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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

Our Dogs At the 2012
Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom Annual Show

This year there were 20 dogs entered for 24 entries and only 1 absentee. Being such a small show, the club cannot make it worthwhile for a professional photographer to come, and so always struggle to get any decent photos. The following were taken by a friend. Somehow, she forgot to take one of Anni (a current photo will be taken shortly and inserted) and in the one of Kefira, Keffy's head was turned away from the camera, so will need to take a new one of her as well.

Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA)
Best Dog, Best in Show & winner of the Progeny Class
Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA), age 5 years.
Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia
Anacan Issachar
Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show & Best of Opposite Sex
Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, age 6-1/2 years.
'Rosie' is by Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven out of our Anacan Simply Irresistible and is owned by Patrick & Barbara Gold.
Reserve Best Dog
Anacan Issachar, age 2 years
Anacan Happy Anni
Anacan Sheez The One
Reserve Best Bitch & Winner of Breeders Class
Anacan Happy Anni, age 16 months
(photo to be replaced with current one)
Best Veteran In Show
Anacan Sheez The One ('Honey'), age 10 years
Anacan Silhouette
Anacan Encore
Anacan Silhouette, age 16 mos.
1st in Junior Dog or Bitch (sole entry)
Anacan Encore ('Max'), age 4-1/2 years
2nd in Post Graduate Dog
Anacan Sheeza Gem
Chancos Charmani At Anacan (Imp Swe)
Anacan Sheeza Gem ('Ruby'), age 4-1/2 years
3rd in Post Graduate Bitch
Chancos Charmani At Anacan (Imp Swe)
('Ami'), age 4 years
2nd in Post Graduate Bitch
Anacan Glory Bea
Anacan Kefira
Anacan Glory Bea ('Bea'), age 6 years
2nd in Limit Bitch
Anacan Kefira ('Keffy'), age 7 years
2nd in Open Bitch

Last Updated on the 12th April 2012

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