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These links are here as a courtesy and in no way constitute an endorsement of their contents or owners by Anacan. There are so few as many are now just on Facebook.

Links To Other Canaan Dog Owner Sites

Der Kanaan-Hund (German & English language site) Owned by Marlies Menge, Germany. Marlies is a good friend whom we met when we went to Israel in 1993.

Shaar Hagai Owned by Myrna Shiboleth, formerly of Israel, now residing in Italy.

Samorodok Owned by Aleksandra i Wojciech Pioruńscy, Poland. She is the breeder of our handsome Caiser.

Links To Canaan Dog Club Sites

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom

Israel Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc

Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc

Canaan Dogs Worldwide

Links To Kennel Clubs

The Kennel Club (UK)

The American Kennel Club

The United Kennel Club (USA)


Links To Other Sites of Interest

OUR DOGS - Weekly English dog paper..

Pet Travel Scheme - DEFRA website.

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