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News & Plans at Anacan 2017

February - This is a quiet month dog show-wise, which turned out to be a good thing as we were inordinately busy in the kennel and the cattery for a February. Very tiring, but the business was very welcome.

On the 19th we had a visit from Mark & Toni Smith who are interested in adding a Canaan Dog to their household. They discovered the breed on the internet and it sounded like what they were looking for. But I always insist that people who are interested should meet as many Canaan Dogs as possible so they can make a decision whether or not to have one based on what they have experienced in their interactions with a number of the breed. Reading about Canaan Dogs is not in itself a sufficient education in Canaan Dogs. We allow people to meet all our dogs so they can see the varying degrees of wariness they can encounter and decide if they would be able to live with a wary breed. Happily Mark & Toni were quite taken with our dogs, and the dogs liked them as well. So they are now on our waiting list and we'll be delighted to add them to the Anacan family.

January - Hard to believe it's another new year. Where has the 2016 gone? 2016 was a bit of a lost year for me as I let my back problems and a few problems with the house really get to me. It is difficult working 7 days a week in pain and feeling so limited in what I can do. It also really frustrates me that I can no longer show any but the smaller Canaan Dogs as I cannot take long enough strides to show them to their best advantage. Uneven ground at the outdoor shows is extremely difficult for me to move on. It is foolish to let myself get down over this situation especially as I have so many blessings. But I did let it get me down and it had an adverse impact on my ability to do the things I needed to do, including keeping this website updated.. That will not be the case in 2017 -- the pity party is over!

The Manchester Championship show is the first show of the year to have classes for Canaan Dogs - one of 10 championship shows giving classes for the breed. So on the 20th Richard packed the van with the dogs and me and off we went. Mrs Jane Lilley presided over the ring and her Best Bitch & Best of Breed was our lovely 'Astor' (Anacan Talia My Treasure) with our 'Dawn' earning Reserve Best Bitch. Caiser was Reserve Best Dog. So all in all, a successful day.

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