. "Benjy" is certainly full of himself and bounces around the ring, but when he settles, his lovely conformation and outgoing nature are sure to win him many admirers.

After judging was over we chatted with Mr Jolley and told him we planned to breed his BOB and BOS together. Richard made mention that to his understanding the original intent of dog shows was to choose which dogs should be bred. We went on to discuss how far from that purpose dog shows have deviated, shamefully becoming more of a beauty contest nowadays. Mr Jolley commented that he recently had a judging assignment in Malta and that over there they bred the Pharaoh Hounds not on pedigree, but on hunting ability. They breed the dog with the best hunting ability to the bitch with the best hunting ability, with no regard to pedigree, resulting in (surprise, surprise) puppies with good hunting ability. I remember the great dog writer and dog show judge, Maxwell Riddle, writing about "the olden days" of dog shows in America. People used to travel to the shows by train and all shows were then benched. He said people actually used to talk to each other and ask questions about pedigrees and working or hunting ability and share experiences in breeding. In those days the sole intent of the dog show was to be able to compare your stock with others in the breed and to pick what dogs should be used for breeding.

In our breed judges should be looking for type, soundness and a dog that looks like it has the potential for survival in the desert. All three things are equally important and without all three you do not have a good Canaan. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the Canaan Dog will not make the greatest show dog under today's judging system as most of them (there will, of course, be exceptions) will not have the "sparkle" a lot of judges require. Most Canaans would rather be running around a field than in a show ring. Then why show them? Because, like it or not, it is one of the best ways of acquainting the public with the breed. Secondly, I think it's important for judges to be reminded what dog shows should be about. They would be hard put to find a sounder breed or a breed that fits its standard as well as a Canaan does. And then there are those of us who have been "bitten by the bug" and wouldn't know what to do with a weekend without a show in it.

Another Crufts is over. Attendance seemed to be higher than last year. Certainly interest in the Canaan Dog, both at our DISCOVER DOGS booth and in our benching area, seemed to be at an all time high. This year our judge, Mr Peter Radley, had an entry of 10 Canaans. This was the first time Mr Radley judged the breed but he had an excellent manner with the dogs, especially the more nervous young ones. We did thank him for this and he said that his experience with his own primitive breed, the Australian Cattle Dog, enabled him to understand our breed more readily. We can ask no more of a judge than to try and understand our breed.

Mr Radley found his Best Dog and Best of Breed in our "Digger" (The Lion of Judah At Anacan) with Reserve Best Dog going to Steve Payne's Zeta Pride. Best Bitch was won by our "Jasmine" (Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan) and Reserve Best Bitch went to Digger and Jasmine's daughter, Anacan Forever Amber owned by Diane and Steve Lloyd-Andrews. Other results were: 1st in Special Junior Dog and Post-Grad Dog was Anacan Amourous Amos, owned by Ed Hager and Victoria Adams; Open Dog – 1st The Lion of Judah At Anacan, 2nd Zeta Pride, 3rd Anacan Ziggy (owned by Richard and myself) and 4th Anacan Amourous Amos. In bitches – 1st in Special Junior Bitch went to our Anacan Whole Lotta Class ("Lottie"); Post-Grad Bitch - 1st Anacan Forever Amber, 2nd Anacan Divine Brown for Babrees, owned by Jill and Ian Terry, 3rd Anacan Whole Lotta Class; Open Bitch 1st Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan, 2nd Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn, now owned by me, 3rd Layla Me Shaar Hagai, owned by Jill and Ian Terry and Myrna Shiboleth. Special mention must be made of Michelle Powell's handing of Beulah. As Michelle is actually fostering Beulah for us I asked if she would like to show her for me. Michelle has shown horses in hand in her native New Zealand but this was her first venture in the dog show ring. You would never have known it as she showed all the style and confidence of a far more seasoned handler. She did a very commendable job of showing Beulah to her second placement.

As I said it was a busy day for enquiries and several people, including someone who owned and bred Canaan Dogs in Israel, actually joined The Canaan Dog Club on the day. We had some very interested visitors from Germany as well as a small group from Israel, all of whom took loads of photos of all the dogs on the bench. Several people mentioned that they had seen the Canaan Dog on the CDC website. We have two more people who have expressed willingness to show a Canaan so we anticipate that the Crufts' entries for the breed should show a small increase each year. It seems that the hard work being put in to promote the Canaan is beginning to pay some dividends.

Crufts will soon be here, as will the BUBA open show, so I'll soon start having some show results to report. I heard from Riikka Turunen in Finland that the dog she imported from us, Anacan Diplomat at Kirifix, has won his first CAC at the Kupios Dog Show on the 27th January under Finnish judge Mrs Marja Talvitie. "Andy" was just a year and 10 days old. Also at the Kuopio's show Riikka's 8-month-old puppy, Kirifix Just A Gigolo, co-owned with Ms Henna Meltinen, was Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Show 4!

Riikka sent me a video of not only her Canaans but also of those at the World Show and the Europe Show. It is gratifying to see that the Canaans in England look, and act, just like the Canaans from elsewhere in the world. Our dogs would be able to compete successfully with these dogs. It could easily be otherwise as we are faced with the difficulties brought on by quarantine in obtaining new lines, so we haven't done badly in our efforts to breed good Canaans here.

Heard that Inna Blayvas was just voted in as the new Canaan Dog studbook guardian over in Israel. This is very good news for us as Inna, who is a university student residing in Jerusalem, and I have been corresponding quite regularly by e-mail. Her communications have contained a number photos of Israeli Canaans, which has been of great interest. To add to that, she has joined The Canaan Dog Club over here and will be writing articles for the newsletter. I believe that really for the first time we will have good communication with the homeland of our breed and have more input into the development of the breed as well.

The Westminster Kennel Club show, the closest in prestige (but not size) that the USA has in the way of dog shows was held on Monday and Tuesday February 8th and 9th. The singleton Canaan Dog entry was again this year AKC Ch Catalina's Felix to the Max, under judge Mrs. Marion Mason Hodeson. This black and white male was bred by Carlena Smith and is owned by Leal and Cynthia Grupp. I was told that Max, he is the number one Canaan in the US, was retiring from the show ring after Westminster. For those of you not familiar with Westminster it became a "Champions only" show around 10 years ago. I had the fun of entering and showing my Bernese Mtn Dogs and Tibetan Spaniels there for 13 years in a row. But once they began to accept electronic and faxed entries it became a nightmare to try and get in. The entry at Westminster is limited to 2500 dogs due to the size of Madison Square Garden where it is held. I understand that entries for this year's competition were closed two hours after they opened!

Would love to hear from you.

Slight correction to my last notes, Diane and Steve Lloyd-Andrews' baby is due in August and not April. (Sorry Diane, I wasn't insinuating that you're getting fat.)

"Beulah" (Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn) has joined the Anacan family! Because our current premises are not large enough to accommodate another dog our friend, Michelle Powell, is "fostering" Beulah for a time while we look for a new place. Michelle, as you may recall from previous notes, has a Canaan puppy, Kelsey. Even though Michelle lives on a farm with other dogs, Kelsey interacts differently with Beulah than she does with the other dogs. She is taking her cues from Beulah and as a result, is becoming more confident. In my experience dogs do seem to recognise members of their own breed and react differently to them than they do to other breeds. (This is true even of my Tibetan Spaniels who think they are Canaans.)

Had a phone call, followed by a letter and some photos, from a gentleman who, whilst living in Saudi Arabia, got a male puppy 4 years ago when the dog was only 3 or 4 weeks old. Since coming back to England he was told that his dog looked like a "Canaan Dingo". He told me he didn't know there was such a breed. I explained that there wasn't….there are dingos and there are Canaan Dogs and even though they are related, they are two separate breeds. The gentleman was very eager to find out whether or not his "Scamp" is a Canaan. Whilst his dog is very Canaan-like and most likely is at least part, if not all Canaan, I explained there would be no way of ever knowing for sure. And as his dog was castrated whilst in quarantine, it does not make much difference. However, he now has an interest in the breed and, hopefully, his next dog will be a purebred Canaan.

I have recently managed to make contact with Ruth Corner, who under her Kensix affix, was one of the major influences in the breed in its early days. Ruth became acquainted and fell in love with the Canaan Dog when she was working at the Shaar Hagai kennel in Israel. When she returned to England she brought a few Canaans with her and worked very hard in an effort to promote the breed. Events in her personal life have prevented her from participating in our crusade over the last several years, but she hopes to be able to get "back into the fray", albeit on a more limited basis. As Ruth has a wealth of knowledge to share I think I can speak for the Canaan fancy here that we're very happy to have her back.

That's about it for this week.

Happy New Year and hope you've all recovered from the holidays, and if you were unlucky, from the flu. There's an awful lot of that going around. Nothing yet to report on the show scene so thought I talk about coat colour in the Canaan Dog. There seems to be some confusion over the definition of "tricolour" in our breed. According to Myrna Shiboleth in THE ISRAEL CANAAN DOG, tricolour "refers to the true black, brown and white pattern as in a beagle...". In the corrections to the breed standard proposed and approved by the membership of The Canaan Dog Club, this definition of tricolour is one of the necessary additions to the interim standard to enable someone to judge our breed correctly.

Got a fax from our friends in Switzerland telling me that they saw an ad with a photo in the local newspaper offering for re-homing a 9-month old Canaan bitch. My friend rang the number and was able to find out that the dog had been imported from Italy and that the person had not contacted the breeder. So I contacted the main breeder in Italy and yes, it was her dog. She was grateful for the information, as any responsible breeder would be, and I await the outcome. It is too bad that we are not in the position to import another Canaan.

A cute story...Michelle Powell has one of Jill & Ian Terry's puppies. We saw "Kelsey" at a recent show and told Michelle she was much too fat. Michelle swore she was feeding the puppy as she'd been instructed and no, the kids were not giving her any tidbits. At LKA a red-faced Michelle told us she found out the cause of Kelsey's weight problem. Seems one of their Jersey cows had lost her calf and Kelsey had been going into the stall with this cow and helping herself to some full-cream milk! Michelle said she'd put a stop to this but we asked her not to do so until she got a photo .

I got the dates of the Bermudian all-breed championship shows from my friend over there. If any of you are lucky enough to be able to go on holiday during these dates, it would give you an opportunity to take in a few dog shows at the same time. The March shows will be held on the 3rd thru the 7th of March, a separate and complete show on each day, and the November shows will also be on the 3rd thru the 7th. If anyone would like to be put on the mailing list for a premium list (judging schedules) give me your name and address and I will e-mail them to my contact in Bermuda.

Would love to hear from you.

Richard and I picked up Meg Harris on our way to LKA, as we all wanted to do a bit of Christmas shopping and socialising. We entered our "Ziggy" as an excuse to go. We met up with Jill Terry and "Layla" and new Canaan owner, Michelle Powell, with her three two-legged children in tow. LKA was so much nicer this year with the bright orange carpet in the rings. What a difference it made not only to the dogs' footing, but also to the noise levels. Judging AVNSC Utility was Anne Roslin-Williams. The Leonbergers were out in full force as this was their last hurrah in Utility. We've made some lovely friends in that breed and we will miss seeing them as it is not often that Utility and Working are scheduled on the same day. Much to our delight our "Ziggy" took first in open dog, then Best Dog and then BOS to an imported Leonberger bitch. Jill's "Layla" got a VHC in Open Bitch, which pleased Jill.

While making our rounds we bumped into artist, Deidre Ashdown, who had a lovely write-up in the most recent KENNEL GAZETTE. Richard and I had a very pleasant visit with her over a cup of coffee (courtesy Pedigree). We are most fortunate in that Deidre designed our letterhead and notelets for us and included our "Jasmine" in her last year's Christmas card "Opening Christmas Presents in the Land of the Pharaohs". We have also been bestowed with her newest Christmas card "We Three Kings" featuring Afghan Hounds. Deidre is a delightful lady and has been most generous to The Canaan Dog Club.

Also had a nice visit with Mrs Ann Wynyard at the Tibbie ring (my other breed). Mrs Wynyard has shown a genuine interest in the Canaan Dog over the last few years and has been invited onto our judges' list.

After a lovely tea at Meg's house, Richard and I returned home to find a Christmas card from Riikka Turunen in Finland who has a "Ziggy" son (and "Digger" grandson) Anacan Diplomat at Kirifix (call name "Andy"). She told us that on 13th September "Andy" (a black and white) was Best in Show 2 Puppy at Porvoo's dog show—the first Canaan Puppy in Finland to win a place in BIS puppy. A perfect end to a perfect day!

I'd love to hear all your good news.

Once again DISCOVER DOGS was a great success, both for TKC and for us. Traffic was very heavy at the Canaan Dog booth and a great deal of serious enquiries received about the breed and how to join the CDC. Richard and I got there early Saturday morning to decorate the booth bringing along our Ziggy and Jasmine to be our Canaan ambassadors. Patrick and Barbara Gold came with their Simba to relieve us later in the morning with Jill and Ian Terry bringing their Evie and puppy Beth as more backup. Jill and Ian were there again first thing Sunday morning, this time with Layla and another puppy, Benjy, in tow. Richard and Jasmine showed up to do the afternoon to closing stint with Ed Hagar and Victoria Adams with their Jack giving him some relief time. Not too surprisingly amongst the booth's visitors were a number of Israelis, one of whom was Eyal Kan, the studbook guardian for the Israeli Canaan Dogs. His family is living here now as his wife's job has brought her to England and he will be over every weekend. This will give us a great opportunity to exchange information with the Israelis. TKC should be particularly pleased because we are finding that each time this event is held, you get more and more people who are trying to educate themselves about the different breeds up to a year before they intend to acquire a dog. This is the whole purpose of the event and should result with fewer dogs ending up in rescue over due course.

Speaking of rescue, two years ago we had a Canaan Dog male named Moses go into rescue because the owners no longer wanted him. The breeder had just moved into a flat, which allowed her to have only one dog so she was unable to take Moses back. Ilan Schonewald volunteered to pick up Moses for us as he lived in the same vicinity. He then met us halfway down the motorway with the dog. We took Moses to Silverdale Kennels in Bedfont as the manager there had kindly helped us with rescue situations in the past. Our then President, David Cavill, hearing about the dog at our AGM suggested we take him to Bellmead as he felt the dog's chance of rehoming would be higher there. So Richard and I took Moses to Bellmead, along with all the paperwork we had for him, the club's literature on the breed and our phone number with instructions to allow any interested party to phone us if they wanted to know more about the breed. This was all agreed. Time went on and we finally heard Moses had found a home, but that was all we were told. All of a sudden, a week ago Saturday the phone rang and a man introduced himself as Moses' owner. Mr Sim went on to tell us he had Moses for two years but had been unable to learn anything about the dog's past or about the breed. It was only by a stroke of luck that he had that day been into Imberpark Kennels to purchase some pet food and the manager asked what breed of dog he had. When Mr Sim said a Canaan, the manager replied he knew some Canaan breeders named Minto and asked him if he wanted our phone number. Mr Sim rang us as soon as he got home. (To be continued next week.)

Moses' story continued from last week. Richard answered the phone and Mr Sim introduced himself as Moses owner and went on to tell Richard how he got our phone number, as previously related. He said that two years ago he and his partner and little boy went to Bellmead to look for a dog. After looking at most of the dogs he came across Moses and it was love at first sight. He got his partner, who was looking at another dog, to "come look at this beautiful dog". She also thought he was rather nice. But when they went into the office to make enquiries about Moses the Sims were told they couldn't have him because they had never owned a Canaan Dog before. Richard couldn't believe it. How many people in England have ever owned a Canaan? Mr Sim related that he continued going back every day to walk and brush Moses until eventually the kennel staff were beginning to have difficulty getting Moses back into his kennel when he would leave. But the only reason he got to adopt Moses was one day while walking him, Moses slipped his collar. The staff of Bellmead spent a half-hour chasing the dog and no one could get near him. Moses suddenly darted towards the road and Mr Sim ran into the road, stood there and Moses came right to him, sat in front of him and allowed him put his collar back on. Mr Sim was then told "the dog is yours - take him home".

The breed information and registration papers etc, which we had left at the office when we delivered Moses to Bellmead were never given to Mr Sim and he had spent the past two years wondering what he really had and whether or not he was caring for him properly. When Richard told him about all the information we had left for whoever adopted Moses Mr Sim went back to Bellmead to be told it had all been destroyed, as that was their policy. And even though Moses had been castrated, they hadn't given him his registration papers because they didn't want Mr Sim to show the dog. Mr Sim was not too impressed.

We sent Moses' new family a packet of information on the breed and the Canaan Dog Club. They were able to come to DISCOVER DOGS on the Saturday to meet us and see Moses' relatives. They are an extremely nice family and very obviously besotted with Moses. From the photos they brought along, it appears they've taken very good care of him indeed. We will arrange for the Sims to come over so we can see Moses and perhaps give them a few more care tips. So in spite of everything, it appears that this tale has a happy ending, as all good dog stories should.

Richard and I drove 6 hours roundtrip up to Doncaster and back for the Pollard Canine Society open show this past Saturday because they had scheduled classes for the breed. As we feel strongly that any classes given the breed should be supported and as there are no Canaan owners up that way we made the effort to go but it was really too far for us. We do, however, wish to thank the club for the classes and for the hospitality shown us. "Digger" took BOB and went on to make it to the final cut of 5 dogs in the BIS ring under judge, Mr Ray Blackmore.

Kensington and the Nordic Show both give us classes and the date clashed this year so we had to divide our little band in order to cover both. Three Canaans were shown at Kensington under Greek judge, Mr Stelios Makaritis. Mr Makaritis knows Myrna Shiboleth, the primary breeder of Canaans in Israel, and had excellent knowledge of the breed. BOB was Steve Payne's "Kane", shown by David Webb. Jill Terry's "Layla" was BOS. Mr Makaritis chatted with Jill for quite a while after judging was over saying how much he liked "Layla" and how unfortunate it was that the tanoy came on just as he was going over her.. He went on to say how very like Myrna's dogs Layla was, to which Jill replied, "As it happens, I imported Layla from Myrna". Mr Markaritis then said what a good dog "Evie" was but that she was of the old, wild type. To this Jill replied "As it happens, her mother is wild born." The judge commented that these would be very good lines to breed from and that "Evie" should produce some very good puppies, to which Jill replied "As it happens, she did produce a very nice litter for me not long ago." How spot on could a judge be!

Three Canaans were present at the Nordic Show. Our ring was presided over by former Canaan Dog Club Chair, Mrs Zena Wallace - again a very knowledgeable judge. She found her BOB in my "Digger" with reserve dog going to our "Ziggy" and Best Bitch to our "Sheindela". Unfortunately we had to leave our baby, "Lottie", home as she is on heat and it was her 13th day. Mrs Wallace was quite disappointed at not getting to see the puppy. This is the third year running "Digger" has brought home the Claywall Trophy for BOB Canaan which was donated by Mrs Wallace in 1992 (and there was competition other than our dogs the other two times). "Digger" went on to make the cut for BIS under judge Mr Keith Nathan.

Spectating at Nordic was new Canaan owner, Michelle Powell, with her 9 month old daughter, Amber, in tow. Michelle hopes to have her "Kelsey" in the ring next year. Though experienced in showing horses "in hand" Michelle will be new to the dog show ring and came along to get her first taste of it. She thoroughly enjoyed her day and little Amber was a real delight with nary a grizzle all day. Our friend, Meg Harris, was also there to cheer us on and to have a good natter with me. Meg is quite an accomplished artist and had several of her paintings on exhibition at an art exhibition in her home village of Tysoe this past weekend.

The AGM for the Canaan Dog Club will be held on 28th February 1998 at the Tysoe Village Hall. Details will follow at a later date.

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