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Ruby/Hayyim Litter at 9 Weeks of Age
(They still don't like standing on the table, so you can't see how nice they really are.)

They have now all been vet-checked, vaccinated and microchipped and are all healthy and happy.

Caleb at 9 wks
Anacan Me And My Shadow ('Caleb')
Shadow has been renamed Caleb by his new family
David, Heather, Josh & Thomas Nevins
Nish side
Anacan High Definition ('Maya') not wanting to stand
Nish is has been renamed Maya by her new family
Brett & Charlene Doughty
Onyx side
Anacan Onyx
Onyx's new owner, Ann Hutchinson, changed her call name to Wulfin.
Raven side
Anacan Raven
Raven's new owner has decided to change her call name to Ziva.
Anacan Happy Anni (so named because she was conceived on our wedding anniversary)
Anni is one of the two I am choosing from to remain at Anacan.
Anacan Silhouette
Silhouette is the other girl I'm considering to remain with us. I wish I could keep them both.

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