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2012 started out well for us. As I mentioned at the end of last year, we have won the followig awards: Top Canaan Dog Breeder 2011 (Mrs E M Minto); Top Canaan Dog Puppy 2011 (Anacan Happy Anni); Top Canaan Dog Brood Bitch 2011 (Anacan Glory Bound), and are really delighted that all our hard work has brought results. As last year, I will give you a month-by-month synopsis of what's going on here.

January - I finally have an appointment with a spinal surgeon for next month and am hopeful he will be able to put an end to my pain. Having a bad back is such a nuisance as it interferes with all I have and want to do.

On the 8th of January we went to the Boston & District Champ Show for the first time under a judge named Mrs Julie Sparrow, as we are hoping they will give classes for Canaan Dogs next year. We took our Izzy, Silhouette and Ruby. Silly is going through her 'sillies' and was 2nd out of 2 in Junior, Ruby did better taking 2nd out of 3 in Post Graduate and our Izzy was completely dumped in a class of 6, which was a great disappointment.

On the 12th January we shipped one of our Hayyim/Bea puppies, Anacan Son of Glory ('Shay') to Bryna Comsky in Illinois. A snowstorm struck while Shay was in-flight. I worry enough when shipping a puppy abroad and this didn't help matters. I was so relieved when Bryna let me know that she and Shay got home safely. She has reported that Shay is doing well and she is very happy with him. I'm looking forward to receiving some photos, which I'll share with you. On the 20th January we went to the Manchester Championship Show where judge, Mr tom Mather awarded Izzy Best Dog & Best of Breed, his 5th BOB to-date. Best Bitch was Barbara & Patrick Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie') and Reserve Best Bitch was our young Anni (Anacan Happy Anni), so it was a good day for the Anacan Canaans..

Our Lottie turned 14 years old on the 17th of the month. We are grateful for each day we have her. She has been a wonderful dog and has contributed well to the breed ---- her son Anacan Call Me Ishmael ('Jacob') who amongst his wins has BOB at Crufts 2007; her daughter Anacan Kefira, who was Best Puppy 2005 and Best Bitch at the Canaan Dog Club of the UK shows 2009 under Israeli judge, Mr Avi Marshak, and again in 2011 under Mr Barry Blunden; and daughter Anacan Sheer Elegance who amongst her wins Best Bitch & Best in Show at the 2010 club show; Best Bitch & BOS at Crufts 2006, in 2008, and again in 2010. Lottie is sweet, obedient, affectionate -- everything you could want. I hope I will be able to wish her happy birthday again next year.

March - Once again we were at Crufts. I entered both of my breeds (Canaans and Tibetan Spaniels) but this year they were in different halls and very far apart. My back was not up to the challenge and I had to have help in showing my dogs for the first time. Our Anacan Issachar ('Izzy') was RBD and our Anacan Sheeza Gem ('Ruby') was RBB.

Inna Blayvas, from Jerusalem, Israel, had brought over with her a daughter of her Crufts' BOB bitch, Bat Yerushalaim Shel Zahav JWW EW WW CH for another breeder, who decided after 3 days that she didn't want her. Long story short, we now have 'Gili', and hope she will be an asset to our breeding programme.

April - 8th - The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held it's annual single-breed open show and Anacan had a great day under judge, Mrs Pearl Chadwick,

Reserve Best Dog - ANACAN ISSACHAR, Mrs E M Minto
Reserve Best Bitch - ANACAN HAPPY ANNI, Mrs E M Minto
Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Show - ANACAN SHOSHANNAH FOR AMICITIA, Mr P & Mrs B Gold
Best Veteran - ANACAN SHEEZ THE ONE, Mrs E M Minto

To say we were chuffed is an understatement.

13th - I went to Barlborough NHS Hospital for an epidural injection to help alleviate my constant debilitating back pain caused by a prolapsed disc and a spinal fracture. I can't say enough nice things about the facility, the staff and my spinal surgeon, Mr Kamat. I also can't thank my husband, Richard, enough for taking the week off to take care of me and allow me to rest. The results of the epidural were not as good as expected, so am somewhat disappointed.

May - The National Dog Show saw our Izzy (Anacan Issachar) take another BD & BOB. And at the Scottish KC show, Izzy was again BD & BOB with our Ruby (Anacan Sheeza Gem) winning BB and Anacan Glory Road, owned by Fiona Wright, winning BP & RBB.

June - The motherboard of my computer went. The repairman didn't do as good a job of repairing as I had hoped and we lost some of our programmes and information. If any of you emailed me and had no reply during this time period, I can only apologise and suggest you try contacting me again.

July - 14th - We held a Canaan Dog Club of the UK Fun Day here in our field once again. Despite the terrible weather leading up to the event, we had a beautiful day for the Fun Day and there were 30 in attendance. It also happened to be my birthday. Everyone had a great time playing silly games with the dogs, eating loads of food, chatting and just generally chilling out. Sadly, I could not enjoy it myself as one of my Tibetan Spaniels had a litter on the 12th and had serious problems. We lost two puppies today and Fancy (the mum) is at the vet's and things are not looking good.

15th - Fancy's kidneys are in complete failure. There is no hope for her, so after saying my goodbyes I held her as the vet gently sent her from this world. I couldn't stop crying as I loved her so much and felt so guilty. In all my years of breeding this was the first time I've lost a mother dog. Why?

The next 5 weeks were spent bottle feeding the remaining 4 Tibbie puppies and, thank God, they all lived are a healthy and happy. One, Anacan Tickle My Fancy ('Tickle') remains here with us -- we had to keep one.

August - 7th - Went to the Paignton show, courtesy of good friends, Diane Clark who provided the van and Matthew Garnham who was our driver, wheeled our crates to the benches and helped show my dogs. Our Izzy was again BD, but this time our Anni (Anacan Happy Anni), handled by Matthew, was BB & BOB. Our little Misha (Anacan Morning Glory) took her first BP.

13th - Back to Barlborough for another go at epidurals for my back. This time Mr Kamat injected two different areas and the results are much better. I still have a lot of pain when I work or if I walk on uneven surfaces, and I still can't straighten up, but at least now I am not in constant pain, which is a great relief. Thank you Lord!

At the Welsh Kennel Club Show on the 19th, Matthew again drove me to the venue and was a fantastic help. Izzy was again BD & BOB, with Anni taking BB and Misha BP. Hooray!

On the 29th we lost our Lyndsay (Anacan Glory Bound) to what seemed to be an anaphylactic reaction to an insect sting. I didn't know anything had happened until I found her with her face and neck swelled up when I came back into the house from walking the boarders. She was 11-1/2 years old.

Lynn was World Winner 2002 and Best Puppy Crufts 2002. She was the mother of some beautiful puppies, among which are our Anacan Glory Bea (Best Puppy Crufts 2007, Top Puppy 2007, Best Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex Crufts 2011 and herself dam of some top dogs, including our Anacan Issachar) , Anacan Future Legend (Best In Show Club Show 2008, Res Best Dog Crufts 2010) and Anacan Maid For Glory At Danehaven (Best Bitch & Bos Club Show 2008).

Lynn was a good girl - never any trouble. She greeted our friends and then was happy to lie about quietly, and was also happy to run around and play with our Tibbies and several of our other Canaans. We will miss her terribly. Rest well dear girl.

Starting on the night of 30th August and going into the early hours of 31st August our Ami gave birth to her second litter and the first one sired by our Izzy. She had 5 beautiful, healthy, strong puppies -- 3 girls and 2 boys. Mum and babies are doing fantastically well! Just wish I was in the position to keep one for myself.

September - 14th - Richard took me to the Darlington show where, surprise, surprise, our little Misha went Best Puppy, Best Bitch & BOB! Izzy was Best Dog and Best of Opposite Sex. The judge, Mrs Jane Lilley, couldn't stop saying enough nice things about Misha. We are proud of our little girl.

October - 14th - Had Richard take me the South Wales Kennel association Show. Izzy was Best Dog & Misha was Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch. Misha now has enough points to be Top Puppy 2012! It's just so frustrating that I'm unable to handle my dogs anymore -- I just am unable to run.

We got fantastic homes for all of the Izzy/Ami puppies. As a matter of fact, all the puppies were spoken for before they were born -- all of the potential owners having already been to visit us and our dogs. We are thrilled with the quality of the puppies -- a breeding to be repeated for sure -- as well as the quality of the homes we have found for them.

December - 1st - The last show of the year that gives classes for Canaan Dogs is the British Utility Breeds Association show (BUBA). Richard - a reluctant handler at the best of times - does a fantastic job for me and our Hayyim (dad to both our Izzy and Misha) walks away with Best Dog & Best of Breed, with Izzy taking Reserve to his dad. Best Bitch was our Ruby and Reserve Best Bitch went to Astor (Anacan Talia My Treasure) - a Hayyim/Ami daughter. This was the first time in the ring for both Astor and her handler/owner, Simon Demetriou. Astor is co-owned by Simon's partner, Manuela Herrera. Astor looks just like a female version of Izzy. We were so proud of both her and Simon.

3rd - Back to Barlborough for another epidural. This time, there is no relief at all, and I must admit that I gave in to some depression for a day or two as I so wanted to be pain-free for Christmas. But one must not allow such trivial matters get you down as there are a lot of people far worse off than I. I was called back to my GP who had a letter from my surgeon recommending a bone scan - perhaps something which should have been done sooner - which is scheduled for the 2nd January 2013. The saga goes on, but I am blessed with a caring and helpful husband, good friends, and (other than my back) good health. Not only that, we have won the following competitions this year:
Top Canaan Dog 2012 - ANACAN ISSACHAR ('Izzy')
Top Canaan Puppy 2012 - ANACAN MORNING GLORY ('Misha')
Top Canaan Stud Dog 2012 - AM CH HA'ARETZ HAYYIM FOR ANACAN ('Hayyim')
Top Canaan Brood Bitch 2012 - ANACAN GLORY BEA ('Bea')
Top Canaan Dog Breeder 2012 - MRS ELLEN MINTO

We don't know whether or not we will have the time, health and resources to show our dogs as much in 2013 as we did this year, but if it all ended today, at least we will have gone out with a bang! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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