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Links To Other Canaan Dog Owner Sites

Der Kanaan-Hund (German & English language site) Owned by Marlies Menge, Germany. Marlies is a good friend whom we met when we went to Israel in 1993.

Ha'Aretz Canaan Dogs - Owned by Bryna Comsky, USA, Canaan breeder of 35 years from whom I acquired my wonderful Ariel Shin Ha'Aretz of Briel & AKC Ch Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan.

Shaar Hagai Owned by Myrna Shiboleth, Israel.

Cherrysh Canaan Dogs - owned by Cheryl Hennings (USA), who got her start in Canaan Dogs from Ellen.

Homepage of Fuliglin Ged Tycho , owned by Jenny Larkin (USA).

Kennel Sanchaan's Owned by Sari Alanko, Finland

Desert Dogs - Canaan Hund (German language site) Owned by Catherine Vogt, Switzerland. Catherine had two of our Canaan Dogs, Anacan Song of Joy and Anacan Tikvah.

Links To Canaan Dog Club Sites

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom

Israel Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc

Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc

Canaan Dog Club of Finland

Canaan Dog Club of France

Canaan Dog Club of Ontario (Canada)

Links To Kennel Clubs

The Kennel Club (UK)

The American Kennel Club

The United Kennel Club (USA)


Links To Other Sites of Interest

Dog World - Leading weekly English dog paper, for which Ellen Minto writes the Canaan Dog breed notes column.

Pedigreedogs.co.uk - Great British web site covering all things doggy.

Pardo Y - Pet Photography - Fabulous Israeli animal photographer. This site has loads of photos of wild, and semi-wild Canaan Dogs.

Pet Travel Scheme - DEFRA website.

Miscellaneous Links

The Dog Lover's Online Directory! If you are looking for a dog-related website, this is a great place to start. We're a large and resourceful directory with a personal touch!

DER HUND - THE DOG - LE CHIEN - Excellent German web magazine in English and German. Great articles, photos and music! Photos of several of our dogs are on this site.


Fuzzy Faces - Great free doggy graphics, to whom we are grateful for a number of the great graphics on this site.


ChampDogs.co.uk - This is the link to the ANACAN page on a website which offers informations on a number of breeds, as well as website hosting.

Showdogs UK

International Dog Breeders Directory

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