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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

In Memoriam

(Sire: Gvir Me Shaar Hagai At Anacan/ Dam: Minto's Libyan Jewel)
9th June 1996 - 3rd March 2011
CDC of the UK Championship attained 4th December 1999

Ziggy & Ellen, by Sue Domun
Our Best In Show Dog
First at Gravesend & Medway Open Show, 24th June 2001
and then at The Canaan Dog Club Open Show, 11th November 2001!
Click here to see a photo of Ziggy's Best in Show win!

We named Ziggy"after the computer in one of Ellen's favorite old television shows, "Quantam Leap". Believe it or not, Ziggy was a return. The owner was not pleased when after three whole shows Ziggy'had not done any winning, so we bought him back. As Ellen never really wanted Ziggy to go in the first place, this did not make us unhappy. The only trouble was, Ziggy'came back a nervous wreck, as he was 10-months old and starting his adolescent phase. But with lots of patience and encouragement, and a few wise word from show judge, Mr Terry Thorn, Ziggy made a magnificent comeback. As a matter of fact he started doing so well that he was the Pedigree Chum/Dog World Top Canaan Dog for 1999.

Then on the 24th June 2001 some more Canaan Dog history was made when he became the second Canaan Dog in UK history (and the second Anacan Canaan) to win Best In Show! This prestigious award was given to him by respected judge, Mr Martin Freeman at the Gravesend & Medway Open Show. We are very grateful to Mr Freeman for being courageous enough to put up a minority breed. Then on the 11th November 2001 Ziggy won Best in Show at he Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom's first Open Show! (Click here to see all the results of the open show.)

Ziggy finished the show years 2002 & 2003 as the Top male Canaan Dog in the UK, second only in points to his cousin, Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna. But even better, he was once again Best In Show at the CDC of the UK Open Show under judge, Mr Terry Medlow, 8th October 2006 at 10-1/2 years of age; and then Reserve Best In Show (to his grandson!) on 12th October 2008 at age 12-1/2 years under Mr Rodney Oldham. Ziggy's last hurrah was at the Club's 2010 show where, at 14 years of age under judge, Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann, he was Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Show!

Ziggy was a very handsome, very typey and very sound Canaan Dog who really looked the part of a dog that could easily survive in the desert. Even as he aged, he was a playful dog and had so much heart and loved to please us. Everyone who came to meet our Canaans fell in love with Ziggy. He is sorely missed, but we were so very blessed to have him as long as we did and grateful for the legacy he left us in his children - Anacan Whole Lotta Class, Anacan Simply Irresistible, Anacan Glory Bound, and Anacan Sheeza Gem - and his many grandchildren. We love you and miss you Ziggy.

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