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2nd December 2006 - The British Utility Breed Association Championship Show is the last show of the year that offers classes for Canaan Dogs, and the second last show of the year at which you can try to qualify your dog for Crufts. The judge was breed specialist, Rob McLeod (Dunline), so we wanted to support him and also try to qualify our puppy for Crufts. Thanks again to good friend Jackie Taylor, we were able to go. Well it was a good day for Anacan as Reserve Best Dog was our Ziggy; Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex was David & Julia Close's Anacan Touch of Class (sired by our Anacan Masterpiece out of our Anacan Whole Lotta Class) and Reserve Best Bitch was our puppy, Anacan Glory Bea. So 'Bea' qualified for Crufts at her first show and did it in style! We also qualified our Swedish import, Chancos Simene At Anacan, at what was also her first show. Now let's hope that next year allows for us to attend a few more shows.

10th November 2006 - On the 9th November, Richard and I had to make the decision to release our Jasmine (Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan) from this life. She was age 15 years, 3 months of age. Our Jasmine made an important contribution to the foundation of our Anacan lines. Top Canaan Dog in 1995, Jasmine took time out of the show ring in 1996 when she produced her one and only litter with our Digger (The Lion of Judah at Anacan). From this litter came our wonderful producer, Anacan Sheindela, and the top-winning show dog, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. Jasmine was BOS at Crufts both in 1995 and again in 1999, opposite Digger. She was always a stellar exhibit at Discover Dogs, where over the years her wonderful personality attracted many visitors to our booth and sparked interest in the breed. We are grateful to her breeder, Gina Pointing, for entrusting Jasmine to us. She was a wonderful ambassador for the breed and will be very missed.

8th October 2006 - I'll start from today and go backwards from there. We've not been able to get out to many shows these past two years, but we always make the effort to support the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's annual open show, which is basically this country's specialty show. Well this year was no different and we made the long journey from here to Bradfield with 8 dogs to support the Club's 6th annual open show. This year's judge, Mr Terry Medlow (Inishfendra), though not a Canaan Dog owner, has been a member of the Canaan Dog Club since its inauguration in 1992, and so has been around Canaans for a long time.  The club had its largest entry to-date -- 30 dogs -- with 7 absentees. Richard and I were thrilled when Mr Medlow choose our 10-1/2 year old Anacan Ziggy for Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best In Show.  This was the second time that Ziggy has won the club show, having won the first one in 2001. We were also delighted when Best Bitch was awarded to Ziggy's granddaughter, Anacan Touch of Class, owned by David and Julia Close. We had gone to the show for a nice day out and to meet up with friends we haven't seen for awhile and went home on cloud nine! We are so blessed to have a dog like Ziggy.

Ziggy's Best In Show

L-R: Judge, Terry Medlow; Club President, Gina Pointing holding the Best in Show trophy; Ellen Minto & Ziggy

We found wonderful homes for all of the puppies and one of these days I'll have the time to post up some new photos of all the pups and their owners. We kept a girl, Anacan Glory Bea, and she is a beauty, and very intelligent as well. Let's hope she lives up to her name.

26th June 2006 - Well it's been a long time since I've had a chance to update this page. We are still having major problems with our horrible neighbours (who are trying to close down our boarding kennel) and the local council which has resulted in us not being able to get to any more shows this year, amongst other things. However, we have found out how blessed we are with so many good friends. Their support, as well as that of our boarding customers, has meant so much to us, and we thank God for each and every one of them.

Because of her age (6 years), it was imperative that we breed 'Lyndsay' for her first litter this year. On the 13th April 2006 'Lyndsay' gifted us with a beautiful litter of 5 boys and 2 girls. 'Lynn' is a great mum and had no whelping problems -- doing everything herself. One boy and one girl are a beige sand colour with white trim and all the others are white with reddish sand-coloured patches like mum. Three of the puppies have gone to their new homes and the beige boy will be going to Sweden next month. We still have two boys and a girl available. I haven't taken any photos for over a week, but if you want to see the 'kids' up to 8 weeks of age, click here.

Canaan Dogs were featured in the July issue of YOUR DOG magazine and I'm proud to say they used photos of some of our Canaans with the article, at the author's recommendation. The largest photo is of our 'Tara' and there are accompanying photos of 'Ziggy', 'Remy', 'Kefira' and 'Monkey'. Our Canaans have appeared in a number of books now and when I get a chance, I will make of list of them for you.

12th March 2006 - We were quite worried whether or not we'd make it to Crufts this year because Richard came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday evening and I had a very bad migraine for 3 days, but, thank the Lord, we were both well by Saturday. We were able to go because our good friend, Jackie Taylor, came and housesat for us while a young girl who did her Duke of Edinburgh Award with us last year came in to walk and feed the dogs. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Canaan Dogs were shown at Crufts yesterday, Saturday 11th March, with judge, Miss Mary Deats, attracting an entry of 17 with 3 absentees. (One absentee was my Anacan Glory Bound ('Lyndsay') who stayed at home because she has recently been bred to Sheleg and we are hoping she is pregnant.) Miss Deats is an American who has been teaching at one of the American schools over here since 1974. She breeds top-winning Schipperkes under her Aradet affix and is a Utility Group judge. Miss Deats took an interest in the Canaan Dog about 8 years ago and has judged the breed on several occasions. Soundess and good movement are very important to her judging.

Best Dog & Best Of Breed went to Pam O’Loughlin’s Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta. This was the 3rd time ‘Dezi’ went BOB at Crufts and the second year running. He has now equalled our ‘Beulah’s’ (Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn) record of doing the hat trick at Crufts. 'Dezi' was bred by Ian & Jill Terry; Sire: It/Int Ch Velkidayas Lahatutan; Dam: Layla Me Shaar Hagai and will be 4 years old in May.

Best Veteran Dog & Reserve Best Dog was Richard & my Anacan Ziggy, who will be 10 years old in June. 'Ziggy' was bred by me. Sire: Gvir Me Shaar Hagai At Anacan; Dam: Minto's Libyan Jewel. 'Ziggy' was the UK Top Male Canaan 2005 & 2nd overall Top Canaan 2005.

Best Bitch & Best Of Opposite Sex was 18-month old Anacan Sheer Elegance ('Ellie') owned by Christine (Goldspink) Powley & Ellen Minto and bred by Ellen Minto. Sire: Anacan Masterpiece; Dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class.

Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy was 9-month old Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'), owned by Barbara Gold and bred by Ellen Minto. Out of our May 2005 litter, her Sire is Shelg Harishon At Danehavenand her Dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible. I think Barbara, who is a novice handler, was in shock. The judge told her had her handling ability been better, she would have awarded 'Rosie' Best Bitch and she had the best breed type and best movement of the day.

Richard & I also go a chance to meet some people from Edinburgh and from London whom I have spoken to on the phone and have had email correspondence with, as they are considering adding a Canaan Dog to their household. They were very impressed with the breed and believe it is the one for them. So overall, it was a great day for Anacan and Richard & I had a lovely day away from the kennels. Now back to work!


3rd March 2006 - It's been quite a while since I last updated this website, almost a year, and it's been quite a year. We've faced some tough times as Richard was made redundant last May and was out of work for a few months before finding a temporary job on a 3-month contract. After being out of work for another two months, Richard found a decent, full-time, permanent job in December. However, due to a noise abatement order being placed on our kennel by the local council (due to the complaints of the next-door neighbours), we have had to pay out a small fortune to a solicitor and an acoustics expert over the past year in order to appeal the order. We've been to court twice now and are due back in on the 28th April, at which time we are hoping a decision will be made in our favour. Fingers crossed!

Christmas morning we went to use our phone to find the line dead. The phone company sent out an engineer the following day and he found out that our line had been cut at the pole which is in our neighbour's front yard. They refused the phone company access to repair the line on 4 occasions, so we were without a phone line and Internet access for 6 weeks until the phone company could put in a new underground line for us. When we finally got our phone line back we had over 900 emails waiting for us, so I just deleted what looked like unimportant stuff as I am on a couple of Canaan chat lists. So if you emailed us between Christmas and the 6th February this year and have not had a reply, please email us again as your original email may have been accidentally deleted.

During 2005 we had a gorgeous litter of puppies sired by Christine Goldspink's Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven out of our 'Tara' (Anacan Simply Irresistible). One of the girls, 'Jessi', went to Aurelie & Niek Meerman in Holland. Aurelie & Niek came to England to pick up their puppy and visited with us for a few days. They are wonderful people and we were happy to make such nice new friends. 'Naomi' is living in Derbyshire with Kim Morton and her family, was shown once and qualified for Crufts 2007. Kim is also a lovely person who I want to get to know better this year. Our dear friends, Patrick & Barbara Gold, have added 'Rosie' to their family. Shown twice, 'Rosie' has qualified for Crufts 2007 twice and was Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy at her first show and Best Puppy at her second show. The only boy in the litter, 'Sunny', went to some people in the USA, best left unnamed at the moment, as they never paid for him or the shipping and have disappeared, leaving me worried sick about his welfare. After two years of correspondence, I thought I knew these people. So from now on I will be asking for a deposit when you reserve a puppy from us, and payment in full before it leaves here, no matter how long I know you.

Despite all our personal problems we had a good year dog show-wise in 2005. I was only able to get to 4 shows during the year, due to our kennel-sitter letting us down, but Richard (bless his heart) took the dogs to the important shows for me, even though showing is not his thing. Our Anacan Ziggy ended up 2nd top Canaan Dog overall and top male Canaan at 9-1/2 years of age! This goes to prove his quality. There are very few breeds in which a dog of his age could be shown to top position. We are also very pleased that 4 of the top 5 Canaan Dogs in the UK were either bred by us, or were linebred on Anacan lines. The list is as follows:

  1. Int/Lux Ch LORIANNA LUCKY STAR (bitch) - Sire: Gvir me Shaar Hagai At Anacan; Dam: Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. Owner/breeder: Lorna Hastings
  2. ANACAN ZIGGY (dog) - Sire: Gvir me Shaar Hagai At Anacan; Dam: Minto's Libyan Jewel. Owners: Richard & Ellen Minto, Breeder: Ellen Minto
  3. Int/Ger/Lux/Bel Ch NIZZANA HADAD FOR LORIANNA - Sire: Anacan Masterpiece; Dam: Babrees Bat Benyas at Nizzana (whose dam is Ziggy's litter sister). Owner: Lorna Hastings; Breeders: Ivan Kaye & Alison Byrne
  4. ANACAN DRESSED FOR SUCCESS (bitch) - Sire: Anacan Masterpiece; Dam: Anacan Simply Irresistible. Owner/breeder: Ellen Minto
  5. BABREES DESERT ORCHID VIA CAOILTA (dog) - Sire: Int/It Ch Velikaya's Lahututan; Dam: Layla Me Shaar Hagai. Owner: Pam O'Loughlin; Breeders: Ian & Jill Terry.
The Top Stud Dog 2005 is our late Gvir me Shaar Hagai At Anacan, for the second year running and Top Puppy 2005 is our Anacan Kefira - Sire: Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy'); Dam: Anacan Whole Lotta Class ('Lottie'). The 2004 Top Puppy was our 'Monkey' (Anacan Dressed For Success), also a 'Remy' daughter out of 'Lottie's' younger sister, 'Tara'. 'Remy' has proven to be a very good stud dog and we are hopeful that he will eventually earn the Top Stud Dog title. We have recently bred our 'Lyndsay' (Anacan Glory Bound) to Sheleg and are hoping for puppies mid-April. This will be 'Lyndsay's' first litter and we are very excited as she is a beautiful girl -- excellent type, conformation, movement and temperament.

We will be showing at Crufts on the 11th March and I am looking forward to meeting for the first time a few people who have been corresponding with me. It is a lot of work to get the dogs and ourselves ready for the day, and of course getting proper cover for the kennels. We are very fortunate in that we have made some good friends since moving here, and my best friend, Jackie Taylor, will be in charge while we are out for the day with some other kennel help coming in to walk the dogs, as we walk our boarders 3 times a day. While one always hopes to win, my goal for the day is to enjoy myself and forget all the stress we've been experiencing for a few hours. If you are going to Crufts, be sure and stop by and say hello.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to update this website and will post some photos of 'Tara's' kids, and more. Thanks for your patience.

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