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December - Where does the year go? Christmas is looming and the last show of the year with classes for Canaan Dogs is the British Utility Breeds Association championship show, this year on Saturday the 6th. Once again I couldn't go as we had no kennel sitter. This is the first time I missed this particular show in 20 years. However, my dear Richard once again took the dogs and showed them for me. If you knew how much Richard dislikes doing this you'd realise what a loving gesture going to the show for me is. The judge, Peter Jolley, awarded Best Dog & Best of Breed to our Izzy, with our Phoebe getting Best Bitch and Ami Reserve Best Bitch. This gave us the wins to nail the following awards for us: Top Canaan Dog Breeder 2014, Top Canaan Dog 2014 - Anacan Issachar, Top Canaan Puppy 2014 - Anacan Divina Divine, Top Canaaan Stud Dog 2014 - Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA), and Top Canaan Brood Bitch 2014 - Anacan Glory Bea.

On the 16th our Gili had a litter of six gorgeous puppies - 1 boy and 5 girls - sired by our Izzy. There were no whelping problems and all the pups are healthy and vigorous. They are so uniform in size and shape which is amazing since Gili, who was bred by Inna Blayvas in Jerusalem, Israel, is a complete outcross to our Izzy so you would expect a lot more variation. But this isn't the case. We'll be keeping one, of course, but we will make our choice when the puppies are a bit older.

Gili & pups
Gili and her puppies

Once again we had our dear friend Freda over for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve, and we had a great time eating too much, watching my favourite Christmas film "White Christmas" and singing along with the tunes. We had lovely gifts and the dogs had lots of treats. I had a difficult year with my back getting worse to the point I could not show the larger Canaans anymore as I cannot take a long enough stride at the correct speed to show them properly, and doing my work takes so much longer as the pain makes it necessary to stop and rest. I had to fight hard against self-pity and then the Christmas season comes along and you realise how blessed you are and you really have nothing to complain about . I am grateful for my husband, my friends, my dogs and all the wonderful people I've met through them. I am a very blessed person indeed.

November - Silly's puppy went to her new home on the 7th. The people had chosen the name 'Luna' for her even before getting her so I registered her as Anacan Dark Side of the Moon. I thought it suitable for a black Canaan Dog called Luna. After all these years of breeding I still get tearful when a puppy leaves for its new home. Silly, maybe, but when you put so much of yourself into vetting potential buyers, the planning of the breeding, the whelping and all the aftercare, it's like losing a little bit of yourself when they go.

October - I finally had my UKAS inspection for the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme. I had been inspected once before, but not since they started this new system. I think everything went very well, but it's nice to have it over with.

September - Silhouette had her litter on the 11th. One black girl with white trim was born naturally, but nothing more was forthcoming and after waiting for a time, we took her to the vet and he had to section her to get the remaining puppy out, which was dead by then but, in his words, perfectly formed. It just took to long to be born. I never asked the sex or colour I was so upset that Silly had to go through all this. Fortunately the first-born pup is healthy and Silly is a great mum to her.

Richard took the dogs to the Darlington Champ show on the 12th, while I remained home. The judge, Mrs Roberta Wright, awarded our Izzy Best Dog & Best of Breed. I'm grateful to Richard for keeping the dogs out in the ring for me.

Our Lola whelped a litter of 4 Tibetan Spaniels on the 27th (Richard's birthday and our wedding anniversary) - 1 boy and 3 girls. Chance is the dad. Lola had them all in a few hours with no problems and all the puppies are healthy and beautiful. Lola is a great mum. What a blessing!

August - Richard took Izzy & Divina to Paignton Championship Show on the 5th August and put them under judge, Mr J Horswell. This time Divina didn't fare as well as she had her first season and is now going through her fear period. However, Izzy came through and was awarded Best of Breed once again!

Bethany was available to kennel sit for the Welsh KC show on the 17th. Mr Tom Mather, who is no stranger to the Canaan Dog, presided over the ring and once again Izzy was Best of Breed, but Divina is still in her silly stage. Not to worry, they eventually come out of it. It was a very nice day for me as I ran into and got to chat with a few people I haven't seen for awhile, as well as drinking in the show atmosphere.

Our Silhouette is in whelp with Izzy being the dad-to-be, and puppies are due around the 10th September. I can hardly wait to see what she will have!

June & July - These months were quiet as far as the show scene as not show during them give classes for Canaan Dogs. However we fill in the gap by holding a Fun Day for the members and guests of the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom here on our premises in July. This year it was held on Sunday the 27th. After some heavy rain in the early hours of the morning, we were blessed with a beautiful, dry, sunny day for the proceedings. We had 22 adults and 2 children in attendance . I had invited a few people who were interested in getting a Canaan Dog, but had never actually met any. It was a great way for them to meet not only my dogs, but to meet other Canaans and speak to their owners. It is so important to be sure that the Canaan Dog is the right breed for you before you get one. Everyone enjoyed the games and the food. This year's theme for the fancy dress was 'Jungle Animals'. Unfortunately, I was the only one to dress up my dogs this time. Izzy came as a zebra and our Tibetan Spaniel, Bright Eyes was a cheeky monkey. We voted for the winner by applause and cheeky monkey triumphed!

May - I apologise for not updating our website for a few months, but I admit to being a bit down as my back problem worsens, preventing me from showing my dogs, and my opportunity to even go to the shows has dwindled after our kennel sitter, Bethany, had to find a full-time job - something we could not offer her. She is now working as a carer and works a rota. It will be extremely difficult to replace her.

May was a busy show month and on a more positive note, I was able to go to The National Championship Show held on the 8th May, where Lorna Hastings new husband, Ron Menaker, was judging. Lorna & Ron (who is American) are making their home in Florida now and Lorna was unable to accompany him on this trip. Mr Menaker awarded Best Dog & Best of Breed to our Izzy (Anacan Issachar), and Best Puppy & Best Bitch to his daughter, Divina (Anacan Divina Divine). Reserve Best Bitch was also bred by us - Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, owned by Patrick & Barbara Gold.

Richard had to make the trip up to the Scottish KC Championship Show, held on the 18th May, by himself, driving up the night before as it is a long haul. It was worth the trip as judge, Mrs Margarette Mulholland, awarded Best of Breed to our Izzy and Best Puppy & Best Bitch to our Divina. We were also thrilled with Mrs Mulholland's critiques of our dogs. She said of Izzy, "Minto's Anacan Issachar, really impressive black & white male, all dog , so much presence, he just loves it. He fills the eye anyway you look at him,and talking of eyes his are magnificent, well-shaped and placed and so dark, his overall pigment is excellent. His head is masculine and text book Standard. Deep rib and strong loin, so well muscled all through, moved with great reach and drive, steady and confident, light and free, delighted to award him Best Dog and BOB." And she wrote this about Divina, "Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, Gold & white baby, grand wedge shaped skull, dark almond shaped eyes, correctly placed, deep chest, feet could be better but on the move she is just so sound and typical in her gait. Light and free. Best Bitch & Best Puppy."

On the 26th May Richard took the dogs to the Bath Championship Show where a judge from Finland, Ms E. Haapaniemi, presided over the ring. This time Best of Breed was awarded to Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras'), owned by Julie Hughes. Reserve Best Dog was Izzy's son, Anacan Abu Ghosh ('Moshe'), owned by Martin Moulding. Best Bitch was Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia ('Rosie'), owned by Patrick & Barbara Gold, and our Divina was Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch. So it was a very good day for Anacan Canaan Dogs.I'm really grateful to Richard for keeping out dogs in the ring despite his being a reluctant handler.

April - This was quite a busy month with the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's Annual Single-Breed Open Show held on the 6th. Richard and I always enter enough of our dogs so that there is a decent entry for the judge. This year we had to enter 10! That is a lot of bathing and grooming, and with my back it had to be done a dog or two a day over a week. Then we had to try to keep them clean -- not easy when it rains. Still we managed to keep them presentable. Richard hired a van from work in order to transport the dogs and we arrived at the venue, Stanground Community Centre, about 10:45 am. Richard, with help from Martin Moulding, Peter & Maddy Mills, Chris Quantrill and Patrick Gold, set up the ring while trophy chair, Barbara Gold, unpacked and set up all the beautiful trophies.

Judging began at 12:00 noon under breed specialist judge, Mr Rob McLeod (Dunline). I did my best (not very good anymore) to show the smaller dogs (you needed take as big a stride or move as quickly when showing them) and Richard showed and ran those around the ring I couldn't manage. It is so frustrating for someone who loves to show to no longer be able to do so while my husband, who hates showing, is doing it just to please me and to keep the Anacan dogs in the show ring.

All our efforts paid off in the long run as our handsome 'Izzy' (Anacan Issachar) won Best Dog & Best in Show. Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show went to Martin Moulding's 'Moshe' (Anacan Abu Ghosh), an Izzy/Ami son out of their first breeding in 2012. Best Bitch, Best Veteran & Best of Opposite Sex was awarded to Barbara & Patrick Gold's 'Rosie' (Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia). Best Puppy in Show was our 'Divina' (Anacan Divina Divine), an Izzy/Ami daughter out of their second breeding in 2013. Then Hayyim won the Progeny Class (the only entry I'm afraid) with Izzy, Misha and Silhouette representing his offspring. The only thing not won by an Anacan Canaan was Reserve Best Bitch which went to Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna ('Kes') who has Anacan breeding on her sire's side. We were delighted with the results to say the least.

All photos below courtesy of Dave Sands
Anacan Issachar Anacan Abu Ghosh Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia Anacan Divina Divine
Best Dog & Best In Show

Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan (Imp USA) ex Anacan Glory Bea
Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show

Anacan Issachar ex Chancos Charmani For Anacan (Imp Swe)
Best Bitch, Best Veteran & Best of Opposit Sex In Show

Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven ex
Anacan Simply Irresistible
Best Puppy In Show
ANACAN Divina Divine ('Divina'), 7 mos

Anacan Issachar ex Chancos Charmani For Anacan (Imp Swe)

The following weekend we had some visitors who are interested in owning a Canaan Dog. We always suggest that interested parties attend an event that has Canaan Dogs (Discover Dogs or Crufts or our club's Fun Day for example), or make an appointment to visit at a mutually convenient time as one is not going to run into many Canaan Dogs in the park. They are a rare breed and a decision to own one should not be taken lightly. It is important to learn all you can before you get any breed really, but especially a Canaan Dog.

On the 15th April we received the sad news that Anacan The Israelite At Dunline ('Abraham') had to be put to sleep the night before. He was 14-1/2 years old. 'Abraham' was a much-loved dog and a great ambassador for the breed - the first Canaan Dog in the UK to win a Best in Show. Then a few days later we received the news that Jan & Rob had to have their 'Jacob' (Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline) went to join 'Abraham' over the Rainbow Bridge. 'Jacob' was 14 years old. He was Best of Breed at Crufts 2007 and won a Veteran Group 3 at the Darlington Championship Show. He was Rob's boy, and a beautiful example of the breed. This is the hard part of dog ownership -- having to let go. We grieve with Rob & Jan.

March - It's that time of year again. Yes, it's time for Crufts. This year we took our Hayyim, Izzy, Gili, Misha & Anni. If you've never been to Crufts, it is an experience. The place was heaving and it took me over 20 minutes to get from the hall 1, where we were benched and were showing in , to hall 3a where our Discover Dogs breed booth was. There were numerous trade stalls and demonstrations of obedience and the Kennel Club stand, etc with crowds of people milling about everywhere.

Our dogs on their benches. Photo courtesy of Peter Mills.

When we finally got into the ring to show our dogs, it was nearly 5:00 pm. This year's Best of Breed was Anacan Future Legend ('Tiras') who belongs to Julie Hughes and was bred by me. (Tiras is a litter brother to our Anacan Glory Bea who was Best Bitch at Crufts 2012.) Reserve Best Dog went to our Izzy (Anacan Issachar), with Reserve Best Bitch awarded to our Misha (Anacan Morning Glory) with me showing her! As Misha is a smaller Canaan, I was able to move quickly enough to gait her properly. I was over the moon! Photos belong are courtesy Hege Hofstad.

Izzy Tiras Misha
Anacan Issachar
Reserve Best Dog
Anacan Future Legend
Best of Breed
Anacan Morning Glory
Reserve Best Bitch

February - A slow month with no shows and the boarding kennel is quiet. I forgot to mention that last July we took in two Canaan Dogs for some people for what was supposed to be a few weeks and they are still here! After finally getting a reply from the people, they relinquished ownership. I had put the breeder (who also owns the male) into the picture, but as she now lives abroad she could not take them back. Lorna agreed to allow Roy to stay with us. He is an Israeli import and gives me a new line to breed to. Zena, the bitch, is 11 years old and we are looking to re-home her. She is still intact and has had a problem with hair loss. The vet tested her thyroid and it came back normal and we could see not real reason for the hair loss. It is finally coming back in and she is in good health otherwise. She is very loving, but would be best in a home where she is the only dog. If you have a big heart and feel you could give this girl a loving home in her twilight years, please contact me.

Zena needs a home.

January - Richard had to go to Scotland to pick up one of Misha's sisters called 'Phoebe'. We do have in our sales agreement that if the buyer cannot keep the dog for any reason they are to contact us and we will take it back. So the lovely Phoebe is back in the Anacan fold and we are looking forward to showing her and eventually breeding from her.

Manchester Championship Show is the first one of the year that had Canaan Dog classes, so off we went to Stafford, where the show is held. The judge, Mrs Stella Coombes awarded our Izzy (Anacan Issachar) Best Dog & Best of Breed and our Anni came home with Reserve Best Bitch. I am grateful to Richard for both taking me and showing the dogs for me as I was not able to run around the ring with them. Good start to the year.

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