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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam
Anacan Sheindela
(Sire: The Lion of Judah At Anacan/Dam: Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan)
1st June 1996 - 6th August 2011
How's this pose? Lovely Shandy and Ellen
Photo by Richard Minto
Ellen & Sheindela
Photo by Sue Domun

Richard could not pronounce Sheindela (say Shane-dell-la), so he insisted on calling her 'Shandy'. He also used to call her 'The Ghost' because she is pale in colour and very quiet (well at least most of the time.)

Shandy was the first in her litter to climb out of the whelping box, and the first to do everything a puppy learns to do. Her gorgeous dark eyes and lovely head are a legacy from her mother and her movement from her father. Unfortunately, even though her show record is nothing to be ashamed of, Shandy really didn't like the show ring, but that is in part because we made the decision to breed from her instead of showing her as we were in desperate need of Canaan Dog puppies in the UK at the time. Even so, she did attend the World Show in Milan, along with her dad, Digger -- the first two English Canaans to be able to be shown abroad under the then new Pet Passport scheme.

In any case, Shandy did more than show her value to the breed in the whelping box. She and our Ziggy produced two gorgeous litters of excellent quality, the first in 1998 and the second in 2001. Then in April 2002 she had another trouble-free birth and produced a lovely litter by Christine Goldspink-Powley's Sheleg Harishon at Danehaven which produced our gorgeous Honey (Anacan Sheez The One). As we do not believe in over-breeding any of our Canaans, we decided that was to be her last litter.

Like her mother, Jasmine, and her daughters we kept -- Lottie, Tara and Lyndsay, Shandy was the most beautiful, loving, sweet and bidable Canaan and just a joy to have around. We couldn't imagine life without her, but sadly had to come to terms with doing so when she finally succumbed to old age. We are so fortunate that she left us a wonderful legacy to carry on, but there will never be another Shandy.

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